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Two Candidates and the Bridge to Debt.

I popped in to see the mayoral candidates forum hosted by the AARP at Central Middle School last night. Each candidate has made his views known, and has honed their answers to most of the questions by now. These two have been seeing a lot of each other lately. So, I’ll just note a few things that popped out at me.

Both candidates look a bit tired. Eric Croft, who is usually 1000 watts of raw enthusiasm was only about 993 watts of raw enthusiasm, and Dan Sullivan looked even mopier than usual. He’s OK when he speaks, but then he just slumps down like a marionette whose had his strings cut. Or like someone hit the kill switch on an android.


The usual questions came up – property taxes, sales tax, housing, urban development, the gas line, homelessness, in addition to issues tailored to the AARP crowd like senior housing, Medicaid, and other issues. Age discrimination was also mentioned when the moderator made a point of saying how his own legislator, Mike Doogan, had cited the “advanced age” of an appointee as a reason to vote them down. The crowd murmured in disapproval.


But, the big news today in the mayor’s race is that the Anchorage Daily News just endorsed Dan Sullivan, saying:

Instead of pursuing bold new initiatives, Sullivan would have the city stick to the basics.

That’s what this city needs.  A back to basics guy that will keep spending down, and curtail a grander vision until things improve.  It’s time to tighten our belts and hunker down.  Down with “bold new initiatives” and up with filling potholes!  That’s the argument.  Bear this in mind as you read on…

One of the big questions discussed at the candidates forum was how each man felt about the proposed Knik Arm Bridge.  This project proposes to build a bridge across Cook Inlet to open up land on the other side.  It’s a “bold new intitiative,” you might say.

There was an independent cost estimate on the bridge that was completed in January 2009 that said “without an equitable risk sharing agreement, the project will not be economically feasible if proposals are received wherein all risks are passed on to the contractor.”  So, what they’re saying here is that unless they get state or local financial participation, this project doesn’t move ahead.  Does our next mayor want this bridge so much that he is willing to take on that financial risk?

And considering the current economic climate, do we know for sure that we’ve got private investors to fund this toll bridge?  There’s no sure evidence of that.  So, if we don’t then it will be up to the state, Anchorage, and/or the Mat-Su to fund the bridge and its access roads.  According to The Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, that could cost a cool $700 MILLION. That’s a bunch of money that could be going to improvement projects for things that already exist. 

And of course (ominous organ chord), there’s the EIS.  That’s the Environmental Impact Statement.  You’ve heard me talk about Cook Inlet a LOT.  That’s because not only is it the body of water that surrounds Anchorage, but it’s also home to a huge and productive commercial and subsistence salmon fishery that many people rely upon for their livelihood, and it’s also home to the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale.  And while our governor is busy sueing the federal government to “de-endanger the whale” (I wonder why?) it still figures into this impact statement.  And so does everything else.

As it stands now, federal resource agencies will not allow the current design to proceed because of the adverse impacts it will have on both the salmon and the whale.  These agencies suggest, instead, a different and friendlier design, which turns out to be longer than the current one, and will increase the cost of the bridge by about 50%.  (taps on calculator and whistles)  That’s over a BILLION dollars.  Ouch.  $700 million was bad enough, but this?  That’s enough to put any fiscal conservative on the couch with an ice bag on his head. Wouldn’t you think?

And just to put the icing on the cake, according to the federal EIS, Anchorage’s “property tax revenues would be $406.9 million under the bridge build alternatives, but the No-Action Alternative would be about $19.2 million more.”  Yup, that’s nearly 5% more property tax revenue for Anchorage without the bridge!

So, by now you’re thinking that Dan Sullivan, the fiscal conservative back-to-basics budget hawk is going to make it his mission to kill that sucker….or at least put it off until a time when we can justify paying for our grand and “bold new initiative.” Aaaand, you’d be wrong.

Sullivan loves the bridge. Loves it! Why? He says it’s because he’s been stuck in traffic on the Glenn Highway. And if we ever had a natural disaster people would be stuck on the highway. And “having land and a house is part of the American Dream.” And there’s lots of land over there on the other side of the billion dollar bridge.

