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The Boondoggle vs. The Bridge from Hell

Imagine yourself as a kid in the schoolyard. Over by the monkey bars, you see a scuffle break out. It’s an all out battle between the class bully and the class jerk. They’re fighting over which one of them gets to pick on the good-hearted skinny kid.

The Municipality of Anchorage has filed a lawsuit in federal court. You’ve heard of the “Bridge to Nowhere?” Well, the Muni has sued over what I like to call “The Bridge from Hell” and what others call The Knik Arm Bridge, which would span the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet. But Mayor Sullivan didn’t always hate the bridge.

I remember in the AARP mayoral debate, when Dan Sullivan was explaining how he was all fiscally conservative, and all for low property taxes, and “back to basics” management style.  The room was bobble-heading. Then a question came up about the bridge.  Without skipping a beat, he started talking about how he was FOR the bridge. He looooved the bridge. The Bridge was made of awesome.

So what that the Bridge was going to cost a billion (with a b) dollars. So what that the bridge would actually siphon off 5% of the city’s property tax revenue. So how could he justify his position?

Sullivan loves the bridge. Loves it! Why? He says it’s because he’s been stuck in traffic on the Glenn Highway. And if we ever had a natural disaster, other people would be stuck on the highway. And “having land and a house is part of the American Dream.”

Fast forward to now. Dan Sullivan? Why do you hate the American Dream?

Is it because of disruption of salmon runs? Risks to commercial fishing? Endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales? No, of course not.

The Municipality of Anchorage is suing the bridge over potential adverse impacts on (wait for it) the Port of Anchorage expansion project – the biggest boondoggle in the history of Anchorage, a ginormous sucking whirlpool in Cook Inlet into which money is thrown. Poorly managed, poorly designed, and whose only success has been to line the pockets of those trying to usher it through, the port can count on Dan Sullivan to sue to defend its right to keep sucking.

How are you supposed to feel about this? You’ll have to figure that one. The mayor sided with the bully against the jerk for the right to continue stealing our lunch money. Let me know how that turns out.





16 Responses to “The Boondoggle vs. The Bridge from Hell”
  1. All I Saw says:

    If Danny Boy runs for governor I will against him. Seriously. Enough is enough.

  2. John says:

    I’m sure when Mayor Sullivan runs for Senate, his campaign slogan will be “I was in favor of the bridge before I was against it.” Heck even the ex half governor was for the bridge to the Ketchikan airport before she was against it.

  3. ivan says:

    oh the bridge makes sense to those that are trying to build it. they have bought up land on the other side and stand to profit from it being built. that is the republican way.
    business men cloak themselves in the republican party because they know that it stands for less gov. and less regulation/oversight. profit, profit profit and screw the poor and those that need help. come Sunday they go to church in order to feel like they are good and righteous.

  4. John says:

    If they would just get the ferry running for a few years, people might build houses on the other side, and actually start commuting between Pt. McKenzie and Anchorage. Then, and only then, a bridge might make sense. Like the bridge between Seattle and Bainbridge Island where so many Seattle workers live.

  5. ks sunflower says:

    When does Mayor Sullivan’s term end?

    I must have missed that info. Seems to me, people ought to be looking for a solid opponent to His Majesty of Nutbag Ideas and be ready to send him packing at the first opportunity. The opponent will need time to raise funds and investigate the misdeeds of the Sullivan administration. Is the Democrat Party apparatus in Anchorage up to the challenge?

  6. Mark says:

    Hey what about the ferry across the Knik? You have to throw that one in as well. So much money to get to Point MacKenzie which is still 30 mile to the middle of Wasilla.
    Who’s in charge here? So much waste and all these projects won’t be self-supporting and will require tax-payer support.

    • Pinwheel says:

      Mark, one must remember that Rep Don Young, Congressman for all Alaskans who voted for him, and then Senior Senator Ted Stevens made sure there was USDOT funds for the bridges to “nowhere”. Anchorage already has huge responsibilities. Giving up the Knik Bridge in favor of the Port of Anchorage creates a division within the GOP. In the 2012 election is it Don Young or Dan Sullivan ???


  7. Don’t think he has hid behind Jesus yet. Otherwise, just seems to think he is entitled to his position. Hasn’t anyone told him that the position of mayor is not his by inheritance….any more than the ‘insurance’ money that belonged to the city.

    • renee99503 says:

      No, he hasn’t hid behind religion yet…he has others to to that for him…Bernadette Wilson, the party planner/now co-radio host at KGOP/and anti-choice spokesmodel…Adam Trombley, “most humorous high school basketball player unqualified for office…Dave Stierens & Casey Reynolds, KGOP mouthpieces who hate public education and women’s rights over their own bodies….need I go on?

      • benlomond2 says:

        anti-choice spokesmodel ???? Bet she’s on “The Pill” !! Wonder if she would change her stance if she wasn’t ?

  8. Derek Domino says:

    The bridge and or the ferry bennefits a very small group of property developers and the two burroughs. Less than 1% of the valley commuters who currently commute to Anchorage will use the new bridge/ferry. But once a few developers have made a couple of $billion then there will be commuters who will use the bridge/ferry.

    Of course a new crop of retail strip malls will pop up with hundreds of low paying, no bennefits jobs.

  9. ivan says:

    Bubba the mayor, good ole boy politician, Alaskan republican style
    ( i.e. hypercritical, corrupt, wrapped in the flag and hiding behind Jesus. )