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Palin Rejects Stimulus Money. Throws Alaska Under the Bus to “Save Face.”


I can’t help noticing the irony of the front page of the Anchorage Daily News.  It pretty much says it all, quite poetically.

A)  Over there on the left in the headlines section it says:

Palin Cuts $80 Million from Budget – Gov. Palin announced today that she is vetoeing $80 million from the state budget, including federal stimulus dollars meant to go for energy relief.

B)  And then right next to it under an aerial photo of the remote village of Selawik, it says:

In the winter, Village Police Officer Clarence Snyder doesn’t use jail cells. They don’t have heat, and Selawik, an Inupiat village of around 800 people just above the Arctic Circle, gets pretty cold. So Snyder sits in a grimy green office chair watching prisoners until morning.

A press release issued by the governor’s office touts:

“We submitted a responsible, fiscally conservative budget,” Governor Palin said. “Given the current revenue outlook and economic conditions, we must focus on providing essential public services, while continuing to invest in communities and resource development that will fuel our economy in the future.

I guess weather stripping, insulation and reduced energy bills just don’t fit into that picture.  We don’t need to save money THAT way.  Why keep it from leaking out of windows and doors when you can just use a red pen? We need to focus on resource development, not the resources that get wasted heating leaky buildings.  I remember as a kid, my mother telling me in the winter if I stood with the door open, “We’re not paying to heat the outdoors!”  My mom could teach the governor a thing or two.  Apparently she has no problem with heating the outdoors.

Palin got smacked down fast from both sides of the aisle.  Republican Rep. Mike Hawker, co-chair of the House Finance Committee has come out once again saying Palin is wrong about having to comply with a bunch of building codes, and accused her of rejecting this money because “she had to do something to save face.”   Ouch.

And Senator Mark Begich hit the nail on the head when he called it “little more than a political red herring targeted at an agenda other than Alaska’s.”  Double ouch.

“With Alaskans facing the highest energy prices in the nation, it’s disappointing that our governor is turning thumbs down on federal funding that could help our families and communities reduce their energy bills,” Begich said.

So, they may have spent $180,000 to make Palin look good on the campaign trail the first time, but she’s willing to spend $29 million of Alaskans’ money so she doesn’t look bad when she goes back the second time.

When do those next poll numbers come out?



189 Responses to “Palin Rejects Stimulus Money. Throws Alaska Under the Bus to “Save Face.””
  1. Nan says:

    They say it can happen to us all… (filtering). Sigh.

    I think you’re right about the building permits. Honestly, I think I need to take notes and keep ’em close at hand, the way my memory has been lately. Just too much “stuff” to keep track of, right? (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!)

    I’ll watch for the post to show up about the happenings in JUNEAU for the statehood celebrations (in the CAPITAL)

    Nan 😉

  2. InJuneau says:

    Well, a post about has happened/will happen in Juneau for Statehood will eventually appear (I got filtered 🙁 ).

  3. InJuneau says:

    Oh, just in case anyone wants to come and celebrate 50 years of Statehood with us, here is a list of the Statehood Celebration activities that have happened or will happen here in the CAPITAL CITY of Juneau:

  4. InJuneau says:

    Nan–thank you for your support! 🙂

    I think what was removed when GINO was MINO were the requirements to get building permits so that the city and everyone else knew what you were doing, who was doing it, who was paying for it, etc. Having visited there once or twice (only to see dear friends NOT named Palin), I’m not sure that town has EVER had building codes!

  5. Nan says:

    Thanks for the info! I simply hadn’t come across information on it. Meanwhile, it’s good to know, and I hope the celebrations are happy, fun and well attended… especially the one(s) in JUNEAU, the CAPITAL. (I’m trying to assist in that reminder-where-the-capital-is thing, can ya tell?)

    As for the building codes in Wasilla, I’d gotten the impression that they were suspended (eliminated) sometime while SP was mayor (and I *think* it was around the time her own home was being built, or shortly before. Can’t swear to that though)

    I couldn’t tell you now where that impression came from, except from lots of reading online.

    Happy celebrations!

  6. KaJo says:

    About that KTUU poll: The end result was 53% in support of Palin, 47% wanting the 28M+ energy conservation money.

    But KTUU says “MOST respondents support Palin”.

    They admit their poll is unscientific, but they forgot to note that even their HEADLINE is unscientific. Typical Republican math, I guess…

  7. InJuneau says:

    And, well, well, well:

    Well now this is a precious bit of info on why GINO might have declined the energy stimulus $ (from KINY radio):

    When asked about the Governor’s building code concern, Egan said many Alaska communities have already adopted building codes.

    When asked about the Governor’s hometown of Wasilla, Egan said a preliminary examination reveals that Wasilla is one of the few communities in the state that doesn’t comply.

  8. InJuneau says:

    Nan–we’ve been celebrating 50 years of statehood all year, although GINO seemed to think that the “official” statehood ball should be held in Anch., in spite of the fact that it was in CAPITAL CITY that the first (official) 49 star flag was raised on 4 July 1959. Juneau had its own ball too (though we didn’t get to go) and the first ever playing of the revised Alaskan Symphony. AND, we are reenacting the flag raising on 4 July this year, here in the CAPITAL! (all caps, just in case GINO is reading and needs reminding of where that is!)

  9. Nan says:

    ‘nother question here… Is Alaska planning any sort of festivities marking the 50th anniversary of statehood?

    Or is that a sore point with too many Alaskans?


  10. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Dang, did it again, meant to put posts 177 and 178 on the open thread, sorry!

  11. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Is Meg in hot water or doesn’t she dare make the statement, lol.

    “We’re greatly disappointed, considering this is the birthplace of Alaska,” Palesh said. “We understand schedules get pretty tight for governors.”

  12. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    hmmmmm, yep, things that make ya go hmmmmm…… this because of the glaring Meg Stapleton connection and poor Scarah’s kinda tired of being picked on, poor thing. Wonder if she’ll choose another boyfriend, lol.

    “A representative from the governor’s office confirmed Friday that Palin could not attend Founder’s Day, but would not say why.”

  13. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    this is a good article with lots of legislator quotes…………they may go for a veto……so do call or email them!

    Interesting thing also on the cruise ship projects she vetoed, no explanation whatsoever why she did so.

    “Juneau Mayor Bruce Botelho, Kerttula, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, and bi-partisan leaders of the House and Senate Energy Committees, were among those urging acceptance of the money.

    “This issue has been researched thoroughly by legislative staff and we couldn’t find one string attached to those funds,” said Rep. Charisse Millett, R-Anchorage, co-chair of the House Special Committee on Energy.

    The vetoed federal money would have provided the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation money to increase energy efficiency programs, such as home insulation and weatherization. That’s something needed throughout Alaska, but especially in rural and northern areas, said Sen. Bert Stedman, R-Sitka, co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee.”

  14. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    I’d also have to say she’s a bigot to certain people, and I hope that comes out in the law suit, it must not bother her with Toad having so little in him. But you know she grew up seeing Mae racisit attacks and probably thought they were funny and normal.

    Mae, what happened to you is horrible! It’s hard to believe some people can be so cruel. How can they live with themselves is beyond me.

    Hugs to you. And rant anytime you want. I had no clue these things occurred in AK. Awful Awful Awful!

  15. Kathy McCue says:

    maybe the editors at the ADN are subtlely expressing a very important opinion in their lay-out choices. 🙂

  16. Mae says:


    Contact your state reps.

    If the extra expenses to hold a special session is a issue, perhaps holding the session at the Wasilla Sports Complex would be less expensive than everyone traveling to Juneau.

    For those whom commented about my previous posts, quyaana. Nice comments. I just don’t want Alaskans to become further conditioned to a ‘status quo’ by the front page of ADN. At some point any news outlet can’t help what news comes across their desk. Can be said that irony might play a huge roll in the page AKM brings up, with the folks at ADN? I don’t know. However, don’t let stuff condition you to it being the norm. In Alaska the norm needs to be changed. Alaskans have been conditioned long enough.

  17. kiksadi50 says:

    Sara Palin has morphed before our very eyes into a party of one. Herself. I am heart sick at this latest abuse of her power. I believe in the power of the Alaskan community to stand up and fight back against this decision to refuse dollars for energy enhancement. She dares to bill the Alaskan people when she chooses to remain out of Juneau during session, & then dares to talk about being fiscally responsible. This woman is drunk with her own political ambition & it is costing the Alaskan people dearly. Elders & children get sick and some even die when they do not have heat & electricity in the winter in Alaska. I ‘betcha’ Sara & her family do not go without heat in the winter. We rallied the troops & successfully defeated her pick for A.G., it is time to call every person in the legislature & demand a special session. I am starting with Mike Hawker who has admitted that this decision is “wrong”.

  18. TBNTJudy says:

    Jake, great link. Thanks.

