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Tuesday Catch Up – Down With Nukes, Bedbugs and Flaming Hyperbolic Outrage.

It’s Not Just You

Many Alaskans are wondering how on earth they could have voted for Sarah Palin the first time.  Don’t feel bad.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin can thank Washington lobbyist and political consultant Rick Davis, chief executive officer of John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, for being the ultimate pick to become the Republican vice presidential candidate.

“It was all his doing. He was completely snowed by Palin,” a source close to Mr. McCain confided to this columnist over the weekend. “He was totally taken by her.”

See, it can happen to anyone.

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

The biggest bedbug outbreak since World War II has sent a collective shudder among apartment dwellers, college students and business travelers across the nation.  [snip]

Bedbugs have hit hotels and homes in every state. The creatures are amazing hitchhikers, experts say, and easily travel in suitcases, boxes or packages. They can live for up to a year without food.

Apparently since bedbugs do not carry diseases, they fall through the regulatory cracks, sucking the blood of sleeping victims with impunity, causing massive itching, insomnia, and general freaking out.  Democratic Congressman  Butterfield from North Carolina is taking on the bugs with an army of cosponsors for his Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite bill that would authorize $50 million already in the budget to help train health inspectors to spot the little bloodsuckers.  The only Republican on the list of co-sponsors?  Alaska Congressman Don Young.  I’ll let you figure out your own punchline.

Netroots Nation

I’ve gotten lots of inquiries about my application for the Netroots Nation Scholarship.  It looks like they used the cutoff time for when they received the application, rather than when it was sent.  I sent mine on Alaska time and missed the cutoff for the first round by a few hours.  But no fear, I’m in the second round which will end in June.  I’ll keep you all posted and THANK YOU for your unbelievable outpouring of support.  I am humbled and grateful. 

Don’t Nuke Me, Sis!

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is meeting this week, and today the topic is scheduled to discuss nuclear waste, and Republicans seem to be all gung ho about expanding the role of nuclear power in the comprehensive energy measure.


“I think it is imperative that we offer morein terms of a policy statement on where we go with nuclear in this country,” ranking member Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said earlier this month. “We want to advance something that states very clearly that nuclear is a part of that policy, and we need to be up-front and rational about how we deal with the waste issues.”


Murkowski plans to offer an alternative nuclear amendment that would increase incentives for the construction of new nuclear units by expanding the production tax credit offered in the 2005 Energy Policy Act from 6,000 megawatts to 12,000 megawatts. The expansion would allow about 10 more reactors to benefit from the incentive. It would also create a 10 percent tax credit for construction expenditures for advanced nuclear reactors and setup a public-private cost-share program for two commercial reprocessing centers.

So let’s be “up front and rational” about nuclear waste.  It’s bad and nobody wants it.  I just figured I’d clear that up unless anyone was fuzzy on the issue.  Does Murkowski want it all shipped to and stored in Alaska?  Unless that’s what she’s saying, she’s foisting it off on someone else.  And either of those scenarios is bad.  Come on, Senators.  We put men on the moon, to use the old example.  Are you telling me we can’t figure out clean renewable energy? 

The Timeline Tells…

In a fascinating piece that came out in the Juneau Empire, we’re taken on a sightseeing tour of local Juneau politics as seen from the pro-Palin, out-of-state blogosphere bus.  I’m all for healthy disagreement on the issues and the personalities, and even on poking fun, and I think anyone regardless of where they live should be welcomed in that discussion, but frankly when the long arm of the national pro-Palin sites elbows its way in to a town of 30,000 people and directs “flaming hyperbolic outrage”  at regular citizens who don’t like tour bus traffic in their local neighborhood, well…  I tend to think they’re not helping their case.  Rumors are percolating up that the Governor’s office is miffed at this nonsense as well, although the governor herself was happy, as always, to jump right into the fray with her characteristic measured, dignified professionalism.  “If it’s a matter of not giving anyone anything to look at so they’ll go away then I’d ask Piper to not giggle so loudly on her buoy swing or bicycle in the yard,” the ADN quoted her saying from a written statement.

I’ve linkeed to the Empire piece HERE, but I have resisted directing traffic to the sites on the other side that do this kind of stuff.  Irrelevance is the solution to that problem, but good for the Empire for calling it out for what it is.



