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Turkey in the Straw Poll – Palin Crashes the Party (Updated)

Today, Iowa Republicans gather to get their little thumbs inked as they vote in the Ames Straw Poll telling an eager nation who they would vote for in the presidential election of 2012. The straw poll has predicted the president two of the last five times, and while the poll itself means absolutely nothing in real life, a poor showing in the poll could nix a candidacy.

But wait… What’s that rumbling they hear coming over the horizon? Why, look! It’s the return of the bus! Yes, folks, the One Nation bus tour (aka Palin family vacation) has come roaring into Iowa.

Palin is not actually taking part in the Ames Straw Poll, she’s just showing up NEXT to the poll out of pure coincidence, at the Iowa State Fair. It’s kind of like that bizarre happenstance that occurred when the bus literally weaved through tornadoes, to show up in New Hampshire for a clam bake, right at the same time that Mitt Romney was declaring his candidacy for president.  If the Republican presidential race is an open jar of strawberry jam at a picnic, Sarah Palin is the annoying bee.

In addition to the metaphorical jam, Palin reported that she enjoyed the other delicacies at the State Fair: “What an inspiring day with great Americans. Oh, and the butter cow really is amazing… as is the fried butter-on-a-stick, the fried twinkie, the pork chops, etc.!”

So, all you naysayers in the lamestream media who said the bus tour was over – take that. To a chorus of, “You keep ’em guessing, Sarah!” she rears her head like Putin to clog the Republican party’s arteries like fried lard products on a stick.

There is no doubt that Palin’s presence and the ensuing media frenzy can do nothing but increase the number of times her name is written in on the poll. If she does poorly, it will be because she wasn’t even officially participating. If she does well, it will be because the people demand that she, the reluctant leader, run for the office.

Palin is due back in Iowa over Labor Day weekend to keynote a Tea Party event refueling speculation that she will be tossing her trucker cap in the ring. While Mitt Romney polls as the frontrunner in the race overall, with 30 percent to Michele Bachmann’s 16%, all that could change. With Palin in the race garnering 18% of the vote, it would bring Romney’s numbers down to 26% and Bachmann all the way down to 12%.

The Alaska Republican also scores higher than all of her potential GOP rivals on the question of who best represents the core values of conservatives, and she leads the pack among voters without college degrees.

Imagine that.

On Wednesday SarahPAC, Palin’s political action committee, released a new video about the tour. In the video, Palin quoted, “we grow good people in our small towns with honesty and sincerity and dignity.” She attributed the quote to “a writer.”  The “writer” is, in fact, one Francis James Westbrook Pegler, famed for his anti-union vitriol, his opposition to The New Deal, and calling Harry S. Truman “a thin-lipped hater.”

The Ames Straw Poll happens tonight. So, fry some Twinkies and get ready for the fun.


Here are the final results of the poll as reported by the L.A. Times

1. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (4823, 28.55%)

2. Congressman Ron Paul (4671, 27.65%)

3. Governor Tim Pawlenty (2293, 13.57%)

4. Senator Rick Santorum (1657, 9.81%)

5. Herman Cain (1456, 8.62%)

6. Governor Rick Perry (718, 3.62%) write-in

7. Governor Mitt Romney (567, 3.36%)

8. Speaker Newt Gingrich (385, 2.28%)

9. Governor Jon Huntsman (69, 0.41%)

10. Congressman Thad McCotter (35, 0.21%) 

And here is the winner of the straw poll daintily sampling one of the local delicacies.

photo by Toby Harnden



126 Responses to “Turkey in the Straw Poll – Palin Crashes the Party (Updated)”
  1. Flying Pig Ranch says:

    OMG!!! That weiner is “hung like a horse.” Someone had better check the equine exhibits.

  2. richCares says:

    crop that picture of Bachman a bit and place it in hustler magazine with a caption “Bachman sucks”

  3. Motorhead says:

    Jeez, AKM !! I was scrolling down through that pic of Me-shell going down on that deep fried “food item”, when my wife happened to walk in by the computer desk, and she thought she had caught me surfing some X-rated website! How about a little warning next time!! This could get a guy in trouble!

  4. johnny says:

    Palin finally finds Eureka College, after having misplaced it last year.

