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WATCH: Colbert Calls Begich a Hero

BegichLast night, The Colbert Report responded to the defeat in the Senate of the Manchin-Toomey Amendment in an extremely funny segment that once again brought Alaska into the spotlight.

Colbert called Alaska’s Democratic Senator, Mark Begich, a “hero” saying:

Despite relentless pressure from special interest grieving parents, 45 Brave Senators stood tall to protect what they find most precious, the A rating from the NRA.

“The heroes were not just Republicans, 4 brave Democrats joined in, including Alaskan Senator Mark Begich, who celebrated his vote to kill background checks saying ‘It’s dangerous to do any type of policy in an emotional moment.’

“Yes, true leadership is waiting ’til the moment has passed.

“That’s why I always believed we should have waited till 1950 to declare war on Japan – ’til things had cooled off. But no… ol’ speed racer here [FDR] just could not wait to take away Hirohito’s guns. Never again!”

Watch the clip below, or at the link.



13 Responses to “WATCH: Colbert Calls Begich a Hero”
  1. DaninAnc says:

    Reading these replies, it’s no wonder that Alaska struggles to elect any liberals. Whatever you think about guns, you have to recognize that if Begich had voted for cloture on this gun control bill he would have been acting in direct opposition to the desires of the vast majority of his constituents.

    Sure, there are times that our politicians need to ignore public sentiment and demonstrate leadership, but it’s a dangerous thing to ask, nay demand, that our representatives ignore the clear will of their constituents. While I would generally be in support of the sorts of gun control changes the president is proposing, I recognize that my voice is a minority voice in Alaska, and I applaud Begich for standing with his constituents rather than standing with the power brokers of his party and the taste makers in the media.

    At any rate, if Begich had voted for cloture Joe Miller would likely be our next senator. Is that what you want?

  2. Jag24 says:

    You crack me up, Miss Muddy! “Colbert calls Begich a Hero!” then the next story under it is, “Goats on Ice”! I thought that was funny, like Begich is a goat on thin ice or something. OK, it was probably only funny in my mind.

  3. simple mind says:

    Lots of people (including me) are disgusted with Begich’s vote to prevent debate on the background check bill. The disappointing response from Begich supporters is that “well, Begich has always been pro-gun, so if you are upset now, I’m sorry you weren’t paying attention.” Begich apologists should realize that saying, “If you disagree with Begich’s vote, then you’ve always disagreed with Begich, so there!” doesn’t do much to convince anyone that Begich deserves a vote next time around. In fact, it argues for the opposite. Yes, I know that Begich has been pro-gun. Yes, I knew that when I voted for him rather than Stevens. I didn’t agree with Begich on gun control then and I still don’t. More to the present point, I disagree that imposition of a background check even diminishes the 2d Amendment, and the failure of Begich or his supporters to even make a coherent argument beyond “I’m pro-gun and I’ve always been pro-gun.” simply further supports the idea that Begich’s vote against debate on this measure was likely motivated by a simple desire to appeal to the NRA.

    • fishingmamma says:

      Somehow, I was under the impression that a “pro-gun” stance was not supposed to erase common sense.

      When people started dying of heroin overdoses, the government declared a “war on drugs”

      People were dying in automobile crashes, so the government instituted safety standards and seatbelt requirements and speed limits.

      People were falling out of recreational boats and drowning, so the government instituted the Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Program.

      Guns are used to kill thousands of people in this country each year. Congress does……nothing.

    • JHypers says:

      “Begich’s vote against debate on this measure was likely motivated by a simple desire to appeal to the NRA.”

      Either that…or quite possibly a rather sizable constituency of D-voting rural Alaskans (yes – contrary to popular belief, Alaska does include more “D” voting opinions than those of downtown Anchorage) who made it clear to the senator that any increased hassles or threats to privately buying or trading guns conveniently within the confines of one’s village would be met with zero support in next year’s election.

      You decide.

    • StElias says:

      I agree with what you say. Except–and correct me if I’m mistaken–Begich “did” agree to go along with the debate, which the Senate accomplished. Rather, he joined with the GOP in cutting a deal where the debate would take place if the deciding vote for a win was 60%, not the 50% simple majority normal for a win without a filibuster. Either way, Begich and the GOP used the Senate filibuster rule of 60% to achieve their win. All Begich and company conceded was to let the debate occur.

  4. fishingmamma says:

    Thank God, we have a congress that will not pass laws in this country that will restrict the right of a lunatic to walk into a crowded room and open fire, killing dozens of people in less than ten minutes

  5. mike from iowa says:

    History repeats itself. The new Scarlet Letter is the same old Scarlet Letter. Senator Begich and others sold their souls to buy a vowel-the red letter A from the NRA. Might need to change scarlet to crimson to more fully appreciate the blood that will flow from more gun related violence. For one,I’ll sleep better knowing that the rights to keep and bear arms for criminals and nut cases were staunchly defended,as per usual,by the gun lobby.

  6. AKmom says:

    I wish Mark would just go ahead and change his affiliation to Republican then I wouldn’t feel any guilt in not voting for him. He might as well. If you listen to any of his MANY radio ads and didn’t know he was a Democrat, you would think he was a moderate Republican.

  7. Mo says:

    At least he hasn’t made Wonkette’s Legislative S__tmuffin Award Top Ten Candidates list yet…last time I checked. At least.


    • LA Brian says:

      Believe it or not he’s falling behind – Tennessee has a real contender with Stacey Campfield.

  8. Jag24 says:

    Senator Begich must be proud today! He made it to Stephen’s monologue!

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