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Trump/Republicans Not Any Different on Abortion


[Add your own caption.] The Donald at the National Rifle Association convention in 2015.

Donald Trump has finally said something I believe. He’s since walked it back, but this week he said he believed women should be punished for abortions. He also said he didn’t think anything should happen to the man who impregnated the woman. That seems fair.

Holy hell has torn loose. The anti-abortion and pro-abortion rights people came together in shock that the GOP presidential front runner would say such a thing. The anti-abortion surrogates hit the television circuit to say how much they loved women who consider abortion and would like to “take care of them” not punish them. Sen Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich ran to cameras to say how much they thought women were lovely vessels of life and shouldn’t be punished, apparently unaware of their own records.

Before he could clarify if the penalty of abortion should be jail time, a fine or wearing a Scarlet Letter, Trump reversed his comment and said he really just meant abortion doctors should be on the short end of the legal schtick.

I have had several conversations with protesters outside the Anchorage Planned Parenthood Clinic. They carry signs with graphic fetal pictures and yell, “Your baby loves you! Abortion is murder!” They often have their kids with them. They don’t seem to care if you’re going to an appointment to get a breast lump checked or any other screening that might help save your life.

For years our former state senator, Fred Dyson, would refer to the abortions in our country as a “holocaust” on the Senate floor. Currently, a majority of our lawmakers in Juneau are still working very hard to make a woman’s right to choose severely limited. Sen. John Coghill thinks more about a fetus than the author of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” The Alaska Family Council raises money and puts out report cards on how much candidates are “pro-life.” I’d like to note the legislators aren’t graded on living wage, access to health care, education, pre-K, foster care, funding low-income school lunches, — the things that being “pro-life” truly rely on — they are graded on their abortion stance.

Here’s the thing. If you think abortion is murder, or our American Holocaust — then why wouldn’t you be all about punishing that act? Really? I mean, I get that it’s just been a way to manipulate the masses into voting against their best interests, but who among us thinks murder shouldn’t be prosecuted and punished? Oh, and if you’re going to switch that back and say you really just believe in punishing the doctor who provided an abortion, do you also think someone who gets a DUI should be absolved and you’ll just prosecute Jim Beam? This just isn’t logical.

Women are already being punished for abortion. Just this week Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who is not a doctor, signed a bill that “requires women to pay for funeral services after getting an abortion or miscarrying.” Women who want to get an abortion due to “lethal fetal abnormalities” have to get counseling — not to deal with the abortion, but to not have one. This is a decision you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy and Pence is making it even harder.

In Texas, a married couple had to wait days when the woman went into labor at 20 weeks with a child that wouldn’t survive. His FEET were coming out. The parents were devastated, but the hospital couldn’t do anything but make her wait. They were not legally allowed to pop the amniotic sack. After four days in the hospital, she delivered a stillborn. It was the worst time of this couple’s lives, and the government and this type of legislation only made it worse. Doctors are forbidden to induce labor, even when the medical condition of the mother is extremely dangerous, because a bunch of nondoctor lawmakers in Texas define that as an abortion.

Abortion doctors have already been sentenced to death by the acts of madmen: Christian fundamentalist terrorists. There are nurses, doctors and clinic workers who show up to work everyday to provide women a legal procedure who are in fear for their lives. Volunteers show up to clinics to walk women from their cars into clinics to shield them from screaming activists.

The truth is, far too many people believe what Trump splatted into the headlines. They feel women, not men, should be punished for abortion. For many years I’ve argued we can’t go back to the days of back-alley abortions because so many women died from those butchers. This argument doesn’t work on these Trump-minded folks because they are OK with that result. If you aren’t going to be the “mother God intended” then maybe you shouldn’t be alive. Tell me again how that’s considered “pro-life?” Trump even suggested, “You go back to a position like they had where they would perhaps go to illegal places, but we have to ban it.” That’s a death penalty.

Where women have access to affordable birth control, abortions aren’t as needed. That’s the goal for the pro-abortion rights movement. That should be the goal of everyone — not making it harder to keep from having an unplanned pregnancy. Women aren’t just weenie garages, dimly walking around hoping to be blessed with a bouncing bundle of joy.

Access to abortion shouldn’t be a political football. What other health issue is decided by legislation? Erectile dysfunction medication? Dear GOP, time to introduce legislation against abortion, with real penalties, and suffer the consequences to your party, or stop shaming women for something that is none of your business.





5 Responses to “Trump/Republicans Not Any Different on Abortion”
  1. No Name says:

    Too bad that 11.5 document leak will reveal ol Sarah and Company LLC scams! DECADES of scams/crimes!
    Now I also hear that the ONE she scammed the most is a Royal Russian Romanov! They are exhuming bodies for ‘what the hell’ I thought they were all dead! Gee Sarah didn’t you say ‘it’s not who you know it’s what you know’ and you can tell us all about how that is going to work out for you sweetheart! Darn that’s the end for you! ]:-0

  2. Dagian says:

    Palin supporting Trump. I didn’t listen to the audio because I don’t have the time or the inclination at the moment. The article tells us quite enough!

  3. mike D says:

    Too bad more moderates don’t make their voices heard. Both parties frequently speak in absolutes, as if voters are a monolithic block of one mind. It is okay not to support everything one’s party or candidate stands for. It is not against the rules to have a differing opinion. It is more than okay for a student to tell his teacher he has a different point of view, or letting your preacher know you disagreed with something in his sermon. Individuals are often faced with challenging personal decisions, none of which are informed by the irrational opinions of the most absurd man in the world.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    In a few days, Drumpf will claim he has never heard of abortion and they have never met and he didn’t sleep with her, etc. Then He will blame it all on Me-GYNecologist Kelly at Fake Noise because she is bleeding all over. Kelly told Charlie Rose that Fake Noise does not have a right wing bias,but everyone else slants left. You want real journalism? Hire Shannyn. You want truth and decisive,in-depth looks at stuff? Hire Shannyn. You desire real life experience? What can I tell you. HIRE SHANNYN!

  5. JaneE says:

    Trump just put the lie to all their “for the health/safety of the woman” BS that supposedly motivates the restrictive laws they have been passing recently.