    “I think she genuinely wanted to learn more about Ronald Reagan. … This isn’t about media, this is about wanting to learn where he grew up,” Schock said.

    • beaglemom says:

      Unfortunately one should not put “learning” in the same sentence as “Sarah Palin.” She is incapable of learning because she is so full of herself!

  5. pccel says:

    Watched Meet the Press this a.m.; Bachmann was interviewed and it was interesting to note that she thinks that “submissiveness” and “respect” are synonymous, i.e. being submissive to her husband equates to respecting him.

    • beth says:

      The woman thinks some mighty odd chit! And it’s across the full spectrum of every thing having to do with anything, too — imho, batchit-crazy doesn’t even begin to describe her. beth.

  6. Pineyman says:

    Just got back from a business trip from Arizona, where any mention of $P received an interesting reaction – either rolling eyes, rude sounds or both. What made it all the more interesting was that I work for the gubmint, which is typically redder than red – and they were all mocking her. I guess that shrinking the gubmint isn’t going over well with the people she wants to shrink. Among other things.

  7. puffin shrapnel palin says:

    Kudos on the “Turkey in the Straw Poll” headline, AK. Love it, love it, love it.

  8. MO Inkslinger says:

    I wish someone knew just how many write-in votes the Tundra Tart got in Ames.

    • johnny says:

      This was the big surprise of the poll, that after suddenly showing up at the state fair (being invited and all that, although the fair officials report no contact with her)…..surprise being that she didn’t even get her toe into the pond that Perry created re write-in votes. Don Lemon on CNN yesterday was asked if he thought that Palin was there just to get attention, and he was slathering on the compliments…saying that she was gracious and answered all questions, and that he thinks she genuinely cares about America and that’s why she showed up at the fair between the debate and the poll.

      Before I forget to ask, how does it go when a trademark runs for president of the US? She can have Van Flein sue anyone who writes a critical article about her thus damaging the brand?

    • dz says:

      Close your eyes, imagine a number. What do you see? If you see nothing, you’ve just correctly clarivoyantly imaginized $P’s write-in vote total. I bet there was at least one minor misspelling that got tossed out – Sharia Plan (= Sarah Palin)

  9. Winski says:

    Time to sweep up the road kill… Flying Monkey Mama’s need NOT apply..

  10. benlomond2 says:

    Pawlenty drops out after the Iowa Straw Poll….

  11. Pinwheel says:

    Half of me laughs at the pix, the other half is not only disgusted but embarrassed. When did we decide vulgar is appropriate.

    • Mo says:

      I don’t think we did decide. The person responsible for this particular decision is the one in the photograph. Tell me how anyone with any dignity would have posed for such a pic, or so ineptly managed to blow it [Freudian slip, ha ha].

  12. GoI3ig says:

    I’m curious how the hick from Wasilla and her family qualify for the PFD? It doesn’t seem like she spends much time in Alaska, yet the whole tribe applied for the PFD this year.

    • slipstream says:

      Good point! The following example is from the PFD website under the heading “Absences and Residency”:

      Example: You move from Alaska in May to take a new job in Washington and you also purchase a home in Washington. After two weeks, you decide to come back to Alaska to live again. Even though you were gone less than 181 days, you will not qualify for the next dividend because you broke your Alaska residency and were not an Alaska resident for the entire calendar year. Your actions were inconsistent with remaining an Alaska resident.

      So let’s consider: Bristol Palin purchased a home in Arizona and moved there along with her young son. She took a job in California — “Dancing with the Stars” contestant. These actions, according to the above example, broke her Alaska residency, and she was not an Alaska resident for the entire year. Neither was her son. Yet both applied for the dividend.

      • I had forgotten about the dividend. So how could Bristol possibly qualify? Does Alaska ever make people give back the money if it’s deemed they got it when they shouldn’t have done?

        • mike from iowa says:

          Isn’t there something in there about having the intention to move elsewhere breaks your residency claim? Would this be the first time a former half-guv of Alaska took money under false pretenses?

        • slipstream says:

          It’s pretty obvious that she does not qualify for the 2010 divident, but filed an application anyway. The state should slam the door on that one.

          • dz says:

            the loophole might be that she bought the AZ home thru an LLC as an “investment”. The way things are going for her, she may really need that $1,200 per family member by next year. In fact, she might have to pop out another kid or two to up the check.