  19. TBNTJudy says:

    Mae, I agree that actions speak louder than words. When I saw how she treated Nick Tucker when she and her bible-thumping team went to western Alaska to deliver cookies and platitudes to the cold and hungry, my blood was boiling. When it was discovered that racist jokes were being circulated in AK state governmental e-mail, she spoke nary a public word to rebuke those involved. When she refused to honor Juneteenth by issuing a proclamation, as mandated by AK state law, she once again demonstrated her disdain for people of color. Now, she has refused funds which would help so many people weatherize their homes, and many of these people are AK Natives.

    There is not one shred of doubt in my mind that SP is a racist, and she doesn’t even hide it in a closet. It’s out there for everyone to see, and it makes me ill.

  20. Jake says:

    Not sure if anyone posted this link or not already. Sorry if it’s a repeat. Mother Jones has noticed “Palin’s Cash Foes” too. She’s making quite a name for herself, eh?

  21. Nan says:

    Oh, Mae, I’m so sorry for what you went through.

    What is wrong with people? I truly don’t understand hatred, or the tormenting of other folks. We are truly one race, the human race and so few people seem to “get” that.

    As for SP, I’m beginning to think that the only “reality” she is capable of recognizing is city living for all, with the rural areas set aside for recreation for those same city dwellers. Why else would she dismiss the residents of those areas so cavalierly?

    My mind is jumping from one concept to another too fast, I can’t keep up and I can’t find the words I need. Thank heavens for AKM and other bloggers that can capture the thoughts into words and share it with all the rest of us.

    All I know for sure is that the God I’m familiar with would never create such a wonderful world and then claim it’s only for some of His children. (This is simply how I see things, there’s no intent to offend anyone.)

  22. wasillawarrior says:

    It’s no big surprise, Governor Palin is so self serving, maybe she’ll write her book and go away, live in the state like North Carolina…wouldn’t that be dandy…? Alaska hasn’t been her priority for a long time. She keeps referring to how she is always talking up Alaska when she is traveling out side, as if that makes up for the fact that she hasn’t done SH*T……we sure could have used that money for energy and heating programs…

  23. Mae says:


    What Palin does is kind of suttle isn’t it. But one does wonder. At least I do. Granted my experiences in Alaska, as a Alaskan give me some bias. But I really do wonder what Palin thinks about Alaska’s First people. It is for real and does it have any depth? Or is she just feeding the masses with some policically correct statements?

    Look a politician doesn’t have to come out and state they are supportive of people of color. I’m a firm believer in ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

    My story isn’t meant to draw up tears, but I totally understand. Like who would want their kid beat up cause they are of color? NO ONE. My mom had lots of fear after that … she also taught us strengh and reaped much pride in our achievements.

    After the onset of the internet, mom and my sister showed up one day. They wanted me to look up the name of that highschool administrator. I did. He is retired in Montana. Mom and my sister flew down there and stood in his front yard for an entire morning. I guess around noon he came out of the house and asked what they were doing. Apparently mom had a few choice words for him.

    Mom is not longer alive and my sister just smiles when I try and get more details of that Montana trip.

    That school administrator went into rehab. According to my sister the guy was drinking himself to death, post retirement. He had lost his wife, his kids were non existant in his life. He died, driving drunk.

    I don’t talk much about that 2 x 4 head injury. I believe I’m so beyond that. However the lesson that can be learned is valuable …

    Think about it… Anchorage had a major who knew the benefits Alaska’s first people had to offer. He wanted a civic center with first people art. He wanted and got a rural advisor. He acted on what he understood to be true…
    And for the first time, it felt like Anchorage opened the doors to Alaska’s first people.

    Now we got Palin, our governor. She couldn’t even hire a Alaska Native as her rural advisor (I say this with no disrespect to Ms. Mcbride’s tenure.).

    Just think: Actions speak louder than words.

    If there is anything a urban Alaska Native knows, it is lip service.

    I don’t give a rats ass who Sarah is married too, she has no clue about Alaska’s first people and doesn’t intend on learning. Her preferred choice for Attorney General told me, she could careless and can’t see beyond her own nipples.

    Okay Im done with my rant.

  24. Tealwomin says:

    Mae…thanks for sharing…so sorry about those incidents…it makes me wonder WHICH Alaska GiNO supports…almost as if the only natives she supports are the one shes married to and their off-spring!

    GiNO: Another Dumb @$$

  25. Patti Fisher says:

    Send Palin an e-mail an tell her how displeased you are with her decision regarding the ENERGY stimulus money. THEN CONTACT YOU LEGISLATOR.

  26. greatgrammy1 says:

    Mae, Your blog brought tears to my eyes, So sorry for your suffering. I don’t know why but it seems to me that Sarah Palin is a bigot. The only black person she even acknowledges is Steele and that is because she needs the support of the RNC. She certainly doesn’t respect the Alaskan natives and doesn’t care if they starve or freeze. If she decides to run for President, this will be brought out to the American public.

  27. shar says:

    Why do we have to put up with this for another 1.5 yrs?!

  28. Jasmine Leigh says:

    When do those next poll numbers come out?

    And of course when they come out again; and the numbers have dropped AGAIN she’ll have to find another group other than the bloggers and media to blame. Amazing ~ another one term governor.

  29. sue says:

    You can lead a politician to water, but you cant’ make her THINK!

    That says it all for the person who calls herself our guv.

    Even a 5 yr. old could have come up with the right conclusion and answer about conserving energy.

    This woman makes a fence post look like a Rhodes scholar!

  30. Mae says:

    Let me rant here for a moment and quyaana for your patience with my rant…

    I’m just a Alaska Native chick with two kids of my own and a whole host of foster kids thru out the years. I grew up in Anchorage, with summers at fish camp. While the pipeline was booming, I was in junior highschool. It was total horror. We came back from fish camp and the neiborhood and school had doubled in population.

    My family lived in Spenard. My dad was in the National Guard. We met other Alaska Native families thru my dads service in the National Guard.

    Our house was cold and old, but my parents owned it. No one could evict us due to our Inuit blood, which happened to us when I was 9.

    We were loved, clothed and encouraged to explore the world about us.

    But highschool was a different story. It was when I learned how racism in Alaska occurs. First you had the “pipeline familes”, whos kids were wild. They held my sister down and spray painted her face with white paint.

    Some highschool kids would ride around in trucks, with a bunch of guys in the back and chase us down the alleys, yelling bad words and trying to hit us with their hockey sticks and 2 x 4s. That was my only head injury, I was in the hospital for 9 days. When my parents made a complaint with the police, they said we needed the make and model of the truck, as well as names. My mom and sisters complied, only to be told by the police that officials at the highschool would have to write letters in support of the complaint. The highschool administration refused.

    My parents took us out of highschool early that year. We went to fish camp. I remember it well, cause I still couldn’t see right from the head injury. But I’ll never forget the wonderful smells of fish camp that year.

    Come fall time we went back to Anchorage and that horrible highschool. We had learned, that one of the kids in the back of that truck, was charged with murder of a homeless man. He was tried as a juvenial, since back then being tried as a adult for horrible crimes, was not a law yet. This kid murder remained in jail till he was 18 and then went off to Alaska Skill Center.

    My sister and I saw him once, at the Seward Silver Salmon Derby. My auntie told his parents, that their now adult kid, gave me a really bad head injury back in highschool. That family packed up their camping gear and left the beach area. Pronto!

    Racism in Alaska has existed for a long time. Be it a 2 x 4 or thru places like VECO. Basically, it can be suttle or down right smashed against your head.

    Alaskans have been conditioned to its own racism for years and years. The front page of ADN is a total irony. It is a common thread that occurs amongst us Alaskans on a regular basis. Is it suttle racism, I don’t know. But I do know it is NOT the first time such a front page news spread is displayed, in such irony.

    Now if one was wacked up side the head, with a 2 x 4, by a kid in the back of a pickup truck, yelling degorigartory names at you, it would be racism. This type of thing, is so much in your face. It is pretty clear what happened. Albiet, my parents were asked to gather support for their original complaint from administrators at the highschool (no medical records or witness affidavids where required). The entire 2 x 4 situation was handled in a very racist fashion and it was common. Mind you, I wasn’t the only one that got whacked.

    So what exactly is my thought process here?

    The suttle disparities displayed on the front page of Alaska’s largest newspaper is nothing new. Somewhere in the world of racism, such displays of irony, border the circle of pure racism, but it doesn’t quite touch the center. Now if one was wacked up side the head with a 2 x 4…

    Gosh, we no allow loaded guns in our national parks, and our gov is actually happy about it. But shucks, the State of Alaska won’t let a VPSO carry a loaded gun while on the job. Because you know, that little lawsuit where by the state says VPSO are NOT really enforcement personnel. Now to me, this is a total 2 x 4 wack on the head.

    Quyaana for letting me rant. I sure hope you can understand my dribble.

  31. Nan says:


    Silly me.


  32. Lilybart says:

    Nan: you are imagining things. She also favors getting natural gas out of the ground, and coal, after you slice off the mountaintop and throw the waste into the nearest river.

