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Friday, January 28, 2022

Blackfish Wins and more Visual News – Around the Lens Podcast Episode 17 This week’s episode featured panelist Jose Alvarado. We discussed Sea World and their changes recently in response to the documentary Black Fish, social media in the age of visual journalism and a cool device from Syrp that allows for timelapse that rotate over time. For our picks of the week we chose fun St. Patrick’s day photos, velcro and the pressure of Sierra Mardre. We also talked about a few documentaries to include Supersize Me, Chasing Ice and the Cove. Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes or YouTube, or via our direct feed, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Watch…

Around the Lens Podcast – Violence in the Primaries

This week’s show featured photographer Dane Iwata and NPPA Director Mark E. Johnson. We spoke about the University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click finally getting fired and Time Magazine’s Christopher Morris getting body slammed by the secret service at a Donald Trump rally. During our Gear Talk segment we discussed the new 15mm macro lens from Venus Optics Laowa. Then we took a trip down memory lane discussing lenses and gear that we had to let go with advice from a Petapixel article. Picks of the Week: Mark promoted a elk hide camera strap from Wapiti Straps. Dane promoted the his favorite…