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A 6-Pack of Reasons Amy Demboski Should Never Hold Office

Shockingly there are still Anchorage residents who are answering “undecided” when asked who they will vote for on May 5th in the mayoral election. Maybe their brains are stricken with spring fever, or cabin fever, or a controlled substance of some kind (#YesOn2). We’re about to make it easier for you to decide, and the decision has little to do with policy and everything to do with integrity, honesty, and ethics. We’d like to believe that those things, when utterly lacking in a candidate of any political persuasion, render that candidate unsuitable to hold office in the eyes of the public.

1) The Bridge to Nowhere (if by “Nowhere” you mean Amy Demboski’s lakefront homes)

One of the three questions posed to the candidates at the recent Chamber of Commerce debate was whether the ginormous sucking whirlpool in Cook Inlet into which money is thrown – also known as the Knik Arm Bridge project – should continue to receive funds that we don’t have. Fiscal conservatives, and those opposed to the government imposing eminent domain ousting private property owners and businesses from their land would, you’d think, oppose such a thing. Amy Demboski loves both those ideas. If you think it doesn’t make sense, then you may be missing something. But don’t blame yourself. You’re missing something because Ms. Demboski never told you. She and her husband own his & hers lakefront homes, in Willow worth almost a quarter of a million dollars. A nice bridge would sure cut the travel time from Anchorage, and increase the value of the homes and property, don’t you think?

Here’s a link to a map and property description. [CLICK]

If you don’t think Amy Demboski should have disclosed this at some point, we’ve got some nice lakefront property in Willow to sell you. And it ain’t cheap.


2) Until Dissolution Do Us Part

Demboski has also voiced her personal opposition to same-sex marriage. When asked in the Alaska Dispatch News candidate survey, “Do you think that same-sex marriage should be legal?” she said no. Demboski also told the Alaska Republican Assembly PAC that she “supported traditional marriage and family.” You know, like Jesus said in the Bible.

“…and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

She has a funny way of showing it. Apparently, her own first marriage did little to support “traditional marriage,” or the troops, for that matter. (LINK) <—– Oh, my.

Another question at the Chamber debate asked whether the LGBT community should be protected in the Municipality’s non-discrimination clause. Demboski claimed, despite the fact she was not yet on the Assembly, that neither she nor any Assembly members had ever heard any testimony of LGBT discrimination. Several Assembly members in the audience shook their heads. It simply wasn’t true.

One may be surprised to learn that Demboski insists that she herself is no stranger to discrimination. Members of the Mudflats Team attended the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce “Make It Monday” debate, and one of them confronted Ms. Demboski on her inaccurate claim that there was not any real discrimination in Anchorage.  The Mudflatter explained that as a straight, white, heterosexual Christian woman, Amy couldn’t understand what it was like to be a minority in Alaska.  Demboski then demonstrated her “understanding” by describing how a boss had once discriminated against her because she was… blonde.


Being blonde… It may be Nice, but it ain’t Easy.

Demboski hasn’t shied away from attacking her opponent Ethan Berkowitz on the marriage issue, though. Berkowitz has stated his support both for the LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance and for same-sex marriage. Demboski shocked the host of a conservative radio show by implying that her opponent might approve of incestuous father-son marriage. Yes, really. [CLICK]

3) But Wait, There’s More

The paperwork from Demboski’s dissolution is a virtual treasure trove of mendacity. At a recent debate, Demboski was asked what she thought of Medicaid expansion, in which Alaska would accept federal funding to provide 40,000 currently uninsured Alaskans with health insurance coverage. Not surprisingly, she was opposed.

In the final dissolution it was stated that her child did have health care insurance described as “Medicaid.” And further went on to explain “the medical coverage is at no cost to either party.” You’re welcome from the American taxpayers. Many who do support Medicaid expansion, and understand the importance and urgency of providing medical care for those who need it would be happy that Amy Demboski and her baby were well cared for. But Ms. Demboski’s appreciation of Medicaid apparently stopped once she no longer needed it. Who says she doesn’t believe in entitlements? She just pulls the ladder up after she gets hers. Suck it up, “takers.”



4) It Keeps Going…

Nothing follows a nice double dose of hypocrisy like a good old fashioned case of forgery.



5) If at first you don’t secede… run, run again.

