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Palin Responds to Face Punching


Many of us have sat, head hung low, as we’ve gotten a phone call from school because our little angel was being less than angelic. We tell ourselves that this is a teaching moment. We explain that of course, we don’t condone their actions, and this won’t happen again. We urge our progeny to fess up, to accept the consequences of their actions, and to make amends to the aggrieved party.

Two weeks after the birthday party in Anchorage which resulted in the Palin family’s enthusiastic participation in a giant fist fight, Sarah Palin has finally done what any contrite mother would do after an unruly child punches a guy in the face. She defended the aggravated assault on Facebook.

“I love my Bristol! My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet.”

That’s right. Strong women punch dudes in the face. That’s what makes them strong. “Hurrrrrrr!” And to prove she’s a “straight shooter” the post includes a picture of Bristol firing a rifle. I suppose we should be glad she didn’t lug it to the party. You know, just in case.

“I have to say this as a proud mama: right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar!”

Face punching = soaring heart! Right moms and dads?  And the less fortunate do not include the likes of that audacious guy who asked the brawlers to leave his party. Asking the Palins to leave his house?  Clearly a threat. Don’t take that crap. Rise to the defense of your family, and stand your ground, I say. Stand it!

“As you can imagine, they and my extended family have experienced so many things (liberal media-driven) that may have crushed others without a strong foundation of faith, and I’m thankful for our friends’ prayer shield that surrounds them, allowing faith to remain their anchor. Thank you, prayer warriors! I love you!”

Leave it to the liberal media to make this a “bad” thing. Without Jesus on her side, a lesser woman might have been driven to do something like… I dunno… punch a guy in the face.

Turning the other cheek is so 2000 years ago. That other guy has a cheek too, so pummel it. Pummel it good!  Not once, not twice… Just keep going ’til you can’t go no more. It shows initiative, and work ethic, and family values. Who would Jesus punch in the face? THAT guy. Totally.

And thank God (literally) for that prayer forcefield. Stuff just bounces right off that thing like Teflon – accountability, lawsuits, the need to apologize, the truth. All that crap. Do your worst, liberal haters!

Pew pew pew! Peeew!


After mama grizzly’s stirring defense of the assailant, she asks us to “See this from Bristol.”

We click to find these stirring words from the penitent herself:

Aw… so sad.
I just read an article on Yahoo’s front page about my family.
According to some random reporter, my parents are getting divorced…
I find something new about my family every day!
(Of course, the article and most of what the media reports about our family is complete garbage.)

Apology accepted.

(If you’ve been inspired by Bristol’s strength and sticktoitiveness, and the Palin family’s defense of values, you can pay them homage with a T-shirt – the Bristol Palin Boxing Academy design, or the classic stick figure melee. Click HERE)



49 Responses to “Palin Responds to Face Punching”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Dagian, this is the 2011 custodial agreement for Levi and bristol according to Palin lawyer Thomas Van Flea Flicker-

    On Friday, Palin family attorney Thomas Van Flein confirmed a report that the couple have agreed on custody. He says Palin gets primary physical custody of the little boy and they share legal custody, subject to her resolution if they can’t agree.

    The lawyer adds that Johnston gets visitation on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    Van Flein says Johnston will pay child support based on anticipated earnings of $72,000 per year.

  2. Really? says:

    Jeanne, check out : Alaska Court System, Court Calendars, Anchorage by Party- dated 9-26-14 Pg.18
    Palin, Bristol S. Petitioner 3-AN-14-02761 CI DV Long Term
    Palin, Willow B. Petitioner 3 AN-14-02662CI DV Long Term
    Judge Suzanne Cole
    I’m not sure how long the calendar will be up. I am unable to provide the link. , sorry.

  3. akindependent says:

    Three weeks and no police report. How long does it take to investigate a street brawl? The Fergeson report came out in two. C’mon, Alaska press! Start asking.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Confession is supposed to be good for the soul so here goes-every time I see the poor guy Bristol waylaid and see his eyes x-ed out I automatically imagine a sockeye salmon for some reason. Am I close?

  5. Crazy Owl Lady says:

    The Ballad of Korey Klingenmeyer
    (with apologies to the Kingston Trio)

    He stood like a rock, a man among men.
    And he let that Palin brat hit him again.
    Then with a voice as kind as could be,
    He cut ‘er down like a big oak tree,
    When he said:
    You’ve got to get back in that Humvee,
    You’ve got to get yourselves gone.
    Nobody wants you at this party,
    Everyone wants you rednecks gone.

