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Alaska Republicans Silent and Absent. Again.


We say that every week, but this week sets the bar for bad weeks in the Trump administration. The historical lack of equal justice in our country, the horrific murder of George Floyd, the violence on the streets of our cities, the President threatening to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 and turn the U.S. military against its own citizens… The headlines we see on a daily basis sound like the stuff of dystopian fiction. But one thing that has happened as a result is that the response to these events by individuals has told us a lot about them. There is nowhere to hide, and no political cover to be had by elected officials who refuse to condemn the President’s actions. Silence is consent in these times.


Let’s start off with the good example this week, and take our hats off to Senate Democratic Leader Tom Begich who said unequivocally what needed to be said, and shows elected officials how it’s done:

BOOM! And mic drop.


While our Democratic State Senator Begich has it right, he stands in stark contrast to our two Republican U.S. Senators. Neither Dan Sullivan nor Lisa Murkowski made a comment as the country burned during the weekend, and as the President used federal troops to gas and club peaceful protesters so he could use St. John’s church patio for a bizarre and offensive photo opp holding a prop bible. They had nothing to say about the President threatening to turn the U.S. military on the citizens of this country.

The two responded just like we’ve come to expect.

In other words, Lisa Murkowski is very “concerned,” and Dan Sullivan has nothing to say.

If you want to see video from Meet the Press of Republican Senators fleeing the question, click HERE.

Not until Wednesday, after former Defense Secretary James Mattis came out with a scathing rebuke of the President and his actions, calling him a “threat to the Constitution” did Lisa Murkowski speak.  She agreed with Mattis, saying “I thought General Mattis’s words were true and honest and necessary and overdue.” She should have stopped there. She then went on to say that she was “struggling” with whether to support Donald Trump in the upcoming election. That’s right, she’s having a hard time deciding whether she should support someone who is a threat to the Constitution of the United States.

For Lisa Murkowski the “struggle” may be real, but for most of us it’s a no-brainer at this point.

Military leaders active and retired are lining up to condemn the President, and still nothing as of right now from military man, Dan Sullivan.

Both Senators just announced that they will be having a joint virtual Facebook Town Hall on Thursday, June 4 from 5-6pm Alaska time in order to “listen to Alaskans” about “what’s on their minds.” You should probably tell them.


Also, this happened.

Wonder which single Senator put a “secret hold’ on the first black service chief of the U.S. Air Force, holding up his nomination? Who held up this historic nomination?



Congressman Don Young has also remained silent on the constitutional challenges that have become our daily nightmare. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his prized endorsement from Donald Trump Jr., author of that eloquent study in unifying the nation – “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.”

Since Don Young’s fading political career now depends on Outside donations from Trump supporters, don’t expect a statement on anything resembling a principled stand for democracy from him. He has made his priorities known as a “strong supporter of our president.” Just ask Don Jr.

“We’re really proud to receive the support of Donald Trump Jr.,” said Don Young’s campaign manager. “It’s just another acknowledgement of Don Young’s effectiveness and respect in the halls of Congress.”

Perhaps someone should tell Don Young’s campaign manager that being effective has less to do with receiving an endorsement fro the President’s son, and more to do with voting.

Don Young has actually outdone Sullivan by being DOUBLE silent, because he also refuses to VOTE. Due to the global covid pandemic (don’t forget about THAT), Congress has allowed members to vote by proxy, without having to be physically present.

Don Young could have voted six times last week, but instead he MISSED six votes last week because he says he doesn’t believe in voting remotely. It’s never been easier for Don Young to do his job, but he still refuses. Alaska’s entire voice in the U.S. House of Representatives is mute because Don Young just decided not to do what he was elected to do – represent his state, and vote yes or no.

If Don Young doesn’t want to be in DC to vote in person, and he also refuses to vote remotely, it’s probably time to find someone who WILL, like Alyse Galvin.


Also notable in this week’s “paid vacation” file is the Palmer Police Chief who came under withering criticism during this week of police scrutiny for some incredibly offensive Facebook posts and is now on administrative leave with pay. The City of Palmer released the following statement:

“The City of Palmer (City) rejects the ideas contained in the past inappropriate social media postings by Palmer Police Chief Shelton who is currently on administrative leave with pay. Instead the City recognizes and respects the diversity of our society and promotes the principles of tolerance and equality embedded in the Constitutional underpinnings of our Nation. In furtherance of these principles the City will review the Palmer Police Departments (PPD) diversity training practices with the objective of robustly promoting and supplementing this training for the entire police department.”

To give you an idea of the gems publicly posted on his Facebook page, here’s a particularly cringe-worthy one from 2018.

He also posted a video (now unavailable) to which he commented that he believed close to 40% of sexual assault claims were false. Yes, in case you need reminding, Alaska has the highest incidence of reported sexual assaults in the nation. Can you imagine calling for help and getting a Chief of Police who believes there’s a 4 in 10 chance you’re lying?

Also in his repertoire were a bunch of  what you might expect – “stupid liberals” posts, Hillary has people killed, a trans woman should be called ‘him’ or ‘it’, and on and on. Apparently, he also made a stink at the high school when his daughter was told she would not be allowed to wear a confederate flag graduation cap at her graduation. SPOILER: She did it anyway.

At this point in history when we as a society finally seem to be confronting systemic racism in all facets of life, but especially in relationship to law enforcement and the justice system, we have to really ask ourselves why this person who is so out loud and proud about his wrong-headed views holds any position in law enforcement, and why he rose to such a position of authority. The Lower 48 has lots of issues it’s dealing with right now, but Alaska has plenty to do here at home.



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