In December of 2012, then Eagle River Assembly Candidate Amy Demboski testified before the Assembly, and let her true feelings be known about Eagle River being within the Municipality of Anchorage boundaries.

“We look at things differently, because we are different areas. Chugiak Eagle River does not want to be part of Anchorage. I hate to break it to you, but we don’t. We like our independence; we like our values. We do things differently…”

Well, nothing instills confidence in a mayoral candidate like someone who doesn’t actually want to belong to the city she wants to run.

So, naturally, the question arose at a recent debate.

Question: Do you believe Eagle River should become its own city?

Demboski: No. Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube.

That’s right. Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube… like Amy Demboski. —–> [CLICK]

6) Letter of Recommendation

And in closing, before we as Anchorage residents hire her, let’s hear from Amy Demboski’s previous employer.


On Tuesday, May 5th, voter turnout will be critical. So celebrate Cinco de Mayor, get off the couch, and make sure Amy Demboski is sent packing. Anchorage deserves better.




45 Responses to “A 6-Pack of Reasons Amy Demboski Should Never Hold Office”
  1. Really? says:

    A Mayoral forum in a church? The venue for some political gatherings in Anchorage are in churches. To me this is just wrong.

  2. AKblue says:

    Way to go, Anchorage! Fifty nine to forty one Berkowitz (at 10:15pm)! He ran a flawless, outstanding campaign, always taking the high road. Awesome!

    • Mike D says:

      Good news indeed, but this is just a drop in the bucket. This kind of response needs to be sustained in every single election in all communities, the state, and nation. It would be folly to believe this is one and done.
      From school board seats to local assemblies, citizens of both parties who dislike the politics of hate and denial must remain involved. In many communities, elections can swing on two or three votes.

      • Really? says:

        Mike D…”In many communities, elections can swing on two or three votes.” This is so true and scary. I’ve voted in every one of our local school board elections here in Tok, (Alaska Gateway School District) and a few times the winner won by one vote.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Hot damn and hallelujah , ANC !
      We do ok in my lil purply-blue part of Alaska but I so often despair over ANC.
      Y’all did ok this time.
      I hope better than ok.
      I might even have to step off my tyranny-of-the-urban soap box routine…

      Still too many people in the city and the valley drowning out the rest of the state…

      • AKblue says:

        Maybe people of Anchorage (and elsewhere) are tired of the tparty and fundamentalist hatemongering and regressive politics. After all, Alaska just elected a moderate governor over a Republican incumbernt.
        And judging from the letters to the editor at the Dispatch people are pretty angry at our neanderthal legislators. Maybe they are next….

        • Alaska Pi says:

          I’m not sure Mr Walker is a moderate but he does seem to have good sense in a general sort of way.
          Got to talk a few minutes with him last fall and , so far, quite happy I voted for him.
          I’m hoping the best for ANC in all ways and think Mr Berkowitz’ election is a very good thing.
          I hope even more that the tide is or has turned on the doofus hatemongering stuff.
          Not gonna hold my breath though.
          (And I still think ANC needs to have more than a bit of humility when it comes to the rest of the state.Our biggest city is NOT the state and it wouldn’t be the thriving place it is without the wealth which flows towards it from rural Alaska in resources and commerce)

  3. Herman says:

    I wonder how it will affect the race that Ethan spent the past week denying he said something and having his subordinates paint Amy as lying about every issue, and suddenly the ‘missing’ audio of his show appears and he SAID what she said he did. He may have a very good explanation, but he said it, and denied it.

  4. Zyxomma says:

    I’ve had it with Independents and Democrats who vote only every four years (when a vote is LEAST likely to count). I worked to get 18-year-olds the right to vote, and was among the first 18-year-olds to do so, in 1972. Even though I’m more of a Green than a Democrat (progressive environmentalist), I’ve never changed my registration. Why? PRIMARIES.

    I vote in every Democratic primary, and every general election, every single year. Once, I even walked to my polling place when there were no races in my district (and happily turned around and walked home).

    I’d love to create a new rule: If you don’t vote, you CAN’T BITCH about the results.

