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Joe Miller’s Alaska Militia

Joe Miller is fond of private security.

In the Spring of 2008, Joe Miller showed up wearing Eric Estrada circa 1984 mirrored sunglasses, with security guards in a staged coup d’état of the leadership of the Alaska Republican Party. He lost. Randy Ruedrich still stands supreme as the party Chair, and now supports the man who once tried to oust him.

Fast forward to July 4, 2010 – US Senate candidate Joe Miller’s supporters marched with assault rifles and campaign signs.

The Alaska Dispatch has been doggedly pursuing a story on why Joe Miller lost his job several months after the attempted takeover encouraged by then-governor Sarah Palin. All indicators point toward Miller using the computer resources of his employer, the Fairbanks North Star Borough, to rig some sort of vote, and then clearing out the cache to conceal that fact.

On Sunday, Joe Miller, candidate for US Senate, held a town hall meeting at a middle school in Anchorage. When asked about illegal immigration, Miller offered up: Build a wall! “If the East Germans could do it, so can we!”

Really? The Stasi? I know Palin said we could see Russia from Alaska, but East Germany is pushing it.

Tony Hopfinger, editor at the Alaska Dispatch and host of a US Senate debate scheduled for Monday evening, followed Joe Miller into the hallway after the debate to ask additional questions. At a press conference last week, Miller announced he would no longer be taking questions about his past, but has continued advertising his past accomplishments; military combat service, Yale Law School, federal magistrate, etc.

According to Hopfinger:

1. Hopfinger had been trying to ask Miller questions when two or three guards told him to leave or risk being charged with trespassing.

2. When Hopfinger continued to try to ask questions, one of the guards put the reporter in an arm-bar and then handcuffed him.

3. Hopfinger was released after police arrived.

4. The reporter was on public property where a public event was being held at the time of the incident.

5. Miller has been adamant about his desire to avoid talking to the Alaska media, but no one in the working press in Alaska has ever before seen a candidate go to this length to avoid questions.

It is bizarre enough to have a reporter “arrested” by private security, but those of us who drive past The Drop Zone, the business behind Miller’s security, every day aren’t surprised by their over-reach or connection to Joe Miller.

The only thing more extreme than the weather and wildlife in Alaska is the politics. The Drop Zone was a sponsor of Palin apologist and former radio host, Eddie Burke. The DZ bragged to patrons about their security squad being littered with former Blackwater operatives. Not disclosing full names and a preference for cash transactions were commonplace. A poster of President Obama as the Joker hangs in their front window.

Part of being a 2nd Amendment Progressive in Alaska is having friends who are gun nuts. Several have recalled “Bill” at the Drop Zone boasting about his partners’ participation in rendition and black ops overseas. He would show off the 50 caliber sniper rifle worth at least $80,000. No one I know would ask what it was worth. It doesn’t take a sniper rifle to put a moose in your freezer.

“Bill”, identified in news accounts of this story, is William Fulton. He is the owner of the Drop Zone. Bill was photographed in front of the Alaska 9/11 Glenn Beck-Sarah Palin rally after pointing a finger at a protester while shouting, “Socialist!” The woman’s sign said, “Don’t be stupid Alaskans, Don’t Vote Joe Miller, We Deserve Better…”, and she held her own against the verbal onslaught. (see picture below)
Bill loves Glenn Beck and was heard saying, “Glenn talks to the crazies,” who are his best customers.

Extremists aren’t rare in Alaska. Through Todd Palin, the nation became aware of the Alaska secessionist group known as the Alaska Independence Party. Norm Olson, who was ousted from the Michigan Militia for being too radical, set up camp in Nikiski and started the Alaska Militia.

Having a personal militia is not common. Joe Miller’s narcissistic, militant disorder has come to full light with the detainment of journalist Tony Hopfinger. Political candidates with their own mercenaries are a recipe for disaster.

I think Scott McAdams, the Democratic candidate on the ticket opposing Joe Miller, put it best: “@JoeWMiller – in case you were unaware, the Constitution also applies to reporters.”



346 Responses to “Joe Miller’s Alaska Militia”
  1. bluebanshee says:

    Not only does does Joe Miller stand revealed as a lying Fascist by this incident, there is another dimension to this that is also unsettling. Several of the thugs involved in the handcuffing were off duty US military personnel — and it is against Army regulations for active US military to be involved in ANY partisan political activity! Check out this link:

  2. taxkitten says:

    Mike — Guess you missed the Salon article. Schaeffer Cox says he knows Joe Miller personally. Birds of a feather….

  3. AkLib says:

    I didn’t see it in these comments, but it has been revealed that the security members are active duty military.

    It is illegal for members of the military to take part in this type of activity (1,(b),(3)).

    Miller has said his illegal campaigning activities in Fairbanks got him reprimanded, but not fired. It has also been stated that he quit a day before he was to be fired. He will not agree to release the records on this. What was he actually going to be fired for?

    There are new accounts on Andrew Halcro’s blog that Miller may have been engaging in illegal income tax evasion, which is probably why he didn’t want to release his paperwork for months after it was required by law.

    Now he is using military members who are acting illegally to unlawfully detain journalists–most likely illegally.

    At this point electing this man is not the question, the question is will the justice department do their job and look into his many questionable actions?

  4. Mike says:

    Looking at Joe Miller’s financials, how did he afford bodyguards two years ago when he tried to oust Randy Ruedrich? With his income, who has that kind of money?? Fairbanks has an active group of militia-wanna-be’s as evidenced by the shenanigans of Schaeffer Cox (see the many News-Miner articles on him). I wonder if there are connections between the Drop Zone, Cox, and Miller?

  5. BigSlick says:

    Bill Fulton probably can’t get a license for a security company anymore

  6. Baker's Dozen says:

    I’ve decided that Millstone’s “security” wasn’t brown shirts. They were Brown Baggers! 🙂

  7. Ice Gal says:

    Candidates like Lisa with the beard are just the tip of the iceberg. The RNC embrace the t baggers because their agenda is the same, not to govern, but to have total chaos of the masses, so billionaires like the Koch brothers can destroy our home. Earth.

  8. Lower48 says:

    Now, Joe is claiming that the lil’ ole mean blogger / reporter guy followed him into the potty room. And…

    According to Patrick at Palingates, DropZone’s business license for security services IS EXPIRED…

    Lower48 / aka KatieAnnieOakley

  9. Ginger says:

    Why does the State of Alaska allow candidates (Joe Miller) to run in the primaries before filing a financial disclosure form? If this had been mandatory prior to the election, and people had access to his records, I don’t think he would have won the primary. These records are very telling. How clever of Joe to be five-months late–pay a pidly fine–win the primary–then file.

    Did I get something wrong?

    • benlomond2 says:

      Anybody know if he’s actually paid the fine ??? and if he did, was it out of the Campaign’s money ?? … I thnk his personal CC is tapped out….

  10. flex gunship palin says:

    I voted today for McAdams 11 AM . poles were full of people .

  11. Zyxomma says:

    Here’s Keith’s take on it:

    Miller’s campaign is being, how shall I put it? disingenuous. They didn’t know he was a reporter? BS!

  12. Ed says:

    first hand account of somebody who was asking Joe questions…says Tony was rude but not threatening.

    • overthemoon says:

      “I was a big supporter of Miller, but not any more”

      Great closing line for the article.

  13. Martha says:

    And today on CNN, $arah says that after the election “if the republicans do not go along with us (teabaggers)…..we’re DONE!

    Whatcha gonna doooo $arah, go all “Joe Miller” and take over capitol hill with Alaska’s Dropzone boys??

    • benlomond2 says:

      I get SUCH a chuckle out of these folks and their 2nd Amendment rights… like some bozo with a hunting rifle or an AK-47 they’ve modified is going to actually prevail against the US Armed forces… It’s not 1776, or even 1861…. Do they REALLY think they’re gonna prevail against anything like an Armoured Vehicle, or an attack aircraft ? The US Armed Forces aren’t going to do a stand up fight and risk their personnel, when they can just send a drone over and do the job… OH, That’s Right , Sarah was the Commander in Chief of Alaska’s National Guard !! She’s FULLY QUALIFIED , isn’t she !! Must have been WONDERFUL at playing Battleship… A1-hit !

  14. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    h/t to the bandit basheert at PG:

  15. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    fulton has had some previous legal problems? Sex crimes, allegedly?

  16. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Donate to Scott McAdams today. Check!

    Send letter to DSCC asking for Scott McAdams support. Check!

    Thank Tony Hopfinger at the Alaska Dispatch for his reporting. Check!

    Push Joe Miller face first into dog poo. Coming soon…

    • mmboucher says:

      I love you post Martha.

    • NOLA says:

      Be careful with that last one, you could end up in cuffs too!

      • Alaska Pi says:

        MUYS flies under radar…
        her cape makes her invisible…also, too
        he’d never know what hit him
        and by the time he cleaned up
        super Yard Sign
        would be long gone
        on another important
        fudiative mission
        no doubt…

      • North of the Range says:

        Nein, das cuffs sie are really special, sie are reserved for those who attend a public event on public property, work for sie AK Dispatch, and need to use sie gentlemen’s loo at the same time as sie candidate.

        All other miscreants are summarily sentenced to a Visioning Session about der Berlin Wall so they can see how everything East Germans do, Tee-Party it can also do. Jawohl!

  17. beth says:

    [[Post just went *POOF*, into the ether…got a notification that it wouldn’t pass the filter and did I want to edit it or post it anyway [after the mods checked it out.] I opted for “edit it.” Poof…gone! ARRRRRGH!!!!]]

    Basically, the post was making comment on The Joe Miller’s military history…specifically why he left active duty before [as we all understand it] he should have.

    He might have been diagnosed with PTSD, or might have ‘mystery symptoms’ caused by exposure to chemicals during Gulf 1, or ANY *other* medical and/or mental condition and/or disease that’d legitimately be claimed as a reason to end active duty. To my way of thinking, IF he left for medical reasons, it’s NO BIG DEAL! His medical records are personal … as they should be for e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.

    That said…

    IF he left for medical reasons, why doesn’t he ‘validate’ that condition/disease for all *other* former military who are *also* suffering from/diagnosed with that condition, by announcing *what* it is [or was]? Can you imagine how encouraging it’d be for all those *others* to know that ‘one of their’s’, one who *also* suffered with/was diagnosed with _____, could run for Senate? IF it was a medical/mental condition, by his *not* being forthcoming with it, he is placing *further* stigma on it for ALL the others who *also* have it. In my book, that is *not* a sign of someone who is ‘for the troops’; that is *not* the sign of a leader.

    IF, on the other hand, he left active duty ‘early’ and signed up for the reserved for NON-medical reasons, one has to wonder *what* those reasons might have been. With the recent shenannigans with the Borough, might he have been ‘lunch houring’ non-appropriately while on active duty; was he Joe Millering during his ‘lunch hours’? Yes, he was Honorably Discharged from active duty, but I sort of kinda have to seriously wonder if that wasn’t a ‘wink wink’ deal wherein the Govt figured it’d be to their advantage to get him the heck out of Dodge rather than have to put up with his ‘lunch houring’ any more.