  33. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest are running Alaska into the ground. TGIF and my blessings to all Alaskans who also feel like the Governor’s narcissism is rearing its ugly head once again. It’s a beautiful day here in Alaska and I’m going to stay optimistic and hope that we get some divine intervention before this ship hits the rocks and takes us all down with it. Sad, sad day for Alaskans, it’s been a 3 year drama show with no sign of relief in sight.

  34. Nan says:

    Ok, I have a question.

    Les Gara said “It’s odd to have renewable energy goals, like the Governor announced in her Winter press conference, and to reject funds needed to build those projects.”

    But haven’t we seen before that the only energy thing SP seems to recognize is oil? If it ain’t oil, can’t be brought out of Alaskan soil, it just doesn’t seem to exist.

    Or am I imagining things again?


  35. psgbill says:

    I’m writing my legislator to ask they pull together a special session to override this veto. For a few thousand dollars in perdiem, the State would gain millions in needed money to assist in weatherization. It just makes sense. I’d doubt the session would take more than an afternoon to conclude. This is a no brainer.

  36. Bystander says:

    Sarah was “sold” as the “most popular Governor” and the “energy expert”. Maybe this most recent little tantrum will dispel both of theese myths.

    BTW, other than giving away a half billion to a Canadain company for a “pipeline” that does not exist and hs not transported 1 btu of gas, what exactly has she done on the energy front??? Anyone? Bueller?

  37. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Les Gara has this to say……..I like that he points this out…….maybe that was just “talk” and no “walk” from the Gov.

    “It’s odd to have renewable energy goals, like the Governor announced in her Winter press conference, and to reject funds needed to build those projects.”

    “I personally think the following makes sense – and should have been done in the first place. The Governor’s agencies – presumably with her input since she’s head of the state’ agencies (AHFC and AEA) – proposed to spend the funds on a number of efforts. All $29 million could have instead been spent on building renewable energy projects around the state, to achieve this state’s renewable and diversified energy goals. It’s odd to have renewable energy goals, like the Governor announced in her Winter press conference, and to reject funds needed to build those projects. I would encourage folks to run this proposal by the Governor – one she of course could have proposed in the first place – and see if we can encourage her to accept the funds for these purposes, if she didn’t like the purposes her agencies proposed in the operating budget.”

  38. Nan says:

    Eye on you,
    Thanks for that terrific link! “Odd” indeedy. Apparently her desire to “punish” Stedman was greater than her desire to see her own request put through. Maybe she figured no one would notice – or she didn’t notice it herself.

    Just nuts.

  39. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    the governor of Alaska is a fool, and I hope the media pound her for turning down the stimulus energy dollars…….show what a fake she is.

  40. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    stick that in your pipe Scarah………..

    “Dr. Dan Arvizu, director of the national renewable energy lab in Colorado, told the Anchorage conference the U.S. is missing out on a huge business opportunity. “Renewable energy is a $150 billion a year industry today,” he said, “but it’s not in the U.S. It’s in other countries.” Why?

    “It’s driven by public policies in other countries. … It’s not a matter of technical potential. It’s a matter of national will and investment.”

  41. EyeOnYou says:

    This is completely a political decision. She wants to force the legislature to override her with a veto, and then she can claim that she did the right thing with her base while still getting the money. The ADN has an article up and one portion struck me as very telling ….

    She also vetoed four Southeast projects that were to be funded with about $5 million from the state’s cruise ship tax. All the vetoed cruise tax projects are in the district of Sitka Republican Sen. Bert Stedman, who has been critical of Palin.

    Stedman didn’t try to claim it was personal. But he said it was “kind of odd” Palin vetoed a Sitka sidewalk widening project that she herself had requested.

  42. Irishgirl says:

    “complaining” 🙂 I’m having a bad day.

  43. Irishgirl says:

    That should have read “getting sick of her.”

  44. Irishgirl says:

    Looks like the Legislature is getting of her.

    They are complaing about her reasons for the veto.

  45. Priceless says:

    Ok, so now her bigotbase is thrilled because she showed how maverickey she can be. Now, how do we get those people warm and fed?

    I guess her Mavericky’ness can’t be bothered with the details, now can she?

  46. Carol.Seattle says:

    Palin is an unaware, completely self-centered, B***h! It is very difficult to imagine the extent of her obtuseness!!!! That ******** *****!

  47. laurie says:

    AKM What are the prospects of a veto by the Legislature?

  48. Nan says:

    Ok, a p.s. here.

    It seems as if the legislators are unable or unwilling to “do something” about SP as gov. It could be that the only tool they have at hand is impeachment. Well, far as I know, you gotta do something actually illegal to be impeached (supposedly).

    So that leaves it up to their constituents. Whose primary “tool” would be a recall. That does not require anything beyond enough people that are fed up to stand up and SAY SO! In writing. As in sign a petition for recall.

    Frankly, with the deep concern, compassion and attention to detail shown by your fearless leader (ha), that shouldn’t be all that hard to do.

    What it all may boil down to is this: it is up to the individual citizens of Alaska to decide when push must come to shove. And follow up on it.

  49. Nan says:

    I think 24Owls has it pegged. But I don’t know what would work as apparently *only* GINO can apply for the funds.

    But, surely there’s some way that individuals can make their feelings known on this. If enough people raised enough ruckus…

    OTOH, I don’t know of anything that has convinced SP of something when her mind has already been set. Remember the interview where she said “I’m appreciating being cleared of all wrongdoing” when the question was “what do you have to say about being found in violation of the ethics?” (before her own complaint went through).

    Maybe the kid in South Carolina has the right idea, I don’t know. Surely there’s *something* that could work.

  50. trisha says:

    A little off topic here, but responding to some other posts on the subject of Bristol’s “team” of lawyers that she mentioned in People magazine.

    Who is paying for this? Palin’s legal defense fund? Just curious as to who is funding this “team”? She has to be getting money from Palin.

    How nice that the governor is using her power, influence and money to try and keep Levi away from his child. Very Christian of her.

  51. trisha says:

    So, Palin rejects Federal money now to grandstand. But, I think someone should keep a keen eye on ANY and I mean ANY other Federal money that Palin accepts for the State to show her hypocricy.

    What other “earmarks” are on Palin’s “accept” list?

  52. womanwithsardinecan says:

    I wrote her a three letter email, and then I used the event form to invite her and her family to hell for a very long stay. With no microphone.
    Yes, I am is a very very bad mood and I may as well take it out on her.

  53. riley says:

    I had to laugh, in a sad way, a bit at your newspaper article comparison. It reminded me of a newspaper in Nebraska I was looking at about a year and a half ago.

    There was a large article on the front page about the cuts that were being made in education across the state due to budget problems. At the bottom of the same page was an article about the new football coach being hired at the University. His salary for his first year was 1.1 million dollars. As followup, after one year his salary has been increased to 1.85 million. His assistant coaches receive just over 2 million total.

    This was in central Nebraska where I was working at the time. I brought up the irony of these two articles to the Nebraska folks that I was working with that day. No one understood that there was a problem with these education budget issues.

    So don’t feel alone in Alaska, we unfortunately have plenty of nonthinking citizens everywhere.

  54. trisha says:

    I am sure most of Palin’s “fans” who voted yes do not even live in Alaska, so this has no impact on their lives. Easy to vote YES for Sarah when you don’t have to live with the consequences.

  55. 24owls says:

    As much as it is great to read all the comments about Palin and her stupidity, because we all agree about that, I think it is important to get to the black and white matter of this issue. There is money available to make an important, helpful, sometimes life saving impact on our fellow residents. The money has been turned down by a single voice of the governor so what can we do? Talk to our representitves in DC, sounds like the State reps can’t do anything about it, sue the governor like the student in SC about the education stimulas, work with the regional councels that have the connection to the national groups, ask about a fund drive as mentioned in a previous post but the idea is that the money is there – just the single voice of Palin has stopped it. Certainly our collective voices, and efforts, and brain power can work together to help out this state gets what it needs to help. This is a serious problem with a good solution – helps put people to work, helps with individual heating costs, may help save a life and only Palin stands in the way. She doesn’t care what is going to happen in the next couple of months or in the depths of winter so we have too.

  56. mattie says:

    Instead of giving money to palins defense fund, send it to a fund for the villages winter needs.

  57. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle says:

    I went through mold abatement over the last 2yrs. Guys in their Hazmat Suits ripped my kitchen and downstairs out, clear down to the studs and outside siding. Can’t dry or save any plasterboard, too wet & compromised, all gone.

    Now, as Eagle AK is TRYING to recover (during this short construction period) I bet some of the insulation to recoup their homes might have been covered with this stimulus package, or bargain able contracts. Eagle must be surely ripping out their own plasterboard and windows. Stripped and bare already. Why try to re-cover the walls inside, or replace windows, without doing it properly, insulating energy efficient to the max?

