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A Nugget from Nome


Don’t hold back now, Nome.  Tell us how you really feel…

[h/t Alaska Pi]



151 Responses to “A Nugget from Nome”
  1. MO Inkslinger says:

    Great article by the Nome Nugget. Can’t wait until we sit Palin on the shelf next to Quayle.

  2. Joe BLow says:

    too many rules.

  3. michigander says:

    Nice job Nome Nugget and thanks AKM for giving us so much that we ‘outsiders’ can share with our friends and family. The mother (84) of a dear friend of mine calls me regularly and says “so tell me how the people up there REALLY feel”. I’ve printed out several things for her, especially in regard to the villages.

    akgrrl – I read the article by Sherwonit several times and didn’t take it the same way many others seem to have. I took it like he was saying ‘hmmm, wonder why Grimes didn’t like the attention’ in a bit of a sarcastic way. I don’t think he was ‘re-outing AKM’ and I mean no disrepect to AKM by saying that. I love her and Mudflats!

    I thought he was stating a situation and inviting discussion.

    Very confused here but want you to know, I sure don’t think you should be treated meanly for defending him. Thanks for the links (o:

  4. InJuneau says:

    oops, that was supposed to be to ds55 (at 9:23 PM)

  5. InJuneau says:

    ds55 (v0–Pat is actually a he.

  6. filter skate palin says:

    Could someone tell me whether the twitter acct of “EXGOVSarahPalin” is a fake acct? (As opposed to “AKGOVSarahPalin” which I assume is real.) The postings on EXGOV don’t seem any crazier than those on AKGOV. Thanks.

    It is not an official Palin account. AKM

  7. Maria says:

    Ooooh, snap!

  8. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Dammit – I forgot: also, too! I’m losing my Palin language skills.

  9. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    All of you are in violation of the Open Thread Law. I, too have been in violation of this Iconic law, and for my desecrations, I was banned to the REAL Open Thread. I have since learned my lesson, which led me to achieve short, lucid periods of nirvana. Not enough of nirvana to stop caring about Sarah Palin making a national break for it, but really close.

    AKM works very hard and the least we can do is to post in the correct thread. We “voted” for the daily open thread idea, and we were heard.

  10. zyggy says:

    looks like Joann pulled a Palin. =)

  11. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    akgrrl Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 11:26 PM

    As I said to you, Mudflats is not about Sarah Palin. I’m sorry if that disappoints you.

  12. Rob in Ca says:

    akgrrl…I will not try to justify anything said now. I am sorry we upset you and hope we can discuss this down the road somewhere. I am totally open to discussion on this anytime. You are a much valued member of the community and your opinion carries a lot of weight with me.

  13. JHop says:

    lol in fact at this moment i know exactly where grimes is. he should just email her; she will respond.

  14. JHop says:

    akgrrl, i have always appreciated how much you helped me by finding addresses for my letter. really, just know this is nothing personal. i just think his piece was snarky and strange. why doesnt he go ask a colleague or pick up the phone to find out where she is. i think he was intentionally trying to get a rise out of all of us. but i am sorry if it upsets you, genuinely.

    i just think it was….confusing. he wasn’t supportive to grimes, and he wasn’t supportive of the mudflats community. i dont really know his point.

  15. BigSlick says:


  16. BigSlick says:

    Unless of course you’re too ashamed….

  17. BigSlick says:

    Maybe good Mr. Sherwonit has made contributions to wildlife, but I’ve read that article and I agree he comes off as antagonistic for antagonism’s sake.

    Perhaps you’d like to invite him to the chat room?

  18. strangelet says:

    @131 akgrrl: Bill Sherwonit may be a terrific fellow and a friend of Alaska and its wildlife, but he wrote a really dumb post that had nothing to do with Alaskan wildlife and a lot to do with suggesting that Joann Grimes was somehow unfairly chased away from her guest-blogger spot at ADN by the malicious forces of Mudflats.

    I’m sorry if this offends you, because I always appreciate your comments, but I find his post to be dishonest and disingenuous, and I will continue to criticize it.

  19. antiAnti says:

    @akgrrl – That dear friend, Sherwonit, for no reason whatsover just repeated the outing of AKM by Doogan. And you should note that this blog also entry states “I would love to get more feedback.” And his wish is the commenters command.

