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Open Thread: Palin For President

(c) Zach Roberts

Just found this in my Alaska photo archives, I don’t remember what the story – but I want a sticker for my car. Just think, she’d be just about wrapping up her term in a couple of months.

Palin’s book comes out today… so who’s picking it up?



26 Responses to “Open Thread: Palin For President”
  1. Really? says:

    I’ll wait for AKM’s comments on the book. That way the mudpuppies don’t have to buy the book., but get a real
    author’s opinion. AKM’s comments on the audio book were so right-on! You just can’t make it up. When sarah mentioned getting a fossil as a “gag gift” I , again, felt even more sorry for her children and grandchildren.

  2. benlomond2 says:

    I still have my sign somewhere from the Stanislaus Protest… “That woman is an Idiot” still applies, after all these years ….whoever said “With Age comes Wisdom” obviously never met Scarah !..

  3. tigerwine says:

    Thanks:, AKM, for this post1 I’ve been dying to vent ever since SP reared her head again. On one hand, I wondered why in the world she was getting so much press coverage, then have been delighted at all the negative opinions that were coming out about her. I, myself, have always wondered if she looked like Janet Reno or Madeleine Albright would she ever see the light of day on TV. But the pundits all seem to have her number. She seems even more ludicrous this time around. I find particularly offensive her thinly veiled off-
    color references Don’t know where this was first quoted, but it’s being brought up again in reviewing her new (Christmas book; “He (Todd) got the gun, but I got the rack” and calling out one of the Republican presidential
    candidates to man up, and called him limp. And she is already on the “Happy Holidays” thing and all the stuff about Christmas being done away with by the liberals. You’d think she could hold off on that stuff on a book about a subject she is trying to protect.

    Happy Holidays seems very appropriate to me! I celebrate from December 6th (St. Nicholas’ Day) until Epiphany Day on Jan. 6th. And think of those folks who celebrate Hannuka and Kwanza. I don’t think Christ would begrudge us including them in our Holiday Joy.

    Anyone out there got Windows 8? Poor you! I’m having a terrible time with my new laptop with this Windows version. Don’t forget to open your Advent Calendar on Dec. 1 and light the first candle on your Advent Wreath on the same day. I wish you all a happy, stress free pre Christmas season. This is the first
    year I won’t have to get packages off to AK.

    With Andy moving to TN, all my chickens are now down here in the Lower 48. One son still spends the summer in Fairbanks, but everyone is down here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since I resigned my job at the winery, I’ll have lots of time for cookie-making and shopping this year. I made Pumpkin Roll for Thanksgiving, and got that out of my hair – Yum, Yum!

    • slipstream says:

      Tigerwine, I feel sorry for you about not sending any packages to Alaska this year. I also note that you will be baking cookies. And missing sending packages. With cookies in them. To Alaska.

      Hmmm, I asks meownself who lives in Alaska and loves cookies . . . what could I do to help my friend Tigerwine feel better?

      • benlomond2 says:

        Slip, you could always ask Mr. Graham to fly some in for you…. I seem to remember he makes home deliveries of cookies with the most WONDERFUL hostess with the mostest!!
        .Ben hobbles faster than Slip, and escapes to the hills…

        Ben also got two more A’s to keep his 4.0 average going… Thank goodness for spell check!!

        • Alaska Pi says:

          Yay Ben!
          On the 4.0 dealie, not the reminder of the great have -a -cookie -get- a -job run out to Western Alaska . bleah on that.

      • tigerwine says:

        Hey Slip What you could do is mail ME some cookies!

        BRRR! It’s cold down here in GA! 28 degrees for the second morning. But it’s supposed to get up into the 60’s this afternoon.

        The latest Palin opinion to hit he airwaves is that she thinks the Pope is too liberal. When I saw that on Chris Matthews last night, I thought to myself “Is there nothing on which she has no opinion and feels she has to comment on and share with the world?” I think Pope Francis is totally cool. Kisses
        babies and deformed folks and he SMILES!..I’m not a Catholic, but I do respect and even love this man. “Nuff said, or I’ll’ start sounding like what I accuse Sarah of.


