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Latest GOP Dust-Up Plays Out in Polls

And the results are in!

We didn’t have to wait long to see how the latest mix-up in the cast of GOP presidential wannabes played out in the polls.

Here was our lineup:

Herman Cain – Blinking and stammering his way through allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women over the years, we heard him tell a variety of stories, none of which seemed to be consistent. The thrashing and squirming ended up with his campaign manager blaming Rick Perry for leaking the information even though there was no solid evidence to back up the claim.

Rick Perry – Suddenly, the Perry campaign was on the receiving end of demands to apologize to Herman Cain, Herman Cain’s family and “frankly, America” for allegedly leaking the allegedly false story to Politico. This came on the heels of a speech in New Hampshire in which Perry appeared to be drunk – frat boy, sloppy, drunk. His campaign denied the alleged drunkenness by saying that Perry was simply “loose and passionate.”

Mitt Romney – For Mittens, 22-25% is the new LaBrea tar pits. No matter what he does, or what he says, or what anyone else does or says, there he is stuck. Bachmann has spiked, Perry has spiked, Cain has spiked, but Romney has never been “the flavor of the week.” Jon Stewart said it best. “If he were an ice cream flavor, he’d be beige.” Nothing can make people like him. But maybe now, while Blinky and Tipsy duked it out, he stood a chance of breaking free…

So how would the Cain blaming Perry debacle play out in the polls? We have our answer.


Compared to the Quinnipiac poll which was taken largely before the elephantine kerfuffle, Cain was in the lead with 30%, compared to Romney with 23%, and Perry down in the single digits with only 8%.

A new ABC/Washington Post poll, taken post-drama, shows Cain at 23% (down 7 points), Perry up to 14% (up 6 points), and Romney… wait for it… at 25%.

[No actual Republicans or mammoths were harmed in the shooting of this photograph]

I think the Cain campaign should demand an apology from Rick Perry for stealing 6 out of his 7 point drop.



33 Responses to “Latest GOP Dust-Up Plays Out in Polls”
  1. Ice Gal says:

    You are the best. But capital letters for republicans…REALLY

  2. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    I know this is off topic but I am going to put it out there anyway, I think everyone here should read it and share it.

    This is the transcript of a speech given by Bill Moyers. I think everyone should read it and pass it on to everyone else they can. It spells out what we are really up against and it is not pretty, but the old adage, know your enemy, could take no truer form.

  3. Baker's Dozen says:

    Child beating in Texas.

    One of the comments:
    “Perhaps the father would consider this “Enhanced disciplinary techniques.” ”

  4. Zyxomma says:

    “Gag order? I didn’t make her gag!” H. Cain-Koch

  5. benlomond2 says:

    just wondering.. is there a way to discover the # of people that have changed from registered Republicans to registered Independents since the last election ?? … and maybe if there’s been an increse over , say,… the last 3 months or so ??

    • I think I tried to register as an independent years ago when we lived in Kansas. It meant that I couldn’t vote in any primary and when I voted for someone who wasn’t a republican or Democrat, I realized (too late) that I had thrown away my vote. Unfortunately, I don’t think I was the only one who did that. (We got Reagan, sad to say.)

      But, seriously, can people actually register as independents? And in some states, you don’t have to register with any party at all. Washington state had some sort of complicated voting thing that we did to vote in the primary. I can’t even remember what it was but it seemed confusing at the time. I wondered how many people really understood the directions and followed them.

      The real test is going to be election day. In the end, it doesn’t matter how someone is registered.

      • leenie17 says:

        When I turned 18 and wanted to register to vote, I was in my first year of college preparing to be a teacher. We were advised to register as Independent because, depending on the party in charge of the district where you applied for a job after graduation, your political affiliation might hurt you if you were on the ‘wrong’ side.

        And yes, I know that’s illegal, but I also later worked for a county agency that permitted my voluntary transfer ONLY after the local GOP committeeman (who didn’t even work for the agency!) personally approved it. And that was a Civil Service job! Despite lots of various laws designed to prevent that very thing, the local GOP ran the entire county like their own little kingdom.

        In NY you can register as Independent but cannot vote in the primaries.

    • Valley_Independent says:

      Good question. In Alaska, you can buy a voter list for a reasonable cost and it shows whether the voter is a Democrat, a Republican,non-partisan, undeclared, etc. It also shows the date last registered. If you had access to an old list, I suppose you could compare the two.

      Here, since the Republicans closed the primary, it’s best to be non-partisan or undeclared, so you can choose which primary ballot you want to vote. Unfortunately, the best candidates aren’t all in the same party or on the same ballot.

  6. bubbles says:

    this just in. in his own words Herman Cain declared himself ” a brother from another mother brother to the Koch brothers and proud of it”. i kid you not. that’s it from me today folks. i gotta go to bed. i got a migraine.

    • scout says:

      He’s been dubbed, “Koch Cain.”

      poor 22-25% Mitt must feel:

      • Sourdough Mullet says:

        “Koch Cain”. Priceless!!

        What on EARTH is it going to take to make the RWNJs understand that they have been working their tails off the last few years to enable people like Cain to take away their power and undermine their own best interests? You can’t even spell out the truth for them with an admission like that coming from Cain’s own mouth, because if it doesn’t come verbatim as a talking point from Faux News, they just don’t get it. There’s a guy in my office like that, and it’s absolutely maddening. Sad to say, it’s making me lean toward voting competency tests. And not for proficiency in English, but proficiency in critical thinking skills.
        Sorry, it all just brings out the rant in me.