  20. akgrrl says:

    Mudpups! I’m ashamed to be a part of this community right now. It’s one thing to bond together over the “idiocracy” that is $arah since she puts herself out there for us to mock, and the wonders of Alaska (and AKM’s incredible photos!) and its interesting politics, but c’mon! To stoop to the levels of attacking Bill Sherwonit for expressing an opinion on ADN? It’s one thing to point out Grimes’ illegal writings, but Mr. Shrwonit is a dear friend of Alaska and its incredible wildlife. Check out some of his books and learn more about him.

    We need to hold our head above the muck, laugh and cheer when appropriate, and not tear apart decent and opinionated citizens.

  21. strangelet says:

    Sherwonit was obviously being a dick. Aside from his unnecessary re-outing of AKM (I’m surprised he didn’t include address and phone number), the whole post was trying to establish a false equivalence between Grimes’s mean-spirited post and the “semi-spontaneous” response from Mudpups and others.

    Oh, and his Google must be a lot less powerful than mine, because it didn’t take me hours of intellectual labor to find the archive of Grimes’s post.

    OT, went to the San Diego Zoo today (first time in maybe ten years), and they have really upgraded the polar bear habitat. And they feed them a high-veg, low-fat diet to help them keep cool. It was nice to see the local group, who seemed pretty content, but it will be species guilt for us if we can’t figure out how to keep them vital in their own range.

  22. EyeOnYou says:

    Good! 🙂

  23. JHop says:

    i have one now!

  24. EyeOnYou says:

    Find one JHop??

    (keeping my fingers crossed that the answer is yes 🙂 )

  25. JHop says:

    i have no forum button on my screen at all. let me see if there is one saved in history

  26. JHop says:

    i will definitely look into the ethics complaints, a bunch of people have emailed me about that. i just havent had time to sit down and chat…

    trying to find these posts y ou all speak of.

    okay my forum button is missing. i know that sounds crazy. but i cant sign in.

  27. Rob in Ca says:

    JHop…yes today… Hey why don’t you all come over to the live chat? Justafarmer and I are there and have already bored each other!

  28. seattlefan says:

    The Nome Editorial cracked me up big time. I’m sure she wanted to say “don’t let the door hit you in the a##…..” That was a big-time breath of fresh air.

  29. Sue says:

    oops! I left him a brief comment. I should have read more posts first.

  30. ds55 says:

    I see what you mean about Pat Dougherty… I got a second response, definitely snarky. Yep, we musta ticked ’em off real good.

  31. JHop says:

    i am always up for snark, justafarmer.

    where is CD’s post, rob? from today?

    “Now, WHY, I ask myself, WHY, wouldn’t Sherwonit just pick up the phone and ASK the good folks at Anchorage Daily News. So I read on… must be some reason he started “googling” (my techie soul barfs at this term).”

    and that made me laugh

  32. lovemydogs says:

    JHop: You’re back-hooray!!!

    Check on the latest ethics complaints. I’m dying to hear your take on Andree’s.

    The thread is Ethics complaint #18.

    The open thread has a ton of stuff on it.
    And then there is always the Medicare/Medicaid debacle to peruse.

  33. Rob in Ca says:

    JHop the most interesting thing of the day, I thought, was Celtic Diva’s explanation of the ethic complaint process. Don’t miss it….

  34. justafarmer says:

    anyone up for chat where we can get REALLY snarky? I’ve got another 30 minutes I can stay up…

  35. antiAnti says:

    @jhop – don’t miss Water Totem it is spectacular.

  36. justafarmer says:

    @Rob…well has shernumtz written about bears?
    ok, it’s late and I’m being snarky still…

  37. antiAnti says:

    This is kind of fun. I’m getting to poke at a troll without getting scolded…. but just one last crack and then I am off to bed.

    Sherwonit says assumes the pose that he is MYSTIFIED by the disappearance of Joann Grimes. “I searched the Daily News website for some explanation of her departure, but found nothing. Next I went Googling…”

    Now, WHY, I ask myself, WHY, wouldn’t Sherwonit just pick up the phone and ASK the good folks at Anchorage Daily News. So I read on… must be some reason he started “googling” (my techie soul barfs at this term). AND Sherwonit blunders on for a few more sentences then blurts out Doogan’s dirty deed.

    Sherwonit, you are a fraud, you are a pathetic writer and you are a TROLL. On well run site you would go ….soaring…. to SPLAT in the m….

