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November 28, 2023


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Dems Vote to Begin Recall of Holmes

By Michelle Scannell

Approximately 50 District 19 residents gathered tonight, and voted to begin the recall process against Representative Lindsey Holmes (D—>R). In a meeting that was led by temporary District Chair (and former Anchorage assemblyman and mayor) Matt Claman, people-Undeclared, Independent, and Democrats, voted overwhelmingly to get the wheels of democracy moving against the Turnagain Turncoat for her recent actions, in which she switched her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican before even being sworn in to office.

Scorn was heaped upon Holmes as she was called “traitor,” “thief,” “corrupt,” “unethical,” “Lindsey the Liar,” “Benedict Holmes,” and my personal favorite, “a spoiled little girl that took her ball and went home.”

I was impressed by the resolve of the people there. This was clearly not a one-off meeting, but the beginning of something big.

What the Turnagain Turncoat does not realize is that when she switched parties, she unintentionally made a rallying cry… against her.

If you have questions, or want to get involved, contact these members of the recall committee (which is required by statute).

Jean Ward (301-8040,
Wigi Tozzi (350-9423

[Join the Recall Lindsey Holmes Facebook Page HERE]



21 Responses to “Dems Vote to Begin Recall of Holmes”
  1. mlaiuppa says:

    Please be more successful against this turncoat than Wisconsin was against Scott.

    A strong message needs to be sent.

    And you know the right is going to throw a LOT of money at this recall to keep Benedict Homes (I love that) right where she is.

  2. Zyxomma says:

    Believe it or not, even Blue New York is not immune to such shenanigans:

    Good luck, District 19.

  3. GoI3ig says:

    The grounds for a recall in Alaska are pretty thin. The recall will most likely have to occur in two years at the next election. Good luck 19.

  4. UgaVic says:

    I wish all in District 19 success. It appears it could be a difficult task but it seems that there are enough people who are very unhappy with her switch to try and get that point across.

    Many of us will be watching and cheering for you all!!

  5. WinBeach says:

    What on earth you ask? It is elementary–she wants to be in a position to best serve her constituents and the state. Being on the Finance Committee is the only way to do it. She stated she doesn’t have to vote the party line so she has the best of both worlds.

    • Jeanne Devon says:

      She has to vote for their budget. She could have caucused with them without switching parties. She handed the R’s the supermajority and the ability to push through legislation faster than the opposition can read, understand, research, and try to put forth their view. SHE has both worlds. Her constituents don’t.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      rather too elementary and unsubstantiated remarks here…
      IF taken at her word (and yours) as “want(ing) to be in a position to best serve her constituents and the state”, how is it that being on the Finance Committee is the ONLY way to do that? Or even the best way to do that?
      Granted, the Finance Committee assignment has the potential for her to affect the budget process more significantly, but what makes it the only way? The Legislature performs many more functions than passing a budget and most are just as important to our way of life and public business.
      Given that the “confinement rule” precludes any change in substantive law in appropriations bills and all of Ms Holmes’ assignments appear to be on finance subcommittees, how and where is she going to work for needed law in social issue areas?
      Ms Holmes has declared herself a social liberal/fiscal conservative which is pretty much a definition of the Alaskan Democratic Party and theoretically a portion of why folks voted her into office as a Democrat in her District.
      It would be amusing , if it weren’t so irritating, that she has apparently decided that her constituents were wrong in electing someone in the minority party to office and that is all fixed now with her party switch to the majority party. I would suggest that folks who voted for her were quite aware of any supposed disadvantages her D affiliation might accrue to their interests as citizens , in their district and the state, and voted for a Democrat anyway. The majority of District 19 voters chose to take the (so-called) risk.
      As per- being in a position to best help the state overall? Oh , Pffft!
      There is never a guarantee that the majority is headed in the right direction though said majority is always sure they are. A healthy minority voice or set of voices is a fundamental and necessary check on the hubris of any majority.
      Even when the majority actually is headed in the right direction.
      Which our current Legislature, especially at House level, cannot be said to be doing with all the intrusion into personal privacy and kowtowing to corporate interests crap they are spouting.