    Instead, SP chooses to play Silly-Girly Grade School Games & wasting time.

    Perhaps, instead of asking for a Recall or Impeachment, the Legislature should be asking for Sarah’s “Involuntary Commitment”. Bring out the straight jacket Homeland Security Folks, this woman is a Terrorist in our own state.

  58. Greytdog Δ says:

    Palin picks her co-writer

  59. penny says:

    sorry one more thing.. the radio poll site has a new video.. 4pee site usually snags any and all media of their dear goddess for everyones viewing pleasure.. the story isnt even updated with it.. so unlike them.

    Probably reading too much into it but it is interesting.. this is is big news but seems meticulously shoved down deep on their page without any updates.. like that video.. just weird

    keep the followers clueless.. and fill their brains with pro palin power

  60. Greytdog Δ says:

    Do you agree with Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to reject federal stimulus energy funds?

    Yes 53%

    No 47%

    So can we now send that particular portion of the federal stimulus energy funds to Appalachia? Or to the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Reservations? Since the majority of KTUU’s pollers don’t need or want stimulus energy funding, can we then redirect those monies to those states that need the funding? It’s obvious that these polls simply show their listeners are living the good, warm life and don’t need or want government assistance. Fine by me. There are plenty of other folks out there in need. Wonder if anyone from the Alaskan villages could sue the governor for dereliction of duty?

  61. penny says:

    The 4peepee site has made sure to tuck this Stimulus story (should be headline at a shrine devoted to her) way, way down at least 4 story scroll downs.. The ones closer to the top? Palin’s big upcoming appearance in NY .. the email hackery update, eddie B. mouthing off and on and on

    hrmmm.. don’t want the readers getting into that story too “deeply” .. don’t want them commenting too much and debating.. and thinking! Let them comment on happy thoughts

  62. NY Dem says:

    And regarding Track, something smells fishy here. There has been little or no news of him in a long time. All soldiers send e-mails home, and correspond from time to time, yet we have heard nothing of Track and how he is doing. You would thing GINO would be bragging all over the media how well her son is doing in the military, while being deployed overseas.

    But we have heard nothing . Personally, I think Track never went into the military, that it was all staged to garner sympathy for GINO, and he is REALLY sitting in a jail cell somewhere, serving his sentence for that school bus vandalism.

    Wouldn’t put it past GINO to pull something like this.

    And regarding Bristol and the tanning beds; I’m sure the Palin’s have a tanning bed in each of their houses, but BP goes to a tanning parlor because if she tanned at home, she might actually have to interrupt her session to care for her kid(s).

  63. NY Dem says:

    Did you know, Sarah Palin was the ONLY Governor to turn down money;

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday became the only governor to turn down federal stimulus money for energy efficiency, a move that legislators called “disappointing” for a state with some of the country’s highest energy costs.


    Full article here”

  64. UK Lady says:

    Sherry’s court case –

  65. InJuneau says:

    mae lewis–that tanning bed is in the “official” Governor’s Mansion/House; you know, the one in Juneau, the CAPITAL, the one where she doesn’t bother to live. And, since BP is in Wasilly, she, poor dear, can’t take advantage of the free tanning bed and has to pay to go to one there…

  66. InJuneau says:

    leenie17–that was mostly supposed to be snarky… I know that it gets plenty cold lots of other places (esp. lots of places that aren’t Juneau…!)

  67. EyeOnYou says:

    honestyinGov Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 10:40 PM
    You are right…. none of them from the website are Alaskans. And the person you referenced was at the Newsminer story about GINO vetoing the money and she continually just spammed the comments section over and over with nonsense. About 5 of her friends, with her, kept posting the same stuff as well.

    They do this at lots of places. It is sad because they don’t care about Alaskan issues whatsoever, just about doing whatever they can to make Palin look good to her base. I feel bad for all in Alaska who have to deal with Palin, and as much as I don’t want her in the lower 48, I would like her out of office in AK, so that they can have someone who is responsible, who cares about all of the people there, and does what is best for them.

  68. EyeOnYou says:

    Okay just checked and voting is over.

    Here is the official question and results of the 3,473 people who voted:

    Do you agree with Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to reject federal stimulus energy funds?

    Yes 53%

    No 47%

  69. Sourdough Mullet says:

    I want to vote, but I don’t see the poll on the webpage. Has it expired, or has Palin finally managed to intimidate KTUU, too? Several media outlets have been bullied for reporting anything about her that’s anything less than flattering. (Started w/ the little local Mat-Su paper years ago when she was Mayor.) Can’t get away with all that lyin’ when you got journalists playin’ “gotcha” with all those unnecessary facts all the time, don’tcha know?
    The young reporter over at Channel 13 even has the “Palin updo and glasses”. It’s truly unnerving to accidentally tune in on it.

  70. Lee323 says:

    The most annoying comments from some of the conservative sites regarding the stimulus funds are that we are “mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s futures.” How the heck do these people think that we developed a vast interstate highway and bridge system that everyone depends on these days, for example? (BTW, started in the 1950’s and in urgent need of updating).

    They don’t seem to understand that the stimulus package is simply an investment in America…infrastructure and services associated. For those who are so concerned that their children and grandchildren will be paying for this investment, why don’t they rebel against “investing” in the Iraq war that runs an estimated $11 Billion a MONTH (not million, but billion). The conservative estimate for the Iraq war is $3 Trillion!

    Frankly, those moaning about investing much less in America, herself, are short-sighted, dubiously patriotic, and ill-informed. Investments in our country will benefit our children and grandchildren in the coming years. Palin is too stupid to understand this concept. She not only vetoed the energy funds to “save face” politically but she is a prime example of the maxim, “penny-wise and pound-foolish.” Transparent, foolish woman.

    I doubt there will be any significant recouping of our “investment” in Iraq…..unless you count the hatred from Iraq toward America that has exponentially increased (and over 1.3 million of Iraq people have been killed).

  71. honestyinGov says:

    EyeOnYou Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 10:09 PM
    Actongue Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 10:02 PM
    AK report on sarah’s facebook page just posted the link too and is telling everyone on Sarah’s face book to vote yes for her.
    i no longer live in Alaska so voting yes would not feel appropriate.

    I wouldn’t feel bad about voting. AK report isn’t an Alaskan. She is a 20 something who is from California, she will vote for whatever makes Palin look good.
    You are right…. none of them from the website are Alaskans. And the person you referenced was at the Newsminer story about GINO vetoing the money and she continually just spammed the comments section over and over with nonsense. About 5 of her friends, with her, kept posting the same stuff as well.

  72. Lee323 says:

    112 Actongue Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 9:52 PM
    Haha….and the most damning part of the prank was that Palin could be heard saying after it was over that the pranksters were from France. You know….Montreal, France. LOL.

  73. EyeOnYou says:

    Actongue Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 10:02 PM
    AK report on sarah’s facebook page just posted the link too and is telling everyone on Sarah’s face book to vote yes for her.

    i no longer live in Alaska so voting yes would not feel appropriate.


    I wouldn’t feel bad about voting. AK report isn’t an Alaskan. She is a 20 something who is from California, she will vote for whatever makes Palin look good.

  74. Village Reader says:

    I really despise her.

  75. Actongue says:

    EyeOnYou Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 8:11 PM has a poll up asking if you agree with the Governor’s decision, and her fan sites have that listed urging people to go vote. Right now it is 60% agree with her, and 40% don’t.

    AK report on sarah’s facebook page just posted the link too and is telling everyone on Sarah’s face book to vote yes for her.

    i no longer live in Alaska so voting yes would not feel appropriate.

  76. Actongue says:

    Moose pucky ‘love the huslter nailin pailin reference

    Reminds me fo the Interview she had with the “President of France”

    AVENGERS: Gov. Palin, I love the documentary they made on your life. You know Hustler’s Nailin’ Paylin?

    PALIN: Ohh, good, thank you, yes.

    AVENGERS: That was really edgy.

    PALIN: Well, good.

    AVENGERS: I really loved you and I must say something also, governor, you’ve been pranked by the Masked Avengers. We are two comedians from Montreal.

    PALIN: Ohhh, have we been pranked? And what radio station is this?

    AVENGERS: CKOI in Montreal.

    PALIN: In Montreal? Tell me the radio station call letters.

  77. mhrt says:

    Just voted. Not that it will do much good I’m afraid.

  78. Moose Pucky says:

    Resurrecting: Alienation Nation: My Own Special Way of Building the Democratic Party
    Introducing: Energy Consternation: No Plan from the Northland
    Appendix: More Magical Thinking

    Look’s like Palin’s asking for some more nailin’. She seems to enjoy it.

    Go Sarah–Keep on giving

  79. good grief says:

    ”As for her breakup with Levi, 19, with whom she’s still trying to resolve child support and visitation issues…””

    Did she just call Levi a ”deadbeat dad”? What does that mean still trying to resolve?

