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Casey Reynolds – Trojan Mole

Several weeks ago, an event occurred here in Anchorage that had union-hatin’, librul-bashin’, flag-huggin’, gun-totin’, tree-choppin’ conservatives blowing their weeping noses into their hankies. Casey Reynolds had disappeared. Moved out of state.


Until just weeks ago, he was bloviating every morning on right-wing talk radio in Anchorage. When he wasn’t mocking public employees and union members, he was pronouncing Delaware a stand up place to do business because of all the white people, or suggesting that raping a prostitute should be viewed as more of a “theft of services.”

In an age when every Republican male seems obligated to make an offensive comment about rape, the former state GOP operative, KFQD talk jock, and Dan Sullivan lackey has checked off that box, as well.

He might not have had much talent. He might not have been intellectually gifted, but darn it, he was always on point. It was almost as if he were given a bullet point list of things to say. Almost as if he were channeling the regressive talking points of the Republican Party that he used to work for as the communications director. Almost as if he were some kind of marionette, or mouthpiece, or… what’s the image I’m searching for?


But then, quite recently, he vanished from these parts. And while conservatives were rending their clothing and keening to the heavens, the progressive faction and labor movement were toasting with 100 proof  happy juice, and dancing naked around the campfire, and doing whatever else it is those middle class working people do.

But now we’ve had a sighting. It’s kind of like when someone spots a chupacabra, only more horrifying.


You, gentle reader, will never guess where he turned up.

Word comes through the grape vine that Mr. Reynolds has been sighted in another bastion of whiteness – the great state of Kansas.  And it seems that Mr. Reynolds is seeking employment.

It also appears that he hasn’t quite figured out that if you do something (make a name for yourself bashing labor, let’s say) in one state (Alaska for instance), the internets will remember it, and then tell people far away. Doh!  Back in the good old days, all you had to do was climb into a giant wooden horse and wait outside the gates. But today, this new-fangled technology ruins all that “leaping out of a horse belly in the middle of the night and slaying all the soldiers” fun. Damn you, Google!


The union hater, who spent countless hours railing on the airwaves against teachers, public education, graduation coaches, and all things labor has decided he would really like to be the new communications director for the American Federation of Teachers, in Kansas.

Yes, that would be one of the largest teachers unions in the country. He’s a huge supporter now, you know. That whole “hate the unions” thing was sooooo three weeks ago.

And speaking of disappeared untalented right wing bloviators, anybody know what happened to Dan Fagan? Maybe we ought to call PETA. I think they just hired someone to head up their whole “fishing hurts” campaign.





20 Responses to “Casey Reynolds – Trojan Mole”
  1. Gern says:

    Maybe we can get rid of Rick Rydell from Spokane next.

  2. Zyxomma says:

    No wonder I no longer listen to radio.

  3. Mo says:

    I hear there’s something the matter with Kansas.

  4. Celia Harrison says:

    Dan Fagan was or is in NOLA or Baton Rouge or at least was on a radio station in NOLA, WGSO which is supposed to be where he is from. He sounds like a Yankee though, so I wonder, but he has relatives in the area. After only a few shows, he was MIA and then no more pod-casts. The temp replacement was a Chris who said he was the producer of the show, was a partner with Fagan on the show and seems to mainly be a pod-caster with a another guy which they call Epic Rant Radio. He was on some of the pod-casts with Fagan and he is not right wing or crazy like a loon as is Fagan. On the last pod cast on September 26th it is stated that was the last show when Fagan had only started in August. Chris does the show and jokes that Dan Fagan ran off with a Nicaraguan woman he had met, etc.. Who knows what the story is, perhaps it was just that he was crap on the radio. In the last pod-cast on this page Dan Fagan calls his show the fastest growing radio show in the land which is all about no one listening to it, LMAO. He is not mentioned as having a show on their schedule now. Considering what the people of NOLA have been through and his craziness people were probably up in arms. The pod-cast at the top of the page is the last show.

    • mike from iowa says:

      According to WGSO programming,Sept 16th, Fagan and Chris? were on the show and a caller suggested they start an argument on air. Fagan apparently started yapping about the shows starting time and other stuff and the program log after that said each day that Chris was filling in for Dan. No mention opf Fagan. Maybe he went to wingnut radio Siberia for a one way stay.

      • mike from iowa says:

        BTW-Fagan with glasses looks an awful(and I rilly mean awful) lot like Rust Limpaw.

        • AlaskaCodPiece says:

          My thoughts, exactly, Mike! These kinds of blustering hate blobs are becoming so passé.

          • mike from iowa says:


            • mike from iowa says:

              Five years after the fact,Snowgrift Snoozie has finally found an academic study that claims she wasn’t the big drag with indy voters on the McShame Potus ticket. I’d post the link ,but it is winter and you are prolly depressed enough. Cheer up Spring is only a while away.

  5. SnowMover says:

    Casey’s dung-filled boots were too big to fill by any single person, so KFQD is replacing him with (drumroll) a clown team comprised of Bernadette “The Party Planner” Wilson and Ethan “Three Time Loser” Berkowitz. Fun Ethan Fact: his hand-picked successor to replace him in his House seat was Lindsay Holmes. Thanks, Ethan!

  6. P.J. says:

    Ok that is just damned funny.

  7. lovemydogs says:

    Hiya Bubbles!

  8. akbatgirly says:

    I hear that the Westboro Baptist Church is looking for someone……………………

  9. bubbles says:

    well for the love of…Chupacabra! what a delightful Christmas gift for the folks in the great State of Kansas City!
    if anybody knows unions it’s good ole boy Casey (Fugbutt) Reynolds from Alaska. so damned happy that no Blahs or Black Commie Kenyan Muslins inhabit the Kansas as that would be too bad because Freedom!