    • AKblue says:

      You are right, Zyxomma. And it seems that the people who are most in need of, and benefit most from progressive positions vote the least.
      I had a coworker who complained about politics, etc. (a Vietnam vet, no less.) I told him I was surprised to hear that he didn’t vote, and told him I would no longer listen to his complaints. It worked! He started voting.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Yes Zyx!!!
      I signed up to vote the day I turned 18 – 1972
      and I’m so far left, left I almost fall out of the Political Compass’ basement but i have been a registered Dem (and will stay a registered Dem until the day I drop dead- if for no other reason than to ride herd on Andrew Jackson’s ghost) all these years and I vote in all elections.
      I second If you don’t vote, you CAN’T BITCH about the results.
      A third?

      • Mike D says:

        T-shirts I’d like to see.

        Didn’t Vote? Don’t Bitch!
        I came. I saw. I did nothing!
        I would rather complain than vote.
        Voting is something others do.
        I only talk about my principles, I don’t actually defend them.
        I’m so outraged the election I didn’t vote in didn’t go my way.
        Too busy to vote.
        Elections matter, but not to me.
        I didn’t make a difference today.
        Voter apathy is man made.
        Democrat in word, not deed.

        • Alaska Pi says:

          good T shirts, sucky facts…!

        • Really? says:

          Mike D…All are great. 2 favorites ..I came. I saw. I did nothing! — Voter apathy is man made.

  5. Mo says:

    Hey, if Carpetbagger Dan can get elected, she’s a shoo-in. All those things listed are features for the Alaskan Republican voter, not bugs. “Hey! She’s just like me!”

  6. lkharter says:

    For someone so proud of being an ex military brat, I find it most curious that she never mentioned she had been in the Air Force herself……until she came home the following year with a baby. Although she should be soundly trounced, once the Cult of Prevo horde votes, it could be closer than need be. You can vote over the weekend at the Loussac Library, or on election day: Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo. BTW, in basic training, I wonder if they marched to this cadence:
    Ain’t no use in going back
    Jody’s got your Cadillac
    Ain’t no use in calling home
    Jody’s got your girl and gone
    Ain’t no use in feeling blue
    Jody’s got your sister too
    NOW GO VOTE!!!

  7. AKblue says:

    This information will be in the Dispatch tomorrow morning. Yea!

  8. St.Elias says:

    Wow—Friend just told me about this morning, I hope it goes viral. At the very least it sounds like she has been a little disingenuous throughout life so far. Good job Mudflats.

    I was also at the Chamber meeting on Monday, here was my take on it, which I posted after: “I was amazed to witness a large normally conservative audience react so positively to Ethan. His message was upbeat, smart and good for the spirit of Anchorage. He was very kind to Amy as well, not a hint of condescendence, just sincere respect.

    I felt a little sorry for her, she is simply out of her league. By that I don’t mean debate skills, of course she would be no match for Berkowitz there, but in knowledge and intellect. I don’t believe it does her any good to be so radicalized on some of these issues. Even some of my conservative friends were shaking their heads at times when she bordered on becoming shrill.”

    One advantage the voter has with candidates who have a long business, professional and political history is that most secrets are known. A relative newcomer can slide by, it is only after being elected the public pays the price. Pundits often claim that an experienced candidate, he or she, is carrying too much baggage. That is sometimes true, but possibly more often it is only the case since everybody has become acquainted with them over a long period. With Berkowitz, most know him quite well and he is about as clean as one gets. With Demboski, does anyone really know her?

  9. Jag27 says:

    I don’t get how Andrew Halcro got less votes than her.

  10. Kind Jim says:

    If Amy was a liberal all 6 points would held as a badge of honor. These articles are quite Stalinist by nature and right out of the book rules for radicals. If you can’t win the debate on the issues then destroy the character of the conservative. These articles are full of half stories with the author’s conclusions laid out as if it’s fact. Most of the issues here are not even in the power of the Mayor’s office. But the Anchorage city budget and the ASD budget sure are.
    The bottom line for me is that I think Demboski is going to continue to fight to hold the line of City Government growth and hold down city property taxes to a minimum of growth as she has the past few years in the Assembly and Berkowitz is going to spend, spend, spend and raise taxes on the people of Anchorage just as he has displayed with his liberal mind set while he was in the State government. Can we really afford another free spending tax raising Mayor like Mark Begich?

