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Oyster Roundup Deluxe Election Smorgasbord!

~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more!

This is really more like a bag of Halloween goodies than an oyster platter. Enjoy!

Quote of the Week:

“Please, I’m begging you. Go vote for this guy. He’s awesome!”
~Bob Lester of the Bob & Mark Show on KWHL about State Senate candidate Ron Devon.

Party’s Over!

Remember the breathless complaint that was filed against Senator Hollis French, and Putting Alaskans First? The Party Planner was all in a tizzy because they used the same APOC savvy bookkeeper, and the same production company to do their commercials. Ergo, they must be in cahoots and illegally coordinating the two campaigns, and therefore their TV ads must stop now! Well, apparently APOC’s hair is not on fire over this manufactured crisis.

The order said that “based on the evidence presented, there was not reasonable cause to believe that a violation of the campaign finance laws had occurred or will occur.”

Asked if he had any comment, French said, “I don’t think there’s anything I can say that’s stronger than that statement.”

Wilson couldn’t be reached for comment.

She couldn’t be reached for comment by ADN, but she did appear on Glen Biegel’s radio show to sniff that she was “very disappointed” and that it was “a disservice to voters.” And that’s because the request to expedite this complaint (and I quote) “is on the premesis that it would affect the election.”  The Party Planner has a sad.

Someone give her an animal print hanky STAT!

“Heckuvajob Brownie” Criticizes Obama’s Disaster Response

Yes, Michael Brown aka “Heckuva Job Brownie” (the head of FEMA under George W. Bush during the Katrina disaster) had some pearls of wisdom for the President about how to handle a large natural disaster.

According to Brown, who famously dubbed “Brownie” by President Bush, it’s unlikely that Hurricane Sandy will dramatically impact the presidential race and news coverage in the final week of the election. However, he has some words of advice for the president and his reelection team.

Holding a press conference at FEMA yesterday might have been a bit premature, given that the most serious impacts of the storm are not expected until later today, he feels.

Surely it won’t dominate news coverage. That silly President Obama got all excited because of his inexperience, and he just jumped the gun. Thanks, Brownie. You can now go back to your heckuva day job co-hosting a local Colorado radio show. Next up, Sarah Palin will lecture Hillary Clinton on statesmanship.

Reason #26 You’re Glad You’re Not Mia Costello

OK, this is kind of funny. Scannell has received criticism from both sides lately for her unorthodox, and assertive messaging. Agree or disagree, you have to admit that Scannell deserves the earned media crown.

“What’s better than a political ad made by a candidate for the Alaska State Legislature? The very same political ad, but with commentary protected by the 1st Amendment! Now with the great new taste of Snark™, here’s Mia Costello’s 2012 campaign ad.”

Bettye’s Back!

There’s some good news on the Bettye Davis race! Davis, who is in a tough fight to retain her senate seat had some good polling news, according to the rumor mill… or was it a little bird? I forget.

After the redistricting process, Davis was left with little of her old district, and a giant chunk of (insert creepy organ chord here) Eagle River. There are many wonderful folks in Eagle River, but as a collective they tend to elect people like Bill “the Naked Baker” Stoltze, and Fred “Doesn’t Play Well With Others” Dyson, and last time – Cathy “See Story Below” Giessel. But even with that crowd in the mix, Davis appears to be gaining in strength and making gains in the right direction. Now it’s a sprint to the finish with last-minute dollars making a difference!

To Hire, or Not to Hire

Here’s the latest from the presto-change-o senator. In a recent op-ed in the Daily News, Giessel said, “I support hiring our trained, work-ready Alaskans first!”

Oh, reeeeeeeealllly… How does she explain this?

Why do I feel like Alaska just got scolded and sent to its room without supper?


And the Winner for Website Jingle That Sounds Like the Soundrack for something starring Adam & Steve is…:


“Going Jersey” on the Right People

As the governor I would have been blogging about had I not moved to Alaska more than 20 years ago, I tend to feel a particular disdain for Chris Christie on a fairly regular basis.