    Ok, I will shut up now.

    Nite all.

  38. justafarmer says:

    You apparently hit a nerve with ADN, even if they refuse to admit it.
    Good work!

  39. JHop says:

    do i think that maybe bill was patting jo on the back and giving the finger to team mudpup? yes.

    but i really do not think that grimes resents leaving her position. she may resent being forced out of it. but i dont think she cares about it all that much. she is an…interesting lady.

    what else is going on around the flats? anything fun, exciting, or particularly interesting i should catch up with?

  40. Rob in Ca says:

    Based on Dougherty’s response….Sherwonit’s article may have been a commissioned piece. After all, the guy normally writes about rivers and moose, I think….

  41. Rob in Ca says:

    Hmmm…..’leftist anger’. Ok, he must be talking about me.

  42. antiAnti says:

    @108 Rob in Ca Says: July 16th, 2009 at 9:49 PM

    At the point where Sherwonit says “leftist anger”, I think one can rightly assume some sort of interaction between Sherwonit and Grimes.

  43. Rob in Ca says:

    I think Bill really means to suggest that the Mudflats commenters were basically sent there by AKM to intimidate Grimes into running away, and that the ADN really should not allow such comments…and that the AK Voices authors should just shut down comments on their articles.
    Kind of a strange argument to make. But I suspect Grimes may resent having to leave her position as an AK Voice, and instead of taking responsibility for her error, she may blame the commenters and AKM. And it may be no accident that Sherwonit re-outed AKM as retribution? Could there be a connection between Sherwonit and Grimes?

  44. JHop says:

    it is an unpaid opinion blog. they have general “ideas” that they try to stick too. grimes, for example, was there to be one of the conservative voices

    but i read the bill whatever the hell his last name is post and i just think its…confusing. i mean, his point or where he stands on the issue is not made clear at all.

    saying that comments can just be closed as a “fix” seemed ridiculous to me. i mean, yeah, lets silence people’s opinions. that is a MUCH better option.

  45. Rob in Ca says:

    I see that ‘Alaska Voices’, like Joann Grimes, are actually invited to write. I saw that in a May edition where they announce the program.

    Not quite a letter to the editor, that.

  46. antiAnti says:

    @jhop – you want to go to the Open Thread anyway. There is an wonderful pic on it. — Water Totem

  47. Rob in Ca says:

    The topic here is editorials….can’t be too far OT, JHop

  48. ds55 says:

    Yep, JHop, I saw that Pat was splitting hairs so I “corrected” my question just to tick him off more. (Pat isn’t a girl’s name? Oh maybe Patrick…)

  49. JHop says:

    i feel like i should go to an OT before I get yelled at

  50. JHop says:

    he was not doing anything for you DS. he was just pointing out how you are “technically” wrong.

  51. JHop says:

    not a fan at all. he (or she) has written some ridiculous emails to people – snarky and obnoxious about canceling their subscriptions.

    and to me…i dont want to talk about it here. but not a fan.

  52. Rob in Ca says:

    JHop! Glad you are back.

    I read it twice, and didn’t know I kind of skimmed it both times….

  53. ds55 says:

    @ antiAnti: Thanks. I guess I ticked her off. ::snicker::

  54. JHop says:


  55. antiAnti says:

    Pat Dougherty — Senior Vice President & Editor

  56. ds55 says:

    Who is Pat Dougherty? She responded to my question on ADN and signed her name. I bet that means I should be impressed, but I have no clue who she is.

  57. antiAnti says:

    @jhop ::wave::

    @89 Rob in Ca – no sweat. I admit Sherwonit had me going for a while also, too, and. And I did hit the recommend button on some of the comments. While telling myself that it’s not feeding trolls to punch the buttons. (Ok, some I’m kidding myself… but there were some pretty good comments!!! 😉

  58. JHop says:

    im sorry, it has been a crazy busy couple of days…

    i missed you all!

  59. ds55 says:

    JHop! ::wave::

  60. JHop says:

    all of your comments made me laugh. i had to read the column twice, too, Rob

  61. Gemini says:

    One of the comments in the article mentioned that Palin must have been planning her resignation for a while …

    Read in another newspaper that she had in fact called several people weeks before her public statement (seems like one was Gov. S. of CA, and another was … darn, forget but another governor) …

    In another article, she was quoted as saying that she had been ‘thinking about’ resigning for months, and most recently was quoted as saying she considered resigning when she was picked by the McCain team for VP candidate.

