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CRAP 2012!

It’s like the end of a magic show.  The magician stands there in the spotlight, all eyes are upon him.  A flourish of the cape, a puff of smoke, and…..poof!  Gone.  The smoke clears, and he is nowhere to be seen.  The audeince stares.  They look at each other.  There is murmuring.  Nobody knows quite what to do.  Is it over?  Should we go home now?  Will he pop up again somewhere else in the room?

Awkward silence.

That’s where we are.  Sarah Palin has left the building.  We think.

Before she surfaces again, let’s take this moment to announce the results of our Mudflats Poll.  If Sarah Palin does indeed appear in a puff of smoke up on the balcony somewhere and announce that she’s starting her own political party, what should it be named? Here’s the Top Ten List!

Drumroll Please…..


#10)  The “I Did It On Twitter” Party – (The IDIOT Party)

#9)  The Know Nothing Party

#8)  I Am Also, Too a Candidate!  Also.

#7)  The Mavwreck Party

#6)  The Pity Party

#5)  The American Sarah Society, Holding America Together (The ASSHATs)

#4)  The Bitter Quitter Twitter Party

#3)  The Party to Nowhere

#2)  It’s My Party (and I’ll Quit if I Want To)

and the best name for Sarah Palin’s new political party is….

The Conservative Republican American Party – CRAP!

Yes, in 2012, you too may be able to step behind that little curtain and vote for CRAP.

Thanks to all who contributed! #10 – rebekkah, #9 – (Secret Shopper, Paula, Gasman, Harley, Seattlefan & others), #8 – Karen, #7 – bucfan, #6 – (powerkb, BWilder, Aussie Blue Sky, Cathy from Colorado), #5 – Gasman, #4 – bucfan, #3 – mlaiuppa, #2 – (Geneva freespeech, Jimmy Wellington), #1 – Gasman

Enjoy the rest of the entries HERE. Don’t forget to read the comments. There were far too many to include them all!



63 Responses to “CRAP 2012!”
  1. Judy says:

    Every time I read Mudflats I get a chuckle. My hat’s off to the talented, clever and funny people who add their 2 cents.

  2. Dena Ch'o says:

    We did have a CRAP party in Canada: the Conservative-Reform Alliance Party. they changed their name the second day of their founding convention to the Canadian Alliance, & eventually took over the Progressive Conservatives and have since abandoned any pretense of being progressive.

  3. Sheep Farmer says:

    Palin’s Party.

    It’s My Party. Like, just sayin’, ya know. The IM-Party. Same idea as IM-Proper, or any other IM word.

    Cheers, from Eastern NYS

  4. Jackie says:

    I also too was having lots of problems with Gryphen’s site – but IE had an update – IE8 – and has been good since updating – was driving me crazy before!

  5. anadventurer says:

    In direct and frank conversation with staunch conservative, Republican and Alaskan who strongly supported Dan for mayor of Anchorage. “Sarah, who I know and has helped me out in the past DID NOT do the right thing in stepping down, she did us all wrong”

  6. mattie says:

    it is also on alaska report also

  7. jc in co says:

    #55 Bystander, I put on my firefox browser and went on over, wow! I mentioned it to my hubby, he looked at me with pity in his eyes. He just doesn’t understand that she must be prevented from ever getting within 10 miles of the WH. My other pet project is harrassing the birthers, it’s practically a full time job. I was pleased to hear Bill Mahr last night state that instead of snickering at these tin foil hat wack jobs we need to grind them into the ground & stop this sh*t. What really makes me angry is that the dems in power don’t do a d*mn thing about it. Why do citizens like you and me and Rachel, Keith, Bill Mahr, Letterman & Conan have to do the dirty work? This is my biggest problem with my party, so many of them refuse to stand up for what’s right because it might make somebody mad. In that respect the repubs have always had passion about their agenda no matter how stupid it is.

  8. London Bridges – Thanks for directing me to Immortal Minority. Yep, it is breaking news. All I can say is WOW. Her life is a soap opera, unbelievable.
    No wonder she’s not tweeting. All I can say is let the truth come out.

  9. Bystander says:

    JC in Co #53. Gryphen reports an impending divorce for the Queen and the Toad (who did not become a prince when he was kissed).

    I too, often have computer issues when I go to Immoral Minority, but it is coming in loud and clear today…

  10. London Bridges says:

    you HAVE to go over to Immoral Minority – breaking news!

