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October 2, 2023


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Don Young & 22 in GOP Oppose TPP Fast Track

“Fast track.” Sounds productive. Sounds exciting. Sounds all, “Git ‘er dun.” But in reality, what fast track trade authority does is allow a President to sign and enter into a trade agreement before Congress gets to vote on it, have a guaranteed vote within a set number of days, limited debate, and no amendments allowed. Presidents including Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush requested the authority, which has been used 16 times since its inception in the 1970s. And now President Obama would like to have it while negotiating trade agreements via the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). [Here’s a quick…

America’s Congresswoman

As the 113th Congress is sworn in, The Mudflats salutes one of our nation’s—nay, one of Western Civilization’s—most distinguished legislators. Minnesota’s 6th is represented by Freedom, and Freedom takes its oath of office today. Michele stands ready to address the concerns of America’s corporate leaders!   The book the liberal media doesn’t want you to see! Which is why you’ve had such a difficult time finding it:   Rep. Bachmann’s totally heterosexual husband Marcus simply cannot keep his paws off her! Get a room, you two!   Michele was truly moved this Christmas when fans from across America sent her…

Un-American – The More Things Change…

McCarthyism: demagogic, reckless, hysterical, deliberate, and typically unsubstantiated public accusations and/or personal attacks on the character, loyalty, patriotism, and beliefs of an individual opponent or group. Usually for political gain in the guise of patriotism and/or “national security.” Normally based on widespread racial, political, religious, ethnic, and/or sexual prejudices. Can often lead to persecution, disenfranchisement, mass hysteria, and violent mob behavior. Particularly common during periods of conflict, political unrest, migration, and economic uncertainty. In 1950 a minor freshman Senator gave a speech in West Virginia. A conservative from Wisconsin, he spoke before a chapter of the Republican Women’s Club. Despite…

Open Thread – Michele, One L

I’ve been saving this one for a good weekend chuckle, so nobody gets in trouble for laughing too loud at an inappropriate time at work. Enjoy! [h/t Mudflatter DinkleJim]