  11. Mark Ervice says:

    I do not live in ANC but please, if there is a god, do not let this person succeeded! My worries about where Alaska was headed were salved by the Walker win but I fear that was temporary. That a creature like her can slither their way to the top is repulsive. It’s fitting that Sullivan would support her; snakes of a skin…..

  12. wendy says:

    Over on Diane Eichelberger Aulabaugh’s FB page it was mentioned that Demboski claims to be a veteran. Is this true? Or is she making it up? Isn’t there a law about doing that now?
    I see that the FB post is now deleted from Diane’s page, is this because the two women who signed the bottom of the post Judy Burts and Joyce Bellinger are now backing down? Because on Joyce Bellinger’s FB page she “likes” Amy Demboski for Mayor.

  13. Ashkee Colorado says:

    Gollyoski, Anchorage! This is all too Palinesque.

    Some powerful reporting! Just love it!

  14. Shane A Holt says:

    Double your taxes , vote for spendowitz.
    Humorous reading for the low information voter.

  15. juneaudream says:

    Tis my guess..this particular..Shamey-Amy..will rot her own innards the focus has now..been pointed. They ..ignore so much that is true..but this lil 6-pak. She is the world of the educated…who are reading..and ..wincing at..who she really is.

  16. Mike D says:

    Democrats planning on staying home election day because they think voters would never vote someone like her into office better think again. She knows her audience places social issues above all other considerations related to the municipality. A goal of the GOP nationwide is to get extremists into every elected office, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

  17. CorningNY says:

    She sounds like a classic sociopath and narcissist. I hope someone very publicly calls her out on her lies, and on the fact that after she cheated on her husband (which, in and of itself is not great but understandable), she tried to claim her child was his in order to get child support and benefits, which is despicable.

  18. Linda Scates says:

    Did you guys know that this has disappeared off Facebook?

    • Jeanne Devon says:

      I contacted Facebook after getting a message that the post had been blocked for “malicious content” and the link was restored shortly thereafter.

  19. AKblue says:

    Last night on the PBS debate she claimed to have been instrumental in starting a multimillion dollar company. Does anyone know the name of this company? Or is this another lie?

    • Terise says:

      I am very curious about her business experience and her claims to managing multi-million dollars companies. I know she worked briefly as a paralegal (I worked at the same office as she did, but not at the same time). I keep hearing contradictory things about the rest of her business experience. My understanding was that she was an Office Manager for some dental offices. I have been an office manager and I would not described it as managing the company. You are making decisions about which paper clips to buy, not the future of your business.

      • AKblue says:

        If she was a paralegal, she doesn’t mention that in her bio. I wonder why not….

    • Bb says:

      Probably the dental office she was fired from

      • Suzy says:

        Fired? Details, please.

        • Intel says:

          Google Todd Christensen and you will find out his father was chief of police…then ol Todd was a great (not) landscaper who was in court more than on the job…connect the dots now…check business records and follow the money…what goes around..cough cough…comes around…plenty of money to go around???? Question is WHOSE money is it?

    • Denny says:

      In one of the first round debates I heard her take credit for enhancing the revenue of a dental office by several million dollars. Perhaps that’s it? Her own website is rather vague, stating that she is currently on the assembly and “I am responsible for the overall management, business development and operations of a business with multiple locations in Alaska.” That’s a nice vague word salad for you there.

  20. The ick is strong with this woman.

  21. AKblue says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was having nightmares last night after her innuendo against Berkowitz. She sounds more unhinged every day. I hope the Dispatch has the guts to publish this information.

  22. DaveO says:

    She exhibits several classic psychopathic ‘qualities’.

    Jebus, Anchorage!

    Don’t let her near the levers of power!!

    • DaveO says:

      I predict the poor sullied flower will walk away with big bucks from Fox Nation donations.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Dang ANC!!!!
      Get out the vote and put Ms Demboski out to pasture!
      There are cows smarter than this woman and we don’t need anymore ANC effect on state politics. Yaech.
      And also, too, and even and as well- our reedickyoulous jr senator Sullivan has endorsed this doof.
      Frickin Pffffttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
      yech, yech, yech.

  23. RipleyInCT says:

    Re: #6- has anyone seen this woman and Mrs. Palin in the same room together? Because the qualities explained in that FB post alone makes me think they are the same person.

    I hope Alaskans can do the right thing this time. No need to give a platform to a sociopath. Again.

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