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Contacts for Voting Problems

Not pictured but should be: Patti Higgins for State House sign

Throughout early voting, I have been receiving emails, Facebook messages and phone calls reporting problems folks have encountered. They have included:

— A pollworker demanding to see a voter card in addition to the voter’s driver’s license. (Note: if you do have your voter card, provide that first. It makes things easier.)

— A voter was required to vote a question ballot because their address listed on the register was one number off the correct one, which was listed on their voter card.

— A voter was listed on their voter card in the wrong district (according to APRN, this has also been a problem in Fairbanks)

I hope to continue to be in the loop on all of this information, but as I’m a pollworker myself this year, here are some suggestions as to what you should do if you encounter problems while voting:

1) No matter what, VOTE!!!!! Even if you don’t really want to do a questioned ballot, do it anyway so that you have a vote that can be counted. Remember, you can register to vote for the President on the day of the election, so no matter what the problem could be, you can at least vote in the national election.

2) Try to get the problem resolved immediately, if possible. That may mean dealing with the precinct chair, the Division of Elections, etc…but the best outcome would be for the issue to be solved on the spot. (contact info below)

3) If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, make a written record of what occured, who was involved, the time and location, etc…

4) If you are believe that a law has been broken, contact the Department of Justice and lodge a complaint. (Contact info below)

The Division of Elections listing of all Regional Contact Information is here. (Hint: Anchorage is Region II) Start with the Region first but if you are sending an email, include the DOE Director’s office.

The Department of Justice Elections Division released an announcement of election rights activities. This included Contact Information for Potential Election Law Violations:

“Although state and local governments have primary responsibility for administering elections, the Civil Rights Division is charged with enforcing the federal voting rights laws that protect the rights of all citizens to access the ballot on Election Day.

In the days leading up to and throughout Election Day, Civil Rights Division staff members will be available by telephone to receive complaints related to possible violations of the federal voting rights laws (toll free 1-800-253-3931 or 202-307-2767 or TTY 1-877-267-8971). In addition, individuals may also report such complaints by fax to 202-307-3961″…

Click on the link for the rest of the announcement and to find email contact info.

I hope everyone has a happy and successful voting experience today!



9 Responses to “Contacts for Voting Problems”
  1. Joy Biraogo says:


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    If there is any space available please let me know and we could discuss further details.

    Looking forward to your positive reply.


  2. puffin shrapnel palin says:

    Some voters are being accosted OUTSIDE the polls and asked to show their ID’s. Here’s an excellent suggestion from an online comment: “If some clown tries to pull this stunt, LOUDLY accuse him/her of trying to pull an IDENTITY THEFT SCAM. Call out a warning to the people behind you in line that a CROOK is trying to get a peek at private information to STEAL YOUR IDENTITY.
    This poisons the well for them even worse than accusing them of what they’re actually trying to do. They have no defense against the accusation, because it’s a perfectly reasonable suspicion to hold about someone who wants to peek at your ID without a legitimate reason they need to see it.”

    Go Devon!!

  3. Beaglemom says:

    From chilly and overcast northern Michigan – good wishes for Ron Devon’s campaign. We’re praying for a good outcome for everyone in the Democratic column.

  4. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Vote early, vote often!

    Go Ron Devon! Go President Obama!

    I’ve voted at the same location for almost 20 years and know some or most of the volunteers. I’ve never seen poll drama & just can’t imagine how goofed up things can get. No waiting, no drama. We should all be able to vote like that!

  5. Alaska Pi says:

    Having helped a staff member yesterday gather enough ID to vote ( after some a$$hat stole their wallet) I am breathing some easier that all who are eligible to vote may do so.
    Knowing LKB is a poll worker helps too 🙂
    Knowing a dear friend is poll watching in NV and another is getting out the vote in FL helps even more.
    Go Alaska!
    Go America!

  6. Forty Watt says:

    Go Devon! 😀