  6. Dagian says:

    I have no idea if Mr. Johnston is more of grown-up (less of a **ck-up) than Bristol by now, but if so this bodes well:

    09/23/2014 Order Case Motion #13: Motion for Order to Show Cause Why Bristol Palin Should Not Be Held In Contempt And Sanctioned And Motion For The Return of Child To Alaska, Case Motion #14: Motion for Interim Custody Schedule, Case Motion #16: Motion for Entry of Judgment for Collection of Respondent’s Past Due Child Support Payments and for Statement of Respondent’s Current Interim Child Support Obligation

    Obviously he needs to get right re: child support payments but even that leaves me scratching my head. Bristol has cleared a lot of money in the past several years; aren’t child support payments supposed to be some proportion of the parents’ salaries?

    Anyway, I feel badly for their son. I hope that both of his parents do much better by him now than they have in the past.

    • mike from iowa says:

      This explains the way support is calculated in Alaska.

      • Dagian says:

        Oh my word – 29 pages! I’ll read through it later after I get home and all the animals are fed & turned out/kept in. Care to share your thoughts about whether he should revisit the calculation?

        Thanks, Mike.

        • mike from iowa says:

          I think he should sue for full custody. She is not a fit mother,imho. I didn’t mean for you to read the whole thing,just note that there are several custodial situations and without knowing which one they have it would be useless to speculate.(but fun) 🙂 I suspect bucking the Palin name in Wasilla is an exercise in futility.I also suspect any court hearing would be dominated by Snowgrift Snoozie regaling the judge with made up non-sense about how Levi took advantage of her precious Bristol and led her astray and did all kinds of nasty things to her while she was passed out from underage drinking.Love to be a fly on the wall at any such hearing. 🙂

  7. Lol... says:

    Sarah and Company are coming undone because this is just the beginning of their demise in the public eye!

  8. yukonark says:

    Stick-figure Jesus giving a thumbs up!
    It’s like Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam!

    • mike from iowa says:

      Stick figure jesus ONLY has eyes for our fearless leader and her keyboard. Matter of fact he appears to be enamored with foolish passion. His head is in the clouds. He is totally smitten. He looks at Jeanne like Jimmy Carter would. No wonder he isn’t bothering to smite Palins with their own jawbones. Jesus is head over. (no stick figures were injured in this exercise)

  9. Mastermind says:

    I know a child rape victim and she is in college studying medicine…and working for a hospital…
    Sarah is a fraud and she knows it…and those you stalked and terrorized…they are locked and loaded too…
    So let’s Choose Respect and have a Stand Your Ground at the OK Corral…hands down we will win Sarah…

  10. mike from iowa says:

    Friends,if you haven’t seen this you just hafta take a look. Looks like a certain former,half-guv of Alaska with a Black former Doors front man Lizard King. Seriously,this might help explain her warrior-like behavior. 🙂

  11. mike from iowa says:

    ,Palin stickfigureativeness makes them look phat and trashy.

  12. Buffalogal says:

    What gets me is that she punched him in the face repeatedly. I still can’t wrap my head around that. REPEATEDLY. He wasn’t fighting back and she just kept pulling her arm back and forcing it back into his face. At least six times. Unless you have been taking boxing lessons, that should not come naturally. So yeah – no wonder SP is so proud. Girl Power! You Go Bristol !

    • Dagian says:

      Yeah – I took particular note of that too and it makes me very, very uncomfortable. Someone who continues to hit a person who isn’t hitting them back – no matter what size or gender – is someone who is bad news in more than one area. Let’s pretend that I had never heard her name before, ever, but this was the first time. Well, it doesn’t speak well of Bristol, her upbringing and in all honesty – if the police don’t press charges it doesn’t make them look good either.

      If true, she assaulted someone and once it’s been reported then there is supposed to be a way to address it. For her own good (and her kid!).

      I have NO idea if the young man with whom she conceived this little boy has gotten himself together and can be a better parent to his son than his mom. I suspect he has grown up quite a bit and I do hope that he can be a better role model than Bristol.

      • mike from iowa says:

        Wassa matter with Palin etiquette? Walk up to a dude and instead of waiting to be formally introduced,you smack him in the chops and scream die mutha $%%^&&!!! You can rest assured that as a member of Palin fambly chances are good he has said something derogatory about your fambly.