Let’s check in with that other candidate that the Anchorage Daily News said, in a mind-boggling display of intellectual inconsistency, is “not the back-to-basics budget hawk the city needs right now.” When Eric Croft was asked what he thought of the bridge, he said that right now he’d rather “spend that money on potholes.” Croft thinks that a ferry system would be adequate for now, and a LOT cheaper. He thinks that the bridge will come when the population center is there. Makes sense to me.

Now, I don’t know if any Mudflatters know how much it costs to fix a pothole in Anchorage, but I’m guessing a billion dollars could probably fix all the potholes, with some money left over.

Later in the debate, Eric Croft was talking about our great trail system and the fact that several years ago Dan Sullivan opposed the longed for extension of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Sullivan popped up and said, in his most passionate exclamation of the night, “You’re darned right I opposed the extension! We can’t even maintain what we have!” (sayeth the man who wants to lead us down the brand new access road to a billion dollar bridge.)


The turnout was pretty good for a beautiful sunny spring evening. I was curious to see whether anyone would ask a question about the court documents that have recently emerged regarding Sullivan’s alleged involvement in a drunk driving incident. But, questions were chosen from a pile of little written papers submitted by audience members, so we’ll never know what was in there. A source with media ties tells me that several mainstream media outlets tried to corner him for a statement, but he got away too fast.

This morning, however, he told KTVA that he “doesn’t recall whether he was involved.” That’s right kids. He doesn’t recall if he stayed up until 4am drinking with an employee, hugged her goodnight and sent her off in a car only to wake the next day to find out she’d been arrested for causing a drunken head-on collision on the way home. I mean that was last year…. He can’t be expected to remember everything.

I am completely convinced that Eric Croft can win this runoff. In the first election, the Sullivan votes were pretty close to the non-Sullivan votes, and the voter turnout was only 25%. If it’s going to happen, though, it’s going to require that Croft supporters get off the couch, and grab a few friends on the way to the polls.

For those anywhere wanting to help call Democrats and remind them to get out and vote, contact Kalen at Democratic Party Headquarters (907) 258-3050. And those in Anchorage, you can early vote at City Hall or the Loussac Library. Mark Begich won the mayor’s race by 11 votes. Every vote counts. Really.



69 Responses to “Two Candidates and the Bridge to Debt.”
  1. Hobos are Us says:

    Drum roll please…. and the cost of two commuter (environmentally friendly) buses (including fuel) are about $ 1 million/per year. Or the cost of commuter rail is about the same.

  2. sauerkraut says:

    10 Irish Says: May 1st, 2009 at 1:49 PM
    It’s getting late in Ireland…Why do all of these Alaskans have Irish names?
    Dan Sullivan, Croft, Fagan…and wasn’t the pub called McGinleys? I’m noticing a trend…

    I’m sure not of them are as pretty as a lass from the old sod. …

    hoary comes to mind when I picture Sullivan, etc.

  3. Blooper says:

    Sorry, continuing the OT quake discussion.

    nwsfm CA: Thanks for pointing that out. Crescent City (a beautiful place, by the way), did indeed bear a huge brunt produced by the 64′ quake with lives lost.

    From time to time we get tremors up here that last no more than a few seconds or so. I can only imagine what hell it would be to endure pracically 5 minutes of a 9+ quake.
    Few people realize how much that quake changed Alaska. The land shifted in height by tens of feet in some places.

  4. BigSlick says:

    Check the titles of all land that lies in the bridge right -of-way for the surname Heath, then for other prominent relatives of Clan Palin. And don’t forget her church friends… also, too.

  5. Shannyn says:

    AWESOME, Mud!
    Thanks for another great post…and going to the debate so I didn’t have to!
    BTW, I figured out audio and am feeling cleverish!
    Bloggers UNITE!

  6. nswfm CA says:

    That quake wiped out a lot of Crescent City with a tsunami. Hope there isn’t something that huge in our lifetimes.

  7. Impeach_Palin says:

    I’ve been a bartender since 2003 in Canada. Here the liquor laws are harsh. Last call is 1:45, all drinks gone by 2:00. Or else we would get a fine. Harshness.

  8. Tundrapup says:

    My dad was in the 9.2 quake up here in 64′. He was in Seward where they had huge tidal waves come rolling into the ba. When it happened he ran out into the street and had to get on his knees as it was shaking so bad. The trees were thrashing like whips in the air.