But as much as his Jerseyish ways make me cringe when he’s attacking public education, and yelling at constituents, they made me feel a little proud today. Christie has been appearing all over TV talking about the devastating effects of Post-Tropical Cyclone (née Hurricane) Sandy on New Jersey and its coastline. He’s also been giving due props to President Obama’s leadership, describing him as “attentive,” “responsive,” and “great” to work with. And if that wasn’t astounding enough, he was asked by Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocey if Mitt Romney was planning a tour of the devastation with the governor.

“I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested,” Christie said. “If you think I give a damn about Presidential politics right now, you don’t know me.”

Ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing!



21 Responses to “Oyster Roundup Deluxe Election Smorgasbord!”
  1. Peggy says:

    I am a little disappointed by the nod to Michelle Scannell. I think her recent comment about her opponent “on her knees” is what really should be the earned media she deserves.

    This sort of comment, if it had been uttered by a male politician would have caused an incredible uproar. Ms. Scannell, by using a somewhat sexual comment to attempt to debase her female opponent and then dismissing it, is setting a double standard and offends me as a feminist. The playing field should be level for both sexes, and to imply that its OK for women to go at each other in this way inherently places women in a different category. Both men and women should be able to play in politics, and neither of them should sink to this level, and if either do – both should be called out on it.

  2. Zyxomma says:

    We’re still in the dark, but have running water, food, candles and a radio. Awaiting power, heat, hot water in our blacked out east village. First time I got on the inner tubes!

  3. Moose Pucky says:

    Bettye Davis has spunk, grit, mojo, and a stature full of dignity. She represents not only her district well, but all of Alaska. Go Bettye!

  4. Mo says:

    Oh boy, today’s must-read: for the summary,

    or for the full hit:

    “A fool and his money are soon parted” just never goes out of style, does it.

  5. As poorly as Hurricane Katrina was handled in Louisiana, I can’t believe anyone – especially Brownie- has the nerve to give advice or comment on how President Obama is handling Sandy’s devastation. Is he nuts or did he just forget how many days we watched the people of New Orleans begging for water, having no help, no place to go except that death tomb of a sports arena, people lying dead in the streets for more than a day. And then when my husband and I flew in there 5 months later it still looked like nothing had really been done. We were sent to Mississippi to help where clean up was well under way. The difference between the two states was remarkable. You would think that as long as it took them to start doing anything in New Orleans that Brownie would take a leaf out of George W’s book and just keep his mouth shut.

    As for Christie, I tend to hit the mute button when he starts to talk because he just annoys me. I have never understood why people think he would have a chance at running for president with his abrasive and agressive attitudes towards people who just ask questions to find out what he believes. However, I have been impressed by the current relationship that seems to have developed between Christie and President Obama. That’s what government is supposed to look like – people working together to solve problems without all the animosity that comes with which party they belong to. And I’m glad to see that Christie is a big enough man (really, no pun intended) to give praise to the President when it’s due and to tell off Fox. (That snark from Christie was one that I actually enjoyed – but I doubt that Romney did. 😉 )

    • slipstream says:

      Yeah, think about Katrina. Mississippi, which voted Republican, got great federal support. Louisiana, which voted Democratic, got lousy federal support. Remarkable coincidence, no?

  6. blue_in_AK says:


  7. slipstream says:

    Awwww. I feel so sorry for the Party Planner. She thought and thought and thought as hard as she could — without any help from anyone especially that nice Randy Ruedrich or even her friend the brilliant attorney Joe Miller — and then she took her crayon in hand and she wrote out such a lovely complaint with proper spelling and everything.

    And then that mean old APOC didn’t throw the election the way she wanted. She is understandably “very disappointed.”

    Hey, I know what would make everything all better! And put a smile back on that lovely face!

    Hollis French could hire the Party Planner to plan his re-election victory party. Yaaaayyyy!

    Slipstream is humbly thankful that he could be of assistance.

  8. Jag24 says:

    I’d like Michelle Scannell if she were above reproach. The ad is great and her ad people whould get gold stars, but her BDSM-alluding remarks (read some place else) against Costello were way out of line and extremely inappropriate. Costello is in someone’s pocket, but our lawmakers have to to be in the public eye. I don’t care if someone is into BDSM, but I don’t like them flaunting their knowledge of it, either.

