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November 28, 2023


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Gifts That Support The Mudflats!

Support The Mudflats and spread some holiday cheer with two great gifts!

For a fifty dollar donation, I’ll sign a copy of the New York Times best-selling book Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin.  I’ll even personalize it to whomever you like… it makes a great present, AND you support our important work here at the Mudflats.

The book was co-authored by former Palin aide Frank Bailey, award-winning novelist Ken Morris, and yours truly.

Blind Allegiance continues to provide insight into Alaskan politics of the day, and explains the rise of one of the most controversial and inexplicable politicians of modern times.

When you make the donation, tell me how you’d like your book personalized in the notes box on Paypal, and tell me where you’d like it sent.  All books will be sent via Priority Mail, and shipping is covered for that method.

Here’s a little audio teaser of the book. It’s the very beginning introduction, and some things you may not know about Frank Bailey’s early years, and the amazing Kodiak Island.

I’ve only got a limited number of books, so please order soon to make sure you get one! I’ll leave a comment in this thread when they’re all gone so you know.

And…. Ta-daaa!

Also for your shopping pleasure is the 2013 Mudflats calendar! Featuring photography by Mudflats’ NY Bureau Chief Zach Roberts, and myself, you’ll have a whole year of beautiful Alaska, including Brian the Moose.

Just click HERE!

Remember, you’re not just buying a calendar – you’re supporting a mix of national, state, and local politics, with reporting and opinion that is unique, and sometimes even makes you laugh.

Thanks to all for your incredible support of the Mudflats over the years. Your contribution will help keep us on line, bringing you news, opinion, photography and humor from the Last Frontier. And you’ll get a great gift out of the deal. It’s a win-win!




2 Responses to “Gifts That Support The Mudflats!”
  1. ugavic says:

    Well NOW I know where to get my calendar!!

    Just saw the Amazon support button too….will do that from this point forward!!

  2. Alaska Pi says:

    And for those of us who are or only know those who already have these cool things and/or are drowning in “stuff” already , there is ———————>
    that orange “donate” button over there ——————————->
    Thank you AKM for all you do here.
    Thank you to you , Linda, Shannyn, and your guest bloggers all!

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