    And shame on you Bristol, how disingenuous for you to portray yourself as a single mother without the baby’s daddy around. At least that’s what it looks like to me. The article fails to mention the Johnston’s in a positive role even though they’ve said they want to be involved and Levi wants to take care of his son.

    Nice example of Christianlike behavior isn’t she?

  80. Moose Pucky says:

    Gol durnit, we can’t sell much gas and oil if everyone’s going to be efficient with it. Got to stop this nonsense of efficiency and conservation somewhere. How about Alaska?

  81. otrplm says:

    sounds like an ethicts violation to me, at least unethical.don’t ya think?

  82. Impeach_Palin says:

    Sure, we can say Palin (or Micheal Steele) is irrelevant and ponder the ridiculous ignorance of those who may hold her/him in high regard. We can trade sarcastic quips and learn from insightful commentary here on Mudflats and other progressive blogs.

    I think it’s time the gloves come off in Alaska. I want to see its citizens demanding a recall of this governor in name only. I hope for mass protests and increased public outcry. Palin wants Alaskans to be dumb, poor, and cold. What a classic despot. Stalin in hooker boots.

    Alaskans, please don’t wait for this despot’s reign to be over. Do anything and everything you can to smack her down and stick her – off with the gloves.

  83. EyeOnYou says:

    honestyinGov Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 8:51 PM

    Not just directing people to go there, but suggesting places to put it in a link to get more votes for Sarah’s decision. That is one reason why you cannot trust these polls, they are easily skewed by exactly this kind of behavior. I like to watch them to see what they do, but I don’t trust the results to be honest. (I will admit that I get happier when I see it going against the Gov rather than in favor of her position simply because I have such an intense dislike for her).

    Even if you could somehow limit it to only Alaskans voting, you still will only get the results of those who actually go to the website and decide to vote, so in my opinion it isn’t an accurate representation of how people feel.

    Much the same with the Hayes Poll that many have talked about showing the rise and fall of Sarah’s popularity, the poll itself is only 400 people which is a rather small sample, and the margin for error is quite high for such a small sample taken. It might be an indicator but I would not count on it being reliably accurate for either good or bad results (depending on what you want to see). 🙂

  84. John says:

    The unscientific poll is now 52% no. We need some more mudpuppy voters.

  85. John(Canadian MudPuppy) says:

    For some reason I truely believe this is going to come back and bite Scary Sarah in the butt. I have been reading a lot of blogs and post about this and from what I can garner, this is a very unpopular decision by Palin. Alaskans I think are going to come together about this and make Sarah regret this ploy. Many people can see right through this decision for what it is. I can’t wait to see the next poll results. Should be bloody amazing. My heart goes out to all Alaskans who dearly needed this stimulus for upgrades.

  86. honestyinGov says:

    # 96
    EyeOnYou Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 8:11 PM has a poll up asking if you agree with the Governor’s decision, and her fan sites have that listed urging people to go vote. Right now it is 60% agree with her, and 40% don’t.
    The Poll is 47% Yes now…. and 53% No.
    What a lousy way to take a poll though. Just yes.. or no. And of course her Fan site is directing people to go there and vote.

  87. Actongue says:

    Attention Alaskans

    Sarahs fans ARE so happy that she rejected the money because it proves she is a Fiscal Conservative and puts the needs of the Country first or some other such mumbo jumbo they spew over on that site not to be named and her facebook Page.

  88. EyeOnYou says:

    John(Canadian MudPuppy) Says:
    EyeOnYou , that has change a lot since you saw it.


    Excellent News! Thanks! 🙂

  89. curiouser says:

    #97 here_in_PA Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 8:14 PM

    @jo in AK, this is why she is not so big into the education thing. Keep everyone uneducated and they won’t know the difference. Hey, who knows, maybe she doesn’t want energy efficiency so she can pander to her friends that are in charge of the coal plant near Nenana or the new gas pipeline she wants to build. If you loose heat you pay bigger heating bills, more profits for the big guys. Has to be something in it for her and her friends ya know.

    more profits for the big guys = more tax dollars for AK

    I agree with you. This is not about being a fiscal conservative and it’s not about helping Alaskans. It’s about dependence on nonrenewable resources and pandering to AK oil/gas/coal interests. As far as I can tell, the only thing that SP cares about (besides herself) is ‘progressing’ AK resource development.

    91 Empish clearly states the fiscal impact of the vetoed stimulus dollars to Alaskans….none. Palin has to understand this but keeps up her irrational arguments anyway and, apparently, there are enough Alaskans that are buying it.

    92 jo in AK makes a really good case for the value of energy efficiency.
    Why can’t the Democratic mayors, legislators and activists reframe the issue to be about the importance of energy efficiency and about Palin pandering to big oil.

    Another question: Why are stimulus funds in the state budget? Shouldn’t they be dealt with separately? Living in the lower 48, I really resent that some of AK budget dollars are being replaced with stimulus funds to increase AK savings. To me, this defeats the purpose of the stimulus plan.

  90. John(Canadian MudPuppy) says:

    EyeOnYou Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 8:11 PM has a poll up asking if you agree with the Governor’s decision, and her fan sites have that listed urging people to go vote. Right now it is 60% agree with her, and 40% don’t.

    EyeOnYou , that has change a lot since you saw it.

    Do you agree with Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to reject federal stimulus energy funds?
    Yes No

    Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far.
    Yes 47%
    No 53%

  91. Martha says:

    There is an update from Les Gara on Shannyn Moores site, that explains there is nothing that the legislature can do about these monies.

  92. Wurzelhexli says:

    OK, guys! Time to get serious here. Evidently GINO is not going to help, because she and her minions are sitting fat and hot in their huge overheated mansions. So, it is up to us to get this thing rolling.
    Spring is here (more or less, depending where you live…), and summer is around the corner. Up in Alaska, that means, WINTER IS LURKING RIGHT BEHIND – and the potential of another disaster like last winter.

    AKM and Ann Strongheart: Could you organize an ongoing drive to help winterize/stock up with supplies in the Bush country?

    What will be needed, and where can we send it to? (I.e. food staples, maybe warm blankets, but also plastic film that you can apply over window openings (or better yet, make a frame and shrink-wrap some thick plastic over it, and then you can install that frame inside the window frame, creating a space of dead air that will help a BIT in insulation, weatherstripping materials, caulking, etc.
    Please start working on a list asap, and then we pj-clad bloggers sitting in our basements can come together and start this thing rolling before it is too late.

    Here is a site (didn’t check it too thoroughly) about how to weatherize windows:

    Here is one for the whole house:

  93. anon blogger says:

    Great post, AKM, as always!!! GINO earned the name GINO, fair and square. If the legislators convene to veto, they should also impeach GINO for lack of confidence.

  94. here_in_PA says:

    @jo in AK, this is why she is not so big into the education thing. Keep everyone uneducated and they won’t know the difference. Hey, who knows, maybe she doesn’t want energy efficiency so she can pander to her friends that are in charge of the coal plant near Nenana or the new gas pipeline she wants to build. If you loose heat you pay bigger heating bills, more profits for the big guys. Has to be something in it for her and her friends ya know.

  95. EyeOnYou says: has a poll up asking if you agree with the Governor’s decision, and her fan sites have that listed urging people to go vote. Right now it is 60% agree with her, and 40% don’t.

  96. strangelet says:

    15 InJuneau Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 4:02 PM

    Did you see at the end of the story that the state is currently paying $9,900 per month to rent Gov WH Goodhair a temporary abode.

    $9,900 a month. In Austin?

  97. pvazwindy says:

    @90-Lizabeth- I agree with you. I’m done. Adios alaska.

  98. honestyinGov says:

    I was doing a google search to see if the MSM were reporting this story. One link took me to the Newsminer. Of course you all probably know this already but a certain out of state Palin fan blog had about the first 20 comments with stupid things like ‘Sarah rocks’ (is this still High School) with about 5 people making multiple comments before anyone with a lick of sense could post.
    I guess it was a good day for some people. People who don’t live under her Rule.

  99. jo in AK says:

    My perspective on the energy situation…..

    We spent nearly 20K upgrading our house with high efficiency gas furnace. Triple pane windows, increased insulation, etc. This went into the pocket of two local businesses, one of them makes the windows “locally”. We have decreased our energy expenditure 40% monthly. 450.00 a month before, now 270. a month. Take that times 12. What do you think we’ll save annually? It’s alot more than our one time governor buy off last fall of 1500.

    What if all alaskans could save this much a year? Yep, wasn’t her refusal of energy savings upgrades a smart deal. Something that actually means something to folks and she pulled the plug.

    What a witch. We do not deserve this.

  100. empish says:

    Let me put it in words even Sarah can understand. Refuse the funds, they go to other states. The deficit still rises, and will have to be met. By all taxpayers, including Alaskans, who were denied their full share of the benefits.

    The sheer ignorance of that woman just astounds me.

  101. Lisabeth says:

    I am sick of Palin. Sick of reading about her. It doesn’t change, it just gets worse. And frankly I don’t see anyone doing anything about it. I know people have tried but isn’t there something else Alaskans could do. She is terrible and she is insane. It’s bothering me so much I don’t think I can continue to follow this.