    • Pinwheel says:


      Do you have any idea how many people scam Alaska residency, not just for a PFD (or 12), but for licences, State of Alaska loans, voter registrations, (i.e manipulation).

    • Pinwheel says:

      Remember ‘this year’ is 2010 for PFD purposes.

      • slipstream says:

        Bristol bought her Arizona house in December 2010. Intent to remain in Alaska indefinitely?

  13. flex gunship pailn says:

    snakes and sharks roll there eyes back when the bite also .

  14. I read the whole article in the Anchorage Daily News which had no percentage breakdown. Now that I see the numbers, I would think the bigger news is that Paul came in second and is less than one percentage point behind Bachmann. Interesting.

  15. Baker's Dozen says:

    I’m looking for a seriously knowledgeable person in Iowan politics.

    Mike, why are Iowa’s polls made of straw? Is it related to The Three Little Pig Farm Factories?

    • mike from iowa says:

      Straw is lightweight,easily renewable,soaks up slop,is biodegradable,burns like nobody’s business,makes decent insulation,livestock like to chew on it,works good in gardens to slow weed growth and hold moisture,easily mulched, placed around tomatoes it helps stop blight and makes me itch like crazy when we used to bale the stuff. Other than that,I have no idea why polls are made of straw. Straw is extremely useful.Politicians,like mammary apparati on a boar are useless.

  16. Lacy Lady says:

    Has anyone noticed that Jeb Bush is staying out of the mix? I heard that he had intended to run for office when brother Geo jumped in. Now—-he seems to have nothing to do with any of the maddness.

    • fromthediagonal says:

      Lacy… I have had a dinner bet riding on Jeb Bush coming in by acclamation at the convention.
      Don’t like, don’t trust him as far as I can throw him, but still think this a possibility.
      The man is Establishment, married to a Latina, is fluent in her language which Re[ublicans hope will attract the Latino vote, and also has credentials as an avid promoter of privatization of education, which is dear to the fundies. Scary. I do hope to lose that bet.

      • dahlia97 says:

        I was thinking the same thing…and it would be scary….I don’t trust him or anyone from that family…they have their fingers in too many pies.

  17. beth says:

    Perry played it brilliantly. $arah just ‘happened’ to be in NH for Mitt’s big announcement, stealing his thunder –or at least, watering it down considerably, and then she just ‘happens’ to be at the Iowa State Fair when the Straw Poll is being held, hogging a good chunk of the spotlight from the already-declareds.

    By Perry going to SC, he had the entire state all to himself – $arah couldn’t horn in on him. Take that!, $arah!

    I have to wonder, though, did she even see it coming? Did she have any inkling that he’d be declaring in one state while she was in another? What mental gymnastics did her brain go through trying to figure out how to ‘casually’ be in both SC and Iowa at the pertinent times? Did she have a mini-meltdown realizing she could be in one state or the other, but not in both at the same time?

    Think she’s angling to be tapped by Perry for 12 as McCain tapped her in 08? Or will Perry’s move in SC tork her off so much she’ll start speen venting on him like she does on Obama? Oh…so many questions…so much that inquiring minds want to know. beth.

    • MinNJ says:

      Perry can control her and knows her buttons. I think it’s Perry/Bachmann or Perry/Palin. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night, puff, puff. (B. Davis impersonation)

    • dz says:

      I read the other day that SC was on her itinerary. She needs to catch up with Perry and give him her resume. Not as VP tho, she knows better than to ask him for that. She can fire breathe at Romney and anyone the Bush empire is supporting — she needs to get back at mama Bush ya know — and she can bring her loyal tens of supporters as a bonus. I suspect Dingo is already whipping up a special pair of red/white/blue spangled cowboy boots for the lil’ lady.

    • Millie says:

      Perhaps they planned their schedules TOGETHER?

    • In Ohio says:

      What’s interesting is that I thought Palin had backed T-Paw at one time, but she didn’t bother to motor her home over to support him at the straw poll… heck, even Huckabee made the rounds of just about everyone but Bachmann…

      Now, where’s Palin going for the rest of her bus ride/family vacation? Of was this a one-trick-pony tour to try to get camera time?

