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September 22, 2023


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Friday, January 28, 2022

Rally at Tonight’s Assembly Meeting

At some point, Anchorage residents are going to believe Mayor Dan Sullivan when he tells them who he is. At five minutes before quitting time on Friday afternoon, Mr. Mayor decided he’d tell municipal employees that the very next Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly was going to be taking a vote to freeze their pay and benefits. Forever. Yes, forever. Not only that, they’d be deciding whether to gut their collective bargaining rights. And guess when these employees who were notified at 4:55pm on Friday were told they could meet to learn all about these huge changes to their jobs? 8am…

Voices from the Flats – Why I’m following the trial of alleged serial rapist Anthony Rollins

Mudflats readers may remember coverage of the rally organized by STAR (Standing Together Against Rape) organized a little over a year ago, to support survivors and to protest the release to house arrest of police officer and accused serial rapist, Anthony Rollins. Mel Green has been blogging the trial, and aggregating the reports on Twitter of journalists following along from the courtroom.  Green is the writer of the blog Henkimaa, and also writes for Bent Alaska. By Mel Green ~Boney Courthouse, Alaska Court System (photo taken 11 Sep 2010) Anthony Rollins: he’s the suspended Anchorage Police Department officer  on trial…

Anchorage Assembly Meeting 2011 Budget – What are People Saying? (Live blogging)

I’m here at the Assembly Chambers as public testimony is being taken on the Anchorage municipal budget. (See previous post)  I’ll try to hit the highlights for those of you who couldn’t make it.  There is a long line of people waiting to testify and the room is packed to standing room only. Guy in weird hat and American flag scarf thinks the mayor is doing a great job. Thinks the Assembly should buy their own lunch. Quoting from a book “citizens are a milk cow ready to give buckets of money… absurd taxes, bla bla bla.” 18th Century, Declaration…