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May 19, 2024


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Republicans-know-best Strategy Failing Alaska

A few months ago, I explained why the Republican majorities running the Alaska House and Senate would be wise to accept a Democratic offer to put aside party politics and work together as one big caucus of the whole to address our fiscal crisis. The last time we had a bipartisan Senate, it managed to come up with a fair oil tax structure, and put $16 billion in the bank. And thank God they did, because we’re living off that savings right now. But no, Republicans rejected bipartisanship and decided to go it alone. After their successful partisan gerrymandering of…

The Weekend Off – News You Missed

Alaska KTVA – Anchorage mayoral candidate threatens to sue media Mayoral candidate Dan Coffey has stated he doesn’t want the public to hear a private conversation he had with current Anchorage Assembly member Bill Starr back in 2008. The conversation with Starr was recorded onto an answering machine. ADN – State sells $4 billion in stocks because it may need the cash before long The state is liquidating about $4 billion of long-term investments in stocks because it may need the money soon and can’t afford the risk of a market decline. The need to draw billions from the Constitutional Budget…

“Stop the Giveaway!” Backbone Rally Photos

This just in from Juneau: Last night, under the cover of darkness, the House Resources Committee made the Governor’s oil wealth giveaway an even BIGGER giveaway. Just after 2:00a.m. the House Resources Committee amended the bill, reducing the tax rate from 35 to 33 percent, giving away an additional $300-$400 million dollars a year. This rate applies to all oil, whether it is already in production or not. Today, hundreds of Alaskans all across the state showed up for a “day of resistance” to stop the oil wealth giveaway.There were rallies in Juneau, Fairbanks, Sitka, Homer, Dillingham, Soldotna, Sterling and Anchorage.   Today,…