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ALEC v. the Middle Class

By Thomas Dewar The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed corporations. —Thomas Jefferson ALEC is a dating service for state legislators and corporations. —Ed Muir, AFT Who Is ALEC? If you really want to know who and what is behind something in government, follow the money. It’s not a coincidence that the recent assault on workers and their unions occurred simultaneously in different states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey and others. Or that, closer to home, there is now a war on Alaska’s public schools. Funded…

Solidarity with Wisconsin: Alaska’s Capital Rallies For Working Families

“We have all been reading about Wisconsin and the other attacks against public employees throughout the country. The time is at hand to stop wringing our hands and start taking some action.” —Pete Ford, Alaska Public Employees Association (APEA-AFT) (Juneau, AK)—With almost no advance notice, a large crowd in Alaska’s Capitol converged on Dimond Courthouse Square near the State Legislature Building to stand in solidarity with embattled public employees in Wisconsin. In the middle of a sunny day in Juneau, union and non-union folks alike made their voices heard in defense of working families and basic standards of decency when…

Voices from the Flats – Why Socialism Sucks and Corporations are Rad

Thomas Dewar has served as press secretary, communications director and campaign consultant for local, state and national campaigns, labor unions, progressive ballot initiatives and non-profits. A graduate of UC-Berkeley, he most recently managed an Alaska legislative campaign, winning a double-digit victory in an otherwise difficult year for Democrats. The bracing efficiency of America’s private sector has withstood many a bureaucratic assault from meddlesome government regulators, but the past year has seen our corporate titans really step up their game. Any investment advisor will tell you a diversified portfolio is key, and American Captains of Industry have worked hard in every…