    Sorry I don’t have any of the links or names of papers these things came from … all here in the ‘Lower 48.’

    Her ‘Mama Bear’ tweets? In one of them she mentions Mama Bear works harder … She and Todd having a problem with him not working full-time?

  62. Rob in Ca says:

    I just went back and discovered, to my embarassment, that I had kind of skimmed that the first time and completely skipped over the paragraph with the disengenous outing of AKM. You are 100% right. What could be a better troll alert than that! Careless on my part…so thanks for letting me know!

  63. antiAnti says:

    @ 87 Rob in Ca Says: July 16th, 2009 at 8:49 PM

    Sherwonit inserted a completely pointless reprise of outing AKM. Cutesy? I think not. Just an unimaginative JERK.

  64. Rob in Ca says:

    I must be naive. I thought Sherwonit was trying to post something critical of Grimes, but trying to be subtle about it so he would get his letter printed by the ADN. He did, after all, make clear that it was mean-spirited…Does anyone know his background? Is he really a Grimes supporter? Cuz if he is, I don’t think he did that good a job. I just thought he was a little too cutesy in dancing around the issue, trying to make the letter start out like it really wasn’t about Grimes when really, that was the whole point…
    Anyway, you will see if you go there, that if he wanted troll food, I fed him good…

  65. MonaLisa IS MY NAME! says:

    Oops. Me too. (Oh, well!) 😉

  66. Incarcerate_Palin says:

    It’s nice to see that at least one Alaskan newspaper has journalistic integrity.

    GINO: Don’t let the screen door hit you/where the wolf should have bit you

  67. justafarmer says:

    BTW, Sherwonit DREAMS of getting loads of comments, so I’m finished with my two.
    Sherwonit….doesn’t that sound like a girl Motown 60s song group?
    ok, sorry for the snark….

  68. Celia Harrison says:

    The Nome Nugget started printing more of the truth about a year ago. They wrote a libelous article about me in 2007. I sent her a letter to the editor which she refused to print for bogus reasons. I have big time grounds to sue. I have been reading the Nome Nugget since I left Nome. I went through some horrendous things there. The main thing which I have been writing letters about and talking about is the court section. When I left Nome the numbers of native people who were in the court section were unbelieveable. They have a small prison in Nome. I have been harping about it ever since. I have happily watched the numbers get smaller. It is still rediculous. Notice mostly it is violations of probation so they get sent back to prison. Nome is full of bars and unless things have changed a lot there is p*** poor chemical dependency treatment or no treatment. The ADA, the judge, and even the public defenders work together to do this. I found it out the hard way. They would not print my response to the libel, but I emailed it to several people and told them to spread it around. I do not know if that had anything to do with the changes, I just know it started around that time. For whatever reason I am glad. They did a lot of harm to me printing lies.

  69. justafarmer says:

    well, I responded to the ADN troll AND to Matt Zencey as well in my second post and I hope they both choke on it.
    Oh, and I mentioned Nancy McGuire at Nome Nugget in my second post suggesting that Zencey could take a lesson….

  70. austintx says:

    Haughty_Monkey –
    Between you , Lee323 , and zyggy , you guys are goin’ to town on Bill.

  71. Haughty_Monkee says:

    DrChill Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    The guy who wrote that post is wingnut troll looking to stir up crap by using AKM’s name and bragging about spying on the Mudpups

    Please don’t feed him
    Oops too late.
    He really didn’t give any info and yeah, why mention AKM’s name if he wasn’t trying to lure us in.

    MMM yeah. I wrote a great post, but now I think it was just troll food…
    I recommend not posting there…


    If you’re gonna feed him, make sure he chokes on it!

  72. DrChill says:

    Lee Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    She had some really nasty comments about Shannyn, and was probably told she open for some time in a courtroom.
    She has a right to support whomever she wants, but she has no call to slander Shannyn. Jmho.

    Someone posting said he’s a lawyer, and said what Grimes did was impossible to defend.

    Yep that about sums it up.

  73. LiladyNY says:

    Go Nome! The truth will out.

