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The Weekend Off – News You Missed



ADN – Journalist who broke Fairbanks Four case unsatisfied after their release

The letters seemed outlandish. But Brian O’Donoghue went to the courthouse to check them out, part of his job in 2000 as the opinion page editor at the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. What he found wouldn’t let him go: the story of four young men convicted of murder on flimsy evidence.

On Thursday, their convictions were vacated and the Fairbanks Four were finally released after 18 years in prison. O’Donoghue joined the celebration but said the job’s not done.

Juneau Empire – This is what it takes to get into treatment

When Stacie Arnold went to Rainforest Recovery Center last June, she wanted to get treatment for her meth and heroin addiction.

She had been surrounded by drug addiction her entire life. She was raised by drug addicts in Florida, and had been in and out of foster homes. At 15, she moved to Juneau, where an uncle was stationed in the military.

KTOO – What opening military combat roles to women means in Alaska

Starting next year, all positions in the military will be open to women — that includes everything from tank drivers to Navy SEALs. The decision by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter ends gender prohibitions on about 10 percent of all military jobs and it could have a big impact on the Army in Alaska.


Time – From Nicki Minaj to Lionel Richie: When Celebrities Entertain Dictators

A look back at performers who have entertained despots and their families in recent years. Nicki Minaj performed at a holiday concert in Angola on Dec. 19, despite pleas from human rights activists that she back out of the event.

Desmogblog – ExxonMobil, Peabody Coal Lobbying for Bill Preventing Climate Change Accounting in US Trade Deals

The day before global leaders and diplomats passed a climate change deal in Paris at the United Nations climate summit, the U.S. House of Representatives — in a 256-158 vote — authorized the final text of a bill that has a provision preventing climate change to be accounted for in all U.S. trade deals going forward.

ESPN – St. Louis passes final piece of public financing for NFL stadium

The final piece of the public financing for St. Louis’ NFL stadium proposal passed Friday, giving the city a proposal to give to the NFL before the league’s Dec. 30 deadline.


The Guardian – Daffodils in bloom, the warmest ever December: how worrying is the world’s strange weather?

December temperatures in London have been warmer than July’s. Scotland is balmier than Barcelona. Artificial snow covers European ski slopes. Africa faces its worst food crisis in a generation as floods and droughts strike vulnerable countries.

BBC – Syria conflict: Dozens killed in suspected Russian strikes

At least 43 people have been killed in a series of air strikes believed to have been carried out by Russian planes in the Syrian city of Idlib, according to activists and residents.

Al Jazeera – Dozens missing after massive landslide in China

A landslide at an industrial park in southern China buried more than 20 buildings and left 59 people missing on Sunday, state media and local authorities said, as more than 1,500 emergency workers searched the scene.

A nearby section of China’s major West-East natural gas pipeline also exploded, the official China Central Television (CCTV) broadcaster reported.




5 Responses to “The Weekend Off – News You Missed”
  1. Dagian says:

    So glad that at least the Fairbanks Four had their sentences vacated.

    Very little good news otherwise. 70 degrees here and muddy. I hate it.

    I see Bristol gave birth. I hope Dakota insists upon a paternity test because I suspect she’s just as dishonest as the rest of the family.

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the holiday. May it be be joyful.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    I had hopes for Guv Walker,but he is just as bad as Oil-Fouled Parnell. Get the courts to throw out the agreements and put the real crooks away at least as long as the innocents were.

  3. pinwheel says:

    Re: The Fairbanks Four: Atty Gen Rchards, Gov Walker:Why could they not sue? n

    • Dagian says:

      Takes money to bring a case and then not lose it due to the stringing it along. Those with deeper pockets can simply appeal, delay and obfuscate.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Everybody knows climate change is caused by that black guy in the White House and after he is deposed,the nuts will get back to normal foaming at the mouth f***ing morons.

    No snow cover means more frozen pipes if and when seasonal temps dip well below zero. Hope everyone survived the big storm. If not let me know.:)