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Top 10 Deleted GOP Sullivan Tweets!

The internet is forever… especially when you see stuff and grab it before it’s deleted.

For progressives and left-leaning voters all three GOP senate candidates were nightmares on social issues. It got down to splitting hairs about which combination of mother or baby should be allowed to die while denying a medically necessary abortion. And in a state like Alaska where a rapist is allowed to sue for custody or visitation rights of his offspring when he gets out of jail (yes this is really true), you wouldn’t think anyone would want to force women to have those babies if they didn’t want them. You’d be wrong.

But, it’s not rapist-babydaddies who are destroying civilization. That would be the gays.

So, while the left was forced to listen to this primary rhetoric, there was nothing quite so pleasing as a little GOP elephant-on-elephant violence. It turned otherwise peace-loving bunny huggers into raging barbarians at the Coliseum, screaming for blood.

And now, after the primary is over, it’s even better to watch the reruns of the carnage while the candidate’s former opponents are forced to make nicey-nice and pretend they like him. Because as much as many Alaskans (including Libertarians and actual conservatives) hate nominee Dan Sullivan, his recent GOP opponents hated him even more.

And then this happens.

Sullivan was so reviled by the actual Tea Party conservative Joe Miller, and the actual Alaskan Mead Treadwell, it makes for some awkward post-election reminiscences.

Take, for instance, Fred Brown. Fred Brown was Mead Treadwell’s campaign manager, and is now a national Republican party spokesman. During the primary, he pulled no punches about “Ohio Dan” Sullivan’s carpetbagging ways, and repeatedly tweeted about it.

Now, those tweets have been vanished. But we remember… (insert harp music, and fuzzy optics)



Here are the Top 10 Deleted Tweets from Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell’s campaign manager:


That’s right, Fred. You know a math-challenged carpetbagger when you see him.


Yup, that Dan Sullivan was claiming his primary residence as a million dollar home in Maryland at the time. Awkward!



Plz! Explain to him! Someone!



Indeed. You let him have it! POW!



Crunch the numbers! Do it!  #really




Shove that tweet of his where he keeps his “residency status!”  4 years? Bam!


Oh, don’t even go Ted Stevens on us. Bad idea, Dan… Because, there’s that math again.


Ohhhhh, snap! Does this guy even know what Fur Rondy IS?


Ok, now he’s just having fun. Reindeer poseur!



Someone must have reminded him at the last minute.

Now that Dan Sullivan is holding a giant steak on his eye, and a bag of ice on his head, he can get ready to take on Alaska native son Mark Begich, the man who’s been in office for more years than Ohio Dan has been in the state.



3 Responses to “Top 10 Deleted GOP Sullivan Tweets!”
  1. tallimat says:

    Ohio Dan even remembers a fish camp he went to once. Apparently they caught a bass, but decided to release it back in the lake.

    Considering Ohio Dan is from Ohio, will he go on record supporting NO NAME change for North America’s highest mountain? Currently named after a U.S. president from Ohio.

    Or will he go on record supporting a name change that is respectful to what his in-laws have always called Denali?


  2. Alaska Pi says:

    Yeah, well.
    Ohio Dan will get the votes of a ton o folks who voted for the other 2 in the primary just cuz he’s not a Democrat. Even if they nodded their heads yes when Mr Brown tweeted these things.
    We have a ton of work to do to re-elect Mr Begich.

    Glad you got the deleted tweets- will be nice to be able to remind some folks along the way in next couple months.

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