  18. mike from iowa says:

    The picture of the flake from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and a Flake borders on obscene and I like it. Baker’s Dozen I’ll scratch up some stuff for you to look at if you ever travel through Iowa on your way to somewhere really special, we actually have some unique land formations and hogs and corn. Next open thread

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      We owned a bulldog at one point. About as close to owning a hog as one can get in the city. And my extended time in the country was, thankfully, hogless. Motorcycle and otherwise. I think the bears, wildcats, cougars, and wild boars would have liked it, though. Motorcycle and otherwise.

      Are all Iowa fair goers there to act out their fantasy feasts? Or are Michelle and Sarah the only ones that have to go out of their home states to find a truly satisfying midway meal? I’ll never be able to eat a fried food on a stick again. Iowa may have found a second foundational business. Always good to have a back up to ethanol.

  19. Irishgirl says:

    I’m torn….either the Bachmanns are clueless or they are really clueless.

    What does it say about the rest of us who are laughing at the pic? 😉

    • MinNJ says:

      I thought it was hysterical, and said it all.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I haven’t seen anything that, uh, provocative since . . . .

      Did her husband teach her how to, mmmm, eat like that?

      Perhaps that country fair fried food fulfilled her wildest fantasies! 🙂

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I started figurin’ out what the top picture’s subliminal message was, but my thinker won’t let me go there! It just starts screamin’ “Girls just wanna have fu-un” at me, in Madonna’s voice.

    • fromthediagonal says:

      What does it say? We are in the gutter trying to climb up to the curb?
      At this point I shall take anything that makes me laugh about politicians…

  20. Baker's Dozen says:

    Oh, and it’s obvious that the Cleavage Party is alive and well in Iowa!

    Republican men say a LOT of stupid things, but if the foam that Bachmann spouts came out of a man, they’d be carting him off to test him for rabies.

    One begins to think the Founding Fathers were on to something, denying women the vote or, at least in practice, the right to hold office. It appears that they were well aware that a plurality of men were unable to follow the issues when a candidate isn’t flat chested.
    I posit that they made the wrong choice and should have disenfranchised men instead of women.

    • 1smartcanerican™ says:

      I think you have a good idea there, bakers dozen. Women should be running our country – but then, given the two examples (and more in the repub party), maybe that is not the best idea.

      WA has some smart women working hard for all Americans and I surely do appreciate their presence as our senators and our governor. Unfortunately, not all states are as wise as us 🙂

    • fromthediagonal says:

      Well said!

    • fromthediagonal says:

      OK, Baker’s Dozen, my “well said” comment below should have been in response to your suggestions above. As a friend stated a long time ago: “When the little head thinks, the big head stops”, and I shall leave it there. No offense to our male friends here…

      • mike from iowa says:

        Us guys need to keep an open mind,so to speak, in order to get oxygen to our brains. Or at least some of us do. No offense.

      • benlomond2 says:

        wait, wait!!! what about that wise saying…”Two heads are better than one”??? Ben runs laughing for the hills, followed by Gloria S. and a pack of bra burners….. 🙂

        • mike from iowa says:

          Any chance I can dig up a redwood or two and bring them back to Iowa? I could use a new deck. Actually I could use A deck.

          • dz says:

            Well ok Mike, if you stay away from the ‘old growth’ stands. Nothin’ personal. The natural resources robber barons nearly cut them all down and they just don’t replicate like corn.

  21. Lacy Lady says:

    Gypsy Girl at 10

    I found this link about SP and her bus. So it sounds like she does have it at the Fair.,0,2712383.story?track=rss

  22. Lacy Lady says:

    Gypsy girl @ 10
    here is a link—-It sounds like she is on that Bus thingy.,0,2712383.story?track=rss

  23. Baker's Dozen says:

    So the Palins are vacationing in Iowa. Begging your pardon, Mike from Iowa. I’m assuming that there must be a reason you live in Iowa. But can you tell me why someone would travel to vacation there?

    I googled “vacation Iowa” and looked at the Official Tourism Page which mentions ‘Iowa and across the midwest.” I saw the “Field of Dreams” which is a movie she wouldn’t understand; a pedestrian bridge–quite lovely for her to spit off of, I’m sure; a jazz festival–music based in AA culture, not Tea Party; an amusement park–ah! she can wear her Belmont ensemble again! That’s why she’s vacationing in Iowa! I mean, once you’ve visited an amusement park, you can really say you know the Rill Amerikuns of that state, donchano!