  102. mae lewis says:

    @austintx and Bristol going to the tanning salon
    What happened to the Sarah’s famous tanning bed?

  103. Doggonit says:

    Any of you hear about the school child that is suing the Republican Gov of South Carolina for using stimulus money designated for school, to pay State debt?

    That’s what we need in Alaska. A young Native Alaskan to sue Sarah over the energy efficiency funds. After last winter’s hardship on rural Alaskans, Sarah is risking their lives for her political theatrics.

  104. Martha says:

    AKM, I followed your link to the ADN and discovered the following blog post.

    Palins statement here is beyond ridiculous. If there were no Auto bailouts, as Palin subscribed to, Toyota would be the only one remaining in America.
    GM would be long gone. Of course this statement comes straight from SarahPac, not Governor Sarah Palin. SarahPac is more concerned with car dealerships in Alaska than the governors office is.

    It seems that General Manager Shawn Hutchings of Hutchings Chevrolet in Soldotnais, is back peddling after Meg Stapletounge gave him a call.

    How pathetically obvious. What on earth could Shawn Hutchings be so afraid of? This just gets curiouser and curiouser. What is SarahPac doing, reversing statements from a car dealer in Alaska?

    Is Palin governing straight out of SarahPac now?

    Excerpt and link;

    Is Obama closing Soldotna dealership? (UPDATED)
    Posted by Alaska_Politics
    Posted: May 20, 2009 – 11:16 am
    Comments (188) | Recommend (11)

    From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage

    Gov. Sarah Palin’s new statement criticizing Barack Obama blames the president for the closure of a Soldotna car dealership.

    But the dealership tells me it’s not closing.

    Here’s the relevant part of the statement Palin put out through SarahPAC.

    “Today, we learned that Obama’s decisions continue to impact Alaskans; while we as taxpayers now own General Motors, Obama closes another dealership – this time in Soldotna as more of Alaskans’ hard-earned money and jobs are lost to big government.”

    Hutchings Chevrolet in Soldotna did decide to terminate its General Motors franchise agreements.

    “We’re terminating our GM franchise but we’re going to remain open for parts and service and used car sales,” General Manager Shawn Hutchings said when I called him about it.

    This actually isn’t new. The Peninsula Clarion ran a story on May 10 saying the dealership was cutting its GM ties because the risk of remaining with GM was outweighing the potential reward.

    I told Hutchings about the statement that Palin sent out.

    “We had made the decision… but the Obama administration made a recommendation to GM that if they wanted to get any of their funding or loans moving forward that they would need to scale back their dealer body. And we did receive a letter on Friday saying that we were one of the dealerships they would be cutting. So that’s probably what that’s about,” he said.

    UPDATE — I just got a call from SarahPAC spokeswoman Meg Stapleton, who contacted Hutchings about this blog post. While I was talking to Stapleton, Hutchings sent me an email saying Palin is right.

    His email said “the bottom line is this: Governor Palin is correct: Soldotna lost a new car dealership as part of the federal intervention. 44 local jobs were terminated. Over a million dollars in annual payroll was lost. The net effect to Soldotna is substantial. Obama’s actions have directly impacted Alaska and Soldotna. The Governor is correct.”

  105. EyeOnYou says:

    PalinSucks~ The dividend is per person, not per household.

  106. PalinSucks says:

    empish Says “Bristol was in CNA training, not nursing school.”

    Why did she quit?

  107. PalinSucks says:

    Is this amount per individual or household?

    Since Palin, isn’t going to step up and be human, maybe villages can pool monies and get a large allotment of supplies to save on shipping?

  108. empish says:

    Bristol was in CNA training, not nursing school. To go to nursing school one must have a GED or a diploma, plus an Associates with all the required courses to be considered for the program. And there is a backlog of students, nearly a 2 year wait list.

  109. PalinSucks says:

    austintx Says”You left out going to the gym. Hell , the whole body maintenence thing , gym – salon – tanning – girlietalk , that alone is 2 hrs. Throw in drive time and whipping by Starbucks and we’re talking 3hrs.”

    No time for friends, wasn’t that the pitch she made? Like her mommy, Bristol, leaves out a few details like, no time for friends EXCEPT…when tanning, going to the gym, taking a break from taking a break.

    Begs to be asked, why does a teenage girl, hit the gym, squeeze into tight jeans, tan….it is to get a boyfriend. Once you start you never go back, I betcha Bristol will be knocked up by next Christmas.

  110. Tealwomin says:

    YEAH she’s a ‘fiscal con’ alright!

  111. Sammy says:

    Why haven’t the citizens of Alaska gotten together to demonstrate against Palin? I don’t mean the bloggers, but the average citizen. What are these people doing?

  112. EyeOnYou says:

    Well it sucks for Alaskans but she is making her fans happy. They are calling this proof that she is a true fiscal conservative.

  113. TBNTJudy says:

    @#72 clydedog said: “Energy efficiency is the fastest and most economical way to reduce dependency on oil.”

    There was an incredibly elegant comment by Krubozumo Nyankoye (#38) on the “Alaska’s Deadliest Match” post in which he stated: “the simple fact is that no corporate entity would become involved in trying to mine copper and gold if they could not make a profit from it. That profit comes from the fact that new copper and gold is constantly demanded by us. We are driving the machine.”

    The same argument holds true for our energy needs. We ARE driving the machine. The entire comment is well worth a read, IMHO.

  114. honestyinGov says:

    I wonder if this News broke early enough so that Jon Stewart of Colbert will pick it up…?

  115. KateinCanada says:

    Current Wasilla Mayor cuts funding for Iron Dog and Iditarod. Expected organizers to defend their need for money, but they still haven’t gotten around to that.

  116. TBNTJudy says:

    @austintx: Girlietalk? I happen to know from a good source (who shall remain anonymoaustintx) that there is much boytalk goin’ on at the gym, there.too.also. 😉

  117. Lainey says:

    I’ve noticed over the past week…a slow awareness…a turn-around. Hannity, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, OReilly…although not politicians are being challenged to death (yea). Boehner, Cheney, and others whose names escape me at the moment are being blasted in the news over discrepancies and hypocrisy.
    Palin is NEXT! …with her foolish, power-hungry, ethics-vacant,
    “throwing Alaska under the bus”, political practices. The U.S. is awakening…even the fundies can’t possibly believe that God put these people in power for good.

  118. honestyinGov says:

    At this point it would do no good to call or email GINO because she plain doesn’t care and she’s not going to change her mind anyway.

    Maybe AKM and the other Progressive blogs need to get the word out and make sure some phone calls and emails are sent though.
    Direct them all at the Republican Majority Leader. He told her to take the money…. so he wants to do something about it.

    Organize and then let the phones ring off the hook. Even Republicans should be mad about THIS. This is of course a ‘ no brainer’…. just another name for ‘GINO’.

  119. clydedog says:

    Energy efficiency is the fastest and most economical way to reduce dependency on oil. You don’t have to wait for new sources either. Does one think that these new technologies will be abundant and cheap like oil has been? We need to reduce consumption now. It also creates jobs and saves families, schools, hospitals etc money. Asking to have basic energy efficient building codes is not unreasonable, even without the money. Many states already have these codes in place so they will be glad to take the money ole SP said “no thanks” to. See, having those basic codes is paying off for those states in ways they did not expect.

  120. austintx says:

    PalinSucks – You left out going to the gym. Hell , the whole body maintenence thing , gym – salon – tanning – girlietalk , that alone is 2 hrs. Throw in drive time and whipping by Starbucks and we’re talking 3hrs. When would she work ?? She’s a lying sack of s^*t.

  121. Nan says:


    Even a blind hog finds acorns in the woods occasionally. How is it that this woman unerringly finds the single worst action to take every single time?


  122. TBNTJudy says:

    @53 Marnie: Totally agree. I was hoping we could send her to uninhabited space because I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy, but perhaps *they* sent her to us to get her bad self out of their hair (or whatever it is that they have). 😉

  123. bubbles says:

    doggonit—-sociopaths don’t have a conscience.

  124. Marnie says:

    I read a couple of weeks ago that the native Alaskans have been working with Indian Affairs, or whatever the Washington bureau is.
    Hopefully they can get some help through the back door, so to speak, but that still leaves the non native rural inhabitants literally out in the cold.

    Every Alaskan that cares should write the WH and the DNC. Make as much of a stink as you can in DC. It is not right for you to be deprived so that Sarah the Snake can earn her RepoTaliban merit badge.

    Let’s see skull and cross bones, over laying a polar bear skin, ribbon of oil slick below bracketed by two rempant gay pitbulls in lipstick and hooker boots.

  125. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Alaskans and our communities have a long history of independence and opposing many mandates from Washington, D.C.,” Governor Palin said.