  11. jc in co says:

    #51 Bystander, what’s gryphen saying? I don’t go there because of the computer issues I experience. For whoever asked about JTP not being a repub anymore, he announced sometime around the time Meghan McCain said he was a dumb *ss or whatever she called him. He has the same mentality as silly sarah, stomp off in a snit if anyone dares state the obvious. eg “you’re a dumb *ss, you’re dumb as a box of rocks”, etc. Isn’t somebody going to cruise by in their boat this weekend to check out Casa Palin? Maybe they could be wearing one of those things they advertise on tv to improve hearing? You know, forgot what they’re called, old lady wearing it at the bingo hall…check out if plates are flying or whatever.

  12. Spoon Archer Palin says:

    42. Samper.

    I don’t know why Meg is still around Sarah, but it’s good that she isn’t around anywhere I am.

  13. Bystander says:

    Will Sarah twitter the divorce announcement?

    (See Immoral Minority)

  14. Bystander says:

    Immoral Minority reports the First Family (of AK) is in splitsville. Good old Republican family values, once again.

    Maybe the CRAP party can absorb all the Republican cheaters, and become larger than the GOP!

  15. not that sarah says:

    I have a CRAP 2009 Bumper sticker from the Republican/conservative C-PAC convention- the one where Limbaugh bounced up and down like a crazy man? A graphic designer I know put it together…I wish I knew how to upload it. It was C-PAC, I think, and she renamed it CRAP. LOL. I don’t think she had named it as it was so cleverly named here, but the graphics are done for the new party. Win win!!

    Love all of the names:-) Great job, everyone!

  16. rebekkah says:

    Sorry, wasn’t finished my post. Wow, never got close to winning anything in my life……can’t even win games at baby and wedding showers. Now, let me assure you all I wasn’t calling “anyone’ an idiot. An acronym just “happened”.
    I’ll let that one slide. But, I digress……..

  17. rebekkah says:

    Congratulations Gasman! Now, what would media call the newly-elected officials? John King: Our guest today is CRAP Representative Joe Plumber.

  18. ayerishgrl (quarter granite palin) says:

    i love it-the CRAP party. Nice job to all!

  19. BuffaloGal says:

    I can see the protest signs now:

    “Back On the Bus & Get Yer CRAP Outta Here!”

    “That CRAP Don’t Play In Peoria!”

    “O CRAP – Not YOU AGAIN! ”

    And I can see the sign on the campaign bus and tshirts:

    Loved them all ! Very funny stuff.

    Happy Birthday to Samper!!!

  20. benlomond2 says:

    …and of course , the members will proudly be saying…” I’m a CRAPPER, and I support Sarah !”….hehehehehe!!

  21. Enjay in Eastern MT says:

    It is soo good to be back – was traveling & off the net for 12 whole days – will have lots of catching up to do. Love the C R A P that has been going on,

  22. samper says:

    Gasman is IMPORTANT! He has “people” to call HER “people”.

    BTW: Why does she still need Meg around? Can she not SPEAK FOR HERSELF now that she has nothing better to do?

  23. Bystander says:

    Wasilla has its Village Idiot back, temporarily.

  24. MissSunshine says:

    As secretive and underhanded as the Republican party has become (it used to be a respectable organization) I wouldn’t be surprised, either.

    I remember reading that the McCain campaign had “six or seven” issues with SP that they knew were going to be problems, if they became widely known. (One of the “issues” was Todd’s involvement in the AIP.) Who knows what other dirt they uncovered on Quittypants?

  25. trisha says:

    swe123 #22

    You may not be that far off base. Something odd just happened in front of our eyes. There is more to this story—-of that I am sure.

    BTW, all of the names are winners. Awesome.

  26. London Bridges says:

    By jove, I think I have it! The party that Sarah “could” be qualified for, if she actually shows up, ya know. She may have burped Trig once or twice.

    Ta Dah!!!!!

    The Tupperware Party!

    (With sincere apologies to all successful Tupperware sales agents!)

  27. trisha says:

    London Bridges Says:

    Sarah: The Creme De La C.R.A.P.

    Also serves to answer the perennial question: “Sarah, what’s inside that beehive?”
    Sarah: Creme De La C.R.A.P.——Now THAT is funny.

    As to what’s in her beehive? I think it’s tiny GOP operatives pulling her strings. I’m thinkin’ they had a serious malfunction. Anyone with me?

  28. BJA says:

    Sarah may not have gone anywhere. Maybe her kids and husband need a break from raising Trig and she’s been required by them to step up to the plate and do a shift or two.