  74. Star says:

    Made my day….Good read..LMBO

  75. DrChill says:

    The guy who wrote that post is wingnut troll looking to stir up crap by using AKM’s name and bragging about spying on the Mudpups

    Please don’t feed him
    Oops too late.
    He really didn’t give any info and yeah, why mention AKM’s name if he wasn’t trying to lure us in.

    MMM yeah. I wrote a great post, but now I think it was just troll food…
    I recommend not posting there…

  76. Alaska Pi says:

    @71 CRFlats Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 6:43 PM
    Nancy L. McGuire FOR GOVERNOR!
    I second that!

  77. Anna says:

    Could Sarah be the AntiChrist?

  78. austintx says:

    justafarmer –

    Read your post. You go girl !!

  79. austintx says:

    67 Greytdog Δ Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 6:01 PM
    From Twitter about 30mins ago, Palin claims: “Samaritan’s Purse & other faith-based groups rebuild homes in Eagle for flood victims…” as if no one else is doing anything for Eagle. . .
    Saw the tweet……….Can’t wait for YBG to give us the report on that.

  80. Haughty_Monkee says:

    Gramiam AKA Smoke Strapon Palin Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    Since we are talking about Alaska Newspapers, The following is from an ADN guest blogger pertaining to the sudden disappearance of Joann Grimes. I just found it. Veeeerrrrryyy interesting!!


    The guy who wrote that post is wingnut troll looking to stir up crap by using AKM’s name and bragging about spying on the Mudpups

    Please don’t feed him

  81. CRFlats says:

    Nancy L. McGuire FOR GOVERNOR!

  82. LIsabeth says:

    Molly your twittering is hysterical! I don’t think $carah is going to stop tweeting though. She is probably coming out wit a new twitter name. Maybe SarahTheLiar or someone on Gryphens blog suggested RedMonkeyShoes. As long as she doesn’t use PresidentSarah we can still laugh at her tweets. This newspaper woman from Nome is fantastic! Nice to see frank honesty for a change.

  83. justafarmer says:

    I just posted a response to that “guest blogger” at ADN

  84. Lee says:

    Gramiam AKA Smoke Strapon Palin Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 5:31 PM
    Since we are talking about Alaska Newspapers, The following is from an ADN guest blogger pertaining to the sudden disappearance of Joann Grimes. I just found it. Veeeerrrrryyy interesting!!
    She had some really nasty comments about Shannyn, and was probably told she open for some time in a courtroom.
    She has a right to support whomever she wants, but she has no call to slander Shannyn. Jmho. 🙂

  85. Greytdog Δ says:

    From Twitter about 30mins ago, Palin claims: “Samaritan’s Purse & other faith-based groups rebuild homes in Eagle for flood victims…” as if no one else is doing anything for Eagle. . .

  86. Nan says:

    Thank you for that link!

    I recommend the comment section on that article, too.

  87. TBNTJudy says:

    51 winkwinkWA Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 4:32 PM

    “And speaking of puking she is loosing weight and her hair is thinning because of bulimia or anorexia, one of the side effects, I don’t believe for a minute she’s stressed unless it’s something really BIG!! Stressed would have been when she was campaigning, just had a baby”

    I disagree. When you are a narcissist, stress will happen when you do not have the adoration you have become accoustomed to. She had that when she was campaigning. When she got back to AK and reality, she found that her loyal AK subjects were jumping ship. Like a true narcissist, she can’t handle it.

  88. Gramiam AKA Smoke Strapon Palin says:

    Since we are talking about Alaska Newspapers, The following is from an ADN guest blogger pertaining to the sudden disappearance of Joann Grimes. I just found it. Veeeerrrrryyy interesting!!

  89. Laurie says:

    Empish…howdy did state in his post that he was a business owner…so you could be right.

  90. sally says:

    We need a list of those thrown under the bus by Palin!

  91. Empish says:

    Most interesting part of the comment at Alaska Standard is the poster’s nic. Howdy? As in Howdy Investments? Howard Nugent? Builder of the sports complex?

  92. John(Canadian Mudpuppy) says:

    Ambrose Bierce wrote about Oscar Wilde, in 1882

    The ineffable dunce has nothing to say and says it with a Liberal embellishment of bad delivery, embroidering it with reasonless vulgarities of attitude, gesture and attire. There never was an impostor so hateful, a blockhead so stupid, a crank so variously and offensively daft. He makes me tired.