        • slipstream says:

          Okay, tigerwine, though the last time I attempted to bake cookies I ended up with an official order from the Anchorage Fire Department pleading with me to never ever try that again. I still say it wasn’t all THAT bad, and the neighbors were insured anyway, and the place looks better without all those trees which used to be in the yard. More sun now, especially since walls are but a memory. Sheesh . . . some people are so bossy. Just because they have Big Red Trucks doesn’t give them expertise on baking.

          Cookies will be on their way.

          Anybody living in the Anchorage area might want to wear a hard hat for the next few days . . . not saying there will be another incident like the previous one, but just the same . . . hardhat.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      I’m jealous! How cool to have your “chickens” close for all the food and fun of winter gatherings!
      Mine are so far away. Dang.
      The magic of skype allowed me to “help” decorate the tree with the grands last year so I really shouldn’t whine too much, too often.
      Really I shouldn’t.
      Prolly will anyway ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have fun!

      • tigerwine says:

        Hi, Pi -Sheesh forgot I still have a grandson attending UAF. I’m mailing all goodies to his folks, and they will forward on. Where are all your kids?

  4. flex gunship pailn says:

    go sarah go DONT COME BACK I had 1000 of them made gave them all away .

    • Alaska Pi says:

      I like that one!
      Sibling had one made for 2008 which said “Don’t want to send her on, Don’t want her back ”

      I loved that one too!

      • benlomond2 says:

        Haven’t forgot you Pi and the Juneau Mudpups… waiting for lemons to ripen a bit more, so i can try a new receipe out ..candied. lemon peel…

        • Alaska Pi says:

          Have had you on my mind lately- wondering how you and your truly lovely wife are doing.
          A bit of snow on the hill today, bears still up and about , waterfalls froze for the first time last week- won’t be long before they are frozen for the winter…
          Take best of care!

  5. mike from iowa says:

    I spy a backhoe and a crane across the road where they are gonna start putting up wind turbines. They have done dirtwork right North of me and to the NW they have dirtwork done for two turbines. Supposed to be decent weather tomorrow and I am gonna try and get some before and after pictures of what 10 grand an acre farmland looks like with wind turbines sprouting up like iowa corn. There are over 300 turbines starting about 15 miles SE of Mikey and on a clear day you can see Russia… I mean wind turbines from here.

    • fishingmamma says:

      My great-uncle installed a wind turbine on the family farm in WA back in the 40’s to power his HAM radio setup. I remember going in that room when I was a tyke, seeing the equipment that took up an entire half of his bedroom. He was a science geek that was born at the turn of the century ( 1899) and loved to tinker. I am sure the turbines going up around you are much more efficient than that creaky old thing was, but he could talk to people all over the world.

  6. Carol says:

    No way will I buy Quitty Pants’ book, even as I wonder who wrote it. Maybe (yeah, sure) she’s better at writing than speaking, but she really couldn’t be worse. Bonking head on desk when I wonder just who thinks she’s so brilliant and then remember, at least one family member. Groan.

    • benlomond2 says:

      aaawww, c’mon Carol… she’s a Journalism Major,,,, or was it Communications Major??? after 4 or 5 colleges, and that realm of study, she DID learn to flap her lips !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. AKblue says:

    Don’t know whether to laugh or scream on that one….

  8. mike from iowa says:

    Try her this way,the low temp here overnight was close to zero and gasoline in Larrabee,iowa on Saturday was $2.84.9 a gallon for gasahol. Coincidence? Any chance that Snnokie lost a residential/presidential bet in 2008 and had to move to Arizona? I see she is willing to allow all religions to celebrate with her the life of jeebus Christ,whether they want to or not.

    • benlomond2 says:

      $2.89 a gal?? WOW!! California is finally cheaper than somewhere other than Alaska and Hawaii ??

  9. mike from iowa says:

    A little holiday cheer for the 47 million Americans who could afford to get by on less(food stamps) so Zuckerberg could barely make it on 2.3 billion bucks compensation last year. Your selfless sacrifice allowed 9 others to top 100 million in comp for 2012. Thanks to your generosity ten people were paid over 100 mil in one year,a record you have every right to be proud of. Don’t expect congratulations from to trickle down,that theory has been disproven enough. You might be interested to know Black Friday starts early this year so be prepared to spend all your leftover cash quickly to boost earnings for the haves for next year.

  10. tallimat says:


  11. Alaska Pi says:

    put money directly in whatzername’s pocket? are you kidding?!