    The one who has been absent is Bristol. I can only imagine how irate she is that first, she has to pretend as though her mother is telling the truth when she knows it’s all a lie. And two, that she’s at home raising her own baby and her little brother while her mom spouts the family values line. I’ll bet Bristol, with all the indignation an 18-year-old can muster, is ready to string her mother up by her fake hair. She has been incredibly absent. That’s the one I wonder about.

  29. mattie says:

    Do they let you tweet from Betty Ford?

  30. mattie says:

    As goofy as the Republicans are getting I wouldn’t be surprised by anything.

  31. swe123 says:

    I have surmised that she is in rehab but haven’t heard anything officially.

    If you look at the timeline the pieces fit perfectly:

    1. acting erratic and looking terrible
    2. a select goup of RNCers visit her in the spring and give her an “action plan”, which she doesn’t follow
    3. one week visiting Kosovo and talking future plans

    (this is where I think she got another RNC visit and told “you’re embarrassing us, resign or we out you”)

    4. an extremely quick press conference to announce her resignation
    5. during the resignation speech when she’s talking about the yes votes she says “and someday I’ll tell you more about how that happened”. Maybe expose the rep party in her new book?
    5. McCain states “he thinks she made the right decision to quit”
    6. She’s talking about starting a 3rd party…I’m thinking she’s pretty ticked off at the repub’s forcing her hand right now.
    7. Sarah goes silent…no cell phones or communications are allowed in rehab

    This is why we won’t hear about a criminal investigation or the other shoe dropping…because it was engineered by the RNC and they won’t be talking.

    Just my opinion…that’s all

  32. austintx says:

    CRAP. I like it. Go Gasman.

  33. mattie says:

    Everybody email Virginia Foxx from NC and ask her where in the healthcare bill it says they are going to kill old people? she said this lie, per huffington post. “make sure we bring down the cost of health care for all Americans and that ensures affordable access for all Americans and is pro-life because it will not put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government.” I think we need to start calling on these politicians to tell the truth.

    She is the same congresswoman who said Matthew Shepard’s killing was a hoax.

    or call her at (877) 253-0861

    Where in the healthcare bill does it say that our government is going to put seniors to death? Thank you.

  34. Marnie says:

    CRAP kind of matches CREEP from Nixon’s reelection. Very apt.

    I just found this quote imbedded in an article on the All Spin Zone about Palin’s 80% approval rating.

    “The high education areas Obama carried – 78 of the 100 counties with the highest education. McCain carried 88 of the 100 counties with the lowest education. As we move to cultural politics, that’s been the shift.”

    We have all guessed why the RepoTaliban want’s to dumb down America but there’s the statistical proof that it wordks.
    And since so many of the “face” people the party supports are duhmmer’n, stuhmps you can bet the powers that put Duhbya into a governorship and the WH are still in power and very active in running the RepoTaliban.

    Sarah you are so dumb and so vain you don’t realize you are a tool, a puppet. Their hands are up your backside and you don’t even feel it.

    Progressives, we can’t relax for a minute, or the party of Herr Karl Rove, and his Nazis’ will win. They talked about 40 year Reich – we know they want more than that.

  35. califpat says:

    The entire top ten were great and very creative. Congrats Gasman, you are the “da” bomb!

    London Bridge: I like the acronym of Greed because that is the epitome of $P and her enablers. Yep!

  36. London Bridges says:

    Sarah: The Creme De La C.R.A.P.

    Also serves to answer the perennial question: “Sarah, what’s inside that beehive?”

  37. nswfm CA says:

    Maybe it was the Blamey Whinehouse connection from Jon Stewart.

  38. Ripley in CT says:

    We, as a bunch, have quite a few neurons firing in general. WTG winners!! I’m so glad I voted for the top winner! That always makes me feel smarter 🙂

  39. nswfm CA says:

    I’ve read speculation about the rehab, but nothing confirmed.

  40. Gasman says:

    tigerwine #21 – There will always be room for Joe the Plumber in the CRAP movement. After all, doesn’t JTP just exude CRAP? You might even say that JTP is CRAP-tastic. There should be at minimum a high level cabinet post for Joe. Secretary of State comes to mind.

    I’ve been giving some thought to a potential CRAP mascot. The Democrats have the donkey and the Republicans the elephant. For CRAP I think that it should be either: 1. a squatting bull – with appropriate visible output; or 2. a monkey flinging its own poo. Somehow, the poo flingin’ monkey seems more Palinesque.