        • Sally says:

          Be glad it’s a co-worker. I have two sisters, a brother, and all of my in-laws who live and breathe Rush and Fox. Nothing you show them, tell them, or hit them over the head with makes a lick of difference. Obama is Kenyan, a socialist, communist and fascist all rolled into one who has raised their taxes, hates businesses, and hates whites. And Michelle is an uppity Negro who has no business worrying about their kids. (Now, these people like in Texas, Kentucky and Ohio, so that may explain some of it.) Wait until they discover that the GOP has taken away not only the hated abortion, but all contraception for their child-bearing age offspring. We’ll see how well these girls like being tied to multiple children with no affordable health care, no school lunch, and no nothing.

          • Valley_Independent says:

            Please accept my condolences. I have one sibling and spouse in that camp, and that’s plenty.

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        “Koch Cain”
        hahahahaha caw Caw CAW CAW CAW

        Hey, “Herb.” You there, Mr. KochCain.

        “She don’t lie.
        She don’t lie.
        She don’t lie.”
        (Can you say that?)

        (with apologies to Mr. Clapton, and making no endorsement of coc@ine, also, too)

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      sweet dreams, my sister

    • merrycricket says:

      Rest well Bubbles! I am sending healing, peaceful thoughts your way.

    • OMG says:

      He lifted that line from a Jackie Chan movie! Go over to Gryphen’s to watch a Rachel Maddow clip–so far Cain has used a Pokieman song and the Sim’s city tax plan in his rhetoric. Now the Chan movie line.

    • I couldn’t help wondering how the Koch brothers feel about a stupid reference to their father possibly sleeping around and fathering other children. Seems kind of creepy to me that he would put it that way, and resonates with the accusations from his NRA days. Really, what a tasteless analogy.

  7. StElias says:

    He’s making all sorts of screw ups, (Cain) but the “China” is “trying to develop nuclear capability.”???? Is he really that unenlightened? Does he not realize China is and has been one of the formost nuclear powerhouses on earth for pretty close to half a century? Maybe he meant that they are enhancing their nuclear arsenals. (Which is even doubtful). But if so, why couldn’t he articulate any better. No, it actually looks as though Cain really was/is in a fog over what China actually amounts to. Sort like Palin in regard to Russia and Putin.

    No matter, we can not afford this level of arrogance and ignorance running our country any more . Look what Bush W. wrought for us with his cowboy demeanor and naked aggressive invasion of Iraq, let alone his degenerate economic viewpoints.

    • Sourdough Mullet says:

      I’m chuckling at the thought of a weekly, televised “round table” discussion of current events and political opinion by these candidates. Can you imagine Palin, Cain, Bachmann, Perry, et al in a news program similar to the format of “Washington Week with Gwen Ifil”? It would be comedy gold! A quiz show would be even more fun, but I’m probably WAY too slow-moving for television. There’d be no buzzing going on with those buzzers….

    • I couldn’t remember how old Cain is, but I knew that he was close to my age and I knew that China had nuclear weapons when I was a teenager and not especially interested in international happenings. It turns out he is four years older than I am. So he was 19. And a 19 year old at that time of the draft for every male should have been well aware of what was going on beyond the US borders. How did he miss that discussion in some class in school.

      I’ve said it before, I want someone smarter and better educated than I am for President. Clearly, Cain isn’t it.

      • Baker's Dozen says:

        We want someone smarter, honest-er and better-er informed-er than Cain. Clearly, Pat, you’re it.

        • leenie17 says:

          Given the choice between someone I would feel comfortable having a beer with or someone who understands the world economy, military strategy, Constitutional law, foreign diplomacy and makes me feel like my IQ suddenly dropped ten points when I hear him giving a speech, I’ll take the smartypants as my President every time!

          I’m not nearly smart enough to be President but I’m a whole lot smarter than most of the GOP candidates who are currently in the running. And that says way more about THEM than it does about me!

          • Valley_Independent says:


          • Yes, I have been thinking, who would I rather have a dialogue with about any pertinent political issue? In fact, I would rather disagree with Obama and argue out my differences with someone like him, than agree with some pea brain in office. I don’t think I am going to see anyone in the White House that I totally agree with. So, who would I most want to disagree and dialogue with? OBAMA 2012.

    • Truly, Cain’s ‘misstatement’ about China tops in all regards Palin’s “You can see Russia from Alaska.” comment. She is correct, though it rather stretched the foreign policy implications and you do have to fly Waaaaayyyy north and west to a tiny island to see it, It was at least factually correct. (She never did say she could see Russia from her house, though it made a great joke.)

      Evidently no one in the Cain camp is working with him on world politics. shudder….

  8. Dagian says:

    Yeah…people are given several months “hush money” for no reason whatsoever. Not to mention a legally binding gag order.

    Wow, Winking, Blinking AND Newt the Overlapping Boinker as Republican front-runners. Mind boggling.

  9. OMG says:

    The NRA confirmed the claim and the accuser stands by her complaint. Now the right wingers are having a field day attacking her. I’ve read through some of the comments on CNN and I’m happy that she decided to speak only through her attorney, there is no telling what the lunatic fringe might do to her if she went public.

    The US is in serious trouble when the likes of Cain, Trump, Bachmann, Palin and the rest of the motley crew of fake “Christians” are considered suitable for the WH. The rest of the world needs to protect itself from a GOP controlled American!

  10. OMG says:

    Wait for it…the NRA has waived the confidentiality order–Cain’s accuser free to make a statement