    This happened for a sustained 4 minutes.

  9. nswfm CA says:

    Don’t laugh, but I didn’t feel it, and I live on a pile of sand (like the fill in the Marina District in SF). My sis called and asked me if I felt it, and I said “Felt what?” She said “You’re ok, then.” I just heard on the radio that they felt it in other states. Funny, I didn’t feel the Coalinga one either when I was in school.

  10. Maeve says:

    Of course Dan can’t remember if this happened. In his own commercial, his own dear wife says Dan knows education is important because she’s a teacher and she reminds him every day – That he needs to be reminded makes me think he’s got a teflon brain; perhaps he doesn’t listen to a word she says; or maybe he just doesn’t care to remember what he doesn’t like…

  11. nswfm CA says:

    Re bridges and earthquakes. College buddies of mine who worked in San Francisco during the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 took the ferry to get home to the east side of the bay. They are still messing with the Oakland Bay Bridge to this day from what I remember reading. Incidently, there was a little earthquake today in the Santa Monica Mountains about 6 miles from my parents and 20 from me. All of us are ok, but I’m guessing that’s because of our strict building codes (hint, AK)!

  12. BS says:

    The bridge is not a good thing. This is the second “Bridge to Nowhere.” It doesn’t make sense any way you look at it. It’s all speculation. And in this day and age we can’t afford speculation. They have been talking about this for over 40 years – give it up! We’ve got the nice (relatively) new highway – what more could we ask for? We have to give credit to Stevens for that. It was 90% feds and 10% state. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but every time I drive to Anchorage – I think it is so wonderful – not like the old days when it was two lanes. WTF – It’s too complicated. I don’t know what to think any more.

  13. SMR says:

    I’ve never understood the bridge thing. I’ve lived in Alaska for 35 years (a good bit of my life), and have lived in Wasilla, Anchorage, Kenai and Eagle River. While there are plenty of people commuting, there are also a lot of people in the Valley who work on the slope, living in the Valley is easy when you don’t have to commute, just have to get yourself to the airport once every one/two/three/? weeks. Big lots, cheaper houses, fewer people. Colder winters, less to do (in the city sense). Which are pros and which are cons is pretty subjective, and I suspect that the Valley is roughly split as to whether or not the bridge should get built, as it would change the Valley in a lot of not-so-good ways.

    As for the money trail, add Knowles and Stevens to the list of possible land owners, I am sure that I’ve read that they own land that would benefit from that project.

    And as for ADN endorsing Sullivan — don’t get me started on ADN… Too late. They are a HUGE part of the problem in Alaska, not a bit of the solution. Trying to appeal to both right & left, not making either happy. Not doing a good job of reporting on issues of substance. If they had been honest & straightforward in their reporting about issues related to the Gov BEFORE the McCain campaign there would have been no 80% approval rating. They don’t have the cajones to report on real issues cuz then they get nastygrams from the Gov. I canceled my subscription due to their total shite reporting of the rallies back in the fall, and haven’t regretted it for a moment, don’t miss anything that they put in their print paper, and the print paper has dwindled ever since. Endorsing Selkregg then Sullivan? WTF? How does that happen? Ideologically they could not be further apart. Croft must be on their spitlist for something or other.

  14. KateinCanada says:

    I thought that during the filming months ago, when Palin suggested they take (the?) bike to the fishing place, she sounded as though she thought she might be given the bike. Are they always given to charity? Never to bodacious Guvs?

  15. Aussie Blue Sky says:


    In the Esquire article, Mrs Palin mentioned that she had met the chopper dudes on the campaign trail.

  16. gdwyer says:

    Ok thank you for the info.

  17. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    tamara, that does my heart good.

    The most bothersome, ridiculous thing to me about ‘these less than progressive type politicians’ is they still haven’t figured out that we see very clearly they have no clothes. Don’t they have anybody (oh, wait a minute, Meghan’s making noises who sees what is? BTW, JMO, Meghan’s one to watch.

    Sorry, back to y’all.

  18. gdwyer says:

    Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I was wondering if there’s a connection between the company up there that paid for the bike and GINO. I’m sure it’s no big deal but it didn’t add up to me.

