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MSNBC Reports Wrong Miller’s Retirement

If you were watching MSNBC Live this morning, you might be wondering why former and current Alaska Republican senatorial candidate Joe Miller is retiring in the middle of his campaign. It’s an unorthodox political strategy for someone who is not currently embroiled in scandal, and who stands a reasonable chance of walking away with the nomination for a second time. securedownload-1 It appears that reports of his political death have been exaggerated. And so has his conversion to the Democratic Party, his relocation to California, and his service to the United States Congress since the early 1970s. Someone at MSNBC confused candidate Joe Miller with George Miller, 21-term Democratic congressman from California who came out with a statement today declaring his upcoming retirement.

Politico describes Congressman Miller as “Nancy Pelosi’s strong right arm and one of the top Democratic legislators of his generation.” He’s been in Congress since Alaska Tea Party candidate Joe Miller was 6 years old.


Democratic Congressman George Miller of California.

But hey. You can see how someone might make the mistake and put Joe Miller B-roll footage over the story of George Miller’s retirement. I mean, “Miller.” How many could there be?



22 Responses to “MSNBC Reports Wrong Miller’s Retirement”
  1. sendlawyersgunsandmoney says:

    Looks like a young William Riker. But without the cajones.

  2. Randy DeSoto says:

    Joe Miller wasn’t even in the vicinity when FBI informant and self-described Obama supporter Bill Fulton took it upon himself to handcuff a reporter following the event. Miller learned of the incident afterwards when he had already left the location. See and

    • slipstream says:

      Yeah, and the reason Joe Miller was not in the vicinity was that Bill Fulton illegally detained the reporter, who was in the publicly accessed hallway of a public building, attempting to ask Joe Miller questions. Fulton stopped and handcuffed the reporter, allowing Joe Miller to get away like a coward who does not want to answer questions.

      I support freedom of the press. Do you?

    • William Fulton says:

      Really Randy …..not that this has anything to do with my arrest or the blog editor and self described “Obama supporter” did I vote for him yes but a supporter no I spent much more of my time and money actually supporting Republican candidates. Although I to could put on paper a few lines out of a two hour conversation and call it fact I choose not to because out of context it wouldn’t be the truth. I didn’t want to vote for Obama the first time but I thought we had a good governor in Palin and thought if she lost she would just come home and go back to work (I was wrong) as for round two with Mr. Obama I was very disappointed by his first term but when it came down to him or somebody that claims to believe in Magic underwear and ascending to be the god of there own planet with unlimited perpetually pregnant wives ( Mormons believe this shit) then yes I went for they guy that seemed sane sorry he didn’t have an R in front of his name but when it comes to the guy with the nuclear football I’ll vote for the non magic underwear believer every time.

      I took it upon myself to arrest an individual for trespassing as was required by state law. I would be more than happy to explain all the intricacies of Alaska laws of arrest assault and liability if you would like to know why we did what we did or you can just blindly regurgitate what you have, seen, heard, and read.

      Slipstream If I illegally detained anybody I would have gone to jail. The arrest was good and legal I don’t get it why people keep saying he was detained ……..there is no detainment law in Alaska and he wasn’t arrested for asking questions he was arrested because he was trespassing and had “pushed somebody” he admitted to “pushing someone, I don’t know who” in his KTUU interview on the scene immediately after the event.

  3. Really? says:

    When I think of Joe Miller I keep remembering the slimeyness he was involved with when he was an employee of the Fairbanks North Star Bureau. It just gets me how he complains about people being cyber bullies when if fact he went to other employees computers and ” messed with them”. Is’nt that cyberbullying?

    • JediWoman says:

      Slimeyness? He must be a man after Carl Rove’s own heart. Rove is the King of Slime.

      But I’m laughing my arse off at Sarah Palin’s defense of Duck Dynasty’s “big” celebrity… My – where was her concern over Martin Bashir’s right of free speech when he said something she didn’t like? Wow! She certainly didn’t engage in a national campaign to save his job!

      She didn’t bring up Mr. Bashir’s right to an opinion! (And honestly, what he said might have lacked couth, but it was truthful). I just wish someone confront her about why she is so willing to defend this redneck when she had no concern about Mr. Bashir’s right to free speech. After all – his comment only effected HER. The DD comment concerned MANY gay people everywhere!

      PLEASE SOMEONE ASK HER! (Maybe it will make her shut up for a few hours!)

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Act like Fake Noize and pretend it’s all true,and then don’t apologize.

  5. Sandy Buckley says:

    I missed the original announcement and I’m sad both for Alaska not losing one of their teapublicans and for my own Congressional district, which is losing one of the best Congressional reps ever. I wish it weren’t so, but bless you and thank you, George, for your long and faithful representation of your constituents. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. But please make yourself available to your successor. Whoever that is will have some mighty big shoes to fill!

    • Alaska Pi says:

      I’m sorry you are losing such a fine representative for your district. I hope you you get someone who can and will work to fill your Mr Miller’s shoes.
      Our Mr Miller? Pfft! The only value he has here is to scare people into voting in the primary who are usually too lazy.

  6. Zyxomma says:

    Hilarious. Chris Crisco may find himself impeached, and Joe Miller’s being put out to pasture by a mistake at MSNBC.

    • Really? says:

      Z You do have a sense of humor. Like

    • Alaska Pi says:


    • mike from iowa says:

      As long as you mentioned sizzlin’bacon,have you noticed comments on Christie’s behalf always include references to Obama’s scandals that the commenters alway claim haven’t been investigated by the LSM? Benghazi,Fat and Furious,IRS,etc.

      • mike from iowa says:

        Lest I forget, “Fat and Furious” is wingnuts new Jersey gun running scandal w/o the gun running. In each scandal a US citizen died,but not by run guns.

  7. zyggy says:

    Egad, they snagged a great shot of Joe for the story. I suspect he’s fuming about now. =)

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