    How the heck difficult would it be for him to say: “I had PTSD and had to leave active duty, I finished my obligation to the military in the Reserves” or “I tore all the cartlage in my left knee and had to leave active duty” or whatever? How uplifitng for all the *others* who also have that condition! And what a vote-getter for the ‘wounded warrior’. Absent that, though, all that’s left is speculation that he was ‘asked’ to leave active duty…that he f***ed up. Big time. I rather suspect he was ‘asked’ to join the reserves, and I further suspect that *that* is what he’s afraid too many questions might uncover (among *other* stuff) about him. beth.

    • Mac says:

      The only document missing from Joe’s website is his final active duty Officer Evaluation for 3/23/92 to 9/1/92. He had to have one done to close out his active duty time. Why isn’t it on his website?

    • Bretta says:

      Bob Dole and McCain ran on their status as DV with their war wounds out in the open.

      Ted Stevens didn’t have to, though, he had enough credentials without flaunting his service record.

      Jack Kennedy’s record just became part of his legend.

      A popular Alaska politician, former Governor Tony Knowles had served in the Army in Viet Nam and was respected by veterans but didn’t make a big deal about his service.

      I’ve never really seen someone’s service record be as suspect as this GOP senate candidate’s is; anyone who has served well and proudly is usually very happy to put the record forward.

  18. Mona says:

    To Heidi1,
    I’m a Californian who donated to MacAdams. The first time I’ve ever donated to an out-of-state candidate ever, and I used to be a Republican. After reading this blog since 2008 to learn who Palin was, and going to Alaska this summer, I feel very knowledgeable about Alaskan politics. Funny, huh?

    • Martha says:

      Mona…….You’re a good woman.

      Funny how we change our minds as we grow.

      Feels good doesn’t it?

      Mind you the republican party today does not resemble much of what it was even during the Regan years.

      Every thinking member fled after GW, the first teabagger, was elected.

      All that remain are puppet masters, the intellectually void and the lunatics.

    • Irishgirl says:

      lol…..I’m the resident Irish expert on Alaska! 🙂

      • Alaska Pi says:

        yup- you are!
        And we have needed all of you as much as you needed this blog
        I’d have stroked out during the 2008 election without all the laughs and support folks brought here to help us all get through …

        • Irishgirl says:

          My son started quizzing me on Irish politics last night…..he is not amused with my fascination with the mudflats and all things Alaskan!

    • Heidi1 says:

      Nice to hear you say that, Mona. Yup – as a Californian, this was the very first time I ever donated to an out-of-state candidate, too. I’ve got a lot of our friends to do the same thing. It is to the whole country’s benefit to get Scott McAdams elected to the Senate. I love Scott McAdams!! Did you hear his tweet today, before tonight’s debate? He said, “Scott McAdams will be bringing knowledge to the debate – not handcuffs.” It is funny…I know a LOT about Alaskan politics now, too.

  19. How were the security guards not arrested for kidnapping? What security guards wear ear pieces like this? Does he think he needs his own brownshirts?

  20. TX SMR says:

    I hope that the Anchorage School District will issue a statement that says that they did NOT require loserfacemiller have security guards (contrary to what he is spouting all over national news), and further that they will denounce such actions as his goons took, and also call for a police investigation re: whether or not the goons had loaded weapons as has been said here & there, and not enough nads on the part of loserfacemiller to confirm OR deny that accusation during his little radioshow spiel today.

    • overthemoon says:

      they did

      • TX SMR says:

        People (bloggers! Not newspapers or television news, at least not to my knowledge) have asked them and they have answered, but have yet to issue an official response.

        • Alaska Pi says:

          “Heidi Embley, a spokeswoman for the Anchorage School District, said Monday security cameras were partially installed at the school but were not equipped with recording devices, so no video of the scene is available.

          Miller also told national news outlets that the school had required him to hire private security as part of his agreement to use the facility. But Embley said that’s not correct — there is no requirement for private security guards.

          The agreement does require anyone using a school facility — whether it’s for a church group or a wedding or any other event — to have a security plan, she said. That plan needs to include monitors to watch over parking and to be at the doors to make sure people don’t bring food or drink into the facility, a standard agreement she provided shows”

          • Dagian says:

            “Miller also told national news outlets that the school had required him to hire private security as part of his agreement to use the facility. But Embley said that’s not correct — there is no requirement for private security guards.”

            A lawyer who can’t read a simple contract and understand what he’s signing AND he lies about the contents, despite knowing that it’s a matter of public record.

            Is it any WONDER he ‘forgot’ to keep his business license current?

            Plus all that indignation over how it was okay for him to APPLY FOR AND RECEIVE federal farm subsidies, an illegal hunting permit, lies about the family income in order to receive state healthcare [shades of $arah, whose kids and husband have always qualified for government provided healthcare, if they had opted to use it], not being forthcoming at all with his military service and how he got out of his commitments, possibly illegally hiring his wife, his wife APPLYING FOR and receiving unemployment, his ‘wall’ comment, refusing to answer questions, a man in the throes of a financial meltdown–but he wants to have a serious say in setting the federal financial house in order, the list goes on and on and on and on…

            I’m gobsmacked that he’s still a viable candidate. I mean, he’s a complete fruit basket, all by himself!

            I hope his family have somewhere else to be between now and 2 November. I would want to get the hell out of that compound and be somewhere far, far away from him.

  21. bubbles says:

    why a debate between McAdams and Murky and not Miller?

    • Alaska Pi says:

      because Mr Miller did not RSVP- no way, no how
      no matter how many times he was asked
      He’s a chicken
      Just a chicken…
      who hides behind punk brownshirt rooster-bozos

    • Martha says:

      Because Miller won’t play, after all the “blogger” he had “arrested” by the Dropzone security/bouncers/ bail bondsmen …… the moderator of the debate!!

      Just cannot make this stuff up.

      I’ll bet the other Joe, $arah’s old neighbor, is sorry he left Alaska so soon.

  22. AlaskaDisasta says:

    I am so sick of the liars who run for politics. Would someone please tell this BIMBO SHARON ANGLE OF NEVADA that the 9/11 terrorists DID NOT ENTER THE US THROUGH CANADA. She is spreading this lie either through incredible ignorance on her part or just to create trouble. See below article. Where do some of these rank idiots come from? And why do people vote for these ignoramuses?

  23. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    I’ll be watching the Alaska Dispatch hosted debate between Lisa and Scott at 7p AST. This might end up being a really interesting event!

    “…clear your calendar for 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 18, when brings you the live debate you’ve been waiting for. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Hear the candidates take each other on, up close and unscripted, and ask some questions of your own. Because it’s an event, you know you can expect a little something extra. Like a bar and swag giveaways. After all, the only thing more rewarding than civic engagement is a frosty beer and a free T-shirt.”

    “…Alaska Dispatch and over 200 of the state’s sharpest poll watchers will swarm the Snow Goose on Monday to watch U.S Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Democrat Scott McAdams knock heads. In the midst of a campaign season defined by Murkowski’s write-in candidacy and questions about Republican Joe Miller’s background, the Dispatch debate will be a forum for deeper conversation on the challenges facing Alaska and the nation. ”

    “…UPDATE: RSVPs for this event are currently closed, and the main hall where the debate will take place is full. But you can still hang at the Snow Goose bar, where the debate will be played live on a screen. Seating is limited to the first 100 (doors open after 6:30 p.m. and the debate starts at 7 p.m.). We’ll also live stream the debate on”

    • slipstream says:

      I will be at the debate. Blue t-shirt, screaming yellow jacket (Alaska Day!). Mudpuppies who are there can give the secret sign . . .

  24. Baker's Dozen says:

    And now my rant:

    Just how hard can it be to pass the bar exam if you are six kinds of stupid and you can do it. He isn’t intellectual, he can’t think on his feet, can’t carry out the simplest clandestine affair without being caught, doesn’t remember pertinent facts, and can’t follow simple directions. I mean, there’s nothing here for him to call on to be able to remember the information for the bar.

    One of two things has happened. Either you don’t have to have the brains God gave a tomato to be accepted at and gain a diploma from Yale, or Millstone did indeed manage to get into Yale, graduate, pass the bar, and then began huffing. For those of you not in law enforcement or education/social work, huffing is when you take something like spray paint, spray a good coating inside a baggie, and then inhale deeply of the fumes.
    At school, I had kids I knew were huffing, begged their parents to take them to the doctor or a counselor or someone to see what was wrong (no proof) and they wouldn’t. You could literally watch the mental decline of these kids week to week. It was really sad. But they also started coming up with this type of ridiculous story like Millstone has. It was one clue to us teachers that kids had become huffers. Millstone’s answers, responses to media, reactions to his wife, speeches, are all beginning to sound like someone with a serious drug problem.
    But my students’ parents were all the type that would have been Baggers. It seems that type of person turns off all radar about poor behavior in others they support. Not that others don’t do it, but it seems more prevalent among those that Bag.

  25. Baker's Dozen says:

    Someone get Millstone a Dart Board Chooser. No, this isn’t to entertain him. Some people make bad decisions. They look at all the facts and most of the time, they then draw the wrong conclusions. My BIL is one of them. They wonder why their lives are all messed up, and its no one’s fault but their own. Those people need Dart Board Choosers.
    They put all the choices they could make in a particular situation on the board, close their eyes and throw the dart. Their chances of getting a good decision with the Dart Board Chooser are far higher than if they make the decision on their own.
    Think of all the mistakes Millstone (and all the Baggies) would have avoided if he had just used a Dart Board Chooser. Or an 8 ball. Or asked a third grader not being home schooled in his home. Or asked Zoltar. Or . . .

  26. fawnskin mudpuppy says:

    or…drip nose

  27. Michael says:

    Do not think these are fools and want to be’s. These are obviously dangerous and misguided people that need these jobs and have forgotten their oath to protect the citizenry and the US Constitution. Selling their honor and becoming pawns for the money. A simple viewing of the incident shows the ignorance and demeaning methods they employ. There is no justifiable reason for their actions. Joe Miller is seeing his future and it’s receding faster than his hairline.

  28. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Or something like this right after the speech:

    Drop Zone: Hey Joe – ya know I’m a real whacko and love you for being so whacko but now I think you might have gotten too whacko for the non whackos with that talk about a wall in Alaska, er, in California or wherever you said it would be. We gotta do something quick cause I saw even other whacko people worried that your whacko idea was too whacko for the non rill Americans. I’m just the hired thug and all and so what do I know but maybe Joe Militia, you better think quicker than a gun shot about that before it’s too late.

