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Oyster Roundup – Shuck ’em!

~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more!

Grab your metaphorical cocktail sauce and belly up to the oyster bar for some tasty news nuggets from Alaska and beyond…

Bigfoot Goes to Ketchikan?

Stop the presses! Mysterious shaggy grey ape-like creature almost clearly spotted through foliage and almost conclusively captured on shaky video by breathless videographer! Is it or isn’t it? You can watch the video yourself and make the call.

This is the first time a Bigfoot has been spotted in Ketchikan, and only the 22nd such sighting in Alaska.  And frankly, I think this time it might actually sort of be semi-iron clad circumstantial evidence which may or may not support the pseudo-existence of the world’s most elusive perhaps-mythical species. Wow!


Don’t Get Snippy

There are lots of stories to file under “Only in Alaska.” We call them T.I.A. (this is Alaska) moments. But here’s something that falls squarely under the category of things that you would never find in Alaska. It seems like a group of “intactivists” in San Francisco have hit the streets lobbying for a bill that would ban male circumcision. Hey, Mat-Su Dems! Anyone want to take up the charge?

Word of the Day – Oleaginous

Go ahead. Say it. Oh-lee-a-gin-us…. It’s a great word to say. It’s mellifluous (which happens to be another one). I was surprised I had not heard the word, and you can see why when you read the definition.

1 : resembling or having the properties of oil: oily, also: containing or producing oil
2 : marked by an offensively ingratiating manner or quality

What’s that? Use it in a sentence, you say? Hmm… Let’s see. (I stroke my chin as I think of one)

“Senator Mark Begich (AK-D) in a stunning display of oleaginousness was one of only three oleaginous Senators to vote to block a bill that would end a $2billion a year tax break for the five largest oil companies whose combined revenues last year were $1.5 trillion.
How’s that?

The Facebook Face of the Race
Experian Hitwise has been tracking Facebook data for high profile politicos that have figured into the presidential race in 2012.  Apparently, the total visits to Donald Trump’s Facebook page were already plummeting before he made the announcement on May 16 that he won’t be running. As a blogger, I have to say this news was tragic, but I’ll hold out hope that some other wingnut (nudge nudge wink wink) will throw her… or his… hat in the ring.  Visits to the Donald declined 49% for the week ending May 14th as compared to the previous week.President Obama and Sarah Palin’s Facebook pages are capturing the most visits. Make of that what you will. Visits to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page are on the rise, growing 44% from the week ending May 7th to the week ending May 14th. It’s a brave new world for statisticians.  Social media is shaping politics like never before unless you happen to be… 


“…the smartest congressman in Congress”

“And by the way, all of you who are texting, it’s public information. Just think about that. I’m the smartest congressman in Congress. I’ve never turned a computer on, never turned one off. And I tell you what, they better not call this phone, I’ll call out.”

“That’s why I’m the smartest congressman in Congress. Because everybody else knows what everybody else is doing. I mention Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor Spitzer…right down the line.”

So who IS the self-proclaimed smartest congressman in Congress who has never turned on, or turned off one of those new-fangled “computers”?  You may have guessed by now, but it is of course the Congressman for All Alaska – Republican Don Young. I could go on, but I’ll let the congressman’s words speak for themselves. No embellishment required.



56 Responses to “Oyster Roundup – Shuck ’em!”
  1. Lacy Lady says:

    Trump was to speak at a fundraiser in Iowa, However, now that he is not running for President he has canceled out.

    GOP Cancels Dinner as Trump Bails Refunds for the dinner are being made.

  2. Bretta says:

    I just got this email, thought I’d share:

    Project Update #6: May Salmon People update

    Posted by Dennis Zaki

    Just thought I’d post a quick update. I’ve applied for a couple of grants to help move this project along. Still waiting to hear from them. I’ve raised $2,600 so far so I was able to buy flights to Emmonak and Kaltag in late June. I’ll post various pictures and interview clips from these places when I return. That’s all for now. DZ

    • mike from iowa says:

      I was wondering what the status was. I hope more people donate. This will be very interesting to watch.

