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September 25, 2023


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Friday, January 28, 2022

A Retired Pastor’s Thoughts on Red Shirts and Blue Shirts

Tonight at the Assembly Chambers in the Loussac Library is the next bout of public testimony about the now infamous Ordinance 64, which would add the term “sexual orientation” to the current non-discrimination policy for housing, employment, public facilities and education. The meeting runs from 5-11pm, with details HERE.  Link to streaming and live blogging will be available on The Mudflats. This guest blog is from a Mudflats reader who is a retired pastor with a doctor of ministry (D. Min) degree.  He is a long time Anchorage area resident who wanted to share his thoughts. ****************************** I went over…

Anchorage’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance – New Developments

Today, new developments arise in the matter of controversial Assembly ordinance #64.  The ordinance would add the words “sexual orientation” to the city’s non-discrimination law.  Those two little words have drawn battle lines, and made Assembly meetings look like a weird hybrid of football game, church revival and street fair.   Walking into the Loussac Library feels like the moment when you hold your nose, take a deep breath and jump in the pool, not knowing quite how cold it’s going to be.  The brain chemicals are pumping, and the emotions eminating from reds and blues alike make the air thick,…