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Murkowski and Young Sworn In. Here We Go Again…

~Lisa Murkowski and husband Verne Martell when she declared her write-in candidacy.

Today, Lisa Murkowski was sworn in for her second full term as U.S. Senator. She was escorted to the swearing in by Murkowski the Elder (Also known as Murkowski the Lesser). Frank the Bank who gave her the seat when he left to become the second-worst governor ever, today gave her a kiss on the cheek. Husband Verne Martell upgraded her rubber “Fill it in, Write it in” wrist band from the campaign to an engraved gold one. No word if it says “Voter intent trumps all, so oval optional, and get the spelling close if you can.” Lisa Murkowski’s present to the Native Corporation Super PAC that ensured a successful campaign has yet to be revealed. We’ll continue to hope for more good votes in the meantime. And remember, there are Alaskan women that would be far worse in Washington, D.C., let’s put it that way.

Don Young (aka Yon Dung) has also been sworn in for his TWENTIETH term in office. I don’t really know what to say to this except that Alaskans despite being on the other side of the globe from the geographical roots of the disorder, seem to have Stockholm syndrome. I don’t actually know anyone who voted for Don Young, so his supporters must be completely outside any circle of people I know, or nobody admits to doing it. In any case, he’ll continue to provide another two years of head shaking, hand wringing and self-inflicted blunt force trauma to skulls. He’s already fired a warning shot across the bow of the man he thinks may be vying for his seat next – Joe Miller.

He thinks that Joe Miller is a little too…. (no not crazy), a little too… (no not extreme)…. a little too OLD for the job.  

The congressman from Alaska sits with KTVA for an interview about his agenda and a possible 2012 challenge against him from the just-defeated Joe Miller. There is no bravado when he is asked about this. There is, instead, political science about how Alaska needs to elect young congressmen who can serve for decades and bring the good stuff home.

“I think Joe’s a little old for the job,” says Young to KTVA’s Matt Felling. “The only thing a House member has is seniority.” The ideal candidate, he says, is “preferably somebody between the ages of 26 and 35.”

Yes, Joe Miller that rickety 43-year old fossil is just a bit too long in the tooth to replace the 77 and a half year old Don Young.

Just on the chance that this turns out to be the primary matchup in 2012, you’ll want to fill the larder with Jiffy Pop before they run out at Carrs.



26 Responses to “Murkowski and Young Sworn In. Here We Go Again…”
  1. jerry says:

    Could be worse; we could have a couple of racist black politicians representing us. But, I’d rather have these two numbskulls (or any Iditarod lead dog,) than a racist.

  2. E of Anc P says:

    Wrote my first letter of the New Year to Don Young to lay off the health care issue which was filled with Republican wants and just fix it so those who need insurance can opt into State or Federal plans at a lower rate. The more people in those plans the lower the insurance rates should be,

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to this coming year. Just received an e-mail on the “Final Decision; Chiutna Exploration Permit Renewal. I imagine those of you who wrote to DNR, Russell Kirkham, will be receiving the same. Another story to discuss.

  3. AKjah says:

    Jump’in bald headed Jeebuz. Yon Dung could help his position by reaching the youth of Alaska. We all know that wont happen as he could not reach anyone with an IQ of more than a stump. People need to see that we cannot underfund education and wonder why there are young adults out there with no skills whats so ever. Yes parents are to blame but we are all to blame . Ya get what ya voted. Sorry Alaska but this generation comming up is not going to make it. Unless…………………………..

  4. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Hee hee, wonder if that was a preemptive strike aimed at Granny Palin as well? A two year term is a lot more within her ability to muddle through than anything longer. Not that I think she’ll run for anything, esp. the House seat – but it’s funny nonetheless that he has thrown an insult her way…just in case…she’s way old now!

  5. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Young is a moron. The House was never designed to have the same person term after term…it is the representation position of the PEOPLE, and we should be electing new people from our residents on a regular basis.

    He is so entrenched that he no longer even knows what the seat he is holding was designed for. Or else he never knew, because he just isn’t that bright. Like Palin, cunning but not intelligent. Spiteful and greedy at heart.

    Miller too old – what an idiot. It’s not about age, it’s about representation of, and from, the populace you live with. It’s not a career jackwhack, was never envisioned to be so. We need to just be done with these creeps who know nothing about civics, responsibility, representation, integrity – and everything about how to master the forked tongue.

    I know that if Miller goes for that seat that things are going to get really dirty between the two. Heck, we all know that – duh! Nasty, spiteful, lying – you name it. And what’s the poor little Party Planner going to do if she has to choose?

    • Polarbear says:

      Miller who ? 🙂

    • jojobo1 says:

      I have always believed in term limits.The only thing is waht limits how mucch time.You need peopel in office who know how to get bills passed so it certainly be just two years.This goes for both parties not just one.

  6. Baker's Dozen says:

    Boxer, Feinstein, Carr, Brown. From this CA coastal community, things look pretty good. Think I’ll just keep wearin’ my blinders. 🙂

  7. BS says:

    Mr. Dung reminds me of a crotchety old uncle with whom you can’t have a conversation with because he knows it all. I did meet one person who admitted to voting for him. She thought he had a lot of power and could get more projects for us, or something like that. He is an example in making a case for term limits. Although I have been saying it for many years, I hope this is his last term. Please!

