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September 27, 2023


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Which Side Are You On? (VIDEO)


Here is an outstanding video of the protest against Ordinance 37, an ill-conceived measure that would drastically curtail city workers’ collective bargaining rights.

Public testimony on the ordinance will be held on February 26. We will keep you updated with details.

Until then, ask the Anchorage Assembly which side they’re on.

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Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s proposed ordinance to gut collective bargaining was introduced this past Tuesday. Disappointingly, Assembly Chair Ernie Hall was the ordinance’s sponsor. Mr. Hall has previously been endorsed by the Anchorage Central Labor Council. Not surprisingly, many labor leaders feel they have been betrayed by Hall.

The Anchorage fire marshal estimated a crowd of 1500 showed up in protest. Event organizers thought the total may have been even higher as lines of cars were still circling the block looking for parking after the ordinance was introduced, the Assembly took their dinner break, and the crowds poured out of the Assembly chambers.

And while the bulk of those who showed up were union members, organizers estimated around 2-300 were average citizens, not in unions, who understand this flawed political proposal threatens services and standards in the community.

A public work session is scheduled at city hall from 1-3 pm tomorrow (Friday Feb. 15th). Public testimony will be held February 26th and 27th. 



6 Responses to “Which Side Are You On? (VIDEO)”
  1. All I Saw says:

    When the greed and corruption that has infected this state finally reaches every single Alaskan – then, and only then will things begin to improve.

    Up until now it’s always been a “not my problem” or “couldn’t happen to me” thing.

    We cheat the other guy and pass the savings onto you.

    Not all unions are on your side either, just peruse the APOC filings on their campaign donations to find out which is which.

  2. Pinwheel says:

    Great link ‘Pi’ for a number of fighting songs and ballads. Hope we hear more as this debacle unfolds. Let’s see, next public hearing in the middle of Fur Rondy? Can this impetus be sustained? Hope so.

    Too bad this isn’t the normal citizen turnout for City Council meetings. n

  3. Alaska Pi says:

    to the FB commenter above-
    Don’t think there is any common sense in the proposal, nor the referenced article…
    Per the ref (which has very few points beyond some gratuitous snark about Senator Begich)-
    Common sense would indicate a clear review of WHY police officers in ANC (and any other employee group for the MOA) are doing so much overtime. Generally too much overtime indicates below-necessary staffing levels, not always, but usually.,0,7000515.story
    Is kinda looking like ANC has problems with police staffing levels, isn’t it?
    Soooo- let’s play the wow-look-at-the-overtime-those-suckers-get ! game without looking at staffing levels?
    Also- ANC’s population grew +12% from from 2000 to 2010 and is at least 1.3% since 2010.
    Soooo- the taxpayer base has expanded and the need for services has expanded and we all gonna play the flatline-DNR game eh?
    If this/that kind of horsepunky is “common” sense- we need a whole heckuva a lot of UNcommon sense to sort this out.

    Go Unions! Go workers for MOA!

  4. GoI3ig says:

    This is just the warm up round of right wing crazy. The Alaska legislature is surely emboldened by this move. I imagine they’re putting the finishing touches on their right to work legislation.

    • fishingmamma says:

      They don’t need to do anything to ‘put finishing touches’ on this legislation. It was written by ALEC.

  5. Alaska Pi says:

    Hot damn, ANC!
    Go, ANC!
    There’s fire in our hearts
    and fire in our soul!

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