  3. Lacy Lady says:

    Does anyone know about the book ‘ Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs’
    Levi Johnston tell-all book.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    I seem to have misplaced a Dreamgirl. Does anyone know if gods make small talk?

  5. Irishgirl says:

    Track Palin got married!,,20496049,00.html

    • Riverwoman says:

      Time to start the baby watch!

      • beth says:

        Don’t mean to be catty, but… looking at the photos of the bride, I don’t think anyone would be too surprised should there be a bundle of joy added to the clan sooner rather than later. Meow. beth.

    • beth says:

      How sad the Mother of all Tweeters didn’t see fit to announce the great and wonderful news to the world…she had time to endorse her daughter’s DWTS ‘progress’, but no time to announce her son’s marriage? Methinks the phrase “dysfunctional family” needs to have a spelling correction made to it; it should be “dypsfunactiolnal faiIminly”. beth.

      • benlomond2 says:

        to offer another outlook at this, it’s possible that the bride and groom chose NOT to have it announced to the world, and didn’t want “THEIR DAY” overshadowed by Sarah, or a bunch of media types getting in the way. Track DOES seem to try to stay out of the limelight, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t want the attention…

        • Baker's Dozen says:

          I’m guessing that they didn’t tell his parents until it was time to drive to the site, and then told his dad he had to take her tat machines away until after the ceremony.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if, in Wasilla, boys’ pants (not men’s) don’t come with zippers and they actually don’t carry, shall we say, functional undergarments in lingerie departments. Seems like they have an awful lot of unsupervised boys and girls running around. Just because you’re 18 doesn’t make you a real adult (though it may make you a rill one!)

  6. sali says:

    The “wild thing” reminds me of a story my grandma and the family loved to tell about the early days in Wisconsin. (Since I’m pushing 80, this is about really early Wisconsin.) In the spring, lumberjacks and trappers would come into town to sell the furniture and wood carvings they had made and the furs trapped over the winter– kind of a fur rendezvous — and to have their annual bath and hair cut. In keeping with the carnival atmosphere, there was a side show, the prime attraction being “the wild man” in a wooden cage who would roar and growl and fling himself (but not too hard) at the bars of the cage when children or women approached, which, of course, resulted in shrieks and screams and a fainting or two. But then a old woman approached the cage, looked intently at the “creature”, and the stalked away, saying “Ach! Dot’s my Villy. He’s a fake!”

    • Blooper says:

      Thanks for that story sali, made me chuckle! I thought the funniest part was: “have their annual bath and hair cut”.

  7. fishingmamma says:

    Mark Begich is taking money out of my pocket and giving it to Exxon.

    I bet the Exxon execs are laughing their heads off right about now.

  8. jimzmum says:

    I am not believing the person filming. His voice is not that of a person scared, heart pounding, shaking. Nice try, though.

  9. beth says:

    re: the oleaginous…

    A correction needs to be made in the statement: “Senator Mark Begich (AK-D) in a stunning display of oleaginousness was one of only three oleaginous Senators … “. He was one of only three oleaginous Democrat Senators — or he was only one of three Democrat oleaginous Senators, depending. Either way, a correction needs to be made because there were a bunch of oleaginous Senators who voted against it. beth.

    From the article AMK linked to: “Republicans and some Democrats opposed the tax increase, saying it would hurt domestic drilling while doing nothing to reduce gas prices. The vote was 52-48 in favor of the measure, short of the 60 votes needed to advance it. Three Democrats — Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mark Begich of Alaska — joined with nearly all Republicans in opposing the measure. Two Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, voted for it.” b.

  10. Hope says:

    That Begich! Yuck! PPTOOO!! I’m without…


  11. OMG says:

    I just had the most marvelous realization…If the Rapture is on Saturday, we won’t have to worry about Palin or Beck on Sunday.

    • Bretta says:

      Neither one are good enough to be taken up as one of God Zelect, so it’s my bet both of them will be with us on Sunday with SSDD.

  12. OMG says:

    Hurray…more words for the Palin dictionary!