  8. Pinwheel says:

    My suspicions are that our Senior Senator will be in lock-step with this next installment of the Party of No. But I also know that we must remain vigilent and continue the citizen’s lobby to our delegation.

  9. Simple Mind says:

    Okay, Lisa, Now is the time to test those “independent moderate” credentials. The House Republicans have scheduled a vote January 12 to repeal the health care reform act. Assuming they go through with it and can hold their majority in the House, it will be up to the Senate. Of course, I know that you promised to repeal the health care reform act, but that was back when you were a gun-totin’, Tea-partyin’, down-vest wearin’, right-wingnut conservative running the first time against Miller. Since the only thing you’ve publicly talked about since then is how to spell your name, I’m not sure where you stand now. Party of No? Independent moderate? I guess we’ll see.

  10. jojobo1 says:

    Watched C-Span today for the first time about the swearing in of the congress critters.Missed that,went on to late but did listen about the filibuster and how some want to change especially the way senators can hide who they are when they hold things up and wouldn’t ya know it was a republican who objected.And they talk about open and transparent LOL

  11. Wallflower says:

    My dyed-in-the-wool progressive Congresswoman handily fended off a challenge from some conservative dim bulb. I don’t remember his name.

  12. Zyxomma says:

    Sorry for you, Alaskans. My Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney, was re-elected overwhelmingly after fending off a primary challenge from a cute hedge fund lawyer. (The hedge fund she worked for was robbing people left and right, but she claims no knowledge, though the theft happened while she was employed there.) And Brooklyn sent Anthony Weiner back to Congress (he’s got a new meme, Democrats Who Fight). We also inaugurated Andrew Cuomo as our new Governor. I wish him well.

    • leenie17 says:

      “Brooklyn sent Anthony Weiner back to Congress ”

      Woo hoo…smart people live in Brooklyn!!! My Congresscritter is repub Chris Lee (strangely reminiscent of a bowl of oatmeal) and I SWEAR I tried to change that but, alas, had no success.

      On the other hand, Kirsten Gillibrand won again handily and Andrew Cuomo has Bob Duffy as his back-up quarterback which is all good news. Duffy was police chief and mayor here in Rochester and did a bang-up job of both. We certainly have our share of problems in NY State (how’s THAT for understatement!), but if anyone can make some real progress in cleaning things up, I believe this pair can. I also love that one of the first things Cuomo did was cut his and his staff’s salaries by 5%. Now that’s REAL fiscal conservatism from a diehard liberal!

    • fromthediagonal says:

      I do hope that Anthony Weiner’s new slogan “Democrats Who Fight” will not backfire upon him as Alan Grayson’s “Congressman With Guts” did on him.
      I really like Mr. Weiner, and wish him well. He seems rather fearless, and that is what is needed in the face of overwhelming influence by corporations of all kinds.

      • Kath the Scrappy says:

        I think the major difference in their races, Weiner & Grayson, was that Grayson was from a traditionally Repub held seat while Weiner comes from a longstanding Dem community. Kind of a surprise/mishap when Grayson won that seat, as he himself stated.

        Also, because he was smart and outspoken, Grayson was truly in the gun sights of the Repubs (mainly because he was holding “their” seat). They spent serious BIG bucks to unseat Grayson. What a loss!!!

        I donated several times to Grayson, thought he was very generous to introduce us (via his email subscribers) to his good friend Weiner. I already had watched Weiner many times on Rachel Maddow etc. and had liked him a LOT so donated there as well.

      • Zyxomma says:

        It may garner him some bad press from the RWNJ corner, but his constituents love him. Because I follow him on Facebook & am on his email list (though not from his district; I’m in Manhattan), I was invited to his meetup at a bar near my home. He spoke for 15-20 minutes, took questions (not pre-submitted), then spent time mingling with the crowd. One of the things he said was that his colleagues in Congress were shocked it wasn’t a fundraiser. We weren’t even asked to bring our checkbooks. All of us who wished to donate knew that we could do so on his website. I was sorry when he didn’t win the primary to become our mayor, but frankly, I think he’s more valuable where he is.

  13. Moose Pucky says:

    It will be interesting to see what Don Young does with all his seniority this time around. Both he and Lisa banded with crowd to make tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires their highest priority to kick of the post-election season.

    If one has some seniority, it would be nice to see them use it for some actual leadership–rather than for sorry partisan politics.

  14. marlys says:

    :Oops! wrong thread . Ment for F&G meetin’ last night…haven’t read this yet, this may apply to this thread too*~~~

  15. marlys says:

    Too sad to be funny, though a joke all the same. a joke of the worse kind.

  16. physicsmom says:

    Good grief! So the assumption is that whomever succeeds Dung as congresscritter will have the seat for life? That is so not the way it works anywhere else. Ask Alan Grayson. Is it the air in AK that makes politicians delusional?

    • 5th congressional district in Iowa(NWest) has been a stronghold for Rethuglicans for a long time with an interlude by Dem. Berkley Bedell(of Berkley fishing tackle fame). We had former actor “Gopher” from the Love Boat series and now we have a RWNJ of tremendous potential in Steve King. And he is a suck-up to Bachman-Palin underdrive.

  17. Just Me says:

    I was shocked the first time he was elected and every time since, but given a choice between Don and Joe Miller, Don would win hands down as I held my nose and voted.