    Ambrose Bierce (about Oscar Wilde, 1882) Kinda fits Sarah Palin to a tee, doesn’t it. LOL

  93. That editorial was great. And thanks to everyone for the links and quotes from some of the conservatives who seem to have regained their common sense and integrity. Now, if we could just get more of them to see the light.

  94. duct idaho palin says:

    “faithful calvary”??? Is that a mistake (cavalry) or a joke I’m too Palinish (read: stupid) to understand?

  95. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    oops – I meant to move that to the open thread!

  96. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    @ greytdog

    Yep, I’m sure taking advantage for once for the long period between posts @ M&H’s!

    I’ve been enjoying Syrin from Wasilla’s blog, her current post is a reprint from the Alaska Standard, submitted by one of Sherry’s readers. It may have been an article, or a comment, from an Alaskan evangelical.

    “Like many Evangelical Alaskans, I was overjoyed when the Governor decided to run for office three years ago. Unlike most Evangelicals, I got off the bus before the general election because it became clear to me in studying what Sarah said about business and fiscal matters, that she lacked the understanding and finesse to secure a gas line for the State.

    …And it’s not only that she lied about Troopergate and abused her power of office, she has governed these past eight months with disinterest and vitriol. She seems much more interested in creating dramas and flat out fights with with another branch of government – the legislative branch (think the Juneau Senate seat fiasco and the Wayne Anthony Ross for AG debacle and the won’t/will/won’t/will mess with the stimulus money, for starters).

    This is not the character of a person I trust, let alone admire. If Sarah has done anything the past year, she has shot her credibility with me and a host of others in this State – those who care enough to pay attention.

    The lies just don’t stop coming. When she angrily denounced Levi Johnson on national news saying it was “over my dead body” that Levi would be living with Bristol under her roof – anyone who knows anything about this situation in the Valley knows that she was telling a flat-out, straight-up, blatant-as-you-please LIE.

    Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, Mr. Grenn. But it matters to me. To me and to the vast majority of Evangelicals in Alaska who I know. The heady days of Governor Palin knowing she could count on the Evangelical vote in this state are over. Why? Because things like credibility and character really do matter. Dan Jarrell is right. I, and thousands like me, have done the serious work of “knowing the character” of our governor. And it has been sad and scary and disheartening what we have learned about her.

    But she has little to fear – the uninformed Evangelicals of America have no idea who she really is, what lengths she’ll go to to advance herself (I would say “her agenda” here, except that it’s become clear Sarah has no agenda other than herself). “

  97. HistoryGoddess says:

    Here is an editorial comment to an editorial in the AK Standard. There are several interesting comments, but this one should be set off by itself. His comment is about 1/2 way down. He is responding to the posted editorial by Ben Green. To me, the writer seems a bit sad and almost betrayed. Here’s a clip:

    “Unfortunately, in this day and age of Evangelicals – Alaskans and Americans – getting their news from Fox News almost exclusively, it means nothing. All this has served to do is stoke the fire of the faithful calvary who are supposed to rush to Sarah’s defense, checkbooks in hand, and decry the slander she has to endure at the pens and mouths of America’s Evil Liberals.

    But wait a second. I’m not a liberal. I’m a conservative. And an Evangelical. And a proud Alaskan. And if I’ve learned anything about Sarah Palin’s credibility and “character” since she’s been in office, it’s this: the woman is dishonest. She isn’t trustworthy. She is the single most divisive individual in the Republican Party right now. “

  98. winkwinkWA says:

    The soldiers being called “warriors” , that’s probably her shout to her “prayer warriors” not our rank and file troops..she makes me want to puke!!
    And speaking of puking she is loosing weight and her hair is thinning because of bulimia or anorexia, one of the side effects, I don’t believe for a minute she’s stressed unless it’s something really BIG!! Stressed would have been when she was campaigning, just had a baby?, daughter was prego and lying every time she opened her mouth, not some stupid(as she calls them) ethics complaints.
    I guess it takes a women editor to really tell it like it is, way to go Nancy McGuire!!!!

  99. ValleyIndependent says:

    NLM in Nome, I love you!

    I’m going to have to start finding time to read The Nome Nugget on a regular basis.

  100. MonaLisa IS MY NAME! says:

    “The Republicans aren’t that stupid, are they?”

    Well… 66% of them aren’t. Not any more!

