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Friday, January 28, 2022

Palin and #WTF Foreign Policy

by Jeanne Devon and Zach Roberts Half-term Governor Sarah Palin has once again decided to demonstrate the flexibility of her intellectual consistency, and take a firm stand on two sides of a controversial issue. Last week she claimed that President Obama “blew it again,” with a deal that traded five members of the Taliban for the return of captive U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Bergdahl stated that he had been tortured and kept in a cage during his nearly five years as a prisoner of the Taliban. That didn’t seem to be reason enough for the President to work for the…

Brinkley Urges Obama to Stop Pebble Mine

Presidential historian and author Douglas Brinkley urged President Obama to take decisive and swift executive action on preventing the massive Pebble Mine project in Alaska on NOW with Alex Wagner, Monday. Brinkley noted that many decisive presidential actions could be taken immediately as the Obama Whitehouse seeks to establish a legacy as the President’s second term marches on with Republicans in Congress showing no signs of letting up on blocking legislation. Historically, President Obama has issued fewer executive orders than any President since Grover Cleveland, and has been comparatively reluctant to exert Presidential authority. Brinkley was clear in his suggestion to the President…

Open Thread: AZ Memorial and President Obama’s Speech (Updated with pictures)

The picture above is of President and Mrs. Obama leaving for Tucson this morning. I’m about to run in and watch the memorial so I figure I’d give everyone a place to discuss it. *****UPDATED***** Jay sent us pictures of the line to get into the memorial, with this explanation: These pictures are from close to the entrance to the facility. They filled both the gym and the football stadium from what I understand. I went down there at 11am and the line was a mile long. The people who came in later knew that they would be out in…

Begich on Board with Bernie!

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders distinguished himself and became the hero of frustrated Americans who think that the current plan to deal with the Bush tax cuts fell far short of what it could have been.  Bernie Sanders found the spine of the Democratic Party. Sanders (VT-I) spent eight and a half hours standing at the podium, his voice eventually getting tired, leaning on his hands toward the end, not reading the phone book, but speaking eloquently, passionately, sincerely on behalf of the people, and against the deal struck between the President and congressional Republicans. Sanders was aided in his marathon, by…