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Parnell Signs SB21 While Protesters Gather




Inside, former ConocoPhillips lobbyist and current Gov.  Sean Parnell was signing away billions of dollars of Alaska’s oil wealth to BP, Exxon, and ConocoPhillips. He was handing them new roads and road improvements, he handed them schools, he handed them public safety officers, and bridges. And in return, we get nothing.

Outside, a crowd gathered during their lunch hour to protest the action.

The Republicans who backed the Governor’s giveaway either tried to rush through the crowd without making eye contact , or they entered the lobby of the Dena’ina Center from the other side. It was a parade – Fred Dyson, Lesil McGuire, Mike Hawker, Mike Chenault, Cathy Giessel, Craig Johnson…


Reps. Craig Johnson, and Mike Chenault come to cheer on the giveaway.

Alaska’s founding father and Constitutional delegate Vic Fischer was there. So were Sens. Hollis French, Bill Wielechowski, and Reps. Les Gara and Harriet Drummond. Pat Lavin, the citizen who is leading the effort to repeal this disastrous legislation was also present and petitions were available to sign.


One of Alaska’s original Constitutional delegates, Founding Father Vic Fischer collects signatures to repeal SB21.

Since this was a tough one for most people to get to (weekday lunch hour), here are the highlights.

Sen. Hollis French introduces legislators, recaps the success of ACES, and says “It is a dark day in Alaska history.”

Senator Bill Wielechowski talks about our place in history, our right to petition the government, and gives a nod to one of our original Constitutional delegates, Vic Fischer, who was there collecting signatures.

Rep. Les Gara talks about the bipartisan effort to hold the oil companies accountable for investing in Alaska, and how it was shot down by the Republicans in the pocket of industry.

Sen. French talks about the upcoming battle for the soul of the state.

To keep tabs on the recall effort, where you can sign the petition, and how you can get involved, go HERE and like the page.



8 Responses to “Parnell Signs SB21 While Protesters Gather”
  1. aaqooauk says:

    too bad rural alaskans only vote for bible thumping politicians in every village.

  2. Alaska Pi says:

    mikefromiowa said:

    “I should know better than to ask,but have you seen this article from Conoco-Phillips? Their spokesperson claimed all profits for the bext few years goes to shareholders portfolios,effectively putting the lies to Parnell’s contention that reduced taxes=increased oil revenues for Alaska. How in the world could anyone,anywhere believe that lying reprobate in the guv mansion? ”
    THIS is the crux of the foolishness of the giveaway. As there was no meaningful tying of increased production to decreased taxes, the biggies can do whatever they dang well want to and suffer no real consequences. They can also continue to pontificate about what would be better for them and their shareholders and hold out until they get what they want.
    Also too- torches my shorts that the Leg managed to “starve the beast” without having to actually talk to/with citizens about costs and services and the like- they can just wave their pudgy lil hands now about how there is no money, honey…

  3. Zyxomma says:

    Who voted for these asshats? Why?

  4. John says:

    What makes you call Parnell a FORMER lobbyist? You don’t think he talks to himself?

    Governor Parnell: Good morning, Sean.
    Lobbyist Parnell: Good to see you again Governor, can you cut our taxes?
    Governor Parnell: Of course I can Sean. What would you want me to do for you in exchange?
    Lobbyist Parnell: Well, you could cut our taxes some more.
    Governor Parnell: Sure thing. Good talking to you.

  5. benlomond2 says:

    so… exactly how much effect on Alaskan’s check from the state due to the oil revenue will this potentially be? I mean, like, isn’t this an attack on the pesky Socialism that has permeated Alaskan government and Repubicans will cut off their own noses to in order to be seen fighting something that isn’t pure Capitolism….

  6. beth. says:

    It truly seems odd to me that the former Governot (last letter, intentional), the one who was all so hep on making the big oil conglomerations actually Grow the coffers of AK for the benefit of its citizens, hasn’t let out a peep on the issue.

    There’s not even a mention in SB21 of what is expected *for AK* in return. And she isn’t up in arms (or at least, up in FaceBook), about that?

    I can only conclude that she’s more focused on the GOTP meme of “hands off, pesky libruls; let companies alone and they’ll make money”, and totally oblivious to the fact that: (A) the ‘rest’ of the meme continues –“and that money’ll be for themselves, ONLY“, and (B) there’s no guarantee in SB21 that HER annual oil windfall check, will grow in the slightest…or even have enough funding to continue adding bucks to her personal account every year.

    Then again, she was the one who gave that Canadian oil group mega-bucks with no guarantees that there’d be a mega-fold return on her/AKs ‘investment’ to them, let alone any real benefit *for* AK, either, wasn’t she? Hmmm, what was the return on that ‘gift’ to them, anyway? beth.

    • slipstream says:

      But . . . but . . . but . . . at the Republican National Convention, with all the bright television lights shining on her, she said “We’re building that pipeline!”

      “We’re building that pipeline!”

      Anybody see a pipeline?

      C’mon, we gave that Canada company half a billion dollars! There has to be a pipeline!

      Anybody see a pipeline?



  7. Birthright Owner says:

    Well they will be signing papers…for transfer of BP to the Birthright Owner…and all those OTHER investments…that should tap out Alaska’s piggy bank and put Sean and Company in federal prison…
    Ask Senator Hollis French…