    A statement made in the State release re her stance on the stimulus. WTF. What the he|| do you call all the earmarks then, inclusive of the non-built bridge for which funds were sent anyways.

    Go to her twitter as there are 3 or 4 links.

  126. Doggonit says:

    If I had a son deployed to Iraq, I sure would so everything possible to end the US addiction to foreign oil that is a national security concern.

    Conscience is an ability or a faculty that distinguishes whether one’s actions are right or wrong. By this definition Sarah’s conscience isn’t good and isn’t functional.

  127. Marnie says:

    “who is paying and what is with having an arsenal against Levi? Bristol, deserves all the comments against her for being a snot, a manipulator, a liar.”

    She’s getting paid big bucks for all those interviews. So her annual income for ’09 is probably already in 6 figures.

  128. zyggy says:

    700 million in rebates last year to Alaskans and now she won’t take a measly 80 million for energy? Then she gave 500 million to a foreign company for oil drilling? She doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m glad she isn’t taking the money.

    Why you ask? Because the conservatives still are the majority in Alaska and they will vote her in for another 4 years. We don’t want her down here. You can have her, crazniess and all, also too.

    Please, I’m begging you, keep her away from us.

  129. Women Who Run With The Wolves says:

    I just keep on hoping that Alaskan’s for Justice will find something to have her removed from political office. The woman is truly brain dead when it comes to our State. Hurry up and conduct a new poll, I am sure her approval ratings will be in the toilet after this latest grand standing to her lower 48 base.

  130. Marnie says:

    “I cannot in good conscience …,” said Palin.


  131. Doggonit says:

    Very sad, Plain spent nearly the same amount of Fed money on a road to nowhere, that no one uses. When it comes to an energy efficiency program that would save every Alaskan money, she says no thanks.

    Perhaps her “no thanks” means she’ll eventually take the money but, probably not. Her political theatrics seems to trump sound judgment every time.

  132. honestyinGov says:

    I guess we need to hear from Michael Steele to see if he agrees with GINO’s decision. They are like Brother and Sister lately.

    And hopefully the national blogs like Daily Kos will pick on the story and turn her into toast. BURNT toast!

  133. tamara says:

    EITHER Splarah miscalculated, thinking “I look good in front of my fans” for refusing, all the while presuming that le Leg. would override the veto, therefore Alaskans would not give her too much hell :

    “The governor noted that if legislators disagree with her decision, they can express that through a veto override. ”

    OR Les Gara isn’t reading the same book as SP is. Well, she doen’t really read, does she, so Gara is probably right.

  134. Marnie says:

    OH man. I can’t believe I left Mr. Madame (Whorehouse) Perry of my aliens list.
    My really bad!

  135. Marnie says:

    Ahem……..That’s Gov. “whorehouse” GoodHair.

    Just like Sarah, let Rich Hairy keep talking, casue he’s killing himself.

  136. JRC says:

    I really like Begich. He gets a thumbs up from Massachusetts. 🙂

  137. Marnie says:

    TBNTJudy Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 3:59 PM
    @Gramiam: No, No, No! Please don’t unleash her on the lower 48! As I have suggested before, we need to launch her and her ilk into uninhabited space where she/they can do no further harm.

    Are we sure that’s not where she came from in the first place.
    I thing the Repocons imported a bunch of alien droids and removed their brains and programed them. It just that they made them too stupid to be taken seriously (Duhbya, Bachmann, Sessions, Boehner, Sarah, Jendel and so many more.)
    I can’t thank of any nonRepublicans who are as lacking in thought processes and in heart as these are. They’re not real people, so they have to be aliens.

  138. honestyinGov says:

    Anybody know if she has ‘twittered’ this news in a Press Release…?

    Or is her Blackberry frozen as well.

  139. PalinSucks says:

    “anybody that worked with Bristol palin in those 2 part time jobs she worked to pay for diapers, please call me.”

    Ummm, yeah. Bristol, she GETS OUT OF THE HOUSE to go hang out at a local Nordstrom’s to play barrista while, Willow & Piper are raising her baby. Seems like a hardship huh? Wonder if Bristol, tans, before during and after, “Work”.

    What is such a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE with that girl is she always looks well rested, nails done, hair washed yet claims how difficult her life is. Bristol, doesn’t know the meaning.

    BTW, Levi’s sister spilled Bristol, was in nursing school but wouldn’t hang because another girl in the class, “Looked at Bristol, wrong”.

    What is with Bristol, saying to, People Magazine she has a TEAM of lawyers working out custody arrangements? a TEAM of lawyers, who is paying and what is with having an arsenal against Levi? Bristol, deserves all the comments against her for being a snot, a manipulator, a liar.

  140. Marnie says:

    Aussie Blue Sky Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 3:43 PM
    To think she’s doing this to demonstrate her “credibility” ……

    And she was just schmoozing with the RepoTalibin big wigs, so you know she has their approval.

  141. honestyinGov says:

    Is there such a thing as ‘ blind stupidity’….? (If there is GINO has it)

    That’s where even if you can’t see what’s in front of you and you had to choose between A… or…B…. you would still have a chance of getting it right half the time.

    She gets it Wrong EVERY TIME ! ! How can this be….?

  142. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Lori in Los Angeles Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 4:34 PM

    I went to ADN to read the comments on this issue. Seems nearly half of them are PRAISING GINO for this move.
    Its all palinbots who don’t even live in AK!!! Everyone else pretty much has been banned or just given up reading/posting at ADN. Its totally controlled by GINO and her bots…TOTALLY!

  143. Maria says:

    I sure hope you’ve posted this or links to this on other sites. People need to know.

  144. Marnie says:


    How many differnt ways can this “holier than thou mentality” phoney flip the bird in Alaskans; faces and be allowed to get away with it?
    Come on Alaskans. I can only cheer from the side lines but you’ve got to stop her harming your great state.

    It may already be up, but her ghost writer is going to be a religous magazine’s editor.
    Its a tag after Shannan Moore’s piece on Huff Post.

  145. Ripley in CT says:

    Heh, perhaps if she goes to NY, our esteemed “most popular governor in the US” Jodi Rell can take a road trip and b*tch slap GINO into some semblance of consciousness. What in the blazes is WRONG with that woman?

    She has 2 houses, one empty most of the time (but still heated) and she’s denying people the opportunity to weatherize, improve efficiency, and make their ONE house better. I hope the legislature swiftly kicks her in the backside. And takes the money.

    Then they need to get Housegate going.

  146. WakeUpAmerica says:

    I distinctly remember her telling some news media (when villagers were freezing and starving) that her favorite thing to do was to sit her nice warm house and drink a skinny vanilla latte. I thought it was incredibly unkind and tacky at the time.

    Tell me, has anyone considered raising money to take out a contract on McCain for creating this monster? Just a thought…

  147. BigPete says:

    Cutting your nose to spite your face

    “I cannot in good conscience agree to use the full authority of state government to ‘promote’ and advocate on behalf of Washington, D.C., that our communities adopt the building codes or their equivalent,” said Palin.

    When Palin ‘sells’ this initiative locally, is the problem that the (mythical) building codes are a patently dumb idea, or is it that “Republican Alaskans” want nothing to do with Outsiders that doesn’t involve mooching?

  148. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    There was a time when I was amazed at sarah’s shortsightedness and stupidity. Now it’s just another ‘where’s sarah?’ day. Everywhere but Governor.

  149. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Remember — you have bridges — High bridges!!!!

  150. leenie17 says:

    Gramiam Says:
    “Well, isn’t that special!” Stapleton’s “daddy” issued the invitation to New York. You think maybe they’d keep her if enough folks begged really, really hard?

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live about 75 miles from Auburn and that’s waaayyyyyyy too close for comfort! We have our very own incompetent and tremendously unpopular governor…’thanks but no thanks’ for your offer to share yours!

    By the way, InJuneau, (“Auburn, NY, where they prob. don’t NEED energy funds to winterize their homes”) The weather in western (and northern) NY state is much different from the weather in the NYC area. It’s not as brutal as many parts of Alaska, but we average about 100 inches of snow a year and a few years ago my end of town got nearly 180 inches. When the temps drop to 10 or 15 below zero and the wind starts to blow off the lake, that extra insulation I put in my attic is much appreciated!

  151. Blooper says:

    The story about the scary situation in Selawik (and many other communities out there in the bush) speak volumes about the lack of leadership present in the Palin administration and how it’s hurting Alaska slowly but surely.

    We need a governor who will take the bull by the horns and actually handle the situations that need dire attention (flood relief, rural problems, responsible resource development) rather than parading around for the fan base and bragging about how much money we saved when we aren’t really saving anything except the Governor’s GOP reputation.

    Hello? Governer? Beuller? Anyone?

  152. Tealwomin says:

    …then she dares the LEGs to do something about it…knowing that she never took the funds in the 1st place…


  153. Tealwomin says:

    OK, I don’t get it, GiNO did not acept the funds in the 1st place, so how, is it that she gets credit for them being in the budget, and further credit for cutting the ‘thanks but no thanks’ funding from the budget?

