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Friday, January 28, 2022

Fred Dyson’s Alaska Winter Driving Safety

Special Guest Post from Assemblyman Fred Dyson (Eagle River) WHEN THE ROADS GET SLICK AND THE FOOLS ARE OUT DRIVING (ADVICE FROM AN OLD RACE CAR DRIVER) The first snowfall of the year brings a rash of ditch divers and car crashes.  My kids and I used to have a game of rating the wrecks when we drove between Eagle River and Anchorage.  The ditch divers, whom we scored as a 10, managed to cross four lanes of traffic, clear the guardrail, do a complete roll or summersault, and land on their wheels without hitting another car.  You can come up…

Alaska Needs a Hostage Negotiator

Relationship counselors get a bad rap. Probably because it’s too late by the time one person insists it’s important to do. Oh, you go along, and at some point the therapist looks at you and rolls his eyes and tells you you’re nuts to stick around for more crazy town. OK, maybe that was just my experience, but it’s going to take more than a fancy talker with comfy sofas to help what’s going on in Juneau. They need a hostage negotiator. A terrorism expert. I’m talking Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” caliber. I’m sure some precious snowflake lawmaker is…

The Rogue Candidate Interviews Martin Lindeke from Eagle River

From The Rogue Candidate: A State in Denial By Zach Roberts One of the amazing things about Alaska is the availability of politicians and candidates to the press and the people… I would run into state legislators, mayors, all the time, waiting for a table at Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage or just walking around at the local fairs… The first in a series of interviews with candidates that I interviewed for The Rogue Candidate is Martin Lindeke. This is his first run for office – he’s trying for the state house from district 18 – we chatted about varying issues…why…