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NY’s Howie Hawkins – Candidate for Governor

A while back I had a chance to interview two candidates for Governor in New York State. We posted our interview with Democratic candidate Zephyr Teachout back in September – unfortunately she lost the primary to current Governor Andrew Cuomo. Still on the ballot though, is Howie Hawkins. He’s on the Green Party ticket, having run previously for US Senate and House.

After speaking to a crowd of anti-fracking protestors outside the New York State Fair, Hawkins let loose the Democrats and the Republicans – explaining why there’s a need for a third party. He also emphasized that if Governor Cuomo wins in November it will be a win for fracking and conservative economic policies. Expressing anger at what he called austerity budgets from Cuomo, Hawkins said that the Governor, “Cut taxes for the rich and paid for it by cutting our schools.” He continued by discussing Cuomo’s coddling of the top one percent – “They need to pay their taxes, so we can fund the public sector.”

On the issue of Republicans and Democrats in New York State hiding behind the old ‘waiting for the science to come in’ line that politicians have used to not answer questions on everything from climate change to Pebble Mine, Hawkins did give the Democrats a bit of a pass… “The Republicans want to repeal the enlightenment – the Democrats just want to repeal the New Deal.”

Howie Hawkins knows that the chances are slim of a win, but he hope to hit the minimum vote count to expand the Green Party’s reach in New York. Currently polling at 9% according to a Siena College Research Institute survey he could make a dent in Cuomo’s likely landslide victory. As the last anti-fracking and only real ‘lefty’ candidate on the ticket it might send a message to Albany. If nothing else it will set the Green Party up for a better position for 2016 – earning “Row C” on the ballot kicking the states Conservative Party a peg lower.

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One Response to “NY’s Howie Hawkins – Candidate for Governor”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    Zach, thanks so much for posting this interview. Howie Hawkins will get my vote in November (no, we don’t have early voting here). Andrew Cuomo’s base consists of millionaires and billionaires, not working people, and certainly not the poor. Astorino is best described by the first syllable of his last name. I voted Teachout in the primary, and since she didn’t win, the only choice for me is Hawkins. I’m sure he’ll get a load of votes from my fellow marchers in the People’s Climate March last month.

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