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Friday, January 28, 2022

The Trap

There’s a man who hates his job. Oh, there are lots of them but this guy can’t quit and his boss knows it. His son has asthma and has been in and out of the hospital since he was born. The job he hates includes health insurance for him and his family. He can’t be sure that health insurance at a different job would cover them. If he interviewed for a new job, and asked too many questions about health coverage, he might scare them off — fearful that he would drive their premiums even higher. The man can’t say…

Parnell – Time to End the Hypocrisy

Earlier this month, Governor Giveaway asked for disaster relief funds from the federal government to help Alaskans. This week he refused to set up a state-run health care exchange, which would have helped tens of thousands of Alaskans buy insurance cheaper on the free market by pooling together. That’ll teach the federal government! It reminds me of when I was a teenager. I wanted to go out with my friends. It was a Friday night, and I was 17. “Be home at 10,” Pop said. “What? 10?! Are you kidding me?” “OK, 9:30.” “But Pop!” “9 is fine.” “That doesn’t…

Flaks, Facts & Intelligent Debate: Health Care in Alaska

Back on July 21, 2012, Shannyn Moore wrote a heartfelt essay on the State of Alaska’s reported consideration of the idea of sending some state-insured retirees outside for medical treatment. Moore is her mother’s primary support. That support would be missing, Moore pointed out, if her mother had to go Outside for treatment. In an attempted response, Commissioner Becky Hultberg of the Alaska Department of Administration wrote a Compass piece for the Daily News. Well, she is supposed to have written it. We’ll have to hope it was her press aide, who has since been disciplined. Because as a response…

Jesus Loves the Little Children – Governor Sean Parnell? Not So Much.

Sean Parnell, the man that his former boss Sarah Palin called a “brother in prayer” has made his priorities known.  Remember that favorite Sunday School hymn, “Jesus Loves the Little Children?” Remember how Jesus’ priorities were all about healing the sick, and helping the poor, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?  Well, our born again Christian governor is just exactly NOT like that at all. Last year, Sean Parnell (and I am not making this up) vetoed a bill that would have provided Denali Kid Care (the state health program that gets 70% matching federal…

Palin’s Health Care Priorities and Alaska’s Daughters

Today, Lisa Demer of the Anchorage Daily News has broken a story that adds another scandal to the growing list of  scandals that have plagued this administration, and shines the light on Alaska’s very own health care crisis.  Demer’s story centers on the horrendous condition of the Alaska’s state programs that are designed to help its most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and disabled. The situation is so bad the federal government has forbidden the state to sign up new people until the state makes necessary improvements. [snip] The moratorium is expected to last four or five months. State officials estimate…