    Joe Militia: “Drop Zone, for a Pinhead leader you might be someone I wanna keep around. That’s pretty good thinking for a nutjob who doesn’t have a business license since that would be paying the government. We’ll slip that wall in there later when we kick out the press for good. Let’s do something drastic right now as a diversion and make sure it’s someone else’s fault.”

  29. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    I imagine it could have gone something like this behind the scenes, before the event:

    Joe Militia: “Hey Drop Nose – hope you’re feeling testy tonight. That damn liberal lame filtered nazi propaganda rag the Dispatch invited me to that stupid debate tomorrow night. I can’t stand them, they pick on me, they hate me and I don’t wanna go! I need a good excuse and a bunch of really good lies stacked up so that I don’t have to go. It has to be their fault, you know, the usual”.

    Drop Nose: “Hey Joe no problemo! My shavies are in a bad mood today because someone substituted their gun oil with salmon oil and now they all stink to high heaven. Whaddya say we just slam him around a bit and get him pissed off? We’ll make sure everyone thinks it’s him.”

  30. Ripley in CT says:

    Did you all see this? Miller’s hit squad license is expired!!!

    • jimzmum says:

      I was just bringing it here! Ripley, I got an email from a friend who does a lot of looking around, and he found it. So, that is a little bit of a problem for them isn’t it? I mean if say everyone send blankets of email to people explaining the link and all?

  31. Kimosabe says:

    Why wouldn’t Miller answer questions about his military service? If he was proud of it you can bet he’d be trumpeting it. No, he is hiding the reasons he washed out. Seems to me this, more than any of the other issues, will wash him out of the election also too. If only someone could get to the bottom of it!

  32. NEO says:

    Run Joe, run to faux news!

  33. Moose Pucky says:

    Is the Drop Zone the area where a citizen must drop their constitutional rights or be handcuffed?

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      When I first saw the name I thought of a sleazy bar–you know, drink until you drop off the stool. I wasn’t far off, was I.

  34. Nebraska Native says:

    A little OT, McCain is out supporting Palin and bashing Boxer. I remember so vividly reading and refreshing continually 2 years ago on Mudflats, it was my life line for sanity. This year is crazier and scarier and I am horrified at what’s happened to my country. And Alaska? My God. Thank you from an outsider for keeping the info clear, honest and dynamic so we really know what’s going on up there. We had hope before, we have hope now, and we WILL continue forward!

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      That’s good news for Boxer. People in CA hate McCain almost as much as they hate Palin. That’s two two two hits in one! (From a Certs commercial) For all the money she’s thrown at her campaign, people aren’t all that impressed with Fiorina unless they’re out to protect their own money. And most people in the Bay Area were directly or indirectly affected by her disastrous tenure at HP. She managed to disaffect an awful lot of people who do vote simply by flushing a company down the toilet. The fact that HP stuck just part way and was then rescued (to an extent) doesn’t help her or excuse her one bit.

  35. Progressive in VA says:

    DropZone slogan: “We don’t need no stinking badges.”

  36. Bordo says:

    I am mildly amazed at the thin skin of Alaskan politicians who talk up their tough, frontier ways (I’m looking at you, Our Lady of Wasilla), but whine and cry like toddlers when they are asked reasonable questions.

    Joe Miller sounds like a first-class asshole. I know Scott McAdams has an uphill fight, but Lord, please do all you can do to keep this hypocritical hunk of shit out of the Senate.

  37. overthemoon says:

    ok. NOW miller says that the reporter followed him into the bathroom. And that’s the REAL reason he was detained. Funny how new stuff keeps coming out….

    “But the reason why this whole thing is curious, I have not told any outlet this before, but at the beginning of this event, the blogger, he actually followed me into the restroom.. “…

    • zyggy says:

      he’s changing his story, first he said the guy was a reporter, and now the guy is a blogger? What a crock of sheeet if coming out of Miller’s mouth.

      LOL guess he doesn’t read his own facebook about his events. If this guy lies anymore, we really have a bridge to nowhere and it will be his nose.

    • slipstream says:

      Doesn’t that reporter know that one restroom is reserved for royalty, and that common people have to use the other restroom? Off with his head!

    • A Fan From Chicago says:

      That had all the makings of a Larry Craig moment.

  38. sierraseven says:

    Hmmm … wonder what would show up if I did a search on the State of Alaska’s business licensing site.

    Uh oh! Whaddaya know – Mr Fulton’s business license DBA “Drop Zone Security” is expired.

  39. cochie says:

    I hate to say it but we really should vote for Lisa, for the simple reason to keep Miller from the US Senate and further embarrassing us. McAdams just is not prime time material, and likely a vote for him is a vote for Miller (and wouldn’t you be sad then.) so suck it up folks, and vote for Lisa.

    • beth says:

      Why is “McAdams just [ ] not prime time material”? Could you share your insights on this observation of yours, please, cochie? thanks, beth.

      • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

        There is no insight – just a tired old tactic either handed out, or swallowed.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      I will be voting for Scott McAdams, and am currently working on his campaign. I’ve looked at the numbers, the polls, the blogs, the news, talked to lots of people – and McAdams has a great chance to win if the progressives vote their values and choice. Giving into Lisa’s manufactured built in fear vote tactic isn’t working in this household!

      Now more than ever is a time to vote for Scott! Miller is losing ground with all but his bots which are stuck on with moron glue. Lots of Miller folks have taken down their signs and are shaking their heads all over the state. Those folks will go to Lisa because they vote party line. However, if Undeclareds and Nonpartisans (who when combined are over 1/2 of the registered voters) vote their hearts this is by no means a win for Miller in any way, shape or form. it can easily be a win for McAdams if people use their brains and know the push polls for what they are – junk.

      And personally, I’m tired of the unimaginative thinking going into your type of urging. If I were you, I wouldn’t give my power away like that.

    • AK Raven says:

      You really do have a problem. I will be voting for McAdams and NOT for someone who voted time and time again against the very policies that My president OBAMA ran on and won. I will vote for McAdams because he will support my president. He will vote for the programs and the future that I want and can believe in. Thank you, thank you.

    • LoveMydogs says:

      Not going to happen. I never “suck it up” and vote for someone I don’t want representing me. I am voting for Scott McAdams and encouraging EVERYONE I know (who isn’t a teabagger) to do the same. A vote for Leasa is a vote for joe.

    • windpond says:

      No, I’m voting for Scott McAdams – he’s the best choice and he’s on the ballot. Lisa is not and with Miller acting the way he is, he would likely try to throw the election by getting all the write-in votes tossed out. With Scott, it’s a clear choice; he’s the best and he’s on the ballot.

    • Blooper says:

      cochie, I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment. In my opinion, that is exactly the kind of defeatist attitude that could get Miller into the Senate. As has been pointed out time and time again, Lisa has a very poor chance of winning this race even in the best of circumstances. The more Democrats who would have voted for McAdams vote for Lisa the better Joe’s chances of sneaking in will be. And besides, I don’t and never did want Lisa to get back in anyways. She has been demonstrated to vote in lock step with the obstructionist Republican block that wants to set this country backwards and thwart any sort of progressive agenda.

      Sorry, I am not voting for Lease-A-Murkowskeee no way, no how!

    • bubbles says:

      oh please….

    • 1smartcanerican says:

      Totally disagree. McAdams is prime time material and the only one that gives a damn about Alaskans and Alaska, and not just himself.

      Wake up and smell the coffee, cochie!

    • Moose Pucky says:

      Right…and I have some swampland I’d like you to look over also, too.

      Vote your values! That would be McAdams.

      If Obama/Biden could get 38% of the vote in 2008 in McCain/Palin’s home state, McAdams can surely beat freaky Joe and murky Write-in with 40% and then some.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      If Joe Miller is elected it is NOT going to embarress me.
      It will make me mad as could be, but I will not be embarressed. Nor will I be sad.. I will be mad.

      I am growing weary of being told how I will feel and that a vote for someone is a vote for someone else. I am sick unto perdition of being told to throw myself on a sword to save us from JM.

      A vote for Mr Miller is a vote for Mr Miller- not going there… he’s a fruitloop.

      A vote for Ms Murkowski is a vote for Ms Murkowski- not going there. Don’t want her anymore.
      We will always have Joe Millers here. She either sucked up to the party of no and/or adjusted to try to suit the JMs of this state- and left the rest of us out of her calculations . We all know how that worked out … the JMs think she’s a shill, We think she’s a shill … and she has voted for 2 years like a shill.

      A vote for Mr McAdams is a vote for Mr McAdams.
      I’m voting for Mr McAdams .
      Fooey on your notion about what might be called ready-for-primetime!
      Mr McAdams hit the ground running when Mr Miller won the R primary and has gotten more organized, articulate, and solid with each passing day.
      Anyone who can adjust that rapidly and keep their center is more than ready for primetime.

      Go Scott!!!!!

      Go home Lisa…

      Go directly to jail Joe Miller, do not pass go, do not collect (anymore) $200, and take your bozo brownshirts with you!!!!

    • Sourdough Mullet says:

      I would never be able to summon up intestinal fortitude enough to vote for Lisa. She squandered any respect I ever had for her by voting with the Party of No to block any gains by the Obama administration. And she even voted against her own values to do so. She is a total sell-out, and she is enabling the conservative extremists.
      Scott McAdams is imminently qualified, and would be an outstanding senator. If people would take the time to listen to him and become familiar with his platform, they would see that.
      Vote your values, NOT your fears! Go Scott!!

    • Madeline says:

      I’ve met McAdams and he is DEFINITELY ready for prime time. Lisa has a couple of new ads out targeting Scott, apparently SHE is getting worried about him!! They probably figure Miller is toast and Scott has a good chance to run away with this thing.

      • Alaska Pi says:

        I don’t have TV and only have limited radio…
        I have seen the Alaskans-Standing -Together ad in the ADN quoting ex gov Sheffield as saying a vote for McAdams is a vote for Miller…( note to self- write really scathing letter to my Regional Corp for spending money in a that super-PAC… when I have calmed down enough not to swear )

        Are Ms Murkowski’s own ads similar?

        Ms couldn’t-get-it-together-to-trounce-Miller-in-the-primary Murkowski is really starting to get on my nerves… really…

    • Bretta says:

      Sorry, Coochie-Coo, your argument didn’t influence me, or in the words of Randy, the Alaska GOP Chair regarding his failed senate candidate-cum-failed-leader-of-the-coup:
      “That Dog Just Don’t Hunt.”

  40. Lee323 says:

    In the right-wing extremists’ worldview, a reporter’s questions are more threatening and outrageous than the extremists openly carrying guns to parades, the Governor’s picnic, and political rallies…..More threatening and outrageous than the extremists’ belligerent disruption and intimidation tactics at the healthcare town halls in the summer of ’09…..More threatening than the hordes of Palinbots who descend with death threats on anyone who criticizes Sarah Palin.

    The bunker mentality of these nutjobs threaten everyone in a free society….including themselves if they stopped to think about it for a millisecond. If they condone a political apparatus which uses guns and handcuffs to shut down dissent and questions, what assurances do they have that they will always be the ones to hold the power….and the guns?