27 Responses to “Tuesday Catch Up – Down With Nukes, Bedbugs and Flaming Hyperbolic Outrage.”
  1. Mary in Tennessee says:

    Hey, y’all, just a shout out from the State that is still covered in coal ash (article yesterday proves that selenium in fish is at high, poisonous levels BUT our TVA just dismisses That Truth as ‘just part of the results of testing, blah, blah); it has poisoned two rivers, possibly even 3 by now.
    AND this is the same electricity provider that has provided the Tennessee Valley with nukkler power, plants that spill, leak, and go off line for unknown reasons…and we do not know what it does with all that waste! So you guys might do some very important research on your Senator Lisa’s bright idea…and then….just say NO.

  2. HarpboyAK says:

    One of my fellow cab drivers has taken Palin fans off the cruise ship on tours, and they always want to stop at the Mansion. Twice in the past week she has showed up when he was there with tourists, and she (and the First Dude on the first occasion) happily posed with them for photos.

    That’s our Governess, ready to greet rabid tourist fans, but won’t meet with our elected representatives in the House and Senate.

    And (tongue firmly in cheek) I’m wonder when someone will file a complaint about Piper setting up a business (lemonade stand) on State property and not having a food handler’s permit (the Mansion does have a DEC approved kitchen, however). DEC food inspectors have told other kids that they can’t sell homemade cookies or drinks on Juneau streets… /sarcasm off.

  3. here_in_PA says:

    @20 PalinSucks Says:
    May 19th, 2009 at 4:57 PM
    Is she knocked up again?

    Seriously, Palin, looks rough.


    hehehe, glad I’m not the only one that thought that. I saw it today and read the caption about her visiting the “pacific general” , you can see his stars on his shoulders. I also thought too, what the talk was about when she left the group. LMAO, would have love to been there. She probably sounded like a blubbering idiot. Oh, and you see, I do see Russia from my house and I’m all for missle defense. Snark.

  4. wired differently says:

    Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh! The big, bad, yellow, ruffly-collared crocheted cardi is hurting me!

    Now THIS is crochet.

  5. lilybart says:

    She really does need those clothes. That yellow sweater is a disaster. Catty I know, but it is wardrobe day.

  6. trisha says:

    Palin looks more pregnant in that photo than when she was…errr…pregnant.

    I guess it’s tough when those Hollywood stylist are sent home.

  7. Karin in CT says:

    @ 20 PalinSucks Says:
    May 19th, 2009 at 4:57 PM
    Is she knocked up again?

    Seriously, Palin, looks rough.


    She sure does. I hope she gets the RNC wardrobe back real quick. She needs it.

  8. PalinSucks says:

    Is she knocked up again?

    Seriously, Palin, looks rough.

  9. Canadian Neighbour says:

    I agree with you about cost of nuclear start up. I worked for the largest CDN engineer & contracting firm. One of the contracts was building, refurbishing and maintenance of various nuclear plants. Billions upon millions on top of some more. The plant near me has approval to build 2 new ones which are not expected to go online until 2018 and 2019 but have yet to do the environment study, etc., etc. They are also in the process of refurbishing 1 and starting plans re the second next decade. The refurbishing timeframe is about same as shingling your roof – 20 – 25 years.
    (brought into service: 1983-86) and
    (brought into service: 1990-93)

    I’ve seen where it’s taken a year and more to refurbish which means it’s off line. Maintenance too can be a nightmare. It’s not uncommon when they do the restartup, it doesn’t work at capacity and means shutdown and further work. Months more of down time.

    A statement in their annual report:
    Nuclear Percentage of 10 operating nuclear units that had unit capability factors above 90 percent: 50%

    Not exactly stellar in the energy operation percentage but I don’t recall the past reports.

    In fact I live quite close to a few of them now! Never gave thought when I bought my house!! But then I had learned more about them when I worked at the contracting/engineer company. The only thing I was burned about was when the east coast U.S./Canada blackout happened – we may have lived the closest, but we were the last to get power back – a week – $%#*&!!!!! So much for convenience!!

  10. Physicsmom says:

    @Jim, I don’t disagree. I think Yucca Mountain is a dead issue. We can learn a lot from the French about reprocessing of waste. Basically, nuclear can be a viable option, but needs to be prioritized as to where it fits economically, geographically and practically. Since there are other more economical options, it will probably fall pretty low on the list, but may be good for areas that don’t get sufficient sun or wind.

