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Guess What Happened to Drew Pritt


The notorious Caleb (Drew) Pritt, accused of stealing funds raised for a wounded vet and fleeing the state is now running for public office in Arkansas.

Pritt became well-known in Alaska when he left the state after a sum of money raised from a drag show to upgrade a home for a wounded veteran went missing. The drag show benefit raised about $3,000 for the project, but the funds were never seen.

The wounded soldier was Latseen Benson, son of former Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Diane Benson. He lost both of his legs in a bomb blast while serving in Iraq, and the funds were designated for upgrades to his home designed to accommodate his disability. Caleb Pritt (who also goes by the name Drew) had been Diane Benson’s campaign manager. Ms. Benson described Pritt as a “predator” stating that he had “betrayed our trust.”

The Mudflats’ Linda Kellen Biegel reported on the story in September of 2011. She knew both Pritt, and Benson personally.

1) Caleb (Drew) claimed (to me) that he wasn’t going to have anything to do with the money from the fundraiser. After talking to someone who helped count the money, I discovered that was incorrect.

2) Caleb claimed to have sent a check “right before Coronation” to “Homes For Our Troops” and a few of us kept talking to them to find out where it was. It turns out he never sent it…he cashed it. (I have a scanned-in copy of the cashed check with Caleb’s endorsement on it.)

3) Caleb requested of at least one person who wrote a check for a won auction item that they make the check out to “Caleb Pritt.” (I now have a scanned copy of that check as well.)

Pritt is now running to become a Justice of the Peace in Arkansas, and after researching the candidate, KLRT Fox 16 in Little Rock filed this story which details this incident and others in which Pritt stood accused of mismanaging, and absconding with funds from political campaigns.

Arkansans are now warned.



4 Responses to “Guess What Happened to Drew Pritt”
  1. aaqooauk says:

    if he was native,he would be hanging on 4th avenue

  2. Alaska Pi says:

    Well . Too bad that news guy called it a she said/he said dealie because it has always seemed to be more than that.
    Do ANC police have the same docs our LKB has? Did they take it seriously enough ?

  3. Zyxomma says:

    What a PoS!! I hope the Arkansans are smart enough to know it.

    We’re gearing up for more snow starting late tonight. We’ve already racked up 41″ and it’s only the second week in February. Wind chills are in the teens, and all too many of my fellow New Yorkers appear to have no clue how to dress for it. When I went to the library this afternoon, I saw people in jeans and short jackets, no hats, no boots, and (obviously) no clue. Stay warm and safe, all.

  4. bubbles says:

    a low down dirty dog! how is it these folks don’t go to jail? glad the Mudflats is on the case.

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