    • slipstream says:

      And speaking of boxing lessons . . . .

      A long time ago I took boxing lessons. I am right-handed. A right-handed boxer has a left hook. His (or her) right shoulder is in the wrong position to launch a hook, but the left shoulder is forward, so he (or she) throws hook punches with the left hand.

      A left hander has a right hook.

      Like Bristol Palin.

      • Dagian says:

        So glad you posted because this is something about which I know NOTHING. Okay, I now know just next-to-nothing.

    • Beaglemom says:

      What Bristol did shows how much rage she possesses. Who knows the real source of it but it doesn’t bode well for her basic social or parenting skills.

  13. mike from iowa says:

    Well,she found an activity she can engage in with a member of the opposite sex in which it is highly unlikely she’ll get knocked up.

  14. AKblue says:

    AKM, is that you at the laptop?
    Too funny! That prayer shield must also be repelling any personal growth or self awareness from filtering in.

  15. juneaudream says:

    One watch for signs of things..which damage our living there, and around this world..and help them to..NOT repeat themselves. Non of us..step into animal dung..on purpose..we vear..and tidy our boots. Today..I am going to..look for every good/happy..situation..and offer good help, training and meditations and energy. If we find..s–t piles..we can pile it in the community help rot down..into mulch..that makes of the healthy, nurturing plants..a healing beauty.

  16. Diane says:

    She is a poor excuse for a mother

    Republicans should be ashamed of having her……
    Oh that’s right, they have no shame.

  17. mike from iowa says:

    This is getting rilly confusing. Hillbillies show up en masse,most not having been invited. Someone says welcome to the hoedown,Track freaks because he thinks his sister has been shot,attacks some married guy’s fists with his chin and gets the snot knocked out of him and “Lefty” (can’t throw a right hook) Bristol defends the family’s honor(I just puked) by physically assaulting the host who was dumb enough to invite them? Riiiight. Now party hosts everywhere will be assaulted in the name of family honor.

  18. Game of Life says:

    The reason the insufferable witch posted a pic of her sucker-punching daughter, bustol holding a rifle is because they literally took your comment that, “bustol has a mean right hook.” gop says she is left handed (see pic bustol holding a rifle), so they believe that alone ruled out the re-re-re-virgin bustol assaulting anyone.

    Can you once and for all tell gop and their sorry ilk that you were using descriptive language and wasn’t literally saying which hand the wacko was using to assualt Kory?

    • Mastermind says:

      Sounds like Bristol needs a psychiatric evaluation…hell take the whole family in including Pa Heath…
      Lock them up and toss away the key – take the money and run…what goes around comes around…

  19. Jamie says:

    A strong foundation of faith? Is that what she’s calling their psychopathic level of narcissism and self-importance? She is so very proud of her brood of bullies, but after all those kids did learn from the best!

  20. Tallimat says:

    Gee, Bristol is one of them dating gals that every guy wants…. …. .. .. . . . to maybe date.

  21. Jag27 says:

    Alaska grrrls kick ass and punch faces. Jesus sez.

  22. Alaska Pi says:

    Poor ole whatzername.
    Down is up, up is down… whatever it takes to cobble together this kinda horsepunky story to pretend alliswellinwhatzernameland has to be wearing.
    I’ve laughed a lot watching this unfold but I am not surprised, nor am I not surprised that I’m not surprised.
    Feel badly for the gent who lost his job, feel badly for the next generation of whatzernamers- the lil ones.
    The big ones? Nope, not anymore. Not as long as they hang so close to whatzername-dearest and act like such nincompoops.

  23. Rebecca says:

    Does “prayer warrior” translate to “gullible schmuck” in Palinese?

  24. All worthless pos…!!

  25. Irishgirl says:

    OMG…am loving your take and the stick figures.

  26. alwaysagardener says:

    As always, it is apparent the reason the Palin kids are not the most outstanding citizens. Ya know, everything a mom would hope for their brood. She is that parent in the neighborhood who never admits her children have done anything wrong or considers consequences to bad behavior. I just made sure my kids avoided them like the plague. Inviting them into our lives meant nothing but chaos.

  27. mike from iowa says:

    Message of love from Sow grizzly to younger sow grizzly.

  28. John says:

    She’s proud that her children are anti-social brats. She sets a fine example of how not to be a good parent.