    It’s so ironic that these folks are the most vociferous in their cries against forceful government intrusion into their lives, yet they appear to be the most willing to sanction force and weapons to protect and advance their own political agenda. If this isn’t projection of their own paranoia and methods, I don’t what is…..

    • leenie17 says:

      It’s the same mindset that makes it acceptable for a candidate for the US Senate to talk about ‘second ammendment remedies’ if their side doesn’t win. The media should ONLY be permitted to report their pre-approved talking points and NEVER allowed to question their history, experience or personal backgrounds.

      Civil rights and the first ammendment apparently ONLY apply to those on the far right fringes. The rest of us should just go back to our homes, close the blinds and shut up while they take over the country.

      Scary times…

  41. zyggy says: he told cnn that is was disciplined, but he was doing all this on his lunch hour, guess that makes is okay.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      But it doesn’t. He violated Borough equipment use policy and the resulting consequences were in his little booklet. He’s a cocky little jerk, trying to revise his history as quickly as he can.

    • scout says:

      By joe-the-Yale-lawyer’s logic; it’s OK if I exceed the speed limit while driving as long as I’m on my lunch hour???

      Insert loud rejection buzzer here. Thanks for playing, epic fail!

      • slipstream says:

        Scout! You’re right! Next time I rob a bank, I will make sure it’s on my lunch hour. That will make it okay, won’t it?

      • North of the Range says:

        Sure makes you wonder what he might think is OK to do on a Senate lunch hour.

  42. Exit 35A says:

    I just wonder why Lisa Murkowski’s campaign didn’t uncover more of this.

  43. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    A good thing to do is to thank Tony Hopfinger for his persistent reporting. Miller is just like Sarah with his compulsion to extract revenge. The Dispatch broke the story about his Kansas farm subsidy, then sued the North Star Borough for Miller’s records (Fairbanks Daily News Miner & ADN then joined the suit).

    Miller is fuming – it’s been building. How dare they! The ADN has been so meek, he almost had this thing wrapped up. The Empire & News Miner did some good reporting, but it’s been the bloggers and the Dispatch who have been really digging. We thank AKM every day, and I thanked Tony when the story broke.

    Support free press! it’s time they fight back against their own complacency, corporate manipulation, newsertainment syndrome, and whacko wannabe politicians who would love to see the the media suppressed. The nut jobs want their own propaganda machines and personal security. Yeah, I know that sounds awfully familiar. /contact-us (spam filter wouldn’t allow link, copy & paste)

  44. AK Raven says:

    Maybe we could have a “no teabagger zone” with a fence around it to keep it safe for people who want to intelligently discuss issues.

  45. ks sunflower says:

    Joe Miller and The Drop Zone must be held accountable for this outrage.

    We all, no matter where we live, need to support Scott McAdams.

    BTW – why hasn’t Lisa condemned this behavior? She should be trying to capitalize on Miller’s mistakes – does she secretly agree with him on how he treats the press and the public?

  46. TX SMR says:

    I’ve been wondering — that wall that miller wants to build, the one similar to the Berlin Wall, is that to keep people out, or keep them in?

    I have visions of myself sneaking across the border to Canada if miller and others of his ilk end up in the senate or congress. Remember that great email that went around at election time, supposedly an article in a Canadian paper, a farmer saying that he’d seen loads of US liberals trying to sneak across the border in their volvos, loaded up with wine in the back?

    That would be us, minus the volvo, add the vw pop-top van, definitely w/the big haul of wine in the back.

    I’m missing how his idea is okay, yet AmeriCorps is a socialist plot. So, is miller a communist, a marxist, or a socialist, with his Berlin Wall idea?

  47. Judi says:

    Ok…I just watched the video at the Anchorage News…omg

    then sent dnc an email….money to mcAdams

    now I will post on fb

    and then send another donation to McAdams

    this is crazy….and scary..

  48. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Please help Alaska take our state forward. Save yourselves. Support Scott McAdams for U. S. Senate. Contribute to Scott McAdams campaign.

    Call the DSCC and ask them to FINANCIALLY support Alaska’s democratic candidate. 202-224-2447 Email them at

    Mudflatters – I don’t often make a direct ask of you. I know time and energy is valuable, and not everyone finds it easy to pick up a phone and make a call. But I am asking. Alaska bloggers work hard to make a difference, and this time we need your help. We need EVERYONE to pick up the phone and call. And then email too. And if you haven’t done it yet, donate to Scott McAdams at the link above in the text.

    Also, if you have a blog, cut and paste this. If you have a Facebook account, share it. If you have a Twitter account, tweet it. If you have a progressive email list, email it. We need all hands on deck. Thank you so much.


    • Moose Pucky says:

      Yep. Here’s some sample text:

      Scott McAdams can clearly win the Senate race in Alaska against freaky Joe Miller and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski.

      All it takes a little more exposure for McAdams who is an outstanding candidate.

      We worked hard for Obama. Helped deliver 77% of the Alaska primary vote for him. 38% of the Alaska vote in the general election.

      38% of the vote will win this race for McAdams.

      Democratic/progressive interest in the Senate race in Alaska is high. Alaskans have put up their own funds in many small contributions. But Lisa Murkowski just received a big money bomb from the corporations and McAdams could use some help keeping pace with that.

      Every dollar spent here will be returned in spades. We tireless volunteers want to see some action out of D.C. coming back to Alaska.

      A $500,000 donation to McAdams from DSCC needs to happen NOW!

      • Sourdough Mullet says:

        I sent an email to the DSCC yesterday asking them to increase their financial support of Scott McAdams, and a few reasons why. It feels SOOOOO Good! And it’s totally free! Just do it!
        It only takes a moment. Here’s the web address:

  49. rocket says:

    Teabagger Freedom sure looks different than American Freedom.

  50. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    We aren’t victims here! There is plenty we can do to not feel helpless. I’m going over to Scott’s to give him a chunk (for me) of change, and anyone who can even donate $5 should do the same. If you can’t donate, then we should start another calling campaign to the DSCC to get more money thrown FAST at this campaign!

    Let’s turn this pissoffednessfudiation into ACTION! Time is short!

    Anger doesn’t just fuel the TP’ers you know.

    • Bretta says:

      Last week I gave Scott McAdams ten times more than I had ever given Mark Begich. I will donate more right now. Just to make a point.

      Joseph W Miller is a Fascist – the videos prove it.

      Did you hear the radio ad by his father – after the release of emails that Joe had admitted to his father that he had done what he was accused of on the Fairbanks North Star Borough computers?
      The quiver in Rex Miller’s voice assures me that he is completely ashamed of his son. “Fiscally Responsible,” My Ass.

    • scout says:


      “Let’s turn this pissoffednessfudiation into ACTION! Time is short!”

      Scott McAdams! Yes We Can!!

  51. Bowl Antler P,,, says:

    Keep shining that light!

  52. justafarmer says:

    great new video at ADN

  53. rocket says:

    Sure, we will bitch and moan about this all day long but will anyone in Alaska actually do anything about it?

    These are the same people who actually elected Palin governor after all.

    Something is rotten in Alaska – but no one gives a sh*t.

  54. Apphouse50 says:

    I hate to be cynical but will this gain him more votes than he loses over it in Alaska? This year it seems that the more insane the behavior, the more their numbers rise.

    Damn shame.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      No of course not. The nut jobs supporting him are still supporting him – many others are washing their hands of him. The whacknuts are fired up by Joe’s hubris and are out in force. There aren’t more of them, they are just more obnoxious and feel emboldened to spread their whacknuttery far and wide.

  55. Jaime from Wasilla says:

    Don’t lose sight of how much support there is for totalitarianism in Alaska, and in the Mat-Su Valley. While we are busy commenting about his campaign imploding, check out the survey at the Frontiersman how many people in the Valley intend on voting for him. I doubt this story will shift those numbers much. And if Rethuglicans do abandon him, they will almost certainly go back to Lisa. That is why we have to reach the liberals and progressives who are supporting Lisa out of their fear of Herr Miller. Scott McAdams has a chance, but only if all the progressives vote their beliefs, not their fear.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      Oh, it’s hurting him alright. The bots he borrowed from the Twit will of course vote for him – I never include them in any equation because they are always a given. However, it’s going both ways. I know people now who feel Miller is less of a threat and can now vote their candidate of choice, McAdams. Many like you said who are conservatives who were for Miller will now vote for Murkowski since they now see him as a nut job. It’s splitting things all over the map – it’s not a done deal.

      I don’t think Miller has any possibility of winning, but he will definitely pull votes from whack nuts. I guess that will finally give us a definite figure of how many whack nuts we are dealing with up here! ‘Twould be nice to have a number attached to that whacknuttery element. Lots of those people haven’t been here very long, either. The Dominionist thing is to start their takeover in sparsely populated out of the way places, so we are getting more than our share of the weirdos.

      What is going to be most interesting is talking to voters after the election to get all the reasons who did what and why, and how many times they changed their mind before doing it. It’s changing by the day right now.

  56. Saint Roscoe says:

    Poster at Kos has vid footage of other reporters filming the scene, interviewing a still cuffed Hopfinger as the cop arrives.

    I wonder if the “private event” that invited the public, had rented the whole school – hallways included, or just the aud/gymnasium.

  57. Dagian says:

    I’m curious, why didn’t the REAL police arrest the thug who handcuffed Miller? He had broken a law by doing this, right? He’s not a cop. You’re not supposed to be able to go around handcuffing/kidnapping people just because you don’t like what they say, or you think they may have broken a law.

    It’s not like Hopfinger mugged someone for their purse or wallet…

    • beth says:

      Intimidation? Might the police officer(s) been so taken aback [awed?] by someone who had the balz to actually handcuff a citizen? Who knows…maybe the local police ‘know’ the hired protection are badazzes because some (all?) have had ‘special training’ — possibly even tours of military duty or tours in the middle east? I don’t know for positive sure, but I’d hazzard a guess that my local police and sheriff department officers would all trip over their selves if they encountered a badazz like the ones guarding Miller. Maybe that’s being unkind of me, but I saw how differential they all were to the ‘protection’ Ben Roethlisberger had with him the night he was charged in my state with a major no-no. beth.

  58. lpbbear says:

    F**king right wing extremist Nazis. Put em all in the zoo along with the dung flinging chimps. They would be right at home there.

  59. beth says:

    Top story on HuffPo:
    Tony Hopfinger, Reporter Detained By Joe Miller’s Security Guards, Speaks Out About Ordeal (VIDEO) —

    Wow! It just get better and better and better and… beth.

  60. Omomma says:

    Wow. This is just a preview of what a presidential campaign season would look like if the WGE actually ran for office. Miller’s hired goons are military leftovers and failed police wannabes, unemployed and unemployable, trained only to creep around and shoot guns. Pity the local police force that has to deal with these armed loonies.

