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Photos from the Provincetown Blessing of the Fleet and Portuguese Festival


Anthony Bourdain, who got his cooking start on Cape Cod has called, “Provincetown: a wonderland of tolerance with a longtime tradition of accepting artists, writers, the badly behaved, the gay, the different. It was paradise. The joy that can only come with the absolute certainty that you were invincible; that none of the choices that you’d make would have any repercussions or any effect on your later life. We didn’t think about those things.”

P-Town (as the t-shirts say) is at the very end of Cape Cod, it’s a bit like Homer, AK – just if Homer was flooded with a LGBT crowd every summer, and was just a 50min ferry ride from Seattle.  It’s changed a lot over the years from a sleepy little Portuguese fishing town to a major hub of tourism.

Every year around this time, if I’m not up in Alaska my family and I head there for a family vacation of scrabble and chowder. Our Cape Cod trip has been a tradition that dates to before I was born, but somehow we always missing the blessing of the fleet. This year, now that I shoot for a news wire I had a justification to cancel all other plans and cover the event. Here’s some of the shots that I made last Sunday afternoon.















2 Responses to “Photos from the Provincetown Blessing of the Fleet and Portuguese Festival”
  1. Diane says:

    We were there on Fri. What a wonderful place Provincetown is!
    We go at least once a year.
    Wish we had been able to stay longer!

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Interesting,beautiful pics as always,Zach. Them there Portugese look like regular peoples.What was the fleet after?