  13. Wallflower says:

    Wow, best faked Bigfoot footage I’ve seen in years!

  14. Mo says:

    Irishgirl –

    Anything written about Palin lets the reader feel smug, the addicting glow of self-righteousness.

    If you despise her, you get more fuel for the fire.
    If you worship her, you get validation.

    Some sort of neurotransmitter/adrenalin rush either way. Can’t miss. No wonder she’s always “news.”

    • Irishgirl says:

      You’re right of course. She is so polarizing she is destined to be “news.”

  15. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Shout out to the flats for thoughts for Michael. I’m visiting him again this afternoon, he wasn’t doing so well yesterday. He is the nicest person ever, so good thoughts sent his way are required!!

    • boodog says:

      I’d have to say that you’re right up there too for ‘nicest person ever’ title., SJP. You are a hero. Positive thoughts to you, Micheal – get better soon!

    • jimzmum says:

      Hope today finds him better!

    • bubbles says:

      love and kisses Michael. hope you have an easier day.

  16. mike from iowa says:

    Thanks for the assist Irishgirl. Some really neat architecture on display and I had no idea Ireland’s Prez was a femme fatale. Just goes to show.

  17. Irishgirl says:

    Ok, today I am really steamed at the American media. They are allowing Palin to define the rules of engagement. She stated last night on Hannity that she won’t announce whether she is running for 2012 by “media-assigned deadlines,” and she also has sided with Newt claiming Gregory asked him a “gotcha” question in relation to the food coupons. She is painting the media as the big bad wolf because she obviously does not want anyone to believe anything detrimental that might be said about her.

    And what has the media done. They have fawned over her and repeated every FB rant and tweet and pretended to the public that she is a serious candidate. They have not done their job. They’d better start or she just might paint them into irrelevence.

    • OMG says:

      I know what you mean…Sarah Palin gets more of a pass from the media than any other wannabe in existence, all the while claiming to be a victim of the lamestream media. They are basically afraid of the bully. Of course, Jon Stewart usually calls her out, Tiny Fey uses her words and actions as comedy fodder and I’ve heard that Morning Joe went after her this morning (but I can’t find a clip to prove it).

      • Millie says:

        Palin appears to be getting a pass AGAIN from the media. She is nothing more than good for their ratings which absolutely amazes me.

        It is going to be up to all of us to counter her this time….those that have looked into what she is and isn’t. I’ve finished Geoffrey Dunn’s book and found it well written and researched. I plan on sending the book to friends that are on the fence about her. Can hardly wait for Bailey and AKM’s book to be published…plan to also distribute it to friends.

        I cannot believe that the Republicans would put Palin up to be their candidate. She’s done nothing more than split their party and will continue to do so. Plus, she continues to say that she will not follow the rules…she never has or did in Alaska. Beware of her folks!

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      She’s headline gold. They aren’t killing the golden goose; they’ll wait until she announces, and then eviscerate her. More bang for the buck.

      They didn’t wait on The Bumbled because Obama had already started in and if they didn’t jump on the bandwagon quickly, his headlining power would have vanished.

  18. WakeUpAmerica says:

    I’m wondering if the creature had a bumpit. That could give a clue to its origins.

    The oleaginus, sock-puppet governor of Alaska was seen entering his domionist church.

  19. Kat says:

    It is clearly an adorable grey bunny rabbit. Sarah tried to pass as Big Foot, but a close up of her feet showed that she couldn’t even fill THOSE shoes. She is a horror though not mythical.

  20. BeeJay says:

    Is what Yon Dung seems to be saying is that since he’s never used a computer, he can’t be caught writing anything inappropriate/unethical/illegal? No tracks, as it were. He’s probably scared of them in reality.

    Is it Bigfoot? I’m not sure, it almost looks like a guy running around an alder forest in a ghillie suit versus an actual non-Homo Sapiens hominid. A ghillie suit is a shaggy camouflage covering, often in suit form, that disguises the user (usually police or military) enough so that the armed human outline is not easily observed. It is named for the Scottish gamekeepers, the “ghillies,” that first devised them well over a hundred years ago in order to catch poachers.