  61. madeline says:

    Just for laughs I checked out the Fox “News” website, they have two ads up for Joe Miller and of course, no mention of his “incident” yesterday. So much for fair and balanced.

    • UgaVic says:

      It did make their front page early this morning AND then went to their politics page later in the morning.
      They did call TH a ‘irrational blogger’ so they definately had a ‘spin’ on it.

    • Zyxomma says:

      My roommate tapes local news on the Fox affiliate (mostly because it leads up to TMZ, and he loves gossip). One of their newsreaders, who was fanning the flames of hate around the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque,” Charles Leaf, was arrested for molesting a four-year-old girl in his home. ABC News covered his arrest, but there was no mention of it on Channel 5 (Fox).

  62. Bretta says:

    I read Mudflats before I read the morning paper. I felt unbelief reading about the incident here. I was completely shocked reading the above-the-fold headline by the ADN regarding it.
    The whole thing makes me want to vomit.

  63. AKPetMom says:

    Oh boy, these men, these renegade men that “play war” for a living sound like the real jokers. That and, well, men who engage in such behavior are usually overcompensating for a shortcoming in other departments. Aggressive a-holes with little wieners, there, I said it.

  64. mocha says:

    Didn’t Shannyn encourage people to vote for Miller in the primary? Who thought it would be “fun” to have Miller run? How fun do you think it will be if he actually wins? If he wins, the stain of allowing fascism into our government is on your hands, all Alaskans, all of you.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      Oh BS on that! Let’s blame everyone for everything. Don’t get me started…

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      Talk about disconnect!

    • LoveMydogs says:

      NOT! I would never vote for this guy. I won’t vote for Leasa. I didn’t vote for SP. So stop blaming ALL Alaskans for anything. There are nut jobs like him in almost every state, meaning that there are folks, who think/feel that they are disenfranchised, all over this country looking for the “Great White Hope” who is going to keep their grubby hands on the power. This is NOT unique to Alaska and certainly not representative of most of the people who read and comment on this blog. So I take offense….

      • Zyxomma says:

        LMD, we know you better than that! Here in my reliably blue state of NY, we have a RWNJ candidate for governor. He is putting down Andrew Cuomo for taking his kids to a gay pride parade, while two of his buildings house gay bars. It’s not just Alaska, and we know it isn’t those Alaskans who play in the mud.

        • leenie17 says:

          I cringe every time I hear Paladino’s name. Clearly, Teh Crazy has been generously spread alllllll over the country this election season, like a thick layer of rancid peanut butter! Alaska may have The Grand Duchess of Crazy and her Faithful Jester, but we all have our RWNJs…kinda like that one relative you hope no one figures out is part of your family!

          Hopefully, enough people will use their cranium contents this election and send the majority of the crazies slinking back home with their tails between their legs.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      All of us?
      I don’t think so!!!!
      I voted McAdams…
      you want to melt down for a few minutes go ahead, we’ll stand by you while you catch your breath…
      But get off the blaming and do not blame all Alaskans…
      Not going there…

  65. ibwilliamsi says:

    Who owns “The Drop Zone”?

    WTG on the background research for your private security, Joe.

  66. jo says:

    I was so enraged by this I couldn’t sleep last night…..

  67. Xenon says:

    I cannot WAIT to see Olbermann devour THIS juicy little nugget. The “Alaska Gestapo.” Nothing surprises me anymore.

  68. Marilyn Wheeless says:

    Wondering if this is the same ‘security’ $Palin used on the Homer dock to accost and keep ‘normal’ dock patrons from being on the dock the same time as ‘she who will not be named’–these folks seem to think they are God when even God would not do what they do – they bend every rule to fit their own agends. I hope this is the end of Joe Miller and now we can focus on spelling Murchowski wrong and getting rid of her too. GO SCOTT MCADAMS!!

    • ks sunflower says:

      Wouldn’t it be possible to run both videos and see if the same person is in both? Or perhaps someone could video The Drop Zone (from a safe distance) to see who the employees are? Just saying, it would be safer if people could recognize these goons.

  69. EatWildFish says:

    Joke Miller is Yawn Parnell’s guy! Yep, our governor is standing firmly behind Joe Miller. That’s what you call putting party before what is best for Alaska. Remember that on voting day.

    Parnell = Pay-lin= Joe Miller

    • Bretta says:

      It’s horrifying that the Republicans have this dark psychosis exemplified by the GOP senate nominee.

  70. Cynthia, TX says:

    Scott McAdams on the Ed Shultz show now

  71. Lacy Lady says:

    Just heard Ron Paul in a debate on the news—-whew!!!!!! another NUT case. He walked off the stage without shaking his opponent’s hand. Guess these Wing Nuts are crawling out of the woodwork all over the country. SCARY!!!!!—–I pray for the Iowa Judges who are in jeopardy in this election. Most people do not understand the damage this could do for Iowa Goverment.

    • CO almost native says:

      We have a similar situation in Colorado: Ken Buck (being gay is a choice, like alcoholism), Tom Tancredo (who probably would approve an Iron Curtain-type border fence) and the Clear the Bench effort to get rid of “activist” judges.

    • ks sunflower says:

      Ron or Rand? Wasn’t it Rand who had the debate?

  72. Moose Pucky says:

    I need to restock my popcorn. And I’m getting popcorn belly. Arghh.

    • CO almost native says:

      Maybe all us mudpups can band together, buy it in bulk, and get a discount 😉

  73. Cynthia, TX says:

    The reporter is on right now talking about handcuffs.

  74. Carol says:

    A full page ad by miller in Sunday’s Fairbank Daily News Miner was instructions to Congress.
    #1 – Listen to the people – yeah, right, he listens. And if he doesn’t like the question – throw the questioner out. Now that’s listening.
    There were several more that gagged me, such as instruction for Congress to obey the same laws they enact for others. Miller obviously hasn’t heard of such sites as, politifact, truth or fiction or snopes. PLEASE someone (like Mudflats) go thru these point by point and show what a hypocrite and (I can’t think of another word here that’s printable) Miller is. I fear I could not do justice to the scathing refute that is needed.
    I can only hope McAdams has the $$ to flood the airways in the next couple of weeks with a good mix of who he is. what his plans are and how they can be accomplished. i’ve got a sign in my yard and I’ve written my check to his campaign.

  75. A fan from CA says:

    Watching MSNBC and they keep saying that Tony is “just a blogger”. They need to know that he is a respected journalist, published in Newsweek many times

    He is also the host of tonights Senate debate.

    Chuck Todd, Kelly O’donnell and Andrea Mitchell need to be emailed or twitted to start telling the real story here. I can’t find any emails for these folks. Have already posted to Maddow blog.

  76. Progressive in VA says:

    Welcome to Sarah Palin’s Alaska, folks.

    • Blooper says:

      Well put!

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      “Woo Hoo! I’d rather be out here, bein’ free to shoot at anything I want than in some stuffy political office where they might catch you on video or email and prosecute!” Sarah Palin

  77. skunkcabbage says:

    I was just about to hit the sack last night and thought to check the internet one time more when I read the headlines on ADN concerning this incident. I about spewed my tea all over the keyboard.

    The disconnect is absolutely amazing. And reading the comments of his defenders is even more unbelievable.

    I’d like to take up a fund to send all these types for an extended stay at Hotel Kim Jong il in downtown South Korea. They might feel right at home….except for the color of the skins around them.

    • A fan from CA says:

      I think you mean North Korea

    • Cammie says:

      skunkcabbage says: “And reading the comments of his defenders is even more unbelievable.”

      I know. The lengths they will go to reason and justify his actions is a fascinating psychological study in itself. Want to know how one of his supporters justified use of government welfare programs by people who adamantly argue for dismantling them? (This after it came to light how much Joe was at the government trough.) By comparing the government to a drug dealer who victimizes us all by turning us into junkies. And that Joe, being the altruistic soul he is, would go to Washington to help us break our addiction once and for all.

      • Pinwheel says:

        I thought the comments at the ADN website story were appalling. No wonder he wants to do away with the Dept of Education. Obviously his supporters have learned nothing with their public education. So in his world we just breed more illiterate and ignorant citizens by those who are supporting this guy.

        Remember that old one “Fools names and fools faces always appear in public places.”

  78. futurexpat? says:

    This man does not belong in Washington, DC.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      After this, I’m sure he’ll be on Secret Service watch lists. He’s such a crackpot, they’ll be watching him all the time, if he is elected. I wonder if it’s possible that he’d actually have trouble getting into the WH or into the capital building?


      • Dagian says:

        “I wonder if it’s possible that he’d actually have trouble getting into the WH or into the capital building?”

        Not if he’s elected. BUT you can bet that everyone on K Street will be keeping an eye on him too. That sort of thuggery is NOT applauded in DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia.

  79. Blooper says:

    Not only will Joe Milker not answer any further questions from the press, he will not bully and threaten them. No surprises here. Hopefully this will reveal him to be the goon he really is to those Alaskans who haven’t woken up yet. This is truly getting disturbing.

  80. biglake says:

    The good news is – Miller is in ‘self-destruct’ mode.

    The bad news is – Lease-A is getting a bounce with the Alaskan Republican’s banner at the ADN. (a vote for SCOTT is a vote for miller.)

    The good news is – SCOTT MCADAMS is still going strong and is forging a reputation as a Decent Man. That reputation will always serve him in good stead.

  81. scout says:

    Gestapo joe and his rent-a-thugs warrant psychiatric assessment.

    One question for APD: Were Gestapo joe’s militia armed at a public school?

    • far from fenway fan says:

      Miller was just asked that on KENI and he danced around it and didn’t provide an answer (as usual).

      • scout says:

        Gestapo joe the West Point coward won’t answer, but APD owes it to the community to answer the question.

    • CO almost native says:

      Gestapo Joe- a perfect moniker, I hope it sticks.

    • Bretta says:

      I want to know.

      BFO to Joke’s militia: weapons of any kind not allowed – sheesh. You’d think for one afternoon you could not be so full of hubris so that you could put down those AK-47s for one town hall. Are you really that full of fear, so paranoid?

      PS: Superman was a mild-mannered reporter.

    • Sourdough Mullet says:

      They’d better NOT have been. Schools and school grounds in Alaska are Drug-Free and GUN-FREE Zones. I believe it would be a violation of law to have a gun there.

  82. far from fenway fan says:

    Just heard Miller on KENI claim that this was a “publicity stunt” by a blogger to divert attention from the issues. Seems like the only one diverting attention from the issues is Miller!

    • Saint Roscoe says:

      The issue being why did Miller get fired from the borough? Why was he trying to rig a vote, and if he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong then why did he clear the cache’s on each computer?

  83. Cassie Jeep says:

    Here is “Joe the Jackboot’s” response….but the comments are closed for this one.

  84. Dagian says:

    Wow. Nixon had nothing on this guy. Okay, I have a real question: are there other, REPUTABLE AND PROFESSIONAL protection services in the same area that Miller could have elected to hire? Or are these the only viable people?

