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February 25, 2024


No Time for Tuckerman -

Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Quitter Returns! -

Monday, March 21, 2022

Putting the goober in gubernatorial -

Friday, January 28, 2022

Blue Texas in Obama v. Palin Matchup?

There is a debate raging up here in the Great Land. And it goes something like this: Position A – We do NOT want Palin as the GOP nominee. No way, no how. We’ve suffered through more Sarah Palin than anyone, and we’ve seen the super scary morphing from affable, anti-corruption “fresh face” bipartisan ethics champion to shrieking, self-serving, rabid Tea Party ideologue. And thanks, but no thanks. As improbable as it may seem that she’d actually win, look what has happened in the past in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. To use some violent political metaphor in honor…

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Voices from the Flats – New Poll Shows Alaskans Must Vote Their Values AND Their Fears!

By Elstun Lauesen In an alternate Universe, Lisa Murkowski listened to her wiser angels and did not run a write in. She then pursued a higher calling, along the lines of post-politician Fran Ulmer, and Lisa found a sinecure in an academic bunker and lived happily ever after. In that same alternate universe, Scott McAdams faced off with Joe Miller, conducted an effective persuasion and attack campaign and went on to win the U.S. Senate seat by roughly the combined anti-Miller vote of THIS universe, beating Miller 63% to 37%. McAdams goes on to become a great U.S. Senator and…

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Breaking: New Alaska Senate Poll Shows McAdams Surging Past Embattled Joe Miller

A new poll conducted by Hays Research confirms what we already intuitively know. Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller’s candidacy is in big trouble. The percentage of those who feel either “somewhat negative” or “very negative” about Miller has skyrocketed in recent weeks to an unbelievable 68%. Only 8% feel “somewhat negative” and the remainder, a jaw-dropping 60%,  feel “very negative” about Miller as a candidate. A series of gaffes, inconsistencies, and controversial statements to the press, in addition to the arrest of a journalist by Miller security guards have come one on top of another, causing a trend that can only be…

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