    I could get used to being a kingmaker.

  41. delsur says:

    I heard that SSarahaha was in rehab? Any one else here that?

  42. Gasman says:

    I fully intend to fulfill my campaign pledge and remain humble in victory. I was especially delighted that the A.S.S.H.A.T.S. made a late push and surged into 5th place. They were my sentimental favorites.

    I will do my utmost to try and get XGINO Palin to adopt the mantle of CRAP. After all, her very name should be synonymous not only with the platform, but with the party she inspired. Maybe their new slogan could be, “When you think of CRAP, you think Palin.” Or, somewhat more succinctly, “Think Palin. Think CRAP.”

    I guess my people should call her people.

  43. tigerwine says:

    Honesty in Gov #11 – Joe the Plumber has left the GOP? When did this happen? Please fill me in!

  44. London Bridges says:

    All top ten were great! I went away for 4 days and missed the whole thing.
    How about the Great Republican Embezzling Entitlement Dupers

  45. LiladyNY says:

    Perfect because they’re all so full of it.

  46. moseyon says:

    A deserved winner.Well done

  47. I have a book about Mr. Crapper called “Flushed with Pride” by Wallace Reyburn, subtitled “The Little Classic of the Smallest Room”, published by Pavilion In Great Britain. I don´t know if he would be happy about the “misuse” of his name for a Palin Party…..

  48. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Dear old Sarah, forgotten but not gone . . . . she’ll always be #1 on the CRAP ticket to me.

  49. bucfan says:

    mlaiuppa, If only Perez Hilton has asked a gotcha question of the two entries in front of you, the crown would be yours.

  50. nswfm CA says:

    Excellent work, winners! Lori in LA’s bum pits in the toilet from the last open thread can be the mascot. Like a brown version of the red blood donation guy.

  51. tizzielish says:

    When I think about Palin, that old song about ‘how you gonna keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Pa’ree!?”. . . which was written about veterans returning from WWI. . . keeps coming to mind.

    Whatever she does, goddess help me, I’m going to be paying attention.

    This was a great naming context, AKM, Thanks.

  52. twain12 says:

    congrats to the winners

  53. honestyinGov says:

    Since Joe the “Plumber” has left the GOP… I’m sure this will make him happy.
    He’s a Natural for the Party.

  54. Oh, and then here’s the definintion and possible origin of the word “crap”:

    Most of them refer to something that is rubbish or nonsense. Yup, I’d say that would very aptly describe any party headed by the queen of the quitters, Sarah.

  55. I love it! Especially when one thinks that they would be called the CRAPpers. And then there’s that connection to Thomas Crapper, who didn’t invent the toilet, but improved it and promoted its use.

    The possibilites are endless.

  56. dowl says:

    Another great naming contest.

    When the IDIOTs of the the new third party realize that the acronym is CRAP, to spin it, they’ll call it ConservativeRap which is also apropos because the RNC Chair, Michael Steele. failed miserably to engage the Hip Hop generation constituency—now the CRAPpers might appeal to that demographic!

  57. Lee323 says:

    If this last week is any indication of the Party of Crap, then I’m kind of liking it….silence from the Head.

  58. mlaiuppa says:

    Yay! I’m #3. That means if Gasman or the first runner up should be unable to serve, I get the crown!

    Do I still get to keep my title as Miss Congenitally?

  59. Claw Washout Palin says:

    I like the name. CRAP is what it will be and what I will be saying if she runs for Presidency. Congratulations to gasman and the mudpups on the top 10 list

    #10 – rebekkah, #9 – (Secret Shopper, Paula, Gasman, Harley, Seattlefan & others), #8 – Karen, #7 – bucfan, #6 – (powerkb, BWilder, Aussie Blue Sky, Cathy from Colorado), #5 – Gasman, #4 – bucfan, #3 – mlaiuppa, #2 – (Geneva freespeech, Jimmy Wellington), #1 – Gasman

  60. BigSlick says:

    She’s working with the ghost writer to sort out the word salad for her book.

    She may never surface again.

  61. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle says:

    They were ALL the best of the best!
    Congrats Gasman!!!

  62. Zim from Oz says:

    I love the winner too… Fabulous !

    Where is she ?

    I can picture her snuggled up in THAT big bear rug waiting, waiting and waiting for the phone to ring…..(* she sighs…. ‘they’ said they would call…*)

  63. Gramiam AKA Smoke Strapon Palin says:

    I just love the winner!! Thanks, gasman. You ROCK!