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It’s Time. Tell Lawmakers, “Don’t Give Away Alaska’s Oil!”

In the last weeks of the legislative session, the oil companies and their pet legislators have pulled out all the stops. Their bloggers are blogging, their mouthpieces are bloviating, their legislators are lying, and their money is cranking out ad after ad, and all of them are hoping to make you so afraid, you’ll ask lawmakers to give away our oil.

Don’t fall for it.

And, get this! This week the opposition is actually charging Alaskans $40 for a chicken lunch so they can have the privilege of listening to the oil company shills ask for billions more…  They are audacious.

If your lawmakers don’t stand strong, we are in danger of losing $10,000,000,000 (that’s 10 Billion dollars) over the next five years, and with it all the good it does our state for things like roads, bridges, and education.

The governor’s oil tax plan HB110, that the Republican-dominated House has passed would give $2 billion a year to the richest multinational corporations on earth, at our expense. And in return, we get… nothing. Not more Alaskan jobs, not more oil exploration, not more oil production. No promises, no guarantees, no nothing. We give them our money, and they want us to just sit tight and hope for the best. That doesn’t make sense.

Tell your legislators, and the former oil lobbyist in the Governor’s Mansion that Alaskan’s aren’t that gullible.  The Senate bipartisan working group has worked hard to come up with SB192, a bill which will lower taxes, but demand results in return. It’s only fair.

Please sign the petition urging the Legislature not to give away our money to the oil companies, with nothing in return. Click HERE  to read the petition and sign. Use the power of your reach to post it on Facebook, email it to your list, Tweet it, or even be old fashioned and phone your friends – anything you can do to help get the word out.

The time is now to send a strong message. Click ———>HERE.



6 Responses to “It’s Time. Tell Lawmakers, “Don’t Give Away Alaska’s Oil!””
  1. If big oil wants to go somewhere else, don’t let the door hit them in the ass. They sure as Hell don’t need tax giveaways.

  2. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    Polarbear, no, not even close. The US consumes about 20 million barrells of oil per day.

    It is true that we have shifted the balance somewhat and now only about 48% of that demand is served from foreign sources. I am not sure if Canada is considered foreign or not. Suffice it to say production of 10 million barrells per day from domestic stocks is unsustainable over a period of a year or two.

    • Polarbear says:

      Thanks. My apologies for the delay in responding. Busy time of year. I was asking about the combined production of the US, Canada, and Mexico, by comparison with combined US, Canadian, and Mexican demand. Ultimately, I am musing about the effect of a policy in which the US, Canada, and Mexico ban the export of crude produced in North America. How far short of a self-sustaining market does North America fall?

  3. Kelly says:

    An Astro Turf Rally is happening on Wednesday. It’s a complete joke except last time they did this they actually succeeded in passing the largest, unabashed corporate welfare bill in Alaska’s history. HB110 would give $2 Billion back to the most profitable transnational corporations in the history of civilization already enjoying record profits. It’s indefensible and sick.

    This is white collar theft under the noon sun and we can’t let it happen again without a fight.

    Merging the interests of corporations over the public good is the basic definition of fascism. The fascists are out in full force. Time to ACT!

    ConocoPhillips’ employees will be paid to walk across the street on Wednesday at noon and enjoy a $40 lunch while carrying signs that were already made, encouraging our lawmakers to pass HB110. Sound silly? It is. Except our beautiful and financially solvent state will be bankrupt in less than 5 years.

    They want to “Fill the Pipeline” with a million barrels of oil per day. We are at 600,000 bpd. Did they include production target incentives at 10% increments over 600,000? Like a rebate at the first target at 660,000 bpd? Or another bonus rebate at 726,000 bpd? Or another target at 798,600 bpd? NO! If we’re going to give $2 billion away, shouldn’t we give it back after production targets are hit?

    BP signed a production agreement in Iraq for $2 per barrel once they hit 10% production targets over the base production of 960,000 bpd. BP partnered with a Chinese oil company to win the bid to redevelop Iraq’s largest oilfield, the Rumaila field. BP effectively will be working under a service agreement that pays BP and its partner $2 per barrel for oil produced in excess of the Rumaila field’s current 960,000 barrels per day. BP won’t receive a dime for added production until BP has successfully increased the Rumalia field’s production by 10%.

    So the fascists are pushing to just lower the tax rate with absolutely NO INCENTIVES for further development. HB110 is a faith-based bill. Prior to ACES. 15 of 19 fields on the North Slope had ZERO TAXES! INVESTMENT WENT DOWN!

    It’s ain’t rocket science. It’s just business. SIGN THIS PETITION NOW!

    We are pushing to get 2,500 signatures. We are over 1,000! We can’t counter-protest them with enough numbers that would match their paid employee-astroturfers.


  4. Polarbear says:

    A question, for an expert Mudflatter. Does the combined production of crude oil and natural gas of Canada and the United States match the North American consumption?

  5. GoI3ig says:

    It’s a tough battle when the head of the oil lobby also happens to be the governor.