  19. Blooper says:

    gdwyer: I can’t say that I’m aware of any preexisting OCC/Palin connection. Perhaps one of GINO’s staff, ever on the lookout for ‘photo/video ops’ solicited OCC to do a show up here so that Palin could get more national exposure. Or perhaps OCC contacted Palin just because of her sheer notoriety.

    I don’t think many eyebrows will be raised on this one, IMO.

  20. gdwyer says:

    Several on here have stated “follow the money” regarding the bridge.

    Based on the “follow the money” theory, I’m hoping all will forgive this question that is OT but I don’t know how to perhaps get the answer any other way.

    By the time that I had watched the Alaska bike OCC episode it was off topic here. I did check on the forum and couldn’t find a place to perhaps bring this up.

    Can anyone local up there tell us if there is a money/friendship connection between GINO and the company that commissioned/paid for the Alaska bike? Is there a money connection?

    I was puzzled by the show going from the company to GINO without any explaination except that she’s the Governor. It made as much sense as I would expect of a show w/ GINO — I was left with lots of question marks!

    And BTW, did anyone else notice that GINO had on a “green” top in the show? Bothered me since green is prevalent in Arctic Cat gear. Subliminal advertising to me.

  21. Nan says:

    tamara, your English is much, much better than just “basic.”

    And good for you, getting the road cleared. That’s wonderful that you have someone making local government accountable.


  22. tamara says:

    the problem child IS MY NAME! Says:
    Not all “banana republics” have the weather to grow bananas! (wink)
    Do you know the origin of “banaba republic”. We can be thankful to United Fruit, large company way back in the 60’s, for adding this word to the political dictionary. They used to buy off Latin America politicians in a very open manner. Other companies still do, but in a more discreet way.

  23. mlaiuppa says:

    No one brought up Sullivan’s contributing to the DUI of an employee? Pity.

  24. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Ann Coulter is on Larry King with Joy Behar guest hosting.

    Ann just stated that if she was advising Palin, she would tell her to stay up in Alaska, continuing governing and wait to run for pres in 8 to 12 years. She wouldn’t advise her to come right back. And she calls herself a friend of Sarah’s!!!

  25. Irishgirl says:

    I’m going to bed

  26. tamara says:

    Here, in my so called socialist banana republic of Ecuador, our president Correa drives around to each and every village, and this is AFTER being reelected, and asks the governors, mayors and other ministers how come this road or that bridge is not completed with the money allocated. I listened to him yesterday asking the population of our village to hold their govs accountable, and this in front of our local gov. I had contacted the local authorities at least three times to come and clear the road from a land slide that occured one month ago. So right after his speech, I went to the same guys and repeated my request. Guess what, this morning the road was cleared. Correa is really kicking a$$ around this old corrupt governing elit, and I feel real proud that Ecuadorians had the courage to elect and believe in this guy. Same as for Obama. Intelligent and honnest.
    (My English is basic, not my mother tong, but good enough to enjoy the humour, wit and laughs on this great blog)

  27. zyggy says:

    I think Sullivan is channeling Palin, also too.

  28. Irishgirl says:

    I’m staying quiet!

  29. Firefly says:

    Closet Mudpup, no problem. Always happy to provide some insight into our crazy world up here. 🙂

  30. Lee323 says:

    Aside from ADN endorsing President Obama last fall, I have seen little in ADN to admire as far as independent and intelligent reporting. Let’s not even go into ADN’s apparent inability to run a decent comments section on their stories, especially if the comments are anti-Palin.

    ADN’s absolute low point was its collaborative efforts in aiding the despicable actions of Mike Doogan regarding The Mudflats.

    ADN aside…..get out the vote for Eric Croft….for the many good reasons AKM listed above. Just remember that Palin supports Sullivan….so that she can “take advantage of that association at the state level.”….. We’ve all seen how Palin “takes advantage of associations”…

  31. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Mel Green Says:
    May 1st, 2009 at 4:03 PM
    Valley commuters & energy independence would be far better served by commuter rail than a boondoggle bridge over Knik Arm.
    Do you know if any study has been done into the value of the carbon credits resulting from a commuter rail?

  32. LoveAk says:

    Rex is on the phone w/eddie berk

  33. Mel Green says:

    Valley commuters & energy independence would be far better served by commuter rail than a boondoggle bridge over Knik Arm. But — what lines the pockets of the greedmeisters? — that’s the Repub priority.