    Three cheers for Nancy L. McGuire!

  101. Cassie Jeep Pike Palin says:

    How short, how concise, how accurate! This really says it all.

  102. chuck tatum says:

    Isn’t it obvious?

    Obama and Emanuel have bought-off Nome.


  103. seattlefan says:

    Now that’s the spirit! LOL! What a hoot.

  104. CO almost native says:


    I chuckled over the “hit us with a box of quackers” too. also. heh heh. Looove good writing 😉

  105. who me? says:


  106. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Can’t wait to clear the Alaskan air – we’re on high lame duckfart alert!

    Happy dance back at cha MissSunshine!

    Another “good piece” to brighten anybody’s day. Nome Rocks my soul.

  107. Greytdog Δ says:

    Martha this nugget from Nome is priceless – but even more so is the piece from the evangelical conservative you posted on M&H. Could you please post that link here? Makes me wonder why Palin chose to single out Shannyn but didn’t go after this person?

  108. MissSunshine says:

    Thank you Nome!

    In the years to come, this brief announcement will be a shining spot of integrity and humor amid the buckets of whitewash SP and company have tried to cover themselves with.

    (Happy Dance!)

  109. Molly says:

    Loved the opinion from NLM.

    Now, having just checked GINO’s twitter–she again is thankful for the return of more WARRIORS from Iraq, and says God Bless.

    This has been commented on before, but can someone please make her stop referring to US Soldiers as “WARRIORS”?? This thing in Iraq is NOT A HOLY WAR and it is NOT ARMEGGEDDON.

    I’d like some guarantee that she will immediately cease twittering once she has given up her post for good!!

    SP: Once upon a time there were three bears, and the mama bear did ALL the work, and she never ever asked anybody for help, and, inexplicably, stood up on her haunches and emitted guttural noises, quite brazenly, and, when other mama bears and papa bears said “hey, calm down, nobody is trying to attack your cubs” she thumped and sputtered until she could thump and sputter no more, and, since she never took any other bear’s advice, and never asked for help, or accepted a hand, she ran out of energy, crawled back into her cave, and mumbled herself to sleep. And please Lord, was never heard from again.

  110. Stacy says:

    That was a thing of beauty. hope you don’t mind that I plan on copying and sharing on my blog. Now if I could just find a Texas paper that would tell off Gov. Big Hair aka Rick Perry….

  111. C. Rock says:

    I’m in stitches here.That was Grrrreat !

  112. CougInPortland says:

    Thumbs UP from Portland!

  113. Women Who Run With The Wolves says:

    You know I am kinda thinking that the “BLOB” is slowly making it’s way to Fairbanks for the big event where Sarah Palin kisses Alaska, Goodbye! I think it will be quite fitting if it can make its way up a river there and slowly oooz it’s way to her pathetic goodbye speech.

    We could have a lot of fun with this “Blob”. kind of like an uninvited guest to the party. We could leak it to the media that the ” Blob” is on its way to meet Sarah Palin, and give her a big hug for all of the effort she has put into running the State of Alaska?

  114. tallimat says:

    Oh yeah! Way to go Nome!
    I’m proud to say that Nome is my hometown.

    “Are republicans that stupid?”. LOL

  115. InJuneau says:

    Carol.Seattle–That’s actually a WOMAN who wrote that! Prob. one of those (numerous) Alaskan women who have no intention of letting Buttercup “represent” for them!

  116. scout says:

    I would pay $$ to watch her lameduckness do an interview with Nancy McGuire; she’d be “Shredded Tweet” in 2 questions or less.

    h/t BigSlick “Shredded Tweet” – LMAO

  117. weaver57 says:

    Love the last sentence!

  118. Village Reader says:

    Thanks for the laugh and smile. Finally a newspaper in AK unafraid of writing what everyone is thinking. Good job!

  119. zyggy says:

    even if the Twit Stinky Dead Fish Quitter announced to her devotee’s that she was only in it for the money and that’s why she’s leaving, they wouldn’t care, they would still kiss her stink dead fish feet.

  120. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    oops computer faster than brain.

  121. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    Martha UYS # 25 LOL.

  122. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    Marrtha UYS # 25 LOL.

  123. Lee says:

    Thanks AKM, that little nugget is good for an old lady’s heart. 🙂

    I love it when a newspaper knows the truth and isn’t afraid to voice it.