  6. John says:

    I understand the desire to recall. What she did was wrong. But what are the legal grounds for a recall in Alaska? Does this situation fit?

    • COalmostNative says:

      I don’t know the rules in Alaska, but in Colorado a petition for recall must follow the rules for gathering signatures; if enough valid signatures are collected within the proper time, then the wording of the title is evaluated. The voters decide whether there is enough cause to remove the politician.

      I think it would be wise and prudent to look for the money at the same time…

    • Alaska Pi says:

      John- our state constitution punted law regarding recall to the legislature , who developed the law you can see here.

      It will be interesting to see how a recall petition will/can be crafted within the grounds for recall.
      Ms Holmes has slapped her District in the face , those who voted for her and those who voted against her, but it will not be easy to get her out of office – on multiple fronts.

      • blue_in_AK says:

        It may not be easy but it puts the heat on, and as we all know, some Alaskan politicians don’t respond we’ll to heat. Who knows? She might pull a Sarah.

        • blue_in_AK says:

          Stupid autocorrect. When I type “well,” I mean “well” not “we’ll.”

        • Alaska Pi says:

          I’m hoping the very best for all of you there in District 19!
          Keep us posted and know there are plenty of us around the state pulling for you- putting on the heat, pushing her out the door- whatever it takes 🙂

  7. Ripley in CT says:

    This will be good. Let’s see who comes out to support her…I smell Palin in 3…..2……

  8. AKAKACK says:

    Ha. Seems like a little switcheroo has everyone rallying and acting as one party finally and doing something together. It seems a bit odd though that we would consider someone who switches parties to have completely disowned/disenchanted herself from the constituency that put her in office. She didn’t move to OZ. I’ll bet she will be same the same person you see at the grocery store and see around town. The only thing that has changed is the perception you have of her. I think its great that someone would have the cajones to switch colors, if only to out some of those she doesn’t believe in or just to piss some people off that try to hard to influence her vote in legislature. Either way, I applaud her for shaking things up a bit. Now lets cross our fingers and hope she didn’t pull a masek and get bought for a pittance.

    • COalmostNative says:

      “I think it’s great that someone would have the cajones to switch colors” as you say, to piss some off?!

      She ran as a member of a political party, and articulated her views, so voters would understand where she stood and have a general idea of how she would work in the legislature. Alaska and the United States are representative democracies, and she has an obligation to represent her district; not in rigid lockstep, but as their agent of record.

      And you think it’s not only okay, but a good thing that Holmes pulls a gotcha? Holds up a virtual middle finger to those who voted for her, and taunts ” Nanner, nanner, nanner- fooled ya”?!

      You have a warped sense of government…

  9. Colleen Murphy says:

    Letter to the Editor {ADN}, 1/31/13

    Any registered voter in Anchorage District 19 should be concerned. It does not matter whether you are Republican, Democrat, or independent. When you vote for Lindsay Holmes, your vote counts for nothing. She is not a representative. In fact, she no longer deserves that elected title. I propose that we now refer to her as Princess Zero. The entitled Holmes cannot be trusted with your vote, regardless of your party affiliation.

    Colleen M. Murphy, MD

  10. AKMagpie says:

    Methinks she should be indicted for fraud in a public office. Too bad we can’t check her bank accounts to see if she got a large deposit just after she changed parties. It wouldn’t be unheard of with our wonderful state history of legislative shenanigans.

    • COalmostNative says:

      One can look for payouts from typical sources: PACs, donations from lobbying/special interest groups- into her campaign fund. Or relatives getting offers of employment, or influential GOPers shepherding her pet projects through the legislative process…

      This is the kind of stuff to publicize during signature-gathering.

      There are numerous savvy bloggers who are good at ferreting out political dirty tricks…

  11. David Otness says:

    I’m very glad to see some spine from District 19.
    Get momentum and follow through for this Manchurian Munchkin.

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