  21. Irishgirl says:

    Finally, a fair review of Dunn’s book. I can’t get over the silence from the media about his book – it really maddens me.

    “As the title makes very clear, this is no “on the one hand, on the other hand” summation of the 2012 Republican presidential prospect. For Dunn, an award-winning investigative reporter who is a frequent contributor to the liberal Huffington Post, there is no other hand to Palin. (Except for one acknowledged factor, with which any fervent Palinite could agree. That sine qua non of presidency seekers, that all-consuming drive? She has it in spades.) Dunn has that quality too: his 400-plus pages setting up the case for Palin as a pathological liar, an “approval-seeker on steroids” and someone almost universally considered—by former supporters, let alone enemies—to have some sort of mental disorder, is backed by more than 100 in-depth interviews.”

  22. OMG says:

    I couldn’t help myself..I just sent Gov. Nikky Haley an email respectfully requesting that she not give her endorsement to Palin. I wrote that I hoped that she would endorse someone who could bring the country together, not divide it; someone with the intellect, knowledge and integrity to do the job, not someone with “star power” alone; someone who would “respectfully” disagree with opponents, not someone who uses incendiary language which fosters distrust and hatred. I ended by saying that I hoped that she would endorse anyone BUT Palin.

  23. OMG says:

    Hilarious! We are not along…the Secret Service can’t stand Fox either:

  24. Cinquifoil says:

    I’m a skeptic…the only bigfoot colony I know about live on the Stikine River between Telegraph Creek & the delta around Petersburg. No way one would be seen in the alder choked, raperian old clearcut as seen here.

  25. OMG says:

    The GOP is beginning to panic as the monster of their own creation is threatening to take over:

  26. ManxMamma says:

    I actually found the video a bit scary! Who knows, stranger things have come out of Alaska.

    • Attagirl says:

      Ain’t that the truth…and her initials are S.P..

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Looked like Joe Miller with a little more stubble, to me. Anyone seen him around Fairbanks lately?

  27. Irishgirl says:

    I hope to have your book finished this time next week! 🙂

    • mike from iowa says:

      Irishgirl, I’m glad your on-line. I was wondering what your feelings are concerning having the Queen in your prescence? Your point of view is always interesting to this child. Akm what is going on in Alaska what with clam diggers dying and police shooting a mommy moose in Anchorage for attacking a girl? Is this just part and parcel of Nature’s beauty and brutality? BTW-that is definitely a bigfoot-like creature with a human hand,unless it is definitely something else with a human hand. Were those aspen or poplar trees in the video? A still picture of those would make a beautiful wall covering.Questions,questions,questions.

      • Irishgirl says:

        Mike, I don’t mind her visiting at all. It is a historic occasion and anything that contributes to peace and harmony between the two countries is good. I do not like the idiots who are protesting her visit – they are **********s. I think the majority of people here are actually enjoying it and it is getting a lot of coverage.

        The Queen herself seems to be having a great time and of course Prince Philip is making his usual blunders, but everyone is taking it in good fun.

        Here’s a link.

        And of course we have President Obama visiting next week!!!

        • fishingmamma says:

          Oh, Irishgirl, please pass my regrets to the Queen, I was unable to attend the celebrations and unable to offer advice because I was completely overwhelmed by my duties planning and assisting with the “Royal Palin Wedding” here.

          I did send regrets, but since the event here was so last-minute, I am very afraid that my communication was not received in time. I know that the royal family is not familiar with the term “shotgun wedding” and I am trying, in all of my communications, to avoid the term. It is a monumental task, but I think we have achieved our goal.

          Please let Her Highness know that I am so happy she was able to make such an outstanding showing without me, and that I particularly missed the Irish Cultural Event.

          • Irishgirl says:

            fishingmamma, just talked to Lizzie and she completely understands. She wishes you were there to give advice on her grandaughters’ hats but knows that you were overwhelmed with your duties in Alaska. 😉