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2nd Amendment Overreach


Regulations are killing my freedom to blow myself up with a gas container. When I was a kid, gas containers were not much more than red buckets with a spout and a usually missing black cap.

Yeah, some gas sloshed out when you carried the can in and out of the boat or off into the woods with the chainsaw, but that was just the way it was. No big problem.

These days, I need nuclear codes to get the spout to open enough for a dribble of gas. And the spout has some kind of magic slot that apparently protects me from the fumes.

It’s easier to figure out the plot of a Dan Brown novel than it is to get some push juice in your chainsaw.

I was thinking about those good old days when we had a gas can fuming in the back seat of the car — the car in which my mother could reach behind her seat, grab me by the scruff, pull me into the front seat, demand that I behave and return me to the back seat, all without hitting the breaks, because we didn’t do seat-belts back then. Nowadays, you can’t drive 10 feet without some nanny alarm nagging you to strap in.

Oh, and next to that rogue gas can was probably a bag of groceries with no listed ingredients, or expiration dates rounded to the nearest decade.

Prescription medicine was there too, but without a childproof lid because back in those golden years children always listened to their parents and would never open something they weren’t supposed to.

When you got home from an outing like that, you might have a bit of a buzz from the leaded gas. Which wasn’t the worst thing in an era when moms were encouraged to have a drink or a cigarette to relax while pregnant. Boy, that was real freedom.

If you managed to outgrow your strangulation-hazard baby crib, collapsing high chairs, flammable pajamas and lead-tainted toys, you could ride your bike without some jack-booted bureaucrat suggesting you wear a helmet. You were free to wear a bonnet, a cowboy hat or a Davy Crockett coonskin cap, and you were free to end up with a concussion, or in a coma. That life just felt . . . more American.

When we went East to visit the grandparents, there wasn’t a “no-fly list.” We just got on the plane and hoped nobody would pop up with a gun and say, “Take me to Cuba!”

Passengers in the back half of the plane were free to smoke, while the rest of us were free to hold our breath and try to ignore the noxious fumes. In those days, nicotine was considered less dangerous than gravity, asbestos kept you safe and fireworks were harmless fun for kids.

But all that freedom is gone, ruined by an overreaching, killjoy federal government. So, considering all these other impingements on our freedom, why in holy hell was Omar Mateen able to buy a semiautomatic assault rifle and several 30-round clips and take them to a nightclub, where, after outgunning the lone armed security guard, killed and wounded more than 100 strangers?

Really. Why is anyone allowed to buy such a weapon? Mateen, of course, was an unusually bad candidate to buy such a gun. He had twice been questioned by the FBI and was on the no-fly list.

Even so, his Second Amendment “right” to walk around with a weapon of mass destruction trumped the safety of everyone around him.

I’d like to suggest that anyone who wants to shoot a gun designed specifically for killing enemy soldiers in combat should join the military so he or she can go someplace where people are shooting back.

Then he or she would be a soldier, serving the country, and not an ammo-sexual preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

It’s been a year since a nut-job shot up the congregation of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The survivors were showered with “thoughts and prayers,” and then our country did precisely nothing to prevent the next massacre.

And we didn’t have to wait long for the next massacre. We never have to wait long for the next massacre.

Thanks to the dirty money of the National Rifle Association, we won’t have to wait long until the next massacre. It’s what . . . a matter of days, weeks, maybe months?

I’ll go out on a limb and predict it won’t be long before the next crazed killer or aspiring terrorist uses an easily acquired semiautomatic assault weapon with a large-capacity clip to shoot innocent people in a public place.

And here’s another prediction for you, the corrupt congressional stooges of the NRA will do absolutely nothing to try to prevent it. (We elected three of those stooges, by the way.)

A Republican-controlled Congress will continue to block federal researchers from studying gun violence. They won’t require background checks for all gun buyers. They won’t reinstitute the ban on semiautomatic assault weapons.
They will, in short, do squat.

So I hope it’s not you, or someone you love, who ends up in the wrong elementary school, the wrong movie theater or the wrong nightclub when the next assault rifle poster boy decides to act.



7 Responses to “2nd Amendment Overreach”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Here is your typical right wing nut job, ammosexual with an unnatural fear that Obama was gonna take her semi-automatic handguns away from her. I guess she decided to use them one last time before the Obie One came for her guns. She also was a religious nut. She also had a history of mental illness, but, thanks to the NRA she was in full possession of deadly weapons and a nasty mindset to boot. Rot in hell,dumb right wing woman.

  2. coolhand says:

    when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s we did not have person going out to see how much people they can kill. what started derange people to go in to club or a school and shoot the place up and kill people.
    I have been a gun owner for 42+ years and have over 100 guns . right I think I have 16 right now.
    I have tell you most people out there are not responsible to have a gun or a butter knife guns are all about being a responsible gun ownership. you have to be real responsible person to have guns.

  3. mike from iowa says: When you compare terrorists killings on US soil to actual gun deaths in America, it is plain to see why wingnuts insist on closing the borders. They want to take your attention away from the hundreds of thousands of people killed by guns.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Here’s an example of how sorry the NRA is that a bunch of innocent victims happened to get in the way of a mass murderer’s 2nd Amendment rights to kill with impunity.

    You got it. The NRA celebrates mass slaughter by praising the AR-15 assault rifle and encouraging Americans to buy them for protection barely 3 days after Orlando slaughter.. Gawd I hate some people!

  5. daMamma says:

    Gotta love it. You are so right. Here we are with all sorts of nanny laws because it is just too unsafe to drive a car without a seat belt or ride a bike without a helmet, when in the unlikely event of a crash you are the only one who may be injured or killed.

    Yet here we all are with so many loopholes in our gun laws and background checks the unsuspecting, minding their own business crowd of students, movie go-ers or club kids can be shot to hell.

    If everyone is packing heat noone will be shot we are told. Here is an easier altunitive, close the damn loopholes in the laws and return the Brady Bill. I have been a gun owner for 40+ years, and believe in responsible ownership, but this has gone downright insane. Truly.

  6. mike from iowa says:

    Ms Moore, I heart you!. Keep telling it the way that it is.

  7. Llana Nixon says:

    Shannyn aces it again.

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