    Now she has picked/been assigned a Christian writer to help write her auto-bible…make sure by the time it’s published that your bathroom is in good working order…just saying…

  154. CorningNY says:

    Sarah in SC:

    LOL! I can see her now, sitting at the wheel, pedal to the metal, a maniacal grin on her face…
    “Take THAT, anonymous bloggers” (THUMP)
    “And that, legislators who turn down my nominees!” (THUMP)
    “Nope, ordinary Alaskans have no power, so they don’t count to me..” (THUD, lurch, THUD)
    (Revving engine)–“And THIS is for everyone who filed all those bogus ethics complaints…ha ha ha… (Plows into large crowd of concerned citizens amid screams….)
    “I am Sarah!” she cries triumphantly. “I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me not to!”

  155. CrabbyPatty says:

    I imagine Palin is envisioning a scenerio NEXT winter when rural Alaska is frozen solid, with sky-high fuel costs, and she swoops in to save the day, complete with a tray of skinny lattes (ya know, to keep the folks warm) and some prayers printed on State letterhead instructing how to pray for weatherstripping. What a chucklehead.

  156. UK Lady says:

    Lori in Los Angeles

    When you went to ADN and looked at the comments, did you select ‘most recommended first’ and then look at how many recommends were numbered on the comments?

  157. LiladyNY says:

    Oh good grief NO! Sorry, but you have to keep her! We love you lots Alaskans, but we really and truly don’t want her here. Do yourselves a ginormous favor and do NOT vote for her if she runs again.

  158. Physicsmom says:

    This is unconscionable. She’s a horse’s patoot and other less generous things I could say. To waste this whole building season when good work could be done on weatherization is beyond foolish. And in the meantime, the bush residents need to get through the flood and prepare for winter again in 3 months. No telling how much fuel will cost in August and whether the Yukon River will freeze in Sept. again. Prepare for the future? What, me worry? says GINO.

  159. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Having read Shannyn’s blog together with Les Gara’s update explaining re the funds and Washington, yadda, yadda. There is another issue that comes to my mind to add into this if I am thinking correctly. AKM or another Alaskan Mudpup may be able to correct me if I’m wrong.

    Im thinking – Due to decrease in oil costs, there also will not be $1,200 checks issued.

  160. sauerkraut says:

    What is she trying to do, kill off all the natives in the villages? Good lord and here I thought she couldn’t do anything more stupid than she’s already done. … the more I pay attention, the more I see why some people really really dislike her at all levels.

  161. CorningNY says:

    Wow. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that she’s wrong about the “strings” attached to the federal energy money (and IMO, there’s nothing inherently wrong with energy-efficient building codes, especially when they come WITH the money to implement them, which will then create jobs), she still sticks to her guns, because she HAS to oppose SOME federal money to seem credible to her base.
    Well, I hope someone takes her beloved guns and turns them on HER to shoot down her rapidly failing political career once and for all, before she can do too much more damage. (Hurry up, Gryphen!)
    Blam!! Blam!! (Thud.) : )

  162. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    I went to ADN to read the comments on this issue. Seems nearly half of them are PRAISING GINO for this move. I believe she just might pull it off (a win) if she runs for gov. again. If that happens, it will be a very sorry time for AK.
    With all of her “gates” and numerous stories (world-wide) about her ignorance and self-absorbtion, seems many voters just do not choose to be informed.
    I hope I am wrong. This is why I was all for a recall proceeding (even though it would not be complete before her term is up) – just the fact that a recall was in process would wake people up IMO.

  163. rebekkah says:

    Maybe Sarah Palin gets a sick pleasure watching people without heat, and for her loving Alaskan and out-of-state donors, she might secretly enjoy knowing they sacrificed heat this winter just for her SarahPac or Fund Trust. What else could it be? Her choices are unreasonable.

  164. ayerishgrl says:

    Gramiam Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 3:55 PM
    “Well, isn’t that special!” Stapleton’s “daddy” issued the invitation to New York. You think maybe they’d keep her if enough folks begged really, really hard?
    Sorry Gamiam, but i’m from NY and trust me, we don’t want her here. She actually got booed on the streets of Manhattan when she was here before the election!

  165. Gramiam says:

    InJuneau Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    austintx–oh yeah, I forgot that new addition to his name. What a…something (I just can’t come up with the right word at the moment! 😉 )
    Margaret and Helen would Call him “Asshat”,”Whorehouse “Good Hair” Perry. Has a nice ring to it. Maybe Perry has his own Perry name Generator now, ya think?

  166. Wurzelhexli says:

    Seems like no veto coming, since it would be useless: (read about 1/2 down UPDATE FROM LES GARA… )

  167. Gramiam says:

    And Shannyn has a nice juicy post on Huffpo regarding La Palin. The news on Sherry must be really dishy if Palin is going hell bent for leather on the news trail.

  168. Mattie says:

    anybody that worked with Bristol palin in those 2 part time jobs she worked to pay for diapers, please call me. I don’t believe it.

  169. Mattie says:

    you need to impeach her.

  170. ericmiami says:

    She should have taken the money and paid off Hillary’s campaign debt. That would have bought her way out of the trailer park and into the mainstream.

  171. InJuneau says:

    austintx–oh yeah, I forgot that new addition to his name. What a…something (I just can’t come up with the right word at the moment! 😉 )

  172. TBNTJudy says:

    austintx said: “Ahem……..That’s Gov. “whorehouse” GoodHair.”


  173. Gramiam says:

    Here is Huffpo’s take on Palin’s veto. The lead into this story was that “Palin throws down the gauntlet” to the legislature. Come on leggies. “Man” or “Woman” up!!!

  174. austintx says:

    15 InJuneau Says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 4:02 PM
    Wow, talk about another two-faced move with stimulus dollars…look, it’s her buddy Gov. GoodHair (Texans, that is what you call him, right?):
    Ahem……..That’s Gov. “whorehouse” GoodHair.

  175. InJuneau says:

    Wow, talk about another two-faced move with stimulus dollars…look, it’s her buddy Gov. GoodHair (Texans, that is what you call him, right?):

  176. Sarah in SC says:

    I think we know the answer to those “Where’s Sarah?” buttons now.

    She’s driving the bus that she’s thrown the state of Alaska underneath. Then putting it in reverse, backing back over it, and then circling the parking lot, using it as a speedbump.

    Let’s hope that if nothing else comes from it, Alaska proves to be the real “speedbump” in her “career.”

  177. TBNTJudy says:

    @Gramiam: No, No, No! Please don’t unleash her on the lower 48! As I have suggested before, we need to launch her and her ilk into uninhabited space where she/they can do no further harm.

  178. Gramiam says:

    “Well, isn’t that special!” Stapleton’s “daddy” issued the invitation to New York. You think maybe they’d keep her if enough folks begged really, really hard?

  179. TBNTJudy says:

    InJuneau said: “Gramiam–I think she’s as much as thrown down the gauntlet to them to do it. Don’t have a clue what they’re thinking though…”

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Legs displayed their collective spine again and overrode her? This is just too important to let slide.

  180. hedgewytch says:

    Sarah only panders to two constituents; the rabid Obama haters and the oil companies. I guess she thinks they’ll be the ones to elect her to a national office. Hope that book of hers sells well, she might need the cash. I’m placing my bets that she’s gonna be job hunting in the next few years.

  181. InJuneau says:

    Gramiam–I think she’s as much as thrown down the gauntlet to them to do it. Don’t have a clue what they’re thinking though…

  182. TBNTJudy says:

    I read an interesting retro-post on Andrew Halcro’s blog not too long ago, and I think it speaks volumes about SP and her view of reality. To quote:

    “It’s time for Sarah Palin to stand and tell Alaskans what specifically she will do as governor to address the complex issues that lay ahead and how she is going to pay for them.”

    Well, I guess she just did. And, I don’t think any of us are surprised.

    She is dangerous for AK, and she is dangerous for the rest of us.

  183. InJuneau says:

    As to “Where’s Sarah”? She is additionally throwing us under the bus by not sticking around to work on statewide emergencies by changing her mind about going to “Founder’s Day” in Auburn, NY, AGAIN (where they prob. don’t NEED energy funds to winterize their homes): (last week she wasn’t going to go, this week she is; anyone want to place bets on the final outcome?)

  184. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    To think she’s doing this to demonstrate her “credibility” ……

  185. Gramiam says:

    Can the Legislature override her veto? Sounds like that is what needs to happen. High time she was called to account for her irresponsible actions.

  186. Greytdog Δ says:

    I guess this answers the question of “Where’s Sarah?” – she’s grifting to the extreme far right come hell or high water

  187. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    The only people who are going to like this are her little Christianist base at sea4pee. The AK poll numbers will be interesting indeed.

  188. InJuneau says:

    ^ I agree. What a knucklehead!

  189. austintx says:

    Dumb Bi^*h.