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November 28, 2023


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Sullivan, Treadwell vs. Women

You’d think a vote for the Violence Against Women Act would be a no-brainer. You’d think this because opposing violence against women should be as controversial a position as supporting the troops or enjoying apple pie.

If you live in Alaska, you’d really think this is an easy vote, because all three members of Alaska’s Congressional delegation—including Republicans Lisa Murkowski and Don Young—have supported the bill in the past.

Senator Murkowski has gone so far as to lobby House Republicans on reauthorizing the law, and has signed on to a bipartisan letter of support which reads in part as follows:

We should not let politics pick and choose which victims of abuse to help and which to ignore. Each previous reauthorization substantially improved the way VAWA addressed the changing needs of domestic violence victims by addressing challenges facing older victims, victims with disabilities, and other underserved groups.

Testify, sister!

So who would have a problem supporting this easy vote on a bipartisan no-brainer?

Why, the two leading candidates for the Republican nomination for our US Senate seat, it turns out.

Unbelievably, here’s what “Ohio Dan” Sullivan just told NBC’s Kasie Hunt when she asked him about the bill.

“Well I need to look at the whole act. One of the things I’ve done in my career is actually read legislation before I vote for it unlike most of the Senate Democrats like [Sen. Mark Begich] who clearly voted for Obamacare without reading it. I was —before I sued on Obamacare I sat down with a small team of attorneys and we read it!”

We see what you did there, Ohio Dan.

You take violence against women so seriously that when you’re asked about the signature bill addressing it, on which you’d have to vote as senator, you blow it off and immediately pivot onto your hackneyed Obamacare talking points. Nice.

One cannot imagine why female voters don’t feel like male Republican politicians take their concerns seriously.

Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell, for his part, played the parochial card:

“When Washington tries to impose solutions on a state without talking to people who live there, I think you’ve got a big problem.”

So Senators Murkowski and Begich and Congressman Young—all of whom, again, have supported the VAWA— haven’t “talked to people who live here?” Really. I wonder how our delegation feels about this implicit charge.

Furthermore, with rapes in Alaska occurring at triple the national average, we’re clearly doing less than a fantastic job addressing the issue on our own. Especially with Attorney General Dan Sullivan having been on the case. We do have those nice rubber wrist bands that say “Choose Respect” though. They seem to be working really well.

And while all of the shucking and jiving and pivoting on this issue in the GOP primary is extremely depressing, at least there is one general election candidate who is a stalwart, unequivocal vote for the Violence Against Women Act.

Ladies, you know what to do.



5 Responses to “Sullivan, Treadwell vs. Women”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ignorant is not knowing; stupid is saying, anyway. Seems to apply to all three of the current contenders for Begich’ office.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    This comes to mind whenever I see Shane Holt.

  3. AlaskaCodPiece says:

    The look on DNR Dan’s (OH>DC>AK) face is priceless.

    Dan would rather( take a break from writing his reports and) face an Afghani than answer than question. And him with three daughters, no less. Shameful.

    Kasie Hunt gets the Bob Tkacz Bulldog Award for getting the answers – even when she doesn’t.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    and Shaner,you got a round mouth from eating square meals. Right! Your red bull snarfing bud ain’t gonna like you for saying retard,doof.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      amen! and hallelujah! there mikey.

      shaneholt -crimenently and holy moley!!
      Only a doof would read this whole post and decide it said Mr Sullivan and Mr Treadwell
      “actually endorse violence against women”
      You wouldn’t know a lie if it rubbed right up next to your skin with the kind of comprehension you exhibit in your stupenagle comments here , the ADN, and the like. Pffft!!!
      It DID say they used the question about VAWA to grandstand about federal over reach and/or poo-pooing the Dems , “Obamacare”, and Senator Begich.

      Way to go potential Senator types! Just what we ladies love to hear from politicos… crickets about the effing issue at hand, ..Pffftt!!
      And a pox on both your patriarchal houses!

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