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Friday, January 28, 2022

Warren’s 11 Progressive Values for Netroots Nation

DETROIT, MI – Detroit’s Democratic Congressman Gary Peters who is running for the United States Senate addressed a packed house at the Netroots Nation convention in his home city on Friday. “I know the power you have to blog, to communicate to tell stories,” he said. “There are many wonderful stories about Detroit, and the wonderful people who make up this city, and the spirit that they have. Tell about how they have been through some very tough times, but they work hard. And if they work hard they should get a fair shot. And if they get a fair…

Oyster Roundup – Cool Pope, Crazy Cruz & More

Gather round little ones! It’s time for a cool half-dozen slurpable newsy bites on the half shell. We Heart the Pope There goes that Pope again, giving Christians a good name. Sarah Palin noted, with some consternation that this Pope is sounding kind of “liberal” and her verdict is still out. While the former half-term governor of Alaska “does her homework” and figures out that Jesus was a liberal, the Pope turned his ire toward corruption. Take heed governments around the world and the Vatican. AwesomePope is not pleased with you, and says “the corrupt should be tied to a…

The GOP “Shut that whole thing down”

It’s official. The federal government has been shut down as of midnight, October 1. House Republicans decided they were so mad at voters, the law of the land, the Supreme Court, and the way the country works that they have thrown a stone in the gears. The Senate passed a clean Continuing Resolution to keep the government open, but the House responded by stomping their feet and passing a Continuing Resolution that guts women’s health care, and adds a special amendment to block contraceptive care. That’s right, it’s all because of lady parts. There are few things quite so scary…

AIG: Why Tea Partiers Should Love Elizabeth Warren (UPDATE)

**UPDATE: The board of AIG decided Wednesday not to join a shareholder lawsuit against taxpayers which challenges the terms of the bailout that saved the insurer from bankruptcy in 2008, CNN reports. The board did not detail the reasons for the decision, saying it will make that clear in court filings in the coming weeks. But when reports surfaced Tuesday that it was even considering joining the suit, it sparked widespread outrage against the company. You paid your hard earned money into the coffers of a recklessly mismanaged company called AIG in 2008. You saved them from bankruptcy, from corporate…

Netroots – Day 2

Day 2 started late for me. After a couple nights with virtually no sleep, I didn’t make it in for the Morning News Dump. But I did make it to the lunchtime speakers’ panel, and it was absolutely riveting. The program begins at 5:51 There were three speakers who all appeared for a panel discussion after their individual addresses. First up was Darcy Burner, one of my most favorite progressives on the planet. She had run for Congress in 2008, and is running again in Washington’s 1st congressional district this year. Probably the most impressive thing about Burner is her…

Postmortem: Wisconsin, Obama & Elections

Did not the heavenly rhetoric of thine eye, ‘Gainst whom the world cannot hold argument, Persuade my heart to this false perjury? —”Love’s Labour’s Lost,” William Shakespeare Madison, WI—Was it the money? Was it a weak candidate? Was it the President’s and DNC’s indifference? With Karl Rove and national Republicans dancing in the end zone, the soul searching and recriminations among Wisconsin progressives are now in full swing. The bulk of national commentary—including from generally sympathetic outlets like MSNBC and the NY Times—has generally been useless. And since we can have for more impact on what we do than on…

Mudflix – 4 Reasons

Why occupy Wall Street? This one is a four minute, thirty second must-see that gives your four reasons. There is some interesting history from Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson and others that illustrates what’s gone so terribly wrong, and how we need to right the course. Extremely well done.

Baldwin and Warren – Ready to Reframe What it Means to Be a Woman in Politics

I don’t think there’s a progressive woman out there who hasn’t at one time found it more than a little frustrating that the women in politics who seem to get all the press, and who seem to represent the gender in general are… how shall I put this kindly … nuts. Not to name names, but I’m sure if you rub your temples and empty your mind you’ll be able to summon up a couple images without too much trouble. That’s it! Keep going. Well done. I knew you could do it. With those images assaulting us endlessly in the…