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6/1 FBX BBQ to Repeal SB21

Myrtle Thomas Park – 12th & Noble Street
Come to sign the SB21 petition, and enjoy burgers, and conversation about Alaska’s future!

With the summer sunshine heating up in the Fairbanks area, so is the movement against our oil wealth giveaway. Saturday, June 1 will mark the half-way point of the 90-day petition drive designed to put Senate Bill 21 to a vote of the Alaskan people via the referendum process. Fairbanks friends and families who support the repeal of the oil wealth giveaway will meet for burgers, sunshine and a dialogue about Alaska’s future. The All-Family event will be held downtown at Myrtle Thomas Park on 12th and Noble Street from 1pm-3pm. Organizers hope to have 30-50 folks show up on the eve of summer.

SB 21 reduces Alaskans’ oil income by some $1 billion per year, transferring that wealth from citizen resource owners to multinational oil companies. As a result of this oil wealth giveaway, the Governor’s own staff projects a $1.6 billion budget deficit next year. SB 21 contains no guarantees of new oil production.

“Teachers for your kids, maintenance of your local roads and economic uncertainty are among the first casualties of the oil wealth giveaway,” said Representative Kawasaki. “When Alaska gets billions less for our oil, it jeopardizes OUR investments, OUR schools, OUR PFD and OUR future!”

Hundreds of Alaskans and small business owners have signed up to volunteer and petition booklets are in almost every city, town and village across the state.

“SB 21 is a terrible business decision. This referendum gives all Alaskans an opportunity to review the decision and reverse it,” said Jim Whitaker, former Republican Mayor of Fairbanks North Star Borough and state Representative.

The prime sponsors of SB 21 repeal are Vic Fischer, Bella Hammond, and Jim Whitaker.

Alaskans who want to help repeal the giveaway can visit or the website at



One Response to “6/1 FBX BBQ to Repeal SB21”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    Have a great BBQ, and work to repeal!