    I pretty certain that he could have chosen a far less shady outfit, but I had to ask in the spirit of naivete and fair-mindedness. I set aside my mantle of cynicism, but only momentarily.


    • madeline says:

      And just why does Joe need security anyway? Apparently both he and Palin are off their meds!

      • Dagian says:

        Why? Because he’s an Important Person and/or a Nation unto Himself. Important People and Nations have enemies.

        Wackadoodles have ‘enemies’. They go to great lengths to prove to themselves and others that they have ‘enemies’.

        Exhibit A: Palin
        Exhibit B: Palin’s lap dog–Toto Miller

  85. Saint Roscoe says:

    “If East Germany can do it, we can do it!”

    So miller wants machine gun watch posts, land mines and a kill zone around the fence? Will there be such a fence on the Canada/Alaska border as well?

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Sounds like the DMZ in Korea. That’s turned into a wildlife refuge because it can’t be used by humans. A nice bonus, but, if you go look at the DMZ–and you can–it’s not like it’s the most user friendly place on the planet.
      I like the demo village in N. Korea, though. It looks really nice, neat, clean. And no one’s there. Nobody working, no movement. You can see it through binoculars from the South.

      No, not the Canada/Alaska border. The Alaska/Russian border. A solid fence to the bottom of the ocean, and lower.

  86. KateinCanada says:

    It’s time the press got together and stopped printing Joe’s name. Anywhere. Until the announcement that he lost the election.

  87. boodog says:

    Sarah Palin declared ‘open season’ on the lame stream media and Miller is taking it literally. Stalking? I hope this finally gets the attention of real journalists, and they realize that they are slowly being neutered by the extreme right. Asking questions of people who want a job from us is not invading their privacy. No debating? No press questions? I want my freedoms back.

    (Alaska Pi, transparent-as-a-cowpie – perfect!)

  88. AKSandhills says:

    AK Dispatch site is down –

    “Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL”

    Must be from the loads of traffic they are getting this morning.

    Everyone should go over to Phil’s site and watch the video that has Jackboot Joe’s iron curtain comment. Someone from IM mentioned that if the comment was on video, it should be spliced with Reagan’s “tear down this wall” speech.

    This is all just too rich – I love election time in Alaska!

  89. Just Me says:

    Well, it looks like Miller and his goons have really done it this time. Let’s all hope this puts the final nail in the coffin of Joe Miller in Alaska. Hey, Joe, try Uganda. They are always looking for new dictators.

  90. Cassie Jeep says:

    I wonder how that private-security-thingy would (have) played out in the halls of Congress.

    Please give this man the boot, Alaskans, that he so richly deserves!

  91. Pinwheel says:

    Just tried to read “Alaska Dispatch” delivered to my email. Cannot penetrate below the front page. Each story says database error. Maybe too many hits.

    • far from fenway fan says:

      I was on earlier w/out a problem. Folks are waking up and checking in to see what happened. Miller is toast.

  92. far from fenway fan says:

    Sometimes I pray I’ll wake up in a different state, a blue one. Still here and struggling to stay sane.

    As Miller drops in the polls – as he inevitably will after all the recent shenanigans – indies and mod Dems will no longer see the need to sell out to the right by voting for Lisa just to stop Joe from being elected. The way I see it is that Lisa NEEDS us a lot more than we WANT her. Stay strong, Mudflatters. The tide is turning!

    Nate Silver on the fivethirtryeight blog has a story today about the AK Senate race:

    • Saint Roscoe says:

      I think Nate’s logic is lacking in that if Miller loses votes to Murkowski, it will open up otherwise Dem voters who are “voting strategically” to come home to McAdams.

      If Miller would drop down to polling 25% with Murkowski at 37% and McAdams at 33%, with the other three candidates splitting the remaining 5% I think that would be great news for McAdams. Because some Murkowski polled voters come home to McAdams, as well as 5% of the write-ins being disqualified for not filling in the oval – Scott could win.

      As long as Miller is polling ahead, I think Scott is at the weaker position because nobody wants to risk Miller at this point.

      • Baker's Dozen says:

        Oh, I think you’ll lose a lot more than 5% for not filling in the bubble. If you write Murkowski in, are you voting for her or her dad–or maybe a sibling? So you have to have a first name. Then thee’s misspellings and people that will “run” just to make misspellings not count because it could be either one of them, and the people who just won’t bother. Without Miller being a threat, McAdams shoots way up. And Miller’s cow won’t vote for Murkowski.

      • Zyxomma says:

        There’s way more to this than meets the eye. As Martha Unalaska Yard Sign has so patiently explained to us Outside, there are more independents and unaffiliated voters in Alaska than there are either registered Republicans and Democrats. If they vote for someone they actually want to represent their state in the Senate, they’ll vote for McAdams. Scott can win.

  93. NMJ says:

    Does Miller review his troops? Do they goose-step as they march?

  94. Judi says:

    These guys will stop at nothing

    up there in Alaska…you have reporters ‘arrested’ for asking questions..
    down here we have the candidate threaten to ‘take out’ a reporter for asking questions (and we all know what that means)…

    how can someone even think of voting for someone who refuses to answer questions???

    • Alaska Pi says:

      This is where progressives make a major mistake.
      Thinking everyone wants their questions answered, that everyone still has questions

      There are a certain percentage of humans in every culture, every country, who live in tiny worlds and think all their questions have already been answered…

      Rove and his ilk have tapped into that by playing the code word games, whatzername and Mr I-get-freedom-you-don’t Miller tap into them…
      Once you pass the password question , you’re in…
      They round up the wagons and close out the rest of the world and play the same hand of cards over and over and over and over and…

  95. Pinwheel says:

    Last I heard Miller had not RSVP’d to appear.

  96. n djinn says:

    I have met the guys who did thew arresting, uh, there are words I woud not print describing the conversation I had with the ex-military guy and I left the encounter. Er to paraphrase, “those guys are, don’t you think?” “gosh, I disk like ex-military people who act like that”

  97. sam hall says:

    The headline of this piece was so accurate..Miller’s Militia,,a question what is a legal citizen type arrest
    in Alaska? When a journalist simply asking valid questions to a political would be can be handcuffed
    and detained..why could not just anyone…handcuff anybody and detain them wgeb there was no reason
    to?.then make up some untrue story about the situation.

  98. LibertyLover says:

    I have to wonder if the Hopfinger will be more or less likely to hold a grudge against Miller in the debate tonight. Is he a moderator or just a host?

  99. lemonfair says:

    God bless you folks. This is scary stuff.

    • Enjay in E MT says:

      I agree Lemonfair – It is getting VERY scary out there

      Thanks to Queen of Quit with her Ilk, (Limbo, Rush, Beck, & Hannity) the divisivness is going to split this country. Angel calling for “2nd Amendment Solutions”, Palin with her “sniper target” on elected officials and “take them out” – these and much more are up to if not crossing the line to instigate violence.

      Where were these protests of the Government when Bush suspended several Constitutional amendments? Wire-tapping, fair & speedy trial, etc. In exchange for taking away our constitutional rights, he gave the wealthy tax cuts and told the rest of us to go shopping…. even tho he started two wars.

      We need to knock these candidates off the ballot in Nov. – let them spend their war chests on advertizing and still defeat them with our vote! No matter how much they “bribe & lie” — we TRUE Americans will NOT sell our vote for the likes of them.

      They do not represent me, I am not them and my vote cannot be bought !

  100. megacephalus says:

    As seen from here [Berlin] this has a familiar ring… in the 30’s the ‘Miller Security’ types here first worked for an Austrian in Münich, then broadened their operations considerably… and they wore brown get-ups with riding boots… the hair cuts haven’t changed much.

    • mag the mick says:

      Thank you, Mega, for your invaluable view from Berlin. I forget the source of the quote: “Those who cannot recall history are doomed to repeat it”. It’s obvious you know the history.

  101. JCos says:

    Rent-a-cops are usually people who wanted to be real cops but failed the psychological evaluation. Most would have settled for becoming thugs, but they lacked the honor and integrity to fit in with criminals.

  102. Alaska Pi says:

    Thank you Shannyn!

    When the story hit last evening, comments started appearing here and there about this security company being more than mildly off kilter…
    The security goon was quoted as saying Mr Hopfinger “stalked” Mr freedom-from-the-press Miller and “trespassed ” at this public event. Nothing in the description of the event points to it being anything private …

    Mr i’m-free-no-one-else-is Miller has now released a statement calling Mr Hopfinger a liberal blogger who lost it at this event…
    Wonder if folks are going to let that slide? Mr Hopfinger has solid press credentials and the Dispatch is not a blog- it’s an online newspaper… an experiment in changing the way news is delivered…it has it’s faults but what news organization doesn’t?
    While I’d put on fresh jammies to welcome Mr Hopfinger to the basement, he really is not a blogger.

    Somewhere, I’ve lost track, one of the Security goons said they were bound by the contract with the school district to provide security at the event… methinks, that is a possibilty, but those kind of things are generally limited to providing for security of the facility, not providing personal security to the renter-of-the-premises…

    The East Germany fence thingy stinks big time but it is taking eyes away from Mr Miller’s wacko assertion that
    “he had a public record as a state and federal judge in Fairbanks and Tok, but added he wanted to talk about the national debt, not the farm subsidy he received in Kansas.”

    Read more:

    What record of what , Mr transparent-as-a-cow-pie Miller?

    We get to look up court docs all on our lil own? And see what? What in the world kind of public record are you pointing to? That we might see you showed up for work some days and cleared some cases?
    What kinda dumb answer to the citizens of Alaska is this?

  103. beth says:

    This handcuffing and detention incident will NOT ‘bring Joe Miller down.’

    Far from it.

    It gives him nation-wide coverage and he can [legitimately] claim *he* had nothing to do with the handcuffing and detention…that the guards he’d hired had acted on their own and had gotten a bit overzealous, and he’s sorry for any inconvenience to Hopfinger, and he supports the Constitution, and yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. He ends up smelling like a rose.

    The REAL story here, the one we’re all missing –especially the media– is his Wall statement. Now that folks are focused on him [thanks to the security guard’s thuggery] what HAS to be hammered in to voters, is his notion that an East Berlin-style wall would be his ‘solution’ to our immigration problems.

    What HAS to be the focus is: 1) the wall was erected by a *communist* state, 2) the wall was erected to keep people *in*, 3) the wall was erected by a *failed* state/nation, and, 4) it was *Saint Ronnie* who demanded the wall be torn down. That is where the focus HAS to be!

    His hired guard’s actions will NOT bring him down – he can easily distance himself from them; his statement about the Wall, WILL show him for the whackadoodle nutjob he is — if people (media included!…media especially!) focus on it. He *cannot* walk back his Wall statement; particularily when combined with his *other* ‘out there’ statements, he *cannot* distance himself from it.