    • birchsyrup says:

      WTF did you pull that out of? Calling Mia out for being a beggar before Big Oil has nothing to do with whips and chains, but dollars and cents.

      • Jag24 says:

        Right here. Don’t get me wrong– I support Michelle and Mia is not working for the people, but what Michelle has said in these tweets is not appropriate. Go to I Eat Gravel dot com It’s the latest post.Michelle is great, she will do well in Juneau for her constituents and the state. She could have chosen different words. Do I see a bit of BDSM and submission games with the Republicans? OH YEAH. The conservative women are being played.

        • birchsyrup says:

          To be clear: The only people playing submission games are the oil companies and their pawns in the Republican Party, and their victim is the Alaskan electorate. Michelle Scannell, a first time candidate, has refused to knuckle down in the face of massive, orchestrated waves of fake right wing outrage and wingnut pity parties. She’s my wife, my heroine, and I voted for her. You should, too. 🙂

  9. UgaVic says:

    I would like to ask Mitten’s what does a state does for disaster help when a good portion of the state was been hit? How do you ‘pull out the forces’, when equipment is underwater or trees toppled?

    As much as I wish there was no need for FEMA, there is. A state can’t keep the manpower and staff up and going for things like this…just too darn much when they do not happen on a regular basis…of course with global warming, which is not happening, maybe the states could keep a staff busy!

    Am glad H French got a quick reaction from APOC on that bit of fluff that was submitted.

    Chirsty does get it right sometimes…at least he calls it as he sees it. Have to say I have not seen much of Mittens on the news the last day or two-)

    • mike from iowa says:

      I’m sure rethugs would be happy to privatize FEMA and everything else. More plum no bid contracts for Mitten’s buddies,astronomical,immediate price hikes,exhorbitant charges for services rendered and when poor folks can’t pay,rethugs will be subsidizing more private businesses and pretty soon collecting overdue bills and giving the monies to businesses to send offshore so they don’t pay taxes. At the end of the day,nothing has changed except higher deficits,less tax revenues,less actual Americans employed because big business would demand immigrant labor,the rich get richer,the poor get hosed down and the rethugs still have liberal scapegats to blame. And we musn’t forget Obamacare gets repealed,Medicare and Medicaid are dropped,hospitals are overwhelmed by patients that can’t pay and rethugs will demand the government rescue the health care business because no one wants to work and pay for insurance they can’t afford. Sounds like rwnj utopia to me. But then what does mikey know? Certainly not punctuation.

    • Well, you let the private sector take over recovery. I talked to a number of people in Mississippi after Katrina who dealt with private companies who turned out to be less than reputable – taking money, promising to do work, then disappearing or doiing half the job or a poor job that had to be redone. There were signs posted throughout Biloxi and New Orleans for clean up or reconstruction work. The cities and the states couldn’t deal with them and so they continued to rip off desperate people who needed help with their destroyed homes. The federal government was trying to go after them, but there was no way the states could have done anythng about it. Once again, Mitt’s ideas are proven to just not work well for anyone except the greedy businessmen.

  10. mike from iowa says:

    The soil found on Mars is similar to Hawaii’s soil. Cue up the birthers. Fake Noise probably has an authentic Martian B/C for the Potus as I speak. iowa’s disusting fifth district certified,whacko congressweasel-Steve King-does not want hurricane relief spent on Gucci Bags. I am sure he is in favor of tax cuts for Money Boo Boo to pay for it all.

  11. mike from iowa says:

    Christie damn well better be concerned about hurricane damage. I done already blamed his fat ass for the direct hit. He is slothful which in turn means his god does not approve of fat asses. Maybe christians should recall his obeseness before the next killer storm slams into their fat ass-backward lives.

  12. benlomond2 says:

    I get such a chuckle about those Republican Gov’s , who bluster so much about the States being independent from the Fed goc, but when disater strikes, look to the Feds to help out with disaster relief. , because they’ve not set aside $ and resources to handle what the Feds do. At least Christie has manned up with thanks for the assisttance NJ is recieving….

  13. Ivan says:

    God. this is funny.,30087/

    P.S. i can not see any of the graphics or photos that go with each of the entries in this post.