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February 21, 2024


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Friday, January 28, 2022

Gov. Sean Parnell – Spinning the Numbers and Sticking it to Alaska’s Kids

By Rep. Les Gara While I look for common ground with our Governor – like our efforts to keep pushing to find ways to build a natural gas pipeline (we agree a large diameter line that exports gas, produces low-cost gas, and brings in revenue is smarter than a small in-state line that brings us very high cost natural gas and no revenue) – I do disagree with him on educational policy. Yesterday we had a hearing on the University of Alaska. Alaska ranks last in the nation in college attendance and graduation. So what’s the Governor’s plan? Well, he…

School Choice Bill Moves Ahead – Giddyup!

~And they would’ve got away with it too… if it weren’t for that pesky Constitution! The question is “school choice.” That’s what they call it, anyway. Anchorage is fortunate in that there is already a great network of 27 charter schools available for those who want a public school alternative. And America is fortunate that for our kids, attending school is a privilege to which everyone is entitled. Yes, education is an “entitlement program,” (oh, the horror) and we ought to be proud of that. It’s one of those instances when “American exceptionalism” really means something. Republicans in the Alaska…

Rep. Kawasaki Introduces Safe Ducky Bill!

Kudos, and a rousing “Ho ho ho!” to Rep. Scott Kawasaki from Fairbanks! He has introduced legislation aimed at protecting children’s health from unnecessary and dangerous chemicals in everyday consumer and child products. The bill would require Alaska to adopt and publish a watch list of priority chemicals of high concern, and would also requires manufacturers to disclose the toxic chemicals they add to products. The bill authorizes the state to require safer alternatives. “This would be a huge victory for the health of our children,” said Representative Kawasaki, “There are holes in our laws that allow toxic chemicals in…