  11. MonaLisa IS MY NAME! says:

    If you’ve never survived life under siege by bedbugs, you can have no understanding of the freakout they induce. It, and they, are worse than you can possibly imagine. Seriously.

    No, seriously.

  12. lysistrata says:

    France recycles about 98% of its nuclear waste. The U.S. recycles 0% of its nuclear waste. That is the reason why there is a nuclear waste problem.

    Renewables are great, but they aren’t cost-effective. Until people are willing to pony up about 20 times more cash per megawatt hour, we’re going to be stuck with coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, and yes, nuclear.

  13. Enjay in E.MT says:

    Just thinking about bed bugs is making my skin crawl.

    UGH !!

  14. Jim says:

    Physics Mom, I live scary close to Yucca Mountain. Put me down in the “NO” column! I agree that on the surface it makes sense to dispose of nuclear waste in a place where untold numbers of nuclear tests have already been undertaken, the transportation to this site is a daunting task, far more prone to accident or terrorist activity than reprocessing and onsite disposal. Like so-called “clean coal”, it simply can’t be done safely enough or cheaply enough to be viable…

  15. InJuneau says:

    the problem child–Maybe that should be the title of Levi’s book!

  16. short-timer says:

    I was just out and about town today, and I was struck at how many, many decent “regular” people live and work in Alaska. It’s too bad that Palin is the face of this state at the moment. The guy in Juneau is very much a “regular” person trying to take on the “big government” that is Sarah Palin. How can her supporters not see that?

  17. BigPete says:

    Snow Queen

    McCain had plenty of time to line up a more reasonable candidate than Lieberman, so it’s ridiculous to blame any advice given in the last panicked hours before show time.

    If anything, McCain was “completely snowed” by Lieberman.

  18. UK Lady says:

    WWwhaaatt!? Rick Davis was completely snowed by Sarah Palin. Do the feds know that an ex VP candidate was giving nose candy to unsuspecting Gopers? She does know it’s against the law, right? Or is that just a Brit meaning that doesn’t mean the same thing there? Like fanny.

  19. karen marie says:

    what is it with that piece of work palin wanting EVERYTHING to be about her?

    poor piper, being dragged into this by her mother and being told that people hate HER because she’s a palin.

    great way to protect her child.


  20. Physicsmom says:

    WRT nuclear energy, AKM, I beg to differ with you: we don’t all hate it. My daughter is a nuclear engineering PhD student and we have had many discussions on this topic. Nuclear energy has come a long way from the ’50s, including safer disposal/reuse of waste. The biggest problem with nuclear energy is that it’s EXPENSIVE to start up, and the pay-back time is very long. It’s not a good commercial venture; it really needs to be a public one if the government decides to put it into the new energy mix. I doubt that the Obama administration is going to take this very far.

  21. Canadian Neighbour says:

    What about that lawyer pal of McCain’s who vetted her. Davis would have been part of the team. Not knowing the source – I question it was Davis alone.

    Washington Power Lawyer A.B. Culvahouse – “high-risk, high-reward.”

    His (McCain’s) response, said Culvahouse: “You shouldn’t have told me that. I’ve been a risk taker all my life.”

  22. Bonsai-Jay says:

    “WASHINGTON – The Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint over the $150,000-plus designer wardrobe the Republican Party bought to outfit vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.”

  23. zyggy says:

    “It was all his doing. He was completely snowed by Palin,” a source close to Mr. McCain confided to this columnist over the weekend. “He was totally taken by her.”

    I wonder how cp4 will take that? lol

  24. austintx says:

    mlaiuppa Says:
    May 19th, 2009 at 11:57 AM
    There’s an exterminator with a beagle that can sniff out bedbugs. Saw it on TV. It allows him to find where they’re hiding so he can exterminate them all. Dog works for kibble. Not sure what the exterminator charges.
    Here’s the little rascal.

  25. austintx says:

    Prick Davis , the super lobbyist got snowed by the snowbilly. Who woulda thunk it………..thinkin’ with the little head , obviously.

  26. the problem child says:

    “Snowed by Palin” could be the title for a tell-all about the current AK administration. Now, WHO will tell all??

  27. mlaiuppa says:

    There’s an exterminator with a beagle that can sniff out bedbugs. Saw it on TV. It allows him to find where they’re hiding so he can exterminate them all. Dog works for kibble. Not sure what the exterminator charges.