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Jeanne Devon Interviews Zach Roberts Today

I’ll be filling in Thursday, Friday, and Monday for conservative radio talk show host Eddie Burke (< ---not a typo) on KOAN 1080am and 95.5fm in Anchorage. He's having knee surgery and asked me to man the ship. What's that about? Today, I'll be talking to The Mudflats' own award-winning photo editor and investigative reporter Zach Roberts! He recently went to Ferguson and then New York City in the wake of grand jury decisions in the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. You'll hear his take on the trip, what he found, and what he didn't expect. And our old pal, Chris-in-the-Box will be riding shotgun and running the boards! We'll also be talking about The Oath Keepers, a private armed group who sent members to guard local businesses in Ferguson against looting and arson. The group is controversial, and Zach scored an interview with one of its members. You can listen to his interview HERE, and see his photo essays from Ferguson, and New York City.

Feel free to join the conversation at 907-569-1080

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2 Responses to “Jeanne Devon Interviews Zach Roberts Today”
  1. CityKId says:

    Doug Henwood interviewed Glen Ford on his show “Behind the News” today , I thought Ford’s observations were insightfu. This is from Ford’s blog:

    Police impunity is the domestic counterpart of the legal immunity that U.S. military personnel enjoy overseas. The U.S. deploys troops in the majority of countries in the world, but does not station soldiers anywhere in the absence of Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) granting them immunity from prosecution under the host country’s laws. Failure to secure an extension of the SOFA agreement with Iraq required the withdrawal of U.S. troops, in 2010. The United States claims it has not joined the International Criminal Court because, among other reasons, compliance with the treaty could lead to “foreign” prosecution of its military personnel.

    Essentially, prosecutors in the United States maintain an informal kind of Status of Forces Agreement, immunizing the police from prosecution in the deaths of Black and brown “natives” in the areas they occupy. At home and abroad, the armed forces of the racist, imperial State are beyond the law. As such, their very presence is an affront to human dignity. That’s just as true in Ferguson and Oakland and New York City, as it is in Kabul and Ouagadougou and Bogota.

    “It’s Not the Law, But Prosecutors, That Give Immunity to Killer Cops”

  2. mike from iowa says:

    7-9 Central Time in iowa if I had a radio and could hear.