  34. blue moose says:

    the best prime property at the port is owned by Young & Murkowski I would bet Stevens too? the streets are called don Young’s way and it junctions with Lou Young’s way.. that speaks volumes.. how many federal dollars of yours did they get??

  35. Sue says:

    @winkwink at 20…Yup. They are a vicious bunch. To me, they epitomize what Palin and most Republicans are really like.

  36. Closet Mudpup says:

    Firelfy @ 29

    That’s the universal rule, isn’t it. I’ve been surprised by the fact that during all the articles and discussions about the Bridge to Nowhere and its associated Road to Nowhere, no one ever got into the topic of who owns the land on the island that would become conveniently connected to Ketchikan.

    Thank you.

  37. Firefly says:

    Closet Mudpup: As a ‘local’, people are always referring to the dreaded commute between ‘the valley’ and Anchorage. Some proponents of the bridge argue that it would free up the commuter clogged Glenn Highway. Personally I think it wouldn’t free up traffic at all, just add more traffic ultimately.

    Polly had a very astute observation that the land over on the other side, while not ready for habitation yet, is a developer’s (pardon the language) wet dream.

    Like they always say, follow the money.

  38. Closet Mudpup says:

    I find this Knik Arm bridge project confusing in several ways. Can someone offer a local perspective?

    Who would use it? It appears from a project map (downloadable pdf here)
    that it does nothing for Anchorage, and would serve primarily the residents of Wasilla who commute to Anchorage. (Is this why SP so-o-o looks forward to working with Danny Boy?) The existing route would still be better for Palmer access and traffic to/from Tok Junction.

    Evacuation in the event of natural disaster: What kind of natural disaster? Another earthquake? Clearly not the time to head for a two-mile long bridge! If the quake were serious, the bridge would be closed pending inspections anyway.

    Sullivan made reference to being “stuck in traffic on the Glenn highway.” Looking at the miles of highway that would have to be built in conjunction with the bridge, is there a reason why adding more lanes to the Glenn Highway wouldn’t address that?

    Having witnessed thousands of acres of farmland swallowed up by development here in AZ, I see another potential negative to the bridge project – can AK afford to put development pressure on the farmland on Point Mackenzie and lose that agricultural production? I remember produce prices being rather shocking up there.

  39. Irishgirl says:

    Hey Guys,
    Charcoal Sniper P . is getting married on Sunday. She is one of the admins…..please send her good wishes!! 🙂

  40. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    The ferry to nowhere.

  41. austintx says:

    AKM says :………….. and Dan Sullivan looked even mopier than usual. He’s OK when he speaks, but then he just slumps down like a marionette whose had his strings cut. Or like someone hit the kill switch on an android.
    Might have been another long , ruff night at his bar with a couple of young fillies.

  42. Martha says:

    I still want to kidnap Bob Poe for my provincial election this month. We’ve never had a candidate for premier that qualified or engaged…..sigh.

    For your sakes I’ll send some mojo out to Croft 😉

  43. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    The ADN’s swing from Sheila Selkregg to Dan Sullivan is hardly a surprise. It’s what they do. Blue one week, red the next. It looks more like damage control than impartiality.

  44. Polly says:

    I’m a former real estate agent in Anchorage. The reason people are for the Knik Arm Bridge is because of property values on the other side. A LOT of investors have bought land there on speculation! Those property tax dollars will not support Anchorage residents, but be added to Valley coffers, and that is probably why GINO supports Sullivan. Please let voters know that.

  45. Firefly says:

    Irishgirl: There are a lot of us up here with Irish descent, including me. Well, I’m also part German, Swedish, Welsh, ….. a true muttpuppy!

  46. CO almost native says:

    Read the ADN editorial and subsequent comments (smacking head against desk); what is with these people?! Sullivan is a fiscal conservative, doesn’t matter that he supports a billion dollar bridge that the federal government won’t fund?! AND he has participated in tax increases?! The commentors ignored those little annoyances (la la la I can’t hear you with my fingers in my ears).