    I just hope the media (and voters) don’t continue to be distracted by the guards fiasco…they need to get to the *real* story — the story of who and what Joe Miller *really* is: an AIP-leaning extremist who would do this nation incredible harm if he is elected Senator. Heck, even Baggers will be turned off to him by his daring to promote something their Saint Ronnie said was not good. beth.

    –an added bonus to focus on his Wall statement would be if McAdams (and/or Lisa) do *not* have security guards hired to ‘protect’ *them*. Does anyone know if they do? Has Joe Miller had any threats against him that’d warrant hiring *private* guards to protect him? Or are Joe Miller’s hired guards there for Joe Miller’s inflated ego/persona/sense of importance? Anyone know? b.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      He has already stood up for the goons… twill be the wall and the goons…

    • A fan from CA says:

      If you have seen any pictures of the sections of the Wall on our border then it does look a lot like East Germany’s wall. The real Americans who live at the border don’t want any walls. They know that it won’t keep anyone out and really disrupts that land. For example, cattle ranchers in Texas can no longer get the herd to the Rio Grande to get a drink.

      The bigger issue with the “secure the border” folks is they believe that most of the undocumented cross out side of the official border crossing and other entry points (airports). Most undocumented folks come here legally at an official entry point and just stay. They then disappear as very law abiding folk into our big cities or farm communities. No wall or armed force is going to keep the majority of undocumented coming via legal means.

    • madeline says:

      I’ve never seen Scott with any security, and I am at the campaign office frequently.

    • Cammie says:

      Actually, this incident juxtapositioned with his Berlin Wall statement would be a very effective ad. Hopefully, one is in the works right now.

      • scout says:

        A post from Kos:
        Commercial: put the two things together, video of a journalist being arrested, and then post the words…………“If East Germany can do it, so can we “

        • Sourdough Mullet says:

          EXCELLENT idea!!
          But I’m afraid that Joe Miller’s supporters just wouldn’t “get it”.

    • slipstream says:

      About two months ago on Shannyn’s television show “Moore Up North” the panel discussed a question from an audience member (okay, it was me) about local politicians using private security goons. This was shortly after WGE’s goon tore down the “WORST GOVERNOR EVER” sign (on private property) in Homer. Shannyn, maybe you could dig up the clip of that discussion and post it here?

    • CO almost native says:

      I agree. To compare our border with Mexico to the Iron Curtain is ignorant at best, and frightening at worst.

  104. PennLawyer says:

    The reporter has grounds to press kidnapping charges, but I hope he doesn’t. He’d win at trial and initial appellate levels, but Miller and the teabaggers would appeal it up to the USSC, where Miller would win in a
    5-4 split opinion. Fat Tony would write the opinion granting private security guards unlimited rights to detain and arrest individuals on public grounds at public events.

  105. LibertyLover says:

    What odd behavior for a man who is seeking a JOB representing the state of Alaska.

    Now, I ask you: Will Alaska hire this guy?

    • lilybart says:

      When anyone wants a job, there is an interview. Senator is a job. The press and the people interview the candidate.

      Imagine I wanted a job as marketing director for a company, but refuse to answer questions?

      • LibertyLover says:

        I agree, but how come so many candidates these days are being allowed to get away with it?

        Beginning with G W Bush, and Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and now Miller?

        These GOP candidates speak often of character… except when it is their character in question.

        • Algionfriddo says:

          Actually, this has been the way of it since Ronny Raygun couldn’t answer any questions when asked and the public felt the press was unfairly hammering the guy. The press backed off. Ronny got away with Iran/Contra and never had to explain his ‘trickle down on the little guy’ economics bull.
          I live in Eastern WA. My rep. is Doc Hastings (R). He never answers any questions either and he doesn’t have to. Eastern WA is mostly VERY conservative.

          • LibertyLover says:

            Good point about Ron Reagan, but I think he was in the throes of Alzheimer’s and was very much the puppet front man like Bush Jr. was and Palin will be IF the American people is foolish enough to elect her…

            I know that Eastern, WA is conservative. I live in very conservative AZ now, but for a time, I was fortunate to live on the West side of the Cascades.

          • Linda K says:

            Hi Algionfriddo–I was born and raised in Eastern WA and worked in Whitman County serving very small school districts for four years, where I lived in northern Idaho.
            when, as an adult, I lived in Idaho 10 miles from WA. There are pockets of liberals there, usually in college/university towns.
            Nice to see a fellow Eastern Washingtonian on the board–although I haven’t lived there since I graduated from college.

          • Linda K says:

            sorry–please leave out “where I lived in northern Idaho”–the post will make much more sense

          • 1smartcanerican says:

            Oh, I feel for you. You also have Kathy McMorris-Rogers (?) and will likely have lots of voters casting ballots for Dino Rossi.

            My heart is with you in this time of tribulation 🙂

      • daisydem says:

        Not only that but this is for a job in the United States Senate. Regardless of the fact that he supposedly represents Alaska, he represents all of the US as a part of the Senate body and if he is elected, could be appointed to committees, or even chair a committee someday, plus having a vote on policies that affect us all! Take him down!

  106. Sarafina says:

    Just for clarification, the East Germans didn’t build the Berlin Wall, it was Russia, who was occupying that part of Germany at the end of WW2. I live in Texas and can’t believe how quickly you all up there are ascending the political “Beyond Bat-Shit Crazy” ladder.

    PLEASE vote for McAdams!!!! I live in this country, too.

  107. Lacy Lady says:

    How scary is this???? Whew!!!!! Bunch of SKIN HEADS!!!!!!
    Hope Anderson Cooper carries this story tonight on AC360—–keeping them honest.

  108. Megaera says:

    Let that be a lesson to irrational bloggers.Joe Miller’s completely sane and rational security guards will deal with you.

  109. artc says:

    As much as I love Alaska I sometimes wish it would just go away. Miller’s concept of government scares me half to death

  110. wendycrew says:

    “wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”

    • Dagian says:

      Palin has already done that. I think Crow Woman mentioned it a few weeks ago. Crow?

      • wendycrew says:

        A tip of hat,or better yet three all clear happy caws, to Crow Woman then.
        Did Sara really make that photo or was Photoshop involved?
        Joe better find some brown shoes for those thugs of his.

  111. trisha08 says:

    In Sarah Palin’s new world order Alaska, all journalist would be arrested, shut down and replaced with her team of “private security” and PR goons. Kind of like N. Korea.

    Palin thinks the Constitution guarantees her right to NOT be questioned by the press. She actually said something like this during the ’08 campaign. So, it’s not surprising that her little protege takes the same stand against the press.

    Maybe these “patriots” should actually read the Constitution.

  112. I See Villages From My House says:

    Several years ago, an Anchorage businessman, an attorney too I believe, owned a private jet fleet and dabbled in ‘weapons’ sales. Even put missiles on his jets that landed him in court. Turned out he stole money from a wealthy California woman’s estate to pay for his business ventures of self-import in Alaska.

    Why do we attract such whack-jobs to the State? It’s not like if you are a big fish in a small pond, we won’t find out about your transgressions.

    Miller has had delusions worthy of the Palin brand. Self-important. Hypocrite. Dangerous.

    If Miller behaves this way, with a private security force and use of force against fellow private citizens – curbing their 1st Amendment rights and employing false arrest and imprisonment tactics, imagine what he would do with voter authorized power?

    Send Joe the Carptbagger packing Alaska. I’ll bring friends and family to the booths to help it along.

    • Polarbear says:

      Yes, we have a real problem with a particularly nasty strain of end-of-the-road wierdos landing in Alaska, and Joe Miller is gathering them all in one campaign. Eventually, he will need those security guards to protect himself from his own constitutents. Alaska Republicans always cannabalize their own.

      • Alaska Pi says:

        We have our share but they land in all the western states … in areas where they think they can hide in their camo in the wilds…
        Here they just stick out on the tundra like the phonies they are…
        We see em clearly on the horizon…

  113. mattie says:

    Isn’t this the same thing the Palins did by tearing down the teachers sign? Didn’t they have private security with them?

  114. Laurainnocal says:

    I so wish you had not included those hateful images in your piece.

    • benlomond2 says:

      unfortunately….Reality Sucks…

    • B in Co says:

      There is nothing wrong with exposing people for who they are, in fact it is imperative.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      We can fight an enemy we know better than one we refuse to know.

      We’re all in this together.
      Take a deep breath
      Images like these (on a city street !) knock the wind out of you for a minute.
      We’re standing with you.

  115. thatcrowwoman says:

    land of the free and home of the brave…

  116. Polarbear says:

    Miller and Palin are the same. Miller knows going to war with the press ensures daily coverage. If you run as a victim, then all coverage is good coverage. Disgruntled, disaffected voters see themselves as victims, Miller and Palin’s natural base. All this makes Scott McAdams stand out as the only adult in the Senate race. The only way to end the sleaze is to turn out and vote for Scott.

  117. BuffaloGal says:

    Joe Miller freaks out at McDonald’s drive-thru when asked one too many questions :
    (Miller at the 2:30 mark ) (animated )

  118. jimzmum says:

    Thank you, Shannyn. This is very troubling, as it is an indication of what is happening in the rest of the country, too. In Alaska, it makes news headlines. In the rest of the country, similar actions by candidates, not necessarily for national office, are relegated to “Other” news, getting little or no attention.

    I am sincerely worried about the state of our country, and the safety of our President.

    • Leota2 says:

      Troubling indeed. But at this point I’m more worried about the people of Alaska. Especially reporters.

    • B in Co says:

      Every national website I’ve checked this morning is running this story.Reporters don’t take this kind of stuff lightly. I sure hope this tips the scale away from Miller. What does the guy have to do short of murder to lose this election?

      • TX SMR says:

        In Alaska? Come on, I’m not so sure that murder would put off the majority of his voting bloc.

        When I read this I immediately thought that it would make virtually no difference to the people who are voting for him. The only thing that will matter is the military stuff. If someone can blow the lid off of that shady story it will truly do him in. Nothing less than that will deter the tea-bags.

    • Juneaudream says:

      I looked over..the web site..and took my time. There is really only one..glaring omission in the selection of pictures..may I suggest they build a decently shabby fence..and fill with similar smelly garbage..and an over weight porker. Genuine pig would go well also.

      • Dagian says:

        “. There is really only one..glaring omission in the selection of pictures..may I suggest they build a decently shabby fence…”

        Isn’t that what Todd is for?

        Hey! Did that fence that he “built” (just tacked on to an existing, properly built fence) stay up? Or has it come down, and damaged the original fence too? I’m betting on it. Who’s with me?

        • merrycricket says:

          The Quitter told Greta that the fence blew down during a storm sometime shortly after Joe McG. Left. She didn’t say anything (nor would she admit) about any possible damage to the original fence.