  124. jc in co says:

    I hope buttercup reads that!

  125. Carol.Seattle says:

    Whoa… beautiful! That guy in Nome does a great job of calling them like he sees them, and he’s got 20-20 vision.

    Looks like even the Repugs in the lower 48 aren’t that enamored of Sarah anymore either. Romney out did her in the latest poll for presidential candidates with them.

  126. tallimat says:

    Yeah, that is Nome, through and through. And I’m damn proud to say it’s my hometown.

  127. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:,0,289512.column

    Covering Sarah Palin campaign from the Nome front

    “My first big surprise came when I dropped by the Nome Nugget, which calls itself Alaska’s oldest newspaper.

    “Rural Alaska is mostly Democratic,” said editor and publisher Nancy McGuire.

    I wondered, then, how Palin’s approval ratings as governor were as high as 80%. That’s an easy one, McGuire said. The state population is concentrated in and around Anchorage and Wasilla, where she’s the hometown girl.

    “Shows what they know,” said McGuire, a sassy old salt whose shack of an office sits on Front Street, a saloon-studded strip that was teeming with gold-rush prospectors 100 years ago.

    I met lots of no-nonsense people — some of whom still fish, hunt and work the mines. And most of them, whether they support Palin or not, would have preferred that Palin just be herself, rather than make the silly suggestion that she has foreign affairs insights based on geography, or “command experience” simply because her office oversees the state’s National Guard.

    In her Nugget editorial this week, McGuire took on both the Democrats and the Republicans for their packs of lies and twisted truths in the presidential campaign. But she neatly harpooned Palin, arguing that her comments on Alaskan energy production were flat wrong and her line about Russia was embarrassing.

    “Someone please whack her over the head with a geography book,” McGuire wrote.

    She ended the editorial with this observation:

    “Palin is woefully under-qualified to be anywhere near the Oval Office. It kind of makes you want to go out and find a moose and put lipstick on it.””

  128. the problem child says:

    Now that is an editorial I can get behind! And, unlike many, it is signed. Pure gold!

  129. QuiltAK says:

    Go Nome!!

  130. ds55 says:

    Too funny!

  131. ziggybutterfly says:

    hilarious. I love Nome.

  132. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    OMG a paper in Alaska finally tells the truth.
    Way to go Nome Nugget with a Solid Gold Nugget of Truth!!!

  133. Kisses and Hugs to Nome for being so forthright and non pundity.

  134. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  135. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Nome’s Got The Beat
    The Mighty Alaska Beat
    Go, Go, Fight, Fight
    Win, Win, Fight, Fight
    Go, Fight, Win, Fight
    Go, Fight, Win!
    Fight, Nome, fight
    Never give in
    Fight, Nome, fight
    Alaskans have to win!

    Go, Nome!
    (shaking my pom-poms!)

  136. lovemydogs says:

    I love the “Well hit us with a box of quackers” line.


    That makes my day.

  137. Wolfe Tone says:

    A shame that the ADN doesn’t have a pair of nuggets like the Nome Nugget does.

  138. DrChill says:

    Nome, on the strange.

  139. Forty Watt says:


  140. tigerwine says:

    Well said, Nugget! Too bad the ADN has not had enough guts to say the same.

  141. Silvermoon says:

    Some nuggets are worth keeping—-and that’s a keeper!!!

  142. Karin in CT says:


  143. GlobalVillage says:

    Well, that was sheer GOLD!

  144. LiladyNY says:

    I expect we’ll be hearing more of this kind of reporting as time goes by. Yup Yup.

  145. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Ah…. A “Nome-Nugget of Truth”. Looks like there’s at least ONE Alaska newspaper that isn’t afraid of the soon-to-be-deposed “Evil Witch of the North”.

  146. Irishgirl says:

    Love it! 🙂

  147. pvazwindy says:

    The Nome Nugget has been nominated for the Pulitzer, for editorial writing. Do you think Sarah subscribes?

  148. Ashkee Colorado says:

    Mine sentiments also too. Gosh darnit!

  149. zyggy says:

    great article, I’m sure the felt great after that went to print.

  150. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    This sent me and sis into fits of giggles! Good ol’ Nome – still Alaskan through and through (and not very bamboozled with the Governor of Twitterature).

  151. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Well, that sums it up nicely, doesn’t it?

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