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Fan Prevents FL. Governor Debate

The FL Democratic Party jumped on it and made this meme within 30mins of the incident.

The FL Democratic Party jumped on it and made this meme within 30mins of the incident.

There was a very Palin-Esque moment of absurdity at the Florida Gubernatorial debate Wednesday night. Governor Rick Scott (R) refused to take the stage to debate Fmr. Governor Charlie Crist (D) due to a fan. We’re not talking about some crazy obsessed fan, we’re talking about the kind of fan that you buy at Costco.

Just watch. Prevent your head from oscillating back and forth violently otherwise you won’t be able to view the full absurdity of this moment.



10 Responses to “Fan Prevents FL. Governor Debate”
  1. Mike D. says:

    A continuing reminder of the clown show American politics has become. Of the issues Florida voters need to concern themselves with, a fan is not one of them.

  2. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    What about the microphones? They’re electronic. What about the Tee Vee cameras? Perhaps the candidate should have had a steam powered fan wafting down his neck… ? That would have been entertaining.

    Then again perhaps Scott contracted with TPP LLC for some scantilly clad women to fan him with ostrich feathers and they didn’t show up?

    This verges on giving a whole new definition to the word – farce.

    The pity is that almost half of the viewers could not comprehend what was going on.

    Sad commentary on the state of our republic.

  3. AKblue says:

    Scott got an electric device mixed up with electronic devices.
    Sort of how SCOTUS mixes up corporations with humans.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Bucsfan-tricky Dick wishes he would have had one in his debate with 1960.

  5. slipstream says:

    The only way this could be better would be if someone were decapitating turkeys in the background.

  6. Bucsfan says:

    Scott’s problem was that Crist was in violation of their debate agreement of having electronic devices on stage. Hmm, to me an electronic device is a phone, a tablet, a laptop, a Gameboy, a boombox, things that might help you in the debate to look up info. A fan is an electric device but you ask anyone to give examples of electronics, I doubt fan will be mentioned. I think Scott was looking for a distraction to take away from his horrible record as governor. And Ayxomma, you better be glad the fan would keep Rick Scott away from your bedroom. Would you really want to wake up and see him standing there? What a nightmare.

  7. Zyxomma says:

    I have a tiny electric (not electronic) fan on my nightstand, immediately to my left. Does that mean Scott wouldn’t debate me?

    • AKMagpie says:

      Fan or no fan, we know he would lose in any debate with you! Perhaps we could schedule you both to ‘bat the breeze’. You’d be the one making incisive comments and he’d be the one flapping his gums. A professional windbag like Scott needs no fan, he generates plenty of hot air.