    Methinks ADN is trying to increase circulation by appealing to the right-

    Since I’m not driving anywhere, I’m going to have a Fat Tire (heading toward the kitchen muttering, “only in Alaska…”)

  47. winkwinkWA says:

    OT–there’s a big stink going on at (the other site) over Alaska Report and Immoral Minority on the “iceberg heading toward Palin” article, they seem to think the Johnston lawyers are behind it. Very interesting the ideas they come up with!! That upinak person seems to be a know it all about Alaska, seems to be more arguing amongst themselves lately..their getting a little testy over there. lOVE IT!!!

  48. bubbles says:

    irish girl you have to clean the mouse

  49. C. Rock says:

    Irishgirl Says:
    but my mouse has run riot
    What’s happening .? the mice are having a riot you say.

  50. bubbles says:

    hugs irishgirl. the only thing sullivan, egan, have in common with the grand and generous traditions of the irish people is an irish surname. they are embarrassing human beings who have forgotten their history. they have forgotten what it is to be hungry, to be turned off the land, to be unwelcomed in their own country. horrible men…loveb

  51. Irishgirl says:

    Computer problems.

  52. Irishgirl says:

    Sorry for the double post…not only have I a problem with moose…but my mouse has run riot!

  53. InJuneau says:

    I believe a certain “Congressman for all Alaskans who voted for him but not for the rest of us” and/or some of his close friends have been found to own some of that land where the bridge would end…

  54. As for potholes – if it doesn’t work out, there’s this:

    KFC is fixing potholes in Chattanooga:

    While KFC is donating the money, there are strings attached. As workers fill in potholes with asphalt paid for by KFC, they spray paint white logos on the road saying “Re-Freshed by KFC.”

    If this catches on in Miami, it’s going to be road spam.

  55. Irishgirl says:

    It’s getting late in Ireland…Why do all of these Alaskans have Irish names?
    Dan Sullivan, Croft, Fagan…and wasn’t the pub called McGinleys? I’m noticing a trend….

  56. Ashkee Colorado says:

    “Please excuse me, we had a lot to drink that night so I can’t remember much of it.” Will an excuse like that fly in Alaska? It never worked for me in Colorado. Goshdarnit!

  57. Irish says:

    It’s getting late in Ireland…Why do all of these Alaskans have Irish names?
    Dan Sullivan, Croft, Fagan…and wasn’t the pub called McGinleys? I’m noticing a trend….

  58. Enjay in E.MT says:

    I am speechless – that is being fiscally conservative ?


  59. redwoodmuse says:

    AKM and all the rest,

    Don’t let Sullivan keep scurrying away from the alcohol issue. You can do it. You folks defeated WAR, what’s a mayoral battle? I always thought AK was too cold for my bones, but boy do you have good fodder for investigative journalists.


  60. Deb says:

    certain AK politicians seem to have problems with multi-million dollar bridges – interesting.

    This kind of “fiscal conservatism” is the hallmark of the new Republican party. Give my friends & family cushy jobs – check. Make decisions that enrich my friends & family – check. Throw concern for those less fortunate than my friends & family out the window – check.


  61. Nan says:

    GA Peach aka Lance aka etc etc
    “if true, he needs a medical workup, because it sounds an awful lot like dementia.”

    Either dementia or boozey blackouts; either one of which is scary enough.

  62. Blue_in_AK says:

    I’m down in California for the birth of my fourth grandchild and won’t be back until next Thursday, but I’m happy to say my absentee ballot for Eric Croft went back to Alaska the day after it arrived here. I’m very disappointed in the ADN which is rapidly going into the toilet. The first thing I plan to do on my return is cancel my subscription. It used to be a good paper, but now they suck. I’m done with them.

  63. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    he “doesn’t recall whether he was involved.”

    That is such BS, but if true, he needs a medical workup, because it sounds an awful lot like dementia.

  64. Mel Green says:

    You’re asking the right question all right, problem child. Can’t prove it, but I have little doubt that Sullivan wants the Knik boondoggle bridge in order to enrich landowners that he’s all palsie-walsie with. “Fiscal conservatism” in his case means, give the fiscal to the (already well-off) conservatives. Whose conservation has to do with conserving & expanding their own bank accounts, rather than serving any kind of public good.

    Go Eric!

  65. fawnskin mudpuppy says:

    i wish i could help all you warriors up there.
    sending thoughts of victory