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April 13, 2024


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Friday, January 28, 2022

Oyster Roundup – Lights, Fights, & That’s-Not-Rights

A half-dozen news bites from the week. Overheard Juicy Bits: A certain Alaska Republican Party Chairman and a certain Republican pollster were overheard at a certain eating establishment by a certain Mudflatter this week. Apparently, the former thinks Charisse Millet is “a twit” and candidate Bob Roses is a “yes man” who will do whatever he’s told. That’s what we need more of in Juneau – twits and sheep. Please feel free to vote for Patti Higgins and Bill Wielechowski. Convicted Militiaman Will Appeal: Coleman Barney, one of the three men found guilty in the summer’s Fairbanks militia trial will…

BREAKING: Alaska Democratic Party Chair Steps Down to Challenge Millett in November (UPDATE)

~Patti Higgins, announcing her retirement as Democratic Party Chair Linda Kellen Biegel who is at the Alaska Democratic Convention in Fairbanks this weekend, reports that Democratic Party Chair Patti Higgins has just announced she’ll be stepping down to run against incumbent Republican State Representative Charisse Millett this November. “I will be passing the gavel,” said Higgins. The gavel will be passed to the new Party Chair. Mike Wenstrup of Fairbanks, the current chair of the Interior Democrats, is the only other Democrat that was running against Higgins for the Chair position. Wenstrup has an impressive track record of victories for…

Making History: Murkowski Candidacy Unites the AK Democratic Party & the GOP

Monday morning, I received an email press release that the Alaska Democratic Party was announcing that they would be joining the AK GOP in a lawsuit against the State of Alaska Division of Elections.   The suit alleges that the Division of Elections is violating its own regulations (specifically 6 AAC 25.070(b)) by allowing voters to look at a list of write-in candidates with their names and political party affiliations: The DOE’s unprecedented listing and posting of Murkowski’s name violates Alaska law. The ADP filed the lawsuit seeking to prevent the State from illegally providing information about write-in candidates, to ensure that…