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Why Big Oil Fears This Man (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

More than 50,000 signatures were gathered in the effort to put the question of repealing SB21 on the ballot in August of 2014. The massive no-strings-attached giveaway to big oil companies will drain Alaska’s coffers into the bank accounts of the wealthiest multinational corporations in the history of the world. Alaska gets nothing – no commitment to exploration, production increases, or jobs. We do get to sacrifice the future of education, infrastructure projects, parks, public safety, and other critical needs.

It’s not much of a deal.

And yet, the Parnell administration and most Republicans in the legislature voted for it, and managed to sputter and stutter out reasons they did, actually trying to convince us it’s a good idea. And they even kept a straight face, and expected we’d believe it.

Alaskans were not fooled.

After the 50,000 signatures were turned in to the Division of Elections this weekend, The Mudflats caught up with Senator Bill Wielechowski. There’s nobody more informed on the particulars of this bill in the legislature, and no one who has fought harder for Alaskans’ interest throughout the long and protracted battle. We asked him what was next in the recall effort, and what to expect from the well-funded opponents of Alaska in the next year.



4 Responses to “Why Big Oil Fears This Man (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    The best Bill in Juneau, indeed. However, this fight can only be won through a combination of tactics. First up, registering voters, which is probably more difficult in AK than elsewhere. Second, an education campaign to counter the disinformation campaign Corporal Zero (I refuse to call him Captain) and his oily buddies are going to engage in. As Bill said in the video, the oil companies will spend millions to retain what they regard as “their” billions. The truth is those billions belong to Alaskans; Parnell and his cohort are giving them away to corporations which are among THE MOST PROFITABLE ON EARTH. Imagine if those billions were spent not only on infrastructure, education, fire, and police, but invested in non-oil and non-gas energy infrastructure: wind, geothermal, and tidal, all of which AK has in great abundance. Repealing the giveaway could also set a precedent for Outside politics. Who among us wouldn’t love to see the end of taxpayer-funded subsidies to oil, gas, and coal companies? Third, and most important, is getting voters to VOTE, and making sure every vote counts. Several AK municipal elections have shown how that can go; I need not elaborate here. There must be adequate, correct ballots for EVERY voter, mail-in ballots from the bush can’t go missing, etc. I’m pulling for you, Alaska, but I’m thousands of miles away, and registered here in NY.

  2. AKblue says:

    This state is lucky to have Bill in its corner.

  3. Alaska Pi says:

    This is gonna be a rough ride . We’re gonna have to work our buns off.
    We are going to play this video over and over to stay on track.
    Thanks AKM.
    And special thanks to Senator Bill!

  4. mike from iowa says:

    You’ll probably have to send the best Bill in Juneau to iowa so I can hear him speak in person. There was so much background noise,talking and trucks going by,I missed most of what was said. Same with the Snow White video.