  119. Maggie says:

    I do hope this is the icing on the cake or the nail in the coffin, whatever applies that will wake people up to the dangerous ickiness that is Joe Miller. Unfortunately the Right Wing has been so successful in tarring and deligitimizing the press that I’m not hopeful. Supporters of people such as Joe Miller seem gleeful when they thwart someone else’s constitutional rights as long as they’ve got theirs and their assault weapons. There are days when I wonder why I read the news, because “for the first time in my adult life” I am NOT proud of my country.

    • dreamgirl says:

      Joe Miller’s actions are repugnant and shocking. Especially because he wants to represent the citizens of Alaska… handcuffing reporters against their will wow. Is this how he would conduct himself in Washington too also? Christ on a cracker what is wrong with Joe Miller? He’s delusional at best.

      Come on Scott McAdams! A vote for sanity!!

  120. austintx says:

    If only I’d known I could make a citizens arrest when I saw sarah in Houston………

    • Heidi1 says:

      Heh, heh, heh – I know you really bit your tongue that day, austin! That was an unforgettable ‘boots on the ground’ report. Can I buy ya a shot of ‘whatnot’?

    • B in Co says:

      A “Disturbing the Peace” charge would fit her perfectly.

  121. OMG says:

    Palin had probably told him that she wished that she could handcuff reporters (and duct tape their mouths) and Miller thought that it sounded like a good idea.

    Something sounds awfully familiar about trying to control the press…you know, something from history.

  122. CityKid says:

    Joe, and his supporters, should bone up on their history. After all, they claim to be Constitutionalists. Specifically, Joe might want to check out Madison’s position on providing “free postage” for newspapers and why Madison thought this was important. Of course Madison was not alone, but then it wasn’t all about corporations way back then; it was about what’s best for “the people” and a democratic form of government. Shame on you Joe Miller.

    For more on Madison and the role of Government subsidies and due entitlments for our press – you might want to listen to yesterdays media matters featuring a lecture by host Bob McChesney. A good history lesson and a look into our future. Depressing at times, but there is some hope.

  123. Bigtoe says:

    MSNBC is going to talk about it NOW!!!!

  124. Irishgirl says:

    Well I hope this scuttles his chances of winning the senate seat.

  125. fishingmamma says:

    Hey. If it’s crazy, we can really grow’em here!

  126. Kelly says:

    Equally troubling was Joe’s solution to “illegal immigration”. Replicate East Germany’s WALL!? “If the East Germans could do it, so can we!”

    That alone is frightening. But combined with his brand of Stasi…well it just doesn’t get any crazier than that.

    • BMA says:

      What’s even worse is that he doesn’t understand that the wall kept the East Germans in. Miller, Palin, and their ilk don’t have the common decency to hide their ignorance from the world. They are proudly and loudly ignorant.

      • 1smartcanerican says:

        But how can Joe be so ignorant when he graduated from West Point (or some other military academy where we, the taxpayers, paid for his schooling), then went on to Yale. Surely something from history should have stuck.

        There seems to be something ‘off’ about Joe and his background. He should be researched much more deeply than he has been to date.

        I sure do hope that Alaskans vote for McAdams this time around. He will be such an asset to Alaska and to the rest of the states also.

    • Paula says:

      Like his stupid girlfriend Sarah, he probably just knows they had a wall. Nothing more. ‘Cause ya know them teabaggers don’t read nothin’.

    • ibwilliamsi says:

      Because East Germany worked out so well…

    • cg says:

      Just another brick in the wall: it wasn’t East Germany. The wall separated East and West Berlin, not East and West Germany.

      He began his monologue by saying that when he was a West Point cadet, he served at the Wall. He didn’t say how or when or why. Any West Pointers here from the mid- to late 80s that could shed any light on this?
      Of course, we’re not going to be able to ask him…

      • Baker's Dozen says:

        The wall was to keep the West Berliners in West Berlin–to keep them from getting to West Germany. Hence the Berlin Airlift. It also kept the East Berliners and others living in East Germany from getting into West Berlin.
        And it wasn’t quite so long a wall, nor in as rugged a terrain as much of our wall would be.
        Now, a wall around his compound near Fairbanks would be comparable . . .

        • mudkitten says:

          Just to clear a few details up �

          The Berlin Airlift occurred in 1948-9 when the Soviets cut Berlin off from outside contact in order to try to seize control of the entire city.

          The Berlin Wall was built in 1961, long after the end of the Airlift, to keep East Germans from escaping to the West, as huge numbers had done since the end of the war.

          The armed border between East and West Germany, consisting of walls, fences, minefields, watch towers and other fortifications, was also called the Iron Curtain. It was separate from and much longer than the Berlin Wall and constructed in phases starting in 1952. Like the Berlin Wall, the purpose was to keep the East Germans in and many hundreds died trying to cross it.

      • BeeJay says:

        The “Wall” was not just in Berlin. The first application was indeed around the Western Zone of Berlin, but the DDR eventually also equipped the entire borderline between East and West to nearly the same level of lethality. If I remember my current history well enough, it took the German government about two or three years to fully remove it, and that included taking the fences down, removing the mines, and deactivating the automatic machine guns. The fence around Berlin didn’t last as long of course, and it was removed rapidly.

        I went through both Walls in 1982, and it was nothing like what we have right now along the Mexican border. I know, because I live just 5 miles from it, and have driven along it.

        Joe’s plan is pure fascism, no question about it. He is one of the most ignorant people running for any office I’ve ever come across, and I truly hope the voters of Alaska see him for the fool he is.

    • Chaim says:

      Not to mention the practicality. Are we going to put barbed wire, minefields and watchtowers with armed guards along our whole border with Mexico? Nice big, expensive government project for slash-budget Teabaggers.

      • Gus diZerega says:

        Maybe that’s Joe’s appeal to former Blackwater/Xe employees. They’ll get jobs shooting to kill and big public pensions. Better than actually doing something useful for a living.

      • Dagian says:

        On the bright side–maybe it would keep Sarah, Todd and the rest of the Kettles busy and out of trouble if they were the ones building it. I would happily set up a refreshment stand for all of us to hang out and jeer their lackluster efforts.

        Oh, wait, silly me. They don’t actually BUILD anything as they lack a line, a level, skill, or the ability to read a blueprint (let alone a schematic).

  127. ds55 says:

    Thank you, AKM! The Drop Zone is apparently a bunch of shell-shocked vets who weren’t properly debriefed before returning to civilian life. The company’s online feedback is mostly negative and the owner’s comments are mostly ugly.

  128. dowl says:

    I almost feel an eerie chill (not because Halloween is around the corner) with this post. This story has blown up on Huffpost’s front page. I posted this comment (don’t know whether it was ever posted) about 3 hours ago:

    “Are Joe Miller’s security force (or Sarah’s or any other GOTP candidates) part of Xe / Blackwater’s private army? Just curious.

    FYI: GOTP (Grand Old Tea Party), pronounced Got P.

    What is wrong these RWNJs (right wing nut jobs)? Why Alaska? The dominionists claiming Alaska? The AIP (Alaska Independence Party)? Sessessionists taking our / their country back? What? It all seems way too much crazy is going on this election season.”

    I thought I was just being snarky. Lord help us all.

  129. Leota2 says:

    Wow! Just wow!

  130. sam hall says:

    This situation with MIller is so far out of any reality..when any political or would be political elected person
    does not have to answer questions from the press..unless it is as Palin and her ilk are not doing and getting
    by with..only those like on Fox News? that pander to them..then the American citizen is losing their important
    freedom…our free press one of our best freedoms. That some thug securtiy people can handcuff a reporter
    that is only…asking a valid so far beyond ..these people talk about socialism this that they are
    doing is very like the KGB in the days of Stalin in Russia. There should never be any event where our
    free press cannot be that is an event that is a public event or forum. ie Palin..Miller or any of these
    types of people. I am outraged that this could happen and all American citizens that have any thinking
    ability should be.

    • kate says:

      Exactly right — all the people who decry “socialism” and “fascism” and “communism” should be able to see who the real, petty tyrants are.

  131. Heidi1 says:

    AKM – After these recent developments, do you think Tony will still host the Senate debate? I’m assuming the debate is today – Monday 10-18? That might get pretty dicey. I don’t live in Alaska, but many of us around the country are watching your Senate election very closely. Scott McAdams is so clearly the best candidate, and many of my fellow Californians have donated to his campaign.

    • Elsie says:

      Shannyn never sleeps! Rest is just too highly over-rated with you, isn’t it, when “big news” breaks ?!

      Thanks, Shannyn, for writing this overnight and posting it quickly.

    • slipstream says:

      The debate is scheduled for tonight, Monday 10/18, 7:00 p.m. at the Snow Goose. Sponsored by the Alaska Dispatch. McAdams and Murkowski will be there. Miller had been invited repeatedly, but I don’t expect him to show — especially after last night. I will be there. Expect a report late tonight.

      • Heidi1 says:

        Thanks, slipstream. Will be looking very forward to your report. It’s hard to believe that Miller would choose to miss this debate, being so close to election day. I’m curious about what his ‘official excuse’ might be.

  132. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Unfreaking believable! Using renta-goons to handcuff and “arrest” a reporter at a public event? Sounds like Joe Miller is not only imploding but also diving into paranoia. Thank g_d it’s going down before the election (instead of after) and that someone got a picture of the handcuffed reporter!!

  133. Paula says:

    Arresting a member of the press for asking questions is a pretty big deal. How’s that freedom of the press thingy workin’ out for you Joe?

    • fishingmamma says:

      “arresting” is a function of law enforcement. He was “detained” at the hands of a private security business. They should be sued for “kidnapping”.

      • LibertyLover says:

        And unlawful imprisonment.

      • merrycricket says:

        Thank you for clearing that up. I had been puzzling over that whole “arrest” thing. I was quite certain that what we were reading about was a kidnapping.

        • Paula says:

          Sorry, I wrote -at what was it, 5 am?
          Regardless, it’s a total disgrace.
          Sadly, no one is suprised this happened at a teabagger event.

      • fishingmamma says:

        Go over to and watch the video. It’s really something. The goons are really creepy.

      • sueinmn says:

        Its been reported that this private security firm was not licensed nor bonded. Als a physical detention by non law enforcement (citizens arrest) is a violation of ones rights and hopefully this reporter will have the final laugh. (in court via civil suit) The military should take care of their own and hopefully will as these goons went rogue and now could be liable. We don’t need anymore wann be Black Water types running around being bullies.

    • AlaskaBorne says:

      Joe has told us that “freedom is a zero sum game.” He wants it all – and that means you don’t want or need any. To review, it has been demonstrated that Joe is a hypocritical opportunistic carpetbagger with no loyalty except to his own advancement running for the US senate on the strength of a good conduct medal. Please help those of us in Alaska who would like to be simple Americans – support Scott McAdams.

    • Moose Pucky says:

      That this happened in a public school pretty much boggles the mind. Has Tony pressed charges?

      • Dagian says:

        Would the school district, or the county have a case against Miller or his goon squad?

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