    • mike from iowa says:

      Come to Iowa and find out. Seriously, if you get a job at a convenience store and a marriage proposal from me you had about all Iowa has to offer.

      • MinNJ says:


      • Baker's Dozen says:

        Oh, Mike, I’m sure Mr. Dozen would just be pickled tink! We could both work at Quikie Marts. We can have a fun engagement party. What’s the beach like in the fall? Is there good surfing? I body surf, which isn’t at all provocative in rill lyfe, despite its name. We’ll bring our skis. Are basements big enough to kayak in when they flood? Oh, I’m sooooo excited!

        Or, you could visit California. Ben Lomond2 will show you the uncut stand of redwoods near his place (take him on the Roaring Camp train, Ben. I own stock.) Then I]ll take you to Yosemite. Our rivers don’t hold as much water as yours, but they have much taller cliffs.

        Seriously, I did visit the round jail in Council Bluffs on a cross country trip. Quite interesting. I think Sarah should go and see if the cell locks still work. And for some reason, I think I remember seeing some corn. And more corn. And in Nebraska, corn. Corn made into hushpuppies and served with fried catfish! Mmmmmmmmm.

        • benlomond2 says:

          might as well take mike over to Natural Bridges and show him the tidal pools, and if winter, the grove where the Monarch Butterflies winter.
          I went thru Iowa once….looked just like Nebraska….
          I like hushpuppies,,,, bring some with you, mike !!

      • tigerwine says:

        Oh, Mike, you do have a way with words!

      • Mag the Mick says:

        Mike, as our official boots on the ground in Iowa, did you feel a great disturbance in the Force yesterday?

        • mike from iowa says:

          Not sure. My lower back,right knee and hip were treating me like an ugly,red-headed stepchild. No offense. BTW a couple days ago I heard and then saw a yellow bi-plane zipping across the Iowa skyline roughly traveling from SW to Merry Olde England. Pilot or Pilotess had on goggles and a leather helmet and a flowing scarf. Thought I detected a Cockney accent. Might have been mating groundhogs instead.

          • Mag the Mick says:

            Yes, I have since heard from our retired minder, Julian, whom I sent to check on you. He has sent photos of a rather Jerry Garcia -ish type looking upwards. He testifies it is you, and I tend to believe him. The dowager duchess left him her helmet,scarf and goggles, and it is good to know her legacy continues. Despite his East End criminal past, it is really quite touching how attached Julian was to Halcyon, and how he still strives to emulate her. I chose not to pass along your comments about mating groundhogs. Julian has improved his diction considerably, but is still an excitable boy.

          • mike from iowa says:

            Thank him for the Jerry Garcia comparison- just think-jerry Garcia was good looking and dead,I on the other hand,am not good looking. The problem is probably my hearing and not necessarily groundhogs mating. That is a pleasure of which I have not experienced yet.

    • slipstream says:

      I hear that Madison County, Iowa, has picturesque covered bridges.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Yee g*ds! I just saw a pic of her at the fair, thanks to the LA times. Jeez! I think she managed a step down from the Belmont ensemble. I think Iowa needs a dress code for its fairs.

      I suggest she get some dress, hair, and make-up tips from the San Francisco workin’ girls with their traditional values.

      Come to think of it, I guess Republicans ARE just asserting those traditional values–get a man to take care of you and pay your way. By the hour is just fine, thank you.

      • mike from iowa says:

        Iowa leads the nation in hog and corn production. Maybe soybeans,too. The grifter could spend the rest of her life slapping lipstick on pigs and never see the same snout twice. To paraphrase the movie Field of Dreams.”Is this heaven?” “Hell no.Palin was here!”

        • In Ohio says:

          “The grifter could spend the rest of her life slapping lipstick on pigs and never see the same snout twice”

          — oh, dear Lord… that is a good one!

  24. Cassie Jeep says:

    I don’t thinks she’ll run. There is far more money to be made as a “paid stumper” for whomever gets the nomination.

    Best of both worlds–rake in the cash, stay in the limelight, meet adoring fans, feather the nest for her kids’ endeavors and still not have to WORK.–a little like her half-term governorship.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Paid stumper???

      Is this a new game show from The Dimbulb?

      I’m curious. Just who do you think she’s going to stump?

    • laurie says:

      I wonder if any candidate wants to be associated with her. I think she has limited usefulness. She only knows one or two songs and everyone has heard them already.

  25. tm68 says:

    Thos saying Perry would choose Palin as running mate- do you really think Palin would settle to run for VP again? I just don’t see it happening. It would be Redux ’08. She doesn’t play second fiddle well. I see her as running for the top of the ticket and she’ll pick PERRY as HER running mate. Should she get the nom of course, and we all know she won’t.

    At this point in the game, I see her running. It’s the only way she’ll stay relevant. She knows she’ll likely lose, but it does allow her to remain on Faux and spew her particular brand of BS. She can say, “Well, Sean, I was IN that primary rac and let me tell ya… blah blah blah…” It will secure her at least another 2-4 year contract- especially if Obama wins reelection. They need someone to gleefully bash him for his 2nd term and she’s all moist to do it.

    • MinNJ says:

      Hmmm. I don’t think that she can play hardball with the big boy/girl pubbies; softball is all she’s known at Fox. She’s extending her ability to raise funds for her PAC, and ‘tease grifter’ are her middle names.

      Perhaps I’m overreaching here, but I think that she has some kind of learning disability related to her wonky eye for which she REALLY does need glasses, and that she was abused in some way in her childhood which makes her now so manipulative and sexually suggestive. All theory, of course, but if true, when she finally blows, it will be nasty and very ugly and sad. I’ve always wanted her face in the dirt when she was done, but I fear it will be her heart and soul in the dirt, smashing apart, something I would wish on no one.

      In the meantime, I believe she’s a menace to our culture, democracy, and civil society globally. I want her gone.

  26. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    obviously her fans were afraid to “write in” paylin for fear of some trademark infringement. oopsie.

  27. dz says:

    I guess it took the straw poll for $P to finally get her predicted and expected excuse going:

    “Sarah Palin has told Sky News that the fear of media attacks on her family is preventing her from joining the race for the White House.”

    As she was unable to pin the blame directly on President Obama (oh shucks) she had to go to excuse #2, the lamestream media strikes again!! Darn, I was hoping it was something we said out here in the blogosphere. Well, we tried our best. She may now have to resort to being a rainmaker for Perry. He can hire her to say all the things his handlers will advise him not to say (outloud).

    • MinNJ says:

      WAH, WAH…crybaby extrodinaire, grifter catching her own tears in dollars…

    • Michelle says:

      I remember when the quitter of the Alaskan Governorship was said to be a ‘draw for the less educated’. There was also her comment regarding Hillary Clinton…saying she needed to grow some thicker skin if she expected to get anywhere in politics. Palin needs to take her own advice. I literally laughed out loud when after the Katie Couric interview…she accused her of asking “gotcha” questions. That, without a doubt, was one of the most ignorant things she had said to that point. Who could have guessed that asking a potential VP Candidate what books she reads, as a “gotcha” question? To us she is nothing but a phony with a narcissistic personality of the highest order. It still surprises us whenever we hear people sing her praises. I think they must be living in some alternate universe.

  28. GypsyGirl says:

    But has “the bus” actually been seen by anyone?
    I’m asking because I haven’t seen anyone post any pictures showing
    the Super Duper Scooby Sarah Mysterymobile.

    Or did Mrs. PAYlin & her bag-carrier/hair-stylist make use of somebody’s friendly private jet?

  29. Lacy Lady says:

    Palin and Bachmann—-let the cat fight begin!!!!!
    As for Bachmann winning the Iowa straw poll—-well why not?
    She pumped big bucks into this thing. Free rides to Ames, Air C Tent, free food and intertainment.
    Heard she spent big bucks. Wonder where all the money came from–. Of course she is from the consertive party.

  30. Ice Gal says:

    bachmann and palin the republican dream team.

  31. Cassie Jeep says:

    So, is Sarah sticking around in the mid west until her speech?

    Or does she have pressing business at home? Which home?

    (I’m sure she’s not riding the bus home if she’s headed back to Alaska.)

  32. scout says:

    O’Bachmann, oh, Iowa.

    comedians win the day

  33. Bob Benner says:

    I think the photo of Bachmann eating the corndog was a little much… Is it really that much funnier than the photo below??? Or is it just a photo of someone eating junk food???

    • AKMuckraker says:

      Yes, it is that much funnier. 🙂

      • beth says:

        Funnier by at least a country mile. beth.

      • Bob Benner says:

        the only difference I see is that the President had his eyes closed… there is one other difference, but since this website is PG, I’m not even going to go there…

    • dz says:

      ooooh, did somebody get der wittle feelings hurt??? You see Bob, your side runs to publish funny or embarassing pictures of our side. Then our side runs around trying to find funny or embarassing pictures of your side. It’s just a silly little game WE all play. Interestingly, your side threw down first (your tiny url) but you’re in a huff ? Will have to say it’s a blue ribbon for your team this time (again using your example), Mrs B knows how to take a dog down with her own special style. Poor old President just looks like a regular guy at a picnic.

    • laurie says:

      For me, poking fun at the photos brings some comic relief to our to often unpleasant political discourse. To the degree that these candidates say mean & hateful things about their opponents, they are fair game for us to have a little fun with. And, yes, the Bachmann photo is so much funnier.

    • WakeUpAmerica says:

      No comparison whatsoever.

    • zyggy says:

      The one of Pres Obama is just someone eating a hot dog, but come on Bobby, the pic of Michelle is every man’s dream, and you know it. That picture of her is downright hilarious.

      • Bob Benner says:

        Well, if you think the pic of Michelle is “every man’s dream”, then I would contend that Obama’s pic is one of the Commander in Chiefs display of “don’t ask, don’t tell… after all, his wife doesn’t look too pleased about his enjoyment of eating the dog… hilarious indeed…

        • zyggy says:

          Your contention is completly out of whack. You might want to get the whack-o-meter checked.

          This is no comparision between the two photos, none at all

    • boodog says:

      yes, it is much funnier. One is obviously junk food, as you say. The other vaguely resembles, um, junk.

  34. Sally says:

    Perry, not on the ballot, finished 4th. Sarah didn’t even garner one measly writein vote.

    • AFM says:

      The republican party is crazy enough to choose Perry and I am willing to bet he’ll choose quitter Palin as his VP. What a battle for their attention. Sarah isn’t going to sit in any corner. God help this country. You have one Governor who went to 6 colleges to get a degree and another one who earned C & D in college and was a cheerleader. God doesn’t TX have anything smarter. When you look at Perry he reminds you of Bush.

      • I listened to part of his announcement speech this morning. I couldn’t listen to all of it. Every point he made, once he got past his sermonizing, was so easily discredited. But the crowd was happy to clap for that idiot. Good grief.

    • Martha says:

      I noticed that too…..but Perry announced he was running, so they could vote for him….Palin did not.

      They can’t vote for a tease.

      • LaniN says:

        Neither Perry nor Paylin could be on the ballot because they didn’t meet the time restrictions. However, voters could choose to write in their names. If Paylin got any votes, they are buried in the bottom 1%.

  35. pvazwindy says:

    Boy, she traveled a long way just to pet a cow and smile at the boar hogs.

  36. 0whole1 says:

    Just outta curiosity — does “dignity” still apply if you jamming a deep-fried stick of butter down your gaping slack maw?

    I’m thinking “no”.

    • Lynn in VA says:

      Have you seen the pix of the Bachmanns deep throating corn dogs? Almost gives Mooselini an air of gravitas and dignity….

      • AFM says:

        Did you see her husband eating one. I think the man is in the closet.

      • Martha says:

        That’s deep fried butter, not corn dogs…..

        • Ladybirddeb says:

          Nope, it’s a corn dog. Check out the background of the hilarious photo — that is if you can take your eyes off the, um, “main event.”

          Regarding the results, WTF?! Were the voters’ heads stuffed with straw?!

    • Ew, that is one disgusting photo of her.

      • ann roberts says:

        I think she should be turned in for porn shots. Har – the guy in the pic is eyeing her isn’t he. Whoever took this photo gets my vote for photographer of the year.

    • prisonernumbersix says:

      Funny. It doesn’t look like a fried stick of butter.

  37. Lynn in